E28 - Dahej Dasi

U • Drama • 2024

Jay refuses to get married to Vedika. The Panchayat informs Vindya Devi that she will have to leave the Maha Sarpanch position if the pratha is not being followed. Vindya Devi tries to kill Vedika. Few ladies from the Vidwa Aashram enters the haveli, saying that since the pratha is not being followed they will take Vedika to the Vidwa Aashram.

Cast: Sayantani Ghosh, Rajat Verma, Jahnavi Soni

Director: Ravindra Gautam

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    E1 - Dahej Dasi
    12 February 2024 | 29 min

    Vindhya Devi is Maha sarpanch of 50 villages and enforces the custom of Dahej Dasi with brute force. Chunri, an orphan, dreams of marriage and then meets Jay, Vindhya Devi's younger son. Chunri goes to meet her maasi, Pushpa, but doesn't know that she plans to turn her into a Dahej Dasi for Vedika, who is to marry Vindhya Devi's elder son Yash.

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    E2 - Dahej Dasi
    13 February 2024 | 23 min

    Pushpa lies that Jay wants to get married to Chunri thus convincing her to get married. Pandit says that Jay too is destined to get married today. Pushpa tells Chunri that her wedding will happen in a temple as Vindhya Devi's family hasn't told anyone about Jay and her match. Yash leaves the haveli to go get married to Vedika.

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    E3 - Dahej Dasi
    14 February 2024 | 23 min

    An old woman overhears pushpa's plan to turn chunri into a Dahej Dasi. A storm brings Jay to the temple where without his or chunri's knowledge they get married in the eyes of God. Pushpa smashes the old woman's head before she can reach chunri. The lotus blooms in the house of Vindhya Devi before Yash's marriage indicating that something is wrong.

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    E4 - Dahej Dasi
    15 February 2024 | 23 min

    Pushpa convinces chunri to get married to what she thinks is Jay's sword. Jay arrives and Yash and Vedika get married. Chunri gets married to the sword. Goon's kidnap and beat up Jay and he arrives at the temple where chunri is about to offer jal to the vat devta.

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    E5 - Dahej Dasi
    16 February 2024 | 23 min

    Chunri ends up serving water to an injured Jay without his knowledge. Chunri's bidai takes place in a Dahej truck. As chunri and Vedika arrive at the haveli, chunri enters from the back door and steps on thorns while Vedika enters from the front and steps on roses.

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    E6 - Dahej Dasi
    19 February 2024 | 23 min

    Chunri barges into Vindhya Devi's pooja and learns that she is a Dahej Dasi. Vedika tells Chunri that she has been cheated by her relatives. Chunri tries to escape but Vindhya Devi has her tied up. A chandelier is about to crash on Chunri as Jay calls out to her.

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    E7 - Dahej Dasi
    20 February 2024 | 28 min

    Jay saves Chunri from the chandelier and helps her escape. Vindhya Devi presides over Chunri's escape and learns a lesson. Vindhya Devi's goons find Chunri in a bus but on old Dahej Dasi helps her escape. Vindhya Devi slaps Jay and promises to end the pratha of Dahej Dasi if Chunri doesn't return by herself before sundown.

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    E8 - Dahej Dasi
    21 February 2024 | 23 min

    Chunri arrives back at Pushpa's house as Naina is to be wed. Pushpa tries to send Chunri back. Vindhya Devi's goons chase Chunri but find Naina instead. Chunri arrives back at the haveli and dances. We learn that Chunri came back because Naina was pregnant.

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    E9 - Dahej Dasi
    22 February 2024 | 23 min

    Chunri gets back to Haveli, and Jay tries to stop Vindya Devi, but Vindya Devi forces Chunri to dance on hot sand. Jay runs towards Chunri, as he sees the lace of her blouse was loosening up from the back. Mandira plans to spoil Vedika & Yash's first night by throwing ants in the room. Vindya Devi takes Chunri in front of Kuldevi Mata's Murti, keeps her ring & build the threat as there are snakes around & Chunri fails to pick the ring.

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    E10 - Dahej Dasi
    23 February 2024 | 24 min

    Chunri constructs a Shivling thus evading the snakes and passing Vindhya Devi's test. She takes vows and accepts her status as Dahej Dasi. Saransh tries to molest her, and she fights back. She is instructed by VD that she can never enter the kitchen. Pandit ji arrives and tells the family that kaal is hovering over the house.

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    E11 - Dahej Dasi
    26 February 2024 | 24 min

    Purohit tells Vindya Devi that Vedika & Yash's time is not good & some kind of bad omen can happen to them. Vindya Devi tells Purohit to tie the dhaga on Chunri's hand & wish that 'Kaal' which is around Vedika & Yash will indeed be surrounded around Chunri. Jay opposes this, as he tells Chunri to take a stand against the wrong that is happening. Vedika is about to light the gas, Chunri sees the pipe is broken, she rushes to the kitchen, Vedika lights the gas, there is a blast in the kitchen, we see Vedika is saved but Chunri faints. Jay tells that needs to give CPR. Everyone is shocked.

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    E12 - Dahej Dasi
    27 February 2024 | 22 min

    Jay is about to give CPR to Chunri, but Chunri gets back to her consciousness. Yash promises Chunri that he will get her out of this Dahej Dasi Pratha, as she has saved Vedika & it is his duty to do something for Chunri. Vindya Devi tells Chunri that all the family members are going to the temple for Pooja. After everybody leaves, Saransh enters the house in disguise look & tries to molest Chunri but Jay reaches at the right time & saves her. Chunri hugs Jay, Vindya Devi sees this.

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    E13 - Dahej Dasi
    28 February 2024 | 22 min

    Vindya Devi confronts Chunri, furious at the situation, noticing her proximity with Jay. Chunri reveals Saransh's attempted assault, met with disbelief until Jay defends her. Armed with a torch, Chunri demands Saransh to confess, freezing the moment in tension.

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    E14 - Dahej Dasi
    29 February 2024 | 22 min

    Saransh confesses, Jay defends Chunri, Vindya blames her, leading Jay to leave. Chunri seeks justice, but Vindya persists, resulting in a tense standoff.

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    E15 - Dahej Dasi
    01 March 2024 | 22 min

    Chunri bravely confronts the panch, seeking justice, but is shattered when they order her to marry her abuser, Saransh. Overwhelmed by despair, she contemplates ending her life, leaving the audience reeling from the injustice inflicted upon her.

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    E16 - Dahej Dasi
    04 March 2024 | 23 min

    Chunri is forced to marry Saransh per the panchayat's decision, despite Vindya Devi's opposition. Rashi tries to harm Chunri with acid, but Jay interrupts the marriage rituals just as Saransh is about to apply sindoor, preventing the union.

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    E17 - Dahej Dasi
    05 March 2024 | 23 min

    Jay calls the cops, defending Chunri. She demands only an apology from Saransh. Vindya Devi's failed attempt to harm Chunri shocks all. Disappointed, Jay challenges Chunri to a sword fight, convinced she can't fight for herself.

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    E18 - Dahej Dasi
    06 March 2024 | 23 min

    Chunri tricks Jay in the sword fight. Vindya Devi vows to punish Dahej Dasi. Despite Jay's efforts, Vindya Devi refuses to abandon tradition. Saransh plans Jay's demise. Chunri's broken bangle angers Vindya Devi. Chunri extinguishes Jay's safety diya.

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    E19 - Dahej Dasi
    07 March 2024 | 22 min

    Saransh poisons Jay with wolf venom, making him aggressive. Vindya Devi orders Chunri to wash men's undergarments; Chunri refuses and is locked up. Jay's aggression escalates, but Chunri calms him with water.

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    E20 - Dahej Dasi
    08 March 2024 | 22 min

    Chunri chants the Durga Kavach to save Jay's life. Just as Jay is about to reveal his feelings for Chunri, we freeze, capturing the tension of the moment.

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    E21 - Dahej Dasi
    11 March 2024 | 22 min

    Chunri is devastated upon discovering Anusha and Jay's affair, witnessing Anusha's true intentions to manipulate Jay into leaving the haveli after marriage. When Chunri saves Jay from a falling fan, Anusha deceives the family by falsely claiming credit for the rescue.

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    E22 - Dahej Dasi
    12 March 2024 | 22 min

    Anusha's father arranges an agreement deed for a new house in Delhi, naming Jay and Anusha as owners. During a puja, Chunri discovers the deed in a gift box. When Anusha slips, Chunri and Jay catch the Chandan ki thaal, enraging Vindya Devi. She drags Chunri away, intending to lock her in a sandook.

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    E23 - Dahej Dasi
    13 March 2024 | 21 min

    Jay rescues Chunri from the sandook. Vindya Devi learns of Anusha's plot to buy a house in Delhi for Jay and Anusha. Jay confesses his intention to move. Shocked, Vindya Devi faints.

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    E24 - Dahej Dasi
    14 March 2024 | 23 min

    Anusha attempts suicide, but Chunri intervenes and saves her. Purohit ji predicts a looming danger in Vindya Devi's family, fearing that Yash might be the one to face the tragedy.

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    E25 - Dahej Dasi
    14 March 2024 | 20 min

    The mysterious figure places a 'Chandan ka Haar' on Yash's photo before attacking him in the haveli, ultimately throwing him off the balcony and killing him.

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    E26 - Dahej Dasi
    15 March 2024 | 22 min

    During Yash's funeral, Vindya Devi learns that according to tradition, both Vedika and Chunri must cut their hair. Chunri seeks Guru Maa's help, but the condition is Chunri must cut her tongue.

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    E27 - Dahej Dasi
    18 March 2024 | 21 min

    The barber is about to cut Vedika's hair, Guru Maa reaches there with Chunri & stops this. Guru Maa orders Vindya Devi to arrange Vedika & Jay's marriage as per the pratha. Chunri is devasted.

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    E29 - Dahej Dasi
    20 March 2024 | 21 min

    Vindya Devi tells the Vidwa Ashram ladies that Jay will get married to Vedika. Anusha gets Vishkanya/Vishaka as a plan to destroy Chunri. Vindya Devi punishes Chunri by making her sleep on a thick slab of ice, so that she confronts the name of the boy whose sindoor she has applied.

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    E30 - Dahej Dasi
    21 March 2024 | 21 min

    Chunri, rescued by Jay from an ice slab, faces danger as Vishkanya poisons her through her nails. Jay falls unconscious in Vishkanya's trap. Chunri discovers broken rudraksh in Jay's room and rushes to locate him.

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    E31 - Dahej Dasi
    22 March 2024 | 21 min

    Chunri halts Anusha and Jay's wedding. Jay's intense dance invokes Shiva's blessing, saving Chunri. Despite Anusha's manipulation, Chunri stays silent, protecting Jay from the truth.

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    E32 - Dahej Dasi
    25 March 2024 | 20 min

    Chunri, disguised as Vedika, marries Jay as per Vedika's request. Vindya Devi offers the family heirloom to "Vedika," unaware she's actually Chunri. Tension mounts.

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    E33 - Dahej Dasi
    26 March 2024 | 21 min

    As the lights dim, Vedika reveals herself to Vindya Devi, intending to claim the family heirloom. Chachi learns of Vedika's pregnancy and causes her fall. Vedika cries out, "My baby!"

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    E34 - Dahej Dasi
    27 March 2024 | 20 min

    Family learns of Vedika's pregnancy. Chunri warns of danger to Vedika's life. Locked in with poisonous gas, mistaken for Vedika, Chunri faces peril.

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    E35 - Dahej Dasi
    28 March 2024 | 18 min

    Jay rescues Chunri, who exposes Mandira's plot. Jay decides Chunri must leave. Vindya Devi demands Chunri end her life to preserve tradition.

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    E36 - Dahej Dasi
    29 March 2024 | 18 min

    Chunri is tied to a pillar during Holika Dahan. Vindya Devi accuses her, but Jay, learning of the danger, confronts Vindya Devi. He threatens self-harm, blaming himself for Chunri's predicament.

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    E37 - Dahej Dasi
    01 April 2024 | 21 min

    Jay saves Chunri from the Dahan. Saransh, frustrated, injures Jay with a dagger. Chunri aids Jay. Vindya Devi threatens suicide to find Jay.

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    E38 - Dahej Dasi
    02 April 2024 | 21 min

    During Holi celebrations, Chunri discovers Yash's death video, but it fails to play. Amidst the festivities, a bomb hidden in gulaal plate explodes. Tragedy strikes as Chunri, struggling with family secrets, faces the deadly consequences.

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    E39 - Dahej Dasi
    03 April 2024 | 21 min

    As Jay had drank the bhang, he was unconscious & with Chunri's support he was been made to rest in his room.. But as Chunri finds the bomb in the gulaal ka thaal we hear a bomb blast.. Family gets upset looking at Chunri & Jay together.. Chunri tells the family how she had defused the bomb.. We show Gloved man & how Chunri decides to get through the person who is trying to harm..

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    E40 - Dahej Dasi
    04 April 2024 | 21 min

    Chunri planned a trap to catch the Gloved Man, who turns out to be Vindya Devi. She escapes, but Chunri discovers a secret room with a photo of Jay's father and a mysterious woman, Yash's first mother

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    E41 - Dahej Dasi
    05 April 2024 | 21 min

    Chacha reveals the truth about the photo, crediting Vindya Devi for holding the family together. Jay explodes at Chunri, while Vedika warns her to stay away from Jay, reminding her she can never be his wife.

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    E42 - Dahej Dasi
    08 April 2024 | 22 min

    During Gangaur Festivity, Vindya Devi schemes to marry Chunri to old man Bhairo. Manipulating Jay, she falsely claims a proposal from Bhairo's son Ankush, devastating Chunri.

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    E43 - Dahej Dasi
    09 April 2024 | 23 min

    Chunri leaves the house with Bhairo & Ankush & she is forced to get ready for the marriage. Chunri prays to Mata ji Maharaj & sits in the mandap.

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    E44 - Dahej Dasi
    09 April 2024 | 22 min

    Jay discovers the truth about Bhairo and Ankush. Vindya Devi frames Chunri, raising doubts in Jay's mind during the Gangaur Festival.

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    E45 - Dahej Dasi
    10 April 2024 | 21 min

    Saransh's plot to harm Vindya Devi foiled by Chunri and other women adopting a deity guise. Chunri consoles Jay through art.

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    E46 - Dahej Dasi
    11 April 2024 | 21 min

    Jay comes to know that the inspectors were fake. Through divine intervention, a rat comes to Chunri's rescue, as she can spot a lady who is offering money to the fake inspectors. Reveals Vedika blackmailed by Vindya Devi to harm Chunri.

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    E47 - Dahej Dasi
    12 April 2024 | 21 min

    Jay rescues Chunri, confronts Vedika for her kidnapping plot. Bhairo and Ankush are killed by Chacha, saving Vindya Devi once more.

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    E48 - Dahej Dasi
    15 April 2024 | 21 min

    Chunri shocked by Vedika's change, suspects blackmail. Vedika lays electric wire, Jay nearly steps on it, but was saved by Chunri. Jay suggests watching CCTV to get through the culprit.

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    E49 - Dahej Dasi
    16 April 2024 | 21 min

    Vindya Devi learns that a girl named Shyama has escaped, and she is a Dahej Daasi. Chunri finds Shyama in the market and assures her that she will save her. Chunri brings Shyama to the haveli. Rashi finds Shyama and calls Vindya Devi.

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    E50 - Dahej Dasi
    17 April 2024 | 22 min

    Jay informs Chunri of her 10th exam success and forthcoming felicitation by Durga Devi. Vindya Devi discovers Shyama in the haveli. She confronts Chunri, demanding to know Shyama's whereabouts.

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    E51 - Dahej Dasi
    18 April 2024 | 21 min

    Chunri bravely withstands pain to protect Shyama's secret. Saransh's attempt to molest Shyama forces her to flee to the hall. Chunri bargains with Vindya Devi, pledging silence in exchange for Shyama's freedom.

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    E52 - Dahej Dasi
    19 April 2024 | 21 min

    Jay gives Chunri a convocation gown and urges her to stand up for herself by speaking the truth to Durga Devi. Chunri catches Chacha and Saransh attempting to conceal Shyama. When Durga Devi questions Chunri about whether she is a Dahej Dasi or not.

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    E53 - Dahej Dasi
    22 April 2024 | 21 min

    Chunri, before Durga Devi, asserts her identity as Jay's wife, not a dowry servant. She pleads for Shyama's freedom. Jay rebukes Chunri, adamant that lies won't prevail.

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    E54 - Dahej Dasi
    23 April 2024 | 21 min

    Vindya Devi menaces Vedika to kill Chunri. Vedika confides in Chunri about the blackmailer. Chunri plans to inform Jay, concealing the truth. Vindya's scheme unravels, exposing her bribery of Mahisi to eliminate Vedika.

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    E55 - Dahej Dasi
    24 April 2024 | 21 min

    Mahishi plants a scorpion in Vedika's ubtan. Jay is bitten, but Chunri intervenes, saving him. Vindya Devi strikes Mahishi. Begging for leniency, Mahishi is granted another chance. Vindya Devi plots Vedika's demise anew.

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    E56 - Dahej Dasi
    25 April 2024 | 20 min

    During Vedika's Garb Sanskar, Mahisi's attempts to harm her failure. Vindya Devi schemes, isolating Chunri. As Mahisi takes aim, Vedika's life hangs in the balance, manipulated by Vindya's sinister plans.

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    E57 - Dahej Dasi
    26 April 2024 | 22 min

    Vedika discovers Vindya Devi's blackmail. Mahisi's attack fails thanks to Chunri, who gets hurt. Vedika's car brake fails, revealing Vindya's treachery. Vindya ends Mahisi, resolving the threat.

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    E58 - Dahej Dasi
    26 April 2024 | 21 min

    Chunri and Jay witness Vedika's fatal accident. Jay informs the family of Vedika's death and blames Chunri for not alerting them about the danger to Vedika's life.

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    E59 - Dahej Dasi
    29 April 2024 | 21 min

    Jay confronts Chunri for not disclosing the blackmailer. Anusha consoles Jay, sleeps beside him. Anusha's father searches for her, finds her with Jay, shocking the family.

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    E60 - Dahej Dasi
    30 April 2024 | 21 min

    Jay struggles with Anusha's deceit. Chunri records Anusha's confession but is framed by her. At the panchayat, Anusha manipulates the evidence and accuses Chunri of wrongdoing.

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    E61 - Dahej Dasi
    01 May 2024 | 22 min

    Anusha accuses Chunri to the panch. Vindya Devi orders Jay to marry Anusha. Anusha manipulates Jay with photos and letters, leading him to angrily dismiss Chunri from the house.

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    E62 - Dahej Dasi
    02 May 2024 | 22 min

    Chunri obtains a video of Vedika revealing she's Jay's wife. Vindya Devi imprisons Chunri in a drum with chili water and salt to stop her. Jay, seeing the video, rejects marrying Anusha.

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    E63 - Dahej Dasi
    03 May 2024 | 22 min

    Jay rescues Chunri from danger, but Anusha lies about Jay refusing marriage. Chacha manipulates CCTV footage to frame Chunri, leading Jay to mistakenly slap her amidst confusion.

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    E64 - Dahej Dasi
    06 May 2024 | 21 min

    Jay confronts Chunri, accusing her of losing his trust. Chacha reveals to Vindya Devi that he was aware of her plan and manipulated the situation. Meanwhile, Chachi and Saransh conspire to harm Jay and frame Chunri for it.

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    E65 - Dahej Dasi
    07 May 2024 | 21 min

    Jay accuses Chunri of betraying his trust, while Chacha reveals to Vindya Devi that he knew her plan and manipulated the situation. Meanwhile, Chachi and Saransh conspire to harm Jay and frame Chunri.

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    E66 - Dahej Dasi
    08 May 2024 | 22 min

    During Anusha and Jay's wedding, Chunri is placed beside Jay, upsetting him. Media arrives, labeling Chunri a "Dahej Dasi." Jay threatens Chunri, vowing consequences for her role in the drama.

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    E67 - Dahej Dasi
    09 May 2024 | 21 min

    Jay ignites a fire in the room with a matchstick. Chacha warns VD about the repercussions on her position. Chachi informs VD about the neighbors coming for Chunri's first rasoi. Meanwhile, Jay receives divorce papers from the lawyer. He plans to surprise Chunri with the papers and a gift box.

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    E68 - Dahej Dasi
    10 May 2024 | 21 min

    Chunri cooks her first meal, while Vindya Devi suppresses her anger among the village women. Jay surprises Chunri with divorce papers, revealing Anusha inside. He demands Chunri sign them or witness him with Anusha. Vindya Devi manipulates Chunri into signing the papers.

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    E69 - Dahej Dasi
    13 May 2024 | 22 min

    Jay tells Anusha he will first end his relationship with Chunri. Anusha plans to harm Chunri by blasting the chulha. Chunri receives a western dress and a letter instructing her to wear it in front of Jay's friends at dinner.

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    E70 - Dahej Dasi
    14 May 2024 | 21 min

    Chunri wears heels and slips in front of Jay's friends, angering Jay. Vindya Devi advises Jay not to harm himself over Chunri. Chunri, touching Jay's footwear dust, insists she didn't fall on purpose.

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    E71 - Dahej Dasi
    15 May 2024 | 21 min

    Chunri plans to make ladoos for the Ramayan path, but Vindya Devi intends to poison them. During the pooja, Chunri sings a bhajan. Though offered Seeta ji's dress, she agrees to dress as Ravan due to Vindya Devi's objection.

  • img
    E72 - Dahej Dasi
    16 May 2024 | 21 min

    Durga Devi visits the haveli for the Ramleela event, shocking everyone as Chunri appears dressed as Seeta while Anusha is dressed as Ravan. When villagers fall sick after eating Chunri's ladoos, Vindya Devi slaps her.

  • img
    E73 - Dahej Dasi
    17 May 2024 | 21 min

    Chunri agrees to make ladoos for the Ramayan path, unaware of Vindya Devi's poisoning plan. During the pooja, Chunri sings bhajans. Despite Pandit ji's offer, Chunri dresses as Ravan per Vindya Devi's wishes.

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    E74 - Dahej Dasi
    20 May 2024 | 21 min

    Baal Hanuman Ji saves Chunri from being blamed for poisoning the ladoos. Chunri confesses to VD that it was her plan. Jay plays badminton with Chunri, gets hurt, and Anusha helps him. Chunri feels sad seeing them together. Jay's health deteriorates with chest pain, and Anusha suspects a heart attack.

  • img
    E75 - Dahej Dasi
    21 May 2024

    Rashi is taken to a tantrik to help her conceive. Vindya Devi tells Chunri to leave due to Jay's health issues. Chunri agrees but insists Anusha must leave too for the family's well-being. Vindya Devi agrees but secretly assures Anusha she'll bring her back once Chunri is gone.

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    E76 - Dahej Dasi
    22 May 2024 | 21 min

    Subhchintak, revealed to be Rashi, helps Chunri by informing her that Anusha made Jay drink the medicine. Chunri, dressed in her bridal attire, tells the family she will stay in Jay's room and not leave the house. Vindya Devi gives her 24 hours to prove who planned Jay's heart attack drama.

  • img
    E77 - Dahej Dasi
    23 May 2024 | 22 min

    Vindya Devi sits in a dimly lit room, surrounded by ancestral ashes. Chunri, disguised as a dasi, offers Anusha a drink, claiming it contains a harmful medicine. Terrified, Anusha confesses to orchestrating Jay's heart attack drama. Enraged, Jay throws her out of the house.

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    E78 - Dahej Dasi
    24 May 2024 | 22 min

    Chunri and Jay's rivalry intensifies over green chillies. A lawyer announces Chunri signed divorce papers. Shocked, Chunri realizes Vindya Devi is behind it.

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    E79 - Dahej Dasi
    27 May 2024 | 24 min

    Vindya Devi is furious as Chunri stays in the haveli. Jay hires goons to attack him, but Chunri saves him and learns of his trauma. Anusha arrives as Saransh's bride, shocking everyone.

  • img
    E80 - Dahej Dasi
    28 May 2024 | 24 min

    Vindya Devi supports Anusha & Saransh's wedding. Jay is upset, burning a mysterious photograph. Chunri inquires about Sunaina, Chachi deflects. Vindya Devi discusses tradition with Sunaina. Jay gifts Chunri a stunning dress.

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    E81 - Dahej Dasi
    29 May 2024 | 23 min

    Jay decides to do the aarti with Chunri despite Vindya's anger. Vindya disrupts it. Chunri learns Jay's revenge motive against Anusha. Jay confides his betrayal and Sunaina's story to Chunri.

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    E82 - Dahej Dasi
    30 May 2024 | 23 min

    Vindya Devi reveals to Sunaina the consequences of breaking the pratha. Sunaina escapes and encounters Chunri, who then goes to get water. Meanwhile, Anusha prepares a romantic setting for Jay, but Chunri and Jay accidentally get intoxicated, angering Vindya Devi.

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    E83 - Dahej Dasi`
    31 May 2024 | 23 min

    Vindya punishes Chunri by drowning her; Anusha plans to blind her, but divine intervention saves Chunri. Amidst chaos, Chunri ends up trapped in a fire caused by Anusha.

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    E84 - Dahej Dasi
    03 June 2024 | 21 min

    Tension mounts as Vindya finds Jay's photo with Sunaina. Jay saves Chunri from a fire at the haveli. Anusha's failure to cook for Purohit Ji adds to Vindya Devi's stress.

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    E85 - Dahej Dasi
    04 June 2024 | 21 min

    Purohit presents Chunri with 'Suhag Ka Dhaga' for Jay. Tension rises as Chunri tells Jay about seeing Sunaina. Jay challenges her for evidence within 24 hours. Chacha subtly hints at Sunaina's whereabouts to Chunri.

  • img
    E86 - Dahej Dasi
    05 June 2024 | 21 min

    Chunri discovers Sunaina trapped in a mystery room. Jay, celebrating Mother's Day with Vindya Devi, faces tension when Sunaina unexpectedly appears. Chunri reveals that Vindya Devi is responsible for Sunaina's predicament to Jay.

  • img
    E87 - Dahej Dasi
    06 June 2024 | 21 min

    Chunri blames Vindya Devi for Sunaina's condition, angering Jay. However, Vindya Devi realizes it was just a dream. As Chunri reminisces about happy times with her mother, tensions rise when Vindya Devi vows to ruin Chunri's life.

  • img
    E88 - Dahej Dasi
    07 June 2024 | 21 min

    A group of women visit the haveli, expressing concern for someone living there who seems disconnected from family. VD directs them to take Chunri, as she is the dahej dasi.. Jay intervenes, saving Chunri and taking a stand for her as his wife..

  • img
    Ep 89 - Dahej Dasi
    10 June 2024 | 21 min

    Jay defends Chunri and stops her from leaving. Vindya Devi orders her kidnapping. The plot twists when Vindya sees Chunri in the haveli, raising questions about who was actually kidnapped.

  • img
    E90 - Dahej Dasi
    11 June 2024 | 21 min

    Vindya confronts the kidnapper upon realizing the girl is Anusha. Meanwhile, Saransh tries to sell off Rashi to the men. Chunri gets trapped trying to save Rashi, but Jay arrives in time, calls the cops, and Saransh is arrested.

  • img
    E91 - Dahej Dasi
    12 June 2024 | 21 min

    Vindya urges Jay to address their issues internally, prompting Jay to confront his unfairness towards Chunri, which results in his arrest. Meanwhile, Chunri learns about her mother's past relationship with Vindya when she finds her mother's photo in Anusha's father's wallet. Vindya then instructs Chacha to investigate Chunri's past.

  • img
    E92 - Dahej Dasi
    13 June 2024 | 22 min

    Chunri celebrates her mother's birthday along with Jay. Tension arises when Chunri gets to know that there was relation between Anusha's Father & her mother. Vindya Devi plans to reveal Chunri's past in front of the family.

  • img
    E93 - Dahej Dasi
    14 June 2024 | 21 min

    Vindya Devi reveals to the family that Chunri's mother was a Dahej Dasi, yet she gave birth to Chunri, which is considered a crime. As a consequence, Chunri is ordered to follow Sudhikaran, a purification ritual. Jay stands by her side and participates in the ritual, where they both apply Ubtan mixed with pieces of glass followed by pouring ice-cold water on each other.

  • img
    E94 - Dahej Dasi
    17 June 2024 | 22 min

    After the sudhikaran rituals, Vindya, fueled by resentment, vows to disrupt Chunri's happiness. Meanwhile, Akash confides in Jay about misunderstandings with Nandini. Concerns escalate when Chunri dreams of a snake biting Jay, leading her to make him promise never to leave her side, fearing for his safety.

  • img
    E95 - Dahej Dasi
    18 June 2024 | 22 min

    Chunri learns her mother was a "Dahej Dasi" and that she is Anusha's father's daughter. Despite his request, Chunri refuses to accompany him. Jay stands up for her as she reveals she's observed the Vatsavitri fast, hoping Jay will accept her. Suddenly, a gunshot rings out, leaving it unclear if it struck Chunri or Jay.

  • img
    E96 - Dahej Dasi
    19 June 2024 | 21 min

    Vindya Devi forbids Chunri from observing Vat Savitri vrat. Jay discovers Anusha's deceitful marriage to Saransh, sparking his anger. Despite Vindya Devi's opposition, Chunri prepares for the vrat with Jay's help. Tension peaks when a gunshot is heard.

  • img
    E97 - Dahej Dasi
    20 June 2024 | 22 min

    Jay is devastated by Chunri's critical condition and decides to observe the Vatsavitri Vrat for her well-being, despite Vindya Devi's opposition. It's revealed that Anusha was behind Chunri's attempted murder and now, she aims to kill Chunri again.

  • img
    E98 - Dahej Dasi
    21 June 2024 | 21 min

    Anusha is about to shoot Chunri, but Sunaina intervenes and saves her. Meanwhile, during the Vatsavitri puja, Purohit ji tells Jay to accept Chunri as his wife by applying sindoor. Jay complies, upsetting Vindya Devi.

  • img
    E99 - Dahej Dasi
    24 June 2024 | 21 min

    Vindya Devi offers Jay and Chunri a bridal costume, announcing their marriage. Tension rises as the family gathers and sees Vindya Devi on a funeral pyre, asking Jay to burn her, unable to accept his marriage to a Dahej Dasi.

  • img
    E100 - Dahej Dasi
    25 June 2024 | 21 min

    Vindya Devi attempts to burn her chitta, but Chunri saves her. Chunri, acknowledging Jay as her beloved, vows to fulfill her Dahej Dasi duties first. Tension rises when Anusha kidnaps Sunaina.

  • img
    E101 - Dahej Dasi
    26 June 2024 | 21 min

    Anusha forces Jay into a Gandharwa vivah as part of her plan. Chunri discovers Sunaina and calls the cops on Anusha. Just as things unfold, someone attacks Jay and Chunri, leaving them unconscious.

  • img
    E102 - Dahej Dasi
    27 June 2024 | 21 min

    Anusha's father traps Jay and Chunri in a room surrounded by mines. Tension peaks as Chunri triggers a blast stepping on one. Sunaina regains her memory and confronts Chacha about Abeer's harm. Vindya panics when Jay urges Sunaina to reveal who trapped her.

  • img
    E103 - Dahej Dasi
    28 June 2024 | 21 min

    Sunaina lies about her trapper. Jay tells Vindya Chunri will run in the elections. Enraged, Vindya traps and tries to kill Chunri.

  • img
    E104 - Dahej Dasi
    01 July 2024 | 21 min

    Vindya is shocked to find Chunri alive and filing for the election. Meanwhile, Jay dreams of Chunri. Tensions rise as Chunri prepares to place the Dahej Dasi bangle on Vindya.

  • img
    E105 - Dahej Dasi
    02 July 2024 | 21 min

    Vindya and Mandira plot to delay Chunri with a cooking task, but Chunri discovers the plan and reaches the office. Determined, Vindya resolves to prevent Chunri from winning the election.

  • img
    E106 - Dahej Dasi
    03 July 2024 | 21 min

    Vindhya tries to punish Mandira, but Chunri saves her and gets injured. Sunaina leaves home to meet Abeer; Chunri follows and finds them at Abeer's place.

  • img
    E107 - Dahej Dasi
    04 July 2024 | 21 min

    Saransh tells Vindya about Chunri meeting Abeer. Vindya brings Jay and villagers, where Chunri, taking the blame to protect Sunaina's image, is tortured by Vindya. Jay defends her and seeks clues.

  • img
    E108 - Dahej Dasi
    05 July 2024 | 21 min

    Tension mounts as Jay confronts Abeer in front of the family. Sunaina reveals her relationship with Abeer and Chunri's sacrifice to protect her. Sunaina accuses Vindya of trapping her and keeping Abeer away. Vindya becomes anxious when Jay questions her about these accusations.

  • img
    E109 - Dahej Dasi
    08 July 2024 | 21 min

    Abeer admits he wasn't serious about Sunaina. Chunri notices Vindya heading to the storeroom. Sunaina attempts suicide due to the situation. Chunri intervenes to save Abeer, learning he lied under Vindya's pressure. Vindya threatens Chunri but someone intervenes, aiming a gun at her.

  • img
    E110 - Dahej Dasi
    09 July 2024 | 22 min

    Chacha saves Chunri, but Jay is angered by Sunaina's suicide attempt. Vindya manipulates Chunri, accepting Sunaina's marriage to Abeer if Chunri exits the elections, while deceiving Jay about Chunri's intentions.

  • img
    E111 - Dahej Dasi
    10 July 2024 | 21 min

    Vindya is shocked to find Sunaina and Chunri missing at the wedding. Rashi helped Chunri prevent Vindya and Jay from arriving. Seeing Jay's body, Vindya confesses and attacks Chunri, but Jay saves her. Upset, Jay promises Sunaina a lavish vidaai.

  • img
    E112 - Dahej Dasi
    11 July 2024 | 21 min

    Vindya Devi vows to destroy Chunri. During Sunaina's reception, Vishkanya attacks Abeer as part of VD's plan, poisoning Sunaina too. Both collapse, and Chunri vows to save them.

  • img
    E113 - Dahej Dasi
    12 July 2024 | 21 min

    Chunri finds Vishkanya despite obstacles. Threatened by Vindya and Anusha's father, she ingests Vishkanya's poison. Jay arrives, performs a desperate tandav before Shiva to save Chunri. He assures Sunaina that his departure is inevitable.

  • img
    E114 - Dahej Dasi
    15 July 2024 | 21 min

    Jay changes his gotra and stands firm before Vindya Devi, completing the vidaai rituals. In anger, Vindya Devi brings forth Jagtap, who had previously troubled Chunri and faced arrest. The scene freezes at this moment of tension.

  • img
    E115 - Dahej Dasi
    16 July 2024 | 20 min

    Chunri happily starts a tea stall, but it burns down due to Jagtap's plan. Vindya, upset by Jagtap's actions, gives him a bag and hints at their next move, escalating the threat.

  • img
    E116 - Dahej Dasi
    17 July 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini and Akash are trapped in a haunted jungle but are saved by Chacha. As Amavasya approaches, strange events intensify. Meanwhile, Sumitra Devi discovers a dark force nearby. VD learns about this force, trapped in a sandook, and plots with Saransh to release it.

  • img
    E117 - Dahej Dasi
    17 July 2024 | 21 min

    Vindya Devi's Tandav stirs intense chaos, causing an earthquake. Rashi explains to Chunri and others that observing the powerful Dola Maru fast is crucial for combating the surrounding Kaali Shakti.

  • img
    E118 - Dahej Dasi
    18 July 2024 | 24 min

    Aishwarya triggers a supernatural event by stepping on a lemon placed at the door, inviting the Kaali Shakti into her body. she begins endangering her family members. To counter this threat, Chunri and Nandini, under Sumitra Devi's guidance, undertake the purification ritual of sprinkling holy water on all family members.

  • img
    E119 - Dahej Dasi
    18 July 2024 | 19 min

    Aishwarya steps on a lemon, invoking Kaali Shakti and endangering her family. Chunri and Nandini, guided by Sumitra Devi, perform a holy water purification ritual to counter the threat.

  • img
    E120 - Dahej Dasi
    18 July 2024 | 19 min

    Nandini and Chunri struggle against Kaali Shakti's negative energy, but divine intervention saves them. Vindya, possessed by Kaali Shakti, is purified by Dola Maru, restoring harmony.

  • img
    E121 - Dahej Dasi
    19 July 2024 | 21 min

    Jay surprises Chunri by opening a new tea stall. Vindya, upset, brings back Jagtap who tries to marry Chunri by applying sindoor. Jay intervenes and saves Chunri. Chunri then attempts to reconcile Jay and Vindya.

  • NewEPISODE img
    E122 - Dahej Dasi
    22 July 2024 | 21 min

    Jagtap attacks Jay and blackmails Chunri into marrying him. To save Jay, Chunri devises a plan: she sends a disguised police officer in her place and confronts the kidnappers herself. During the rescue, Chunri receives a shocking phone call, unraveling a suspenseful twist.

  • NewEPISODE img
    E123 - Dahej Dasi
    23 July 2024 | 21 min

    Vindya, fearful of her hidden past, meets Amba, who confides her memory loss about a crucial accident. Their encounter freezes in intrigue as their intertwined destinies seem poised to unravel secrets they never imagined.



Release Date

19 March 2024




Ravindra Gautam


Sayantani Ghosh, Rajat Verma, Jahnavi Soni