E88 - Dhartiputra Nandini

U • Drama • 2023

Nandini tries to catch her lookalike Bijli at the New Year party. Nandini takes advantage of the opportunity and captures her look-alike Bijli and locks her in a room. On Nandini's request, Sumitra comes to her room where she has kept her look-alike electricity locked but Sumitra Devi comes there to find that no one is there.

Cast: Shagun Singh, Aman Jaiswal, Dipika Chikhlia

Director: Shashank Bharadwaj

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    E1 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    21 August 2023 | 30 min

    Nandini is being persecuted for being away from her farm as she is getting married today. The moneylender stops Nandini to recover his money but Nandini promises that she will return the money. Kamiya overhears Sumitras words and informs Emirati that Sumitra is going to choose the Utradhikari tomorrow. Sumitra reaches the ghat to pick up Akash. The moneylender came and snatch 2 lakhs from Ram Babu, which he had collected through his hard work for Nandus marriage. To teach the groom a lesson, Nandini comes out with a stick in hand where she meets He explains to Nandini that he is against dowry, but Nandini does not understand Akashs English and thinks that Akash is asking for more dowry.

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    E2 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    22 August 2023 | 29 min

    Nanu tries to commit suicide but Nandu arrives at the right time and saves him. Imarti chooses Kamyas son Neil as the successor of Bhardwaj to humiliate Sumitra, but Sumitra denies it. Kamya instigates Jyoti and Payal against Sumitra ji and says that you too should fight for your rights. Sumitra was continuing to tell the successor in front of everyone, and only then Imarti gets up in front of everyone and takes Neils name. Hearing all this, Sumitra is unable to tolerate it and chooses Akash as the successor of the company. The goon repeatedly tries to kill Sumitra but fails every time. Due to dirty water coming into the fields, Nandu gets upset and takes the initiative to close the factory. Nandu tells the guard to make a video call to the owner of the factory and then she learns that the owner of the factory is Akash and fights with him.

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    E3 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    23 August 2023 | 29 min

    Nandini sees a snake in Akashs bag, which she takes and runs towards the field, but Akash thinks that Nandini is stealing it. When Akash checks his bag, he finds his laptop broken. Sumitra gives envelopes to all the members of the house, in which it is written about the successor, but Sumitra has not signed on anyone. Sumitra tests all the members and whoever passes her test, she will choose the successor of Bhardwaj Industries. Neel has opened the factory due to which Imarti is happy and tells Sumitra that Nil will become the successor of this company. But Sumitra is worried because the dirty water from the factory is going to the farmers fields. Nandini comes to meet Sumitra with her farmers and talks about her problems. Aakash takes the responsibility of making everything right.

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    E4 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    24 August 2023 | 30 min

    Nandini brings Akash to the doctor as he has been bitten by a snake. Kamya and Emirati fear that if Sumitra chooses a girl for Akashs marriage, she will make Akash the successor of the Bharadwaj industry. Sumitra follows Akash to the village where she learns that Akash was bitten by a snake and Nandini saved his life. Sumitra Devi is pleased to see Nandinis manner. A thief comes to the house but Nandini fights with him and saves herself. Sumitra later learns that this thief was called by Kamya.

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    E5 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    25 August 2023 | 29 min

    Accidentally Akaash falls on Nandini. Sumitra ji comes to know about the lies of her three daughtersinlaw, due to which she is angry with her daughtersinlaw. Sumitra ji thinks of making Nandini the life partner of Akash. To take revenge on Nandini, Kamya places marbles on the stairs to make Nandini fall, but Akash saves Nandini by coming at the right time. Nandini is the first to get up and perform the puja, which makes Sumitra very happy. The goons kidnap Nandini and when Akash comes to know about this, he starts finding Nandini in the whole village.

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    E6 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    28 August 2023 | 24 min

    Akash tries to save Nandini from the goon but ends up getting himself in trouble. Nandini helps Akash escape from the goons. Imirati is angry with Sumitra because Sumitra wants Akash to become the Successor of Bharadwaj Industries. Here Sumitra understands Akash that he is worthy of becoming the successor of this Bhardwaj industry. Sumitra visits VirenderAkaash’s father and talks about Akashs marriage. The goon gets a call from someone and asks him to kill Akash.

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    E7 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    29 August 2023 | 23 min

    The goon arrives at Akashs house posing as an air conditioner repairman to kill him. Nanu is worried about the expenses of Nandinis marriage, and how will he arrange the money. Due to Jyotis mistake, the news of Imartis death is published in the newspaper. Nandini asks her brother what things he and Nanu are hiding from her. Nandu learns that Nanu has liked Akash to marry him. Sumitra tells the entire family that she will get Akash married to Nandini. Imarti plans to disturb Akash and Nandinis marriage.

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    E8 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    30 August 2023 | 24 min

    Imarti asks Kamya to decide to stop Sumitra from getting Akash married to Nandini. Nandini learns that Nanu has called Akash to meet him, only then has she been asked to dress up. Kamya gets Akashs fake horoscope made which can stop Akash and Nandini from getting married. Akash learns the truth of the goon. Sumitra comes home and feeds sweets to everyone and tells everyone that Nandini and Akashs marriage has been fixed, which Akash is shocked to hear this. Nanu sells the farm for money so that he can get Nandini married, but when Nandini comes to know about this, she becomes very sad.

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    E9 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    31 August 2023 | 24 min

    Akash messages his grandmother and tells her that whatever she is doing is right.Kamya comes to know that this is a ploy by Imarti ji to cause confusion between Akash and Sumitra ji.Akash has no idea that he is getting engaged to Nandini.When Akash comes to know the truth, he refuses this marriage, due to which the villagers get angry and tie the whole family of Akash with a rope.The sarpanch of the village calls Akash forced to marry and threatens to set his family on fire if he does not marry Nandini.

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    E10 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    01 September 2023 | 23 min

    Under pressure from the villagers, Akash agrees to marry Nandini. Intoxicated by cannabis, Nandini is unable to control herself and by supporting her, Akash lifts her up and completes the marriage ceremony. Sumitra is surprised to see all this, what is going on, only then Sumitra ji comes to know that Akash got married. Akash gets angry with his grandmother and shouts at her that all this happened because of her mistake. Akash refuses to take Nandini with him, Sumitra comes home taking Nandini with her but Akash does not perform the housewarming ceremony and goes inside the house without Nandini.

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    E11 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    04 September 2023 | 24 min

    Imarti ji brings a plate full of money to insult .Sumitra ji gets very angry after seeing all this and throws away a plate full of money. Akash comes to ask his grandmother Sumitra ji why she cheated Akash and got him married by cheating. Sumitra ji tries to pacify Akash, but Imarti ji intervenes and turns Akash against Sumitra asks Nandini to leave the house, hearing which Nandini decides to leave the house. Nandini comes back to her Nanu and Nanu looks at her and asks what the matter is, Nandini tells Nanu that Akash has thrown her out of the house. On hearing this, Nanu gets a heart attack and dies.

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    E12 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    05 September 2023 | 24 min

    Akash comes to Nanus funeral to support Nandu, but Nandu blames Akash for Nanus death. Nandini refuses to go with Akash and sets her wedding gown on fire. Sumitra Devi and the villagers try to understand Nandini, but she is not ready to listen to anyone. After much persuasion, Nandini agrees and comes home with them. After Nandini comes home, Akash tells Sumitra Devi that he will not support Nandini throughout her life. Sumitra Devi understands Akash and says that he will have to live with Nandini as she is your wife. Imarti and Kamya try to humiliate Nandini and Imarti Devi even goes to slap Nandini, but Nandini stops her hand. Imarti Devi gets angry with this and decides to teach Nandini a lesson.

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    E13 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    06 September 2023 | 24 min

    Imarti and Kamya fail in their plan and Nandini sees them.Nadini comes to them with a hot frying pan, seeing which Kamya and Imarti Devi get scared. Sumitra devi is very upset seeing all these actions of Nandini and she is worried that Akash will decide to go to America after seeing all these things, But Akash proves her wrong and shows Nandini the right way to eat. Akash tells his grandmother Sumitra Devi that he is ready to educate Nandini, hearing which Sumitra Devi becomes happy. During the Muh Dikha ritual, Nandini drinks the milk kept in the vessel, mistaking it for Lassi. Nandinis eyes go towards the falling child, and she runs to save him from falling.

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    E14 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    07 September 2023 | 24 min

    Nandini saves the child from falling and Sumitra praises Nandini infant of everyone. Nandini drinks the ring milk mistaking it for lassi, which angers Akash and refuses to attend the ceremony. Nandini makes Akash understand that if he does not go down for the ritual then his grandmother Sumitra will be insulted. Kamya and Imarti Devi try their best to stop the ceremony but they both fail. Kamya invites some goons to steal from the house. But when the thieves are caught, they blame Nandini for helping them. Nandini brings out the truth of the thieves in front of everyone with her clever mind.

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    E15 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    08 September 2023 | 24 min

    Nandini tries to catch the thieves but the thieves escape from her and run away.Because of the darkness, Kamya tells the whole truth in front of Sumitra Devi that she had called the thieves.When Nandini comes to know that Kamya insulted her in front of everyone and then Nandini asks Imarti that if you insulted me then will you do the same with Kamya.Sumitra decides to throw Kamya out of the house but Imarti Devi stops Sumitra Devi from doing so.Nandini accidentally spills tea on Akashs laptop which makes Akash angry with her.On Jyotis advice, Nandini washes Akashs laptop and when Akash sees this, he gets very angry with Nandini.Due to all this, Akash decides to go back to America.

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    E16 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    11 September 2023 | 24 min

    Priya decides to leave the house, Sumitra Devi tries to stop her, but she does not stop. Here Akash also decides to leave the house, hearing which Sumitra Devi is unable to control herself. Akash hurts his leg after falling from the stairs. Sumitra Devi tells Akash that Nandini had washed the laptop on Jyotis request. Jyoti asks Nandini to do this so that Nandini falls in everyones sight. Akash decides to teach Nandini. Once again Kamya and Imarti together decide to harass Nandini.

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    E17 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    12 September 2023 | 24 min

    Kamya imprisons Nandini in a bottle with the help of Babas mantra. The bottle containing Nandinis dam falls into Akashs hands due to which Kamya and Imarti Devi become tensed. Kamya cleverly gets the bottle from Akash and finds a place to hide Nandini. Suddenly Kamyas dream is broken, and she realizes that all this was his dream. To teach Nandini a lesson, Kamya hits her on the head due to which Nandini becomes unconscious on the spot. Akash sees that Nandini is sleeping on the kitchen floor, so he gets up and takes her to his room. Next morning when Nandini wakes up, she sees Akash without tshirt and asks what happened at night.

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    E18 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    13 September 2023 | 23 min

    Akash takes Nandini to a hotel on the request of Sumitra Devi.Akash gets angry after seeing Nandinis actions in the hotel and leaves.Nandani tries to stop Akash and runs after him but she slips and falls into the swimming pool.Akash jumps into the swimming pool to save Nandini and pulls her out safely.Imarti Devi and Kamya throw chilli powder in Nadinis eyes to teach her a lesson.Hearing the sound of someone coming, Imarti and Kamya run inside.Akash decides to educate Nandini and calls a teacher to tutor her.

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    E19 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    14 September 2023 | 24 min

    Kamya kidnaps the teacher whom Akash has called to teach Nandini. The goon who has come to kill Akash tries to force himself on her. Nandini slaps the goon which makes the goon angry. The goon tries to force himself on Nandini, but Akash arrives and saves Nandini from the goon. To save himself, the goon shoots at Akash and the bullet hits Akash on his shoulder. Nandini comes to know that it is Kamya who has called this goon.

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    E20 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    15 September 2023 | 24 min

    Nandini takes care of Akash the whole night. But when Akash wakes up in the morning and sees Nandini in his room, he gets angry at her and asks what she is doing in his room. Just then Sumitra Devi comes and makes Akash understand that Nadini took care of him the whole night. Nandini cleverly gets the whole truth out from Imarti Devi and Jyoti listens to all Nandinis words. Jyoti is not able to digest this thing in her stomach, so she starts telling the door and then Sumitra Devi hears all the things. Sumitra Devi is angry with Nandini because she hides these things from her. Sumitra Devi throws Kamya out of the house.

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    E21 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    18 September 2023 | 24 min

    Nandini Sumitra surprises grandma to make her happy, and she plans a party for grandfathers birthday.Seeing late Ramchand written on the cake, Sumitra Devi gets very angry and throws the cake away.Seeing Sumitra Devika angry, Akash goes to make cake for her and Nandini also helps him in making the cake.As soon as Sumitra Devi is about to cut the cake, Beera and Dulari arrive and everyone is confused as to who these two are.Only then Dulari tells everyone that she is second wife of Sumitra’s husband Ramgovind.

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    E22 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    19 September 2023 | 23 min

    Beera points the gun at Akash to threaten him but Nandini comes in time and takes the gun from his hand.Seeing all this, Sumitra Devi is unable to control herself.Dulari comes and shows Ram Govinds last will to everyone and tells that she has as much right in this house as Sumitra has.Sumitra tells Dulari that she does not believe all these things until Ram Govind himself comes and says all these things.Dulari tells Sumitra that her husband Ram Govind is dead, hearing which Sumitra faints.Nandini encourages her grandmother Sumitra Devi that all these things are false.

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    E23 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    20 September 2023 | 23 min

    To get the keys to the safe, Dulari and Beera threaten to kill the entire family. After getting the key, when both of them open the safe, they see that it is empty. Nadini takes out all the jewelery and the money kept in it from the safe at the right time. Nandini makes the entire family understand that if we have to fight Dulari and Beera, we will have to unite. Beera starts liking Nandini and is falling madly in love with her. Nandini uses her clever mind to lure all the family members back home. Imarti and Kamya come across Dulari in search of treasure and Dulari threatens Imarti Devi and scares her like everyone else. Every time Nandini comes and stops Beera and Dulari from carrying out their plan, but this time both of them decides to teach a lesson to Nandini. Akash arrives at the right time and saves Nandini from both of them.

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    E24 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    21 September 2023 | 23 min

    To save Nandini from Beera and Dulari, she gives all the jewelry to them.Akash explains to Nandini not to get into unnecessary trouble with Beera and Dulari.Nandini asks Akash why he saved her, to which Akash replies that she was saved because it was Sumitra Dadis responsibility.Akash also tells Nandini that it is just a compulsion, that is why I am with you.Akash tells the truth to Kamya and Imarti that Nandini has lured them into the house by lying.Beera tries to force himself on Nandini but accidentally gets shot from Nandinis hand.Beera pretends to die and at the same time Akash also comes into the room.

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    E25 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    22 September 2023 | 24 min

    Akash brings Nandini to his room to keep her safe from Beera and Dulari. Akash gets very worried on not seeing Nandini in the room and he starts roaming around the house insearch of her. Dulari is troubling Bali but Nandini comes at the right time and saves her from Dulari. To remain calm, Dulari asks Sumitra ji for her ancestral necklace. Sumitra Devi goes to give her hair but Nandini stops her from doing so. She understands Nandini and says that the peace of the house is more important for her. While performing the puja, Beera comes and stands in place of Akash, which makes Nandini very angry.

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    E26 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    25 September 2023 | 23 min

    Beera forcefully asks Nandini to do puja with him. Nandini replied by slapping Beera. Nandini starts searching for Akash all over the house. When Akash is not found, Sumitra Devi asks Suraj to call and finds out where Akash is. Everyone starts searching for Akash and Jyoti accidentally inverts the poisoned pudding. Nandini finally finds Akash locked in a room and tries to save him. Dulari drinks poisoned kheer due to which she becomes unconscious. Nandini tells Akash that she saw Jyoti and Imarti Devi mixing poison in the kheer. Nandini teaches everyone a lesson and makes them realize their mistake. Nandini tells everyone that she replaced the poison pudding with sleeping pill pudding, seeing Nandinis cleverness Akash asks everyone to salute her.

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    E27 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    26 September 2023 | 22 min

    Nandini is very happy today because today Akash asked everyone to salute Nandini. Akash gives a saree to Nandini as a Teej gift. When Nandini picks up the saree and looks at it, she sees that the saree is torn. Beera has torn the saree because he does not want Akash to give any gift to Nandini. To take revenge, Nandini even tears Beeras clothes. Kamya overhears Nandini and Sumitra Devis conversation and also sees that Sumitra Devi has given the keys of the house to Nandini. Kamya quickly goes and tells this to Imarti Devi and Imarti Devi goes to Nandini to ask for the key but Nandini refuses to give her the key. Akash teaches Nandini, seeing what Beera thinks of killing Akash.

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    E28 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    27 September 2023 | 24 min

    Nandini decides to keep everyone together until Sumitra Dadi arrives. Akash is teaching Nandini but Nandini sings songs instead of studying, due to which Akash gets angry and hits her with a stick. Beera sees Akash hitting Nandini with a stick and decides to kill Akash. Beera goes to Akashs room to hit him and throws silbatta on him. After some time, Nandini and Akash come and stand in front of him, which surprises him. Akash is saved by Nandinis clever mind. Dulari ties Nandini to a chair with a bomb which scares the entire family.

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    E29 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    28 September 2023 | 24 min

    All the people of Bhardwaj family ask Dulari for the remote of the bomb but Dulari refuses and says that she did not plan any bomb. Akash cuts a wire of the bomb which saves Nandinis life. Dulari, with the help of Chutki Baba, plans to make the entire family fight among themselves. With the help of Chutki Baba, Dulari takes Kamya under her control and then Kamya does whatever Dulari wants. Kaamya slaps Imarti Devi on Dularis command and when Imarti Devi tries to find who hit her, she saw Nandini in front of her. Imarti was about to throw Nandini down but at right time Akash comes and saves Nandini from her. On Dularis command, Kamya cleverly steals the house key from Nandini.

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    E30 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    29 September 2023 | 23 min

    When Nandini opens the safe, she finds it empty, someone has stolen all the stuff in the safe, seeing which Nandini is worried. Akash encourages Nandini and says that she should not pay attention to all these things because Sumitra Devi trusts you. Dulari is controlling Kamya and making her do all the wrong things and she has command Kamya to kill Imarti Devi. Kamya comes to kill Imarti Devi, but Nandini comes at the right time and stops Kamya from doing so. Beera brings Nandini under his control with the help of Chutki Babas mantra. Beera attacks Nandinis honor and is trying to forcefully have physical relations with her but Akash comes there at the right time and saves Nandini from Beera.

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    E31 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    02 October 2023 | 21 min

    Akash was wondering how Nandini went into the room with that Beera so easily. Nandini comes to Akash to ask about her book, due to which Akash comes to know that she doesnt know anything about whatever happened to her yesterday. Dulari washes Nandini again and when Imarti Devi asks Nandini what she was doing in Dularis room, she says that today she and Beera are getting married. In the middle of the wedding, Nandini slaps Beera and tells him that she is already married to Akash and her heart is with Akash. It was Akashs plan to do all this drama so that he can hand over Chutki Baba hand over to the police and save Nandini from Beera and Dulari. Sumitra ji comes and tells the whole family that Akash will now become the chief executive of Bhardwaj Industries.

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    E32 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    03 October 2023 | 23 min

    Sumitra Devi decided to appoint Akash as chief executive of Bhardwaj Industries. Akash is confused about whether Nandini is really in love with him. Nandini scares everyone by telling them about the earthquake and makes everyone attend the puja. Sumitra Devi is very happy to see everyone together for the puja. Imarti Devi pretends to fail to know the truth, so Nandini tells everyone that she lied about the earthquake. Akash gets very angry with Nandinis actions and shouts at her. Sumitra Devi gives the responsibility of the house to Nandini for 7 days and tells all the family members that they will have to obey Nandinis orders for these 7 days.

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    E33 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    04 October 2023 | 23 min

    When Nandini gets the responsibility of the house, Akash tells Sumitra ji that she has taken this wrong decision because Nandini is an illiterate girl from the villages.Nandini overhears to Akashs words which makes her angry. Sumitra Devi asks Akash to support Nandini. Nandini explains to everyone in the house their work and who has to do what work. Nandini goes to prepare aloo matar for Imarti Devi and Akash also helps her in cooking. Kamya takes out all the water and vegetables from the cooker which causes the cooker to explode and Nandini gets burnt. Akash is scared to see Nandini in this condition.

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    E34 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    05 October 2023 | 23 min

    Akash tries his best to save Nandini and he saves her. Nandini gets scared by this accident but Akash consoles her. All the members of the house except Sumitra Devi were against Nandini and together they instigate Sumitra Devi against Nandini. Imarti Devi wants that the responsibility of the house which has been given to Nandini should be taken back from her. Akash goes to the kitchen and tries to find out how the cooker exploded and then his eyes fall on the potatoes kept in the dustbin. Akash goes to Nandini and asks who came to the kitchen, then she tells that Kamya came, which confirms Akashs suspicion. Kamyas truth comes out in front of everyone that Kamya was behind the cooker blast. Nandini teaches Dulari and Beera a lesson and plans to get them out of the house.

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    E35 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    06 October 2023 | 22 min

    Akash teaches Nandini how to use a juicer, seeing which Kamya gets angry and goes and tells this to Imarti Devi. Akash asks Nandini why she has to learn to make banana shakes first. Nandini says that Akash likes to drink bananashakes every morning after waking up, so she is learning to make the bananashake first. Kamya goes and tells Imarti Devi, due to which Imarti Devi suspects that Akash is now dreaming of becoming an officer. Some guests from the Royal Family are going to come to the house, about which Nandini is very excited. Nandini comes in front of everyone wearing a necktie and pair of boots which makes Akash and everyone in the house startle but the guest is happy with her simplicity and encourages her. Someone has spoiled all the food that Nandini had prepared for the guest, due to which Nandini is in a lot of tension.

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    E36 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    09 October 2023 | 23 min

    Sumitra Devi gets worried after seeing Litti Chokha prepared and whether the royal guest will like the food or not. Everyone likes the food prepared by Nandini very much, which makes Sumitra Devi very happy.Nandini feeds Akash litti chokha which Kamya and Imarti Devi see and get angry because both of them do not want Nandini and Akash to come close to each other.Sumitra ji tells Nandini that she will have to throw Dulari out of the house as she is creating a rift between the family. Nandini makes Sumitra ji understand that we should not take any decision in anger but should defeat her with cleverness. Nandini gets the true picture of Beera and Dulari so that she can reveal the truth about both of them. Priya is pregnant and she tells this happy news to all the family members, seeing that everyone is very happy but Kamya does not want anyone else child to born in this house.

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    E37 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    10 October 2023 | 23 min

    Nandini pretends to make a fake friendship with Beera and shake hands with him. Kamya records all this and sends it to Akash, seeing which Akash gets very angry on Nandini. Kamya and Imarti Devi torture Nandini and try to burn her with a hot pan. But Nandini saves her life and snatches the hot pan from them, just then Akash comes and scolds Nandini. Nandini wants to get the truth out by trapping Beera in her affairs. Nandini calls her acquaintance from Harinagar villages to find out the truth about Beera and Dulari. Accusing Nandini, Akash tells Sumitra Dadi that Nandini meets Beera secretly, hearing this Nandini gets emotional.

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    E38 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    11 October 2023 | 23 min

    Sumitra makes Nandini understand that when Akash comes to know the truth, he will definitely come back. Kamya and Imarti Devi together once again make a plan to stop Nandini. She is preparing the khichdi for everyone when at that moment Dulari arrives and her pair slips. Nandini saves Dulari from falling into the khichdi. To trap Nandini, Kamya puts Dal Khichdi in the washing machine so that the whole house turns against Nandini. Sumitra Devi asks Akash whether he also considers Nandini wrong and he replies that yes Nandini is wrong and she is not worthy of being an ideal daughterinlaw.

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    E39 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    12 October 2023 | 22 min

    Dulari hands over a dagger to Nandini to take revenge from the family as because they insulted her and never accepted her whole heartedly. Sumitra Devi and Dulari initiate an argument on the ownership of the photo frame of their husband wherein Nandini resolves the issue in the favour of Sumitra Devi. When Navratri, Nandini sweeps the floor with cowdung as its a ritual in their village which leads to small argument between herself and Aakash. Murali calls Nandini after analyzing available evidences and informs her that Beera and Dulari are definitely some sort of thugs however Beera hears outside their conversation and realizes that Nandini was faking her love with him so far. Priya returns home drunk and as a concern for the baby in her womb Nandini feels the need to inform about it to Aakash however Aakash didnt even interacts with Nandini.

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    E40 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    13 October 2023 | 21 min

    Dulari slaps Beera for getting fooled by Nandini so easily however further they plan to rob the entire house’s wealth and escape before Dussehra. During Pooja, Imarti Devi acts like she’s entered into a trance state and is directly connected to goddess and commands Nandini to perform the pooja further by grabbing burning Camphor in her hand, Nandini starts doing so however Imarti Devi’s plan soon get exposed in front of everyone. Sumitra Devi advices Aakash to get everything settled between him and Nandini. Beera cannot comprehend Nandini’s betrayal and tries to get close with Nandini however Nandini resists him although Aakash observes this and misunderstands the situations thinking again that Nandini is cheating with him.

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    E41 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    16 October 2023 | 23 min

    Nandini encourages Sumitra ji and says that she will correct the problems happening in the house. Kamya puts onion in the Khichdi which will break Nandinis fast and just as Nandini is about to eat the Khichdi then a wise woman enters by which she got distracted and didn’t eat it. Nandini later finds out that there was onion in the khichdi. Children come to the house for puja and are served by Nandini and Akash. Nandini gives halwa to children to eat in their meal. Dulari tells Beera that she has mixed sleeping pills in the halwa so that Nandini falls in everyones sight. All the children become unconscious, seeing which there is a situation of trouble in the house. Nandini is trying to save all the children by any means possible.

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    E42 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    17 October 2023 | 23 min

    Nandini is waiting for Muralis arrival. Murali was about to come to Nandini after finding out the truth about Beera and Dulari but he was kidnapped by Beeras men. Murali manages to escape from the goons sent by Beera and comes to Nandini. Nandini tells everyone the truth that she was pretending to be close to Beera so that she could reveal the truth about Dulari and Beera. Murali tells everyone that Beera and Dulari had come to cheat the Bhardwaj family and they have done the same to many people. Sumitra Devi teaches Dulari a lesson but Beera threatens to kill everyone and he asks Sumitra Devi to leave Dulari.

  • img
    E43 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    18 October 2023 | 22 min

    Beera and Dulari sprinkles kerosene on the Bhardwaj family and tries to burn the entire family alive together so as to escape with their money however Akash and Sumitra Devi tried to resist them but failed eventually. Nandini saves the entire family from Beera and Dulari courageously. Soon the police officers arrive and arrests both. Nandini informs everyone that the old women who helped them during this trouble was Mata Rani herself. Akash further tries to apologise to Nandini for his misbehavior but returns back silently when Nandini asks for the respects she must deserve from him as his wife instead of an apology from him. Sumitra Devi further decides to handover Bhardwaj Industries to Akash. Akash on the other hand is planning to study abroadUSA and is also thinking of getting separated from Nandini. Kamya suggests Akash that even Neel can handle Bhardwaj Industries instead of him and thus he can pursue his dream of studying abroad.

  • img
    E44 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    19 October 2023 | 23 min

    Sumitra Devi scolds Priya when she comes to know through Jyoti that she consumes alcoholic beverages carelessly ignoring the fact that she has a baby in her womb however Priya assumes that it is Nandini who told her about this. Aakash soon informs Sumitra Devi that he got selected in a fellowship program and is soon leaving for America however he soon gets upset when Sumitra Devi tells him to stay in India and handle the workings of the family business. Aakash passes on all the blame on Nandini for being a hurdle between him and his dreams. Nandini was about to leave the house in this guilt however she stops herself from doing so after thinking about Sumitra Devi. Nandini requests Sumitra Devi to allow Aakash to go and study in America for his further studies.

  • img
    E45 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    20 October 2023 | 22 min

    ​Sumitra Devi commands Akash to take Nandini along with himself to America. Nandini starts learning English and other behavioural tricks to survive in America along with Akash. Kamya and Imarti Devi starts telling Akash about the downsides of taking Nandini to America. Priya calls two makeup artists for Nandini’s makeover, but she secretly tells them to irritate Nandini and they do so successfully, Nandini as a result attacks on them with a stick. Aakash finally being frustrated with Nandini’s behaviour tells Sumitr Adevi that he cannot continue being in relationship with Nandini anymore and wants to get separated from her sincerest it was a forced marriage, and they are not meant for each other.

  • img
    E46 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    23 October 2023 | 22 min

    Akash calls a lawyer to get divorced with Nandini so that he can leave for America peacefully. Akash himself signs the divorce papers and asks Nandini to sign on it and promises her that she will get enough money for her needs every month, but Nandini refuses to sign on them. Nandini is missing her farming days and decides to work again in the fields to become independent. Akash and Nandini have a heated argument between them regarding his decision which upset Sumitra Devi and gets her tensed, soon Sumitra Devi gets an anxiety attack because of all this stress. The Doctor informs that her condition is serious and she needs to become conscious soon or her life is at major risk.

  • img
    E47 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    24 October 2023 | 23 min

    Nandini stops Akash from meeting Sumitra Dadi and tells Akash that Sumitra Dadis health has deteriorated because of him.Kamya and Imarti Devi are happy to see Sumitra in this condition so that after Sumitra Devis departure, Imarti Devi can rule this house. Kamya and Imarti Devi are happy to see Sumitra in this condition so that after Sumitra Devis death Imarti Devi will rule the house but Jyoti tells both of them that Sumitra Devi has regained consciousness. Nandini steals Akashs passport so that Akash cannot go to America and Sumitra Dadi will be happy.Nandini steals Akashs passport so that Akash cannot go to America and Sumitra Dadi will be happy .A strange person silently walks into Akashs room, seeing which Nandini rushes towards him and when the unknown person removes the mask from his face, she comes to know that he is Akashs brother Neel. Sumitra Devi has announced that from today Neel will take over the Bhardwaj industry, but he will not be able to take any business decision without taking Nandinis permission.

  • img
    E48 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    25 October 2023 | 22 min

    Akash is leaving home for America and everyone at home is very sad.Nandini couldnt see Akash leaving so she went to her room but she couldnt stop herself from doing so and came to meet him.Sumitra Devis heart is worried because her son Akash has gone away to America, and Nandini also tells Sumitra Devi that she has started loving Akash and after his departure she is also worried.Suraj told Jyoti that Akash’s plane has crashed in which even our Akash was not saved, but Nandini could not control herself after listening to this and she denies this and said that nothing can happen to Akash.

  • img
    E49 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    26 October 2023 | 22 min

    Everyone is upset after hearing the news from Suraj and Uday that Aakash has died in plane crash. Nandini is unable to digest this fact and takes a vow to dance infront of Devi Maa without food and water until she gets back Akash alive. Akash soon returns home and yells at Nandini when he comes to know that it was Nandini who had poured water onto his passport because of which he couldnt catch his flight to America. However, Akash soon realises that the flight he missed had crashed and hes life got saved because of Nandinis act. Nandini further decides that she will do farming again and she will only eat what she will grow with her hard work in the fields.

  • img
    E50 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    27 October 2023 | 23 min

    Sumitra Devi is concerned about Nandinis health as she has vowed to not eat anything from the Bharadwaj house as because Akash feels that she is becoming used to the great facilities of the Bharadwaj house. As a solution, Akash does his makeover like Shree Ram and tells Nandini to break his fast and Nandini follows it. However, Nandini soon comes to know that it was Aakash who did all this to make her break her fast. Nandini returns to her fields to work on it and Akash goes along with her to drop her and decides to stay there for a while with her. Neel is given a deal to crack tomorrow and is left between a choice as his friends are calling him for a bike ride on the same time.

  • img
    E51 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    30 October 2023 | 21 min

    Nandini was working in the fields meanwhile a deadly bicchu bites her foot, looking at the emergency of the situation Akash sucks out the poison from Nandinis foot and saves her life and then soon takes Nandini back to home. Neel is confused about how he can make time to go for his bike ride with his friends by avoiding the business meeting next day. Imarti Devi and Kamya try to make fun of Nandini situation as because she has returned in a sweaty condition from the farm however Sumitra Devi defends her strongly. Nandini sees herself finding a statue of Laxmi Maa while digging in the fields in her dream.

  • img
    E52 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    31 October 2023 | 21 min

    The Pandit along with his two men comes around Nandinis farm to find where can be the golden statue be buried and he soon finds the spot and leaves however Nandini becomes suspicious of him. Neel is required to take Nandinis sign on some documents and thus he must go to the farm for it. Neel tries to haunt Nandini as a prank, but she immediately attacks on Neel however Nandini later apologizes for her act and further she signs on the papers. Kamya plants a small ranged but powerful firecracker in a flower bouquet to harm Nandini however it gets passed on from Nandini to Akash and then finally to Neel, retreating from her plan Kamya shouts and tells Neel to throw it away and as soon as he throws the bouquet...it blasts. Sumitra Devi scolds and confronts Kamya and Imarti Devi for their act. Neel also warns both to not plan anything like that against Nandini in the house again.

  • img
    E53 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    01 November 2023 | 22 min

    Akash warns Imarti Devi to never plan anything against Nandini. Suddenly a women named Mili enters Bharadwaj house and pretends as she is Akashs wife however Akash denies it and as soon as Nandini sees this she attacks her, Mili thus reveals that she was doing a prank and is Kamyas relative and a childhood buddy of Akash. Sumitra Devi sees Priya eating Papaya however Priya told her that it was Nandini who served her Papaya to harm the baby in her womb as she herself is unaware of the ill effects of Papaya on pregnant women. Although Sumitra Devi soon finds out that it was Priya herself who took papaya for her and transferred all the blame onto Nandini. Neel gives a lift to Nandini till her farm and is slowly developing feelings for her.

  • img
    E54 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    02 November 2023 | 20 min

    Nandini finds out the golden statue of Devi Maa while working in her farm and takes it to Bharadwajs house considering it as a blessing from the Goddess. The Pandit along with two men also return to Nandinis farm to take out the golden statue but they are surprised to see that the spot has been dug out and the statue isnt there anymore. Sumitra Devi settles the golden statue of Devi Maa in their inhouse temple and tells everyone to keep it there for 3 days and then send it to the villages temple however Imarti Devi insists on selling the golden statue as it is worth millions.

  • img
    E55 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    03 November 2023 | 22 min

    Nandini finds out the golden statue of Devi Maa while working in her farm and takes it to Bharadwaj house considering it as a blessing from the Goddess. The Pandit along with two men also return to Nandinis farm to take out the golden statue but they are surprised to see that the spot has been dug out and the statue isnt there anymore. Sumitra Devi settles the golden statue of Devi Maa in their inhouse temple and tells everyone to keep it there for 3 days and then send it to the villages temple however Imarti Devi insists on selling the golden statue as it is worth in millions.

  • img
    E56 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    06 November 2023 | 25 min

    Kamya blames Murli for theft. Nandini tells everyone that her brother Murli is innocent and he has not stolen anything, also Nandini ask Akash to search all the people who came from outside and find who the real thief is. Nandini asks Mili to be searched but Mili leaves on the pretext of drinking water. Kamya mixes intoxicating medicine in Akashs cold drink due to which Akash becomes intoxicated. Akash loses Nandini in a card game. Akash doesnt remember much after losing Nandini in card game because he was drunk, and the opponent to whom he lost in the cards, tries to force Nandini on him.

  • img
    E57 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    07 November 2023 | 23 min

    Neel hits Akash and asks him why he traded Nandini in the game of cards. Sumitra Devi is angry with Akash for this and slaps him. Neil tells Akash that he is not worthy of Nandini, Nandini makes Neil understand that whatever he says is wrong and she tells everyone that whatever had happened was due to misunderstanding .Like every time, Kamya and imarti are thinking of doing something wrong this time again. Kamya calls some gold buyers to sell the idol, but they were unable to pick up the idol. Kamya understands that there is a goddess in this idol and only the one who is capable of it can lift this idol. Kamya brings Nandini and tells her that if she does not pick up the idol and keep it in the car, she will do anything with Sumitra Devi.

  • img
    E58 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    08 November 2023 | 24 min

    Nandini cleverly hides the idol in Sumitra Devis room. Sumitra Devi will install this idol in the temple of Ayodhya this Diwali. Imarti Devi is surprised to see the idol and asks how the idol can come back and Sumitra Devi gives the answer and says that Devi Maas name is where it is possible to make it less difficult. Akash feels bad seeing Neil caring for Nandini and he feels that Neil loves Nandini. All these things are going on in Akashs mind due to which he is having bad dreams and doubting neel. Due to the greed of the gold idol, Imarti locks Sumitra Devi in a room and tells her that this idol will not go anywhere from her house. Akash shouts at Imarti Devi and says that she is greedy thief due to which Neel gets angry at Akash. Sumitra Devi is going towards the temple taking the idol with her.

  • img
    E59 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    09 November 2023 | 48 min

    Shakuntala Devi calls Kamya and threatens that if she does not get the idol safe, she will not spare anyone. Shakuntala Devi asks her goons to exchange the idol but they are unable to do it. Neel comes and saves Kamya and Imarti Devi from the goon. Gauri comes to Nandini to install the idol in Mahadevi Temple and to celebrate Diwali as well and on the other hand, Akash calls Garv and asks him to join this event. A goon has been given contract to kill Shakuntala by Choti Mai. Sumitra Devi introduces Akash and Nandini to the entire village. Priya calls Akash and tells him that Neels life is in danger, hearing which Akash leaves to save his brother. Nandini sees the goons trying to steal the idol and she chases them with Gauri. Nandini takes the idol back from the goons and is trying to find a safe place and on the other side Shakuntla wants to know who fired the bullet on her.

  • img
    E60 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    10 November 2023 | 48 min

    Kamya accuses Nandini and Gauri of stealing the idol and says that both of them ran away with the idol. Two goons threaten the family of Shakuntala Devi and Sumitra Devi, saying that they should give them this idol or else they will take the life of Shakuntala Devi. As soon as the goons go to lift the idol, they get shocked and fall down and at the same time the police comes and catches them. Nandini slaps Mili because she gives wrong medicine to Sumitra Devi to drink and she asks Mili to drink this medicine first. Kamya tricks Nandini into drinking alcohol due to which she starts doing strange things. Seeing all these actions of Nandini, Akash takes Nandini to store room and locks her.

  • img
    E61 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    13 November 2023 | 22 min

    Akash takes Nandini to the store room to lock her where Nandini tells Akash that she loves him. After listening to Nandini, Akash refuses and says that there is no match between us. Sumitra Devi tries to make Akash understand that Nandini would not have drank alcohol on her own, someone might have tricked her into drinking it. Next day when Akash goes to take Nandini out of the store room, he sees that Nandini is not there and questioning everyone that who make her out of the store room. Mili takes Nandini out of the store room and makes her lie down in Neels room so that Akash will consider her a promiscuous woman. Akash gets very angry after seeing Nandini in Neels room and tells her to leave him for the rest of his life.

  • img
    E62 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    14 November 2023 | 21 min

    When Neel finds out that his mother Kamya has tricked Nandini into getting drunk, he gets very angry and tells this to Sumitra Dadi. While telling all this to Sumitra Dadi, Neil also tells her that he wants to marry Nandini, to which Sumitra Dadi refuses. Kamya secretly records video of Priya dancing. When Nandini sees Akash and Mili together, she pulls Milis hair and asks her to step back, but Akash gets angry at her. Akash goes to Nandini and apologizes because Sumitra grandmother tells him the truth that Kamya had given her alcohol and made her drunk. Akash agrees to let Nandini learn to play guitar.

  • img
    E63 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    15 November 2023 | 22 min

    Nandini once again escapes from the trap laid by Kamya, Mili, and Imarti Devi. Mili instigates Neil against Akash and tells him that Akash tried to kill Nandini because he does not want to live with Nandini. Neel goes and tells Sumitra Dadi that Akash tried to take Nandinis life, hearing that Sumitra Dadi denies this. An envelope has arrived for Priya from the beauty pageant, which came into Kamyas hands, which makes her suspicious of Priya. While questioning Priya, Kamya asks how will participate in the beauty pageant while pregnant. Priya tells Kamya the whole truth that she is not pregnant and she had faked being pregnant so that she would not have to do the household work.

  • img
    E64 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    16 November 2023 | 23 min

    Mili instigates Akash against Nandini and Priya fights with Nandini on Kamyas insistence. As per Kamyas plan, Priya falls down the stairs and blames Nandini for it. Kamya and imarti slap Nandini and accuse her of killing Priyas child. Akash also blames Nandini along with everyone else, and Imarti devi throws Nandini out of the house.Sumitra Devi supports Nandini and says that she is with her and has full faith in her.

  • img
    E65 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    17 November 2023 | 23 min

    Kamya blames Nandini for the death of Priyas child. Mili tries to get closer to Akash when he regains consciousness and throws Mili out of his room. Nandini is trying to make Sumitra Dadi understand that she did not push Priya and she has not done anything like that.Nandini overhears Kamya saying that Nandini did not push Priya but it was our plan to throw Nandini out of the house.

  • img
    E66 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    20 November 2023 | 22 min

    Sumitra makes Devi Nandini understand the ritual of Chhath Puja. Kamya threatens Priya that if she does not push Nandini into the pond today, she will tell everyone the truth. Priya, seeing the opportunity, pushes Nandini into the lake. Nandini drowns in water, seeing which everyone in the house is shocked. Neel jumps into the pond to find Nandini, but he does not find Nandini anywhere due to which there is a state of mourning in the house. Sumitra Devi cannot believe that Nandini is dead.

  • img
    E67 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    21 November 2023 | 21 min

    Sumitra Devi still does not believe that Nandini is dead and tells everyone that Nandini will come back. Akash was thinking about Nandini when at that very moment Nandini came in front of him, but he could not believe it. Nandini scares Imarti Devi by posing as a ghost and wants to know who had conspired to kill her.

  • img
    E68 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    22 November 2023 | 23 min

    Nandini tells the whole truth to Sumitra grandmother that she wants to find out the truth by becoming a ghost in this house as to who tried to kill her. Nandini enters the house as Pyari to find the main person behind killing her. Imarti Devi is seeing Nandini everywhere and fears her.

  • img
    E69 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    23 November 2023 | 21 min

    Akash still cannot believe that Nandini is dead and shares this with Sumitra Dadi. Neil takes Nandini's Shringhaar items and reaches the same place where Priya had pushed Nandini into the pond. Neel is doing all this for the peace of Nandini's soul and only then Akash also comes. Nandini comes to Jyoti Bhabhi in the form of a ghost and learns from her the truth that she was pushed by Priya Bhabhi.

  • img
    E70 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    24 November 2023 | 22 min

    Nandini disguises herself as a ghost and gets the truth out of Priya. Akash suspects Pyari that she is not Pyari but Nandini. Nandini has collected a lot of evidence due to which she can now bring the truth to Sumitra Dadi and tell who had a hand in killing her.

  • img
    E71 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    27 November 2023 | 21 min

    Nandini tells Akash the whole truth that someone had pushed her and she is finding out the truth as to who pushed her and why. Akash supports Nandini and helps her find out who pushed her into the water. Akash records everything so that he and Nandini can present evidence of the truth in front of Sumitra Dadi.

  • img
    E72 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    28 November 2023 | 20 min

    Sumitra gets angry and calls all the family members and tells everyone that Akash has told her the whole truth about how you tried to kill Nandini. Akash calls Nandini to show him all the evidence but as soon as Nandini arrives, she refuses that she does not anything against them. Akash is very surprised to see this action of Nandini and is about to raise his hand on her when at that very moment Neel comes and stops him from doing so. Nandini angrily files a complaint against Akash.

  • img
    E73 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    29 November 2023 | 20 min

    On Nandini's insistence, Kamya files a complaint against Akash in the Women's Rights Association, due to which some women come homes and punish Akash.Sumitra Devi comes there and saves Akash and tells the women who have come that this accusation is a lie which has been leveled against Akash. Nandini steals 3 lakh money from the safe, whose video Kamya records and shows to Sumitra Devi, but Sumitra Devi denies it.

  • img
    E74 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    30 November 2023 | 21 min

    Sumitra Devi asks Nandini(Bijli) what she did with 3 lakhs, Nandini(Bijli) replies that she bought a saree worth 3 lakhs. When Akash shouts at Nandini(Bijli), she gets angry and sets her saree on fire, which shocks everyone in the house. Nandini(Real) tries to run away from the goons, but she is unable to do so, and the goons catch her.

  • img
    E75 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    01 December 2023 | 21 min

    Neel brings a saree for Nandini (bijli), seeing which Akash gets very angry. Sumitra Devi is going to receive the Best Business Woman Award today for which a small party has been hosted at home. Nandini (bijli) creates a ruckus in front of everyone by dancing in the party, due to which Sumitra Devi slaps her. Nandini (bijli) wants to take revenge for the slap by Sumitra Devi and thinks of taking her life, hearing which Akash ties Nandini's (bijli) legs and hands.

  • img
    E76 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    04 December 2023 | 21 min

    Nandini cleverly tries to escape from the goons. Imari Devi asks Kamya that where did she get Nandini's duplicate, Kamya replies that she is Bijli who dances in functions of everyone's house. Sumitra Devi asks Nandini who made her drink alcohol and Nandini takes the name of Akash. When Sumitra Devi asks Akash why he made Nandini drink alcohol, he gets shocked, and he replies that he did not make her drink. Sumitra Devi takes a big decision to find out the truth and she decides to throw Nandini out of the house.

  • img
    E77 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    05 December 2023 | 21 min

    Nandini manages to save her life from the goons and returns home. The goons mistake Bijli for Nandini and try to kidnap her, but Akash arrives and saves Bijli from the goons. When Nandini comes home, Sumitra scolds her for being Devi Bijli and takes away her household responsibilities.

  • img
    E78 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    06 December 2023 | 20 min

    Akash tells Sumitra Dadi that some goons were trying to kidnap Nandini and if he does not come at the right time then the goons should have taken Nandini with them. Nandini's duplicate Bijli is very surprised to see Nandini with her. Mili tries to commit suicide, but Akash comes at the right time and stops her from doing so. Kamya and Imarti are busy courting Nandini and Bijli tell them that Nandini has returned to the house.

  • img
    E79 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    07 December 2023 | 20 min

    Bijli throws all the kitchen stuff here and there and when Sumitra grandmother stops her from doing so, she raises her hand on her. After seeing all this, Sumitra Devi goes into shock because she feels that this is Nandini,, and she does not even know about Bijli. Imarti Devi punishes Nandini by hitting her hands with a stick and asks her to clean the kitchen.

  • img
    E80 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    08 December 2023 | 20 min

    Kamya brings Bijli to her room hiding from everyone and forbids her to go out of the room. Imarti Devi and Kamya both understand Bijli that if anyone sees you and Nandini together then they will be in trouble. Bijlee has tied Akash with a rope and goes away from there, but Akash feels that Nandini has tied him because Akash has not yet found out the truth. Akash tells Sumitra Devi that either Nandini will stay in this house, or he will.

  • img
    E81 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    11 December 2023 | 20 min

    On Kamya's insistence, Akash takes Mili out with him. Kamya gives anaesthetic to Mili to secretly give it to Akash. Nandini does not find it right for Akash to go with Mili and she feels that something bad is going to happen to Akash.

  • img
    E82 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    12 December 2023 | 21 min

    Nandini is feeling nervous, so she comes to the restaurant to see Akash where she sees Akash in an unconscious state. Nandini reveals Mili's truth in front of everyone that how she mixed drugs in Akash's juice and after seeing all this Akash asks Mili to go out of the house.

  • img
    E83 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    13 December 2023 | 21 min

    Bijli dreams that Nandini sees her, due to which everyone knows Bijli's truth and Sumitra Devi throws her out of the house. Kamya asks Nandini to sign the power of attorney and when Nandini is about to sign the papers, the paper falls on the nearby temple lamp. As soon as the paper falls on the lamp, it gets burnt due to which Sumitra Dadi says that even God does not want Nandini to sign on this paper.

  • img
    E84 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    14 December 2023 | 21 min

    Two goons enter the house and mistaking Nandini for Bijli, they demand Rs 2 lakh from her which she had taken from them. Because of all this drama, Sumitra slaps Nandini and punishes her for her mistakes.

  • img
    E85 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    15 December 2023 | 21 min

    Sumitra Devi tells Nandini that she has made a big mistake in her life by getting her grandson married to you. Nandini is not able to understand what mistake she has made because whatever mistake she has made, Bijlee (similar to Nandini) is doing all the mistakes, but the blame is on Nandini. She has to find out the truth and then she sees someone in the house but cannot clearly see who it is.

  • img
    E86 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    18 December 2023 | 21 min

    Nandini suspects that there is someone else in the house who looks like her, and some goons come at that time and start irritating her and calling out her by the name of Bijli. Akash tells Grandma Sumitra that they should get Nandini treated as she is behaving like a mad person. Nandini saw Kamya taking the food which she has not eaten till today and it doubts about the duplicate staying in the house.

  • img
    E87 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    19 December 2023 | 21 min

    There was a New Year celebration going on in the Bharadwaj family and in the same celebration, Nandini's lookalike Bijli appears in front of her. Bijli makes Nandini unconscious with her clever mind and throws her out of the Bharadwaj family. Nandini escapes with great difficulty from Bijli's men to save her life and comes to Bijli to take revenge.

  • img
    E89 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    21 December 2023 | 21 min

    The goons grab Akash and threaten to burn him but Nandini reaches there to save her husband from goons. The goons set fire all around Akash but still Nandini brings her husband home safely. The truth about Nandini's lookalike Bijli is revealed to everyone and the police arrests her.

  • img
    E90 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    22 December 2023 | 22 min

    After knowing the truth about Bijli, Sumitra Devi hands her over to the police. Sumitra Devi throws Imarti and Kamya out of the house because both were behind all this. Imarti Devi returns home pretending to be unwell and along with Kamya, plans to kill Sumitra Devi. Nandini overhears Kamya and Imarti's plan and foils their plan.

  • img
    E91 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    25 December 2023 | 23 min

    On Nandini's insistence, Neil agrees to meet Mohini. Neelam ji tells Sumitra ji that she will marry Neel to her daughter on only one condition and that condition is that all the daughters-in-law of your house should be educated. Mohini calls Neil and says that if he does not marry her, she will commit suicide. Nandini and Sumitra Devi go to meet Neelam ji to convince her about their relationship but Neelam ji is still holding on to her condition.

  • img
    E92 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    26 December 2023 | 23 min

    Some goons take away Nandini and Sumitra Devi and bury both of them in a grave. When Akash comes to know about this mistake, he gets very worried and goes to save both of them. Akash takes Nandini and Sumitra Devi out of the grave and takes them to the hospital where it is revealed that Nandini needs blood. Akash gives his blood to Nandini and at that time Sumitra Devi comes and tells him that Nandini is no more in this world.

  • img
    E93 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    27 December 2023 | 23 min

    Akash has a nightmare in which grandmother Sumitra goes to him and tells him that Nandini is dead. When Akash opens his eyes, he goes and sees Nandini and realizes that Nandini is absolutely fine. Mohini's friend insults Jyoti, which Nandini does not tolerate at all and Jyoti promises her sister-in-law that she will teach her a lesson. Leela insults Sumitra ji and her family and says that everyone here is uneducated.

  • img
    E94 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    28 December 2023 | 22 min

    Nandini moves forward to kill Leela but she pretends to be unconscious and she fell on floor. When Leela wakes up, she pretends not to know what happened. And she tells everyone that she has a disease. After becoming unconscious, she forgets whether anyone has said anything to her or whether she has said anything to anyone. Next day Leela again comes to Bhardwaj house with her daughter Mohini where Nandini notices that the saree Leela ji is wearing is Sumitra Dadi's. Nandini proves in front of everyone that the saree that Leela ji is wearing is not hers but its Sumitra Dadi's.

  • img
    E95 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    29 December 2023 | 22 min

    Nandini disguises herself and Jyoti and goes to Maharani's party to find out the truth about Leela. Sumitra Devi also comes to the party, seeing whom Leela goes to meet her. Jyoti accidentally collides with a man and his drink falls from his hand, due to which he gets angry and goes after Jyoti and Nandini. Akash saves Nandini from the goon but the goon's men kidnap Akash. Maharani precious offering is stolen, which is blamed on Nandini and when the police arrive, the ring is found in Nandini's pocket.

  • img
    E96 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    01 January 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini is caught by the police for stealing the queen's ring. Someone is plotting to kill Nandini inside the jail but Nandini cleverly escapes their attack. Akash still doesn't believe that Nandini might have stolen Maharani's ring, so he asks Sumitra Dadi to hire a lawyer. Akash brings Nandini home where Imarti Devi insults Nandini and makes her wear a garland made of shoes.

  • img
    E97 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    02 January 2024 | 22 min

    Sumitra Devi gives 2 days to Nandini to prove her innocence. When Nandini is not seen at home the next day, Kamya tells Sumitra grandmother that Nandini ran away from home because she could not prove her innocence. Nandini and Akash together prove Nandini's innocence.

  • img
    E98 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    03 January 2024 | 22 min

    Akash wants to express his feelings to Nandini, so he asks her to meet him in the restaurant. The crook man is planning to kill Nandini and for this he forces his mans to drop a wire in the swimming pool which generates electricity and Nandini gets shocked. Akash proposes to Nandini and tells her that he loves her very much.

  • img
    E99 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    04 January 2024 | 22 min

    When Nandini and Akash return home, Sumitra performs the house entry rituals of Nandini. And tells everyone that she wants to get Nandini and Akash married with great pomp. The person whom Leela hired as her Manager has recognized by Nandini and Leela's truth has come out in front of everyone but by creating drama Leela blames Nandini and says that Nandini doesn’t wants Neel to get married with her daughter because she likes Neel.

  • img
    E100 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    05 January 2024 | 21 min

    Mohini is worried because Neel does not like her and she says to her mother that she fears that Neel will refuse to marry her. Leela tells Mohini that she will do something to Nandini due to which she will not be able to show her face to anyone and Neel will not like her. Neel, Mohini and Aakash get engaged to Nandini and when Nandini starts dancing on the stage, then Leela plans to throw the table fan over Nandini with the help of his goon man.

  • img
    E101 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    08 January 2024 | 22 min

    Akash saves the fan from falling on Nandini due to which Leela gets angry as once again she failed in her plan. Leela refuses to marry Mohini and Neel, which upsets Imarti Devi and Kamya, but they want to maintain their relationship with her at any cost. Mohini does not like the jewellery given by Sumitra Devi and tells her mother Leela that Sumitra Devi has given better jewellery to Nandini. Hearing this, Leela creates a ruckus, but Nandini calms the situation by giving her jewellery.

  • img
    E102 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    09 January 2024 | 21 min

    By mistake, crooked men have kidnapped Mohini instead of Nandini. When Mohini is not found, Leela gets very upset and starts searching for her everywhere. Mohini is imprisoned inside a drum and Nandini catches sight of her. Leela blames Nandini and says that she liked Neel and that is why she had made his daughter Mohini disappears.

  • img
    E103 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    10 January 2024 | 21 min

    Kamya is planning to steal the documents of the house from Sumitra Devi. Nandini gets a call from a stranger who threatens her and says that her husband Akash's life is in danger because of which Nandini is very worried. Kamya secretly goes to Sumitra Devi's room in the middle of the party to steal the house papers.

  • img
    E104 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    11 January 2024 | 22 min

    Nandini breaks her marriage with Akash under the pressure of Crook Man because Crook Man has threatened that if she marries Akash, he will kill him. Akash angrily asks Nandini to leave the house and everyone in the house misunderstands Nandini and says that Nandini is a cheater. Some goons were taking Nandini away when Akash comes and saves Nandini from those goons. Nandini tells Akash the whole truth that she was breaking the marriage to save Akash's life.

  • img
    E105 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    12 January 2024 | 22 min

    The make-up artist secretly leaves a poisonous lizard in Nandini's hair, due to which Nandini faints while taking the rounds. Akash quickly takes Nandini to the doctor where she becomes stable and also brings her back home. Instead of Nandini, Bijli, who looks like Nandini performs the rest of marriage rituals. Later, when Nandini arrives, everyone realizes that Akash is got married to Bijli.

  • img
    E106 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    15 January 2024 | 21 min

    Bijli fraudulently marries Akash and threatens to shoot Nandini if ​​she does anything deceitful. Sumitra Devi makes Nandini understand that Akash is now married to Bijli and she has to accept this because this marriage has taken place in front of everyone. Nandini denies this and says that she will fix everything.

  • img
    E107 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    16 January 2024 | 21 min

    Bijli tells the whole truth to Kamya, Imarti and Leela ji and how she made Nandini disappear and marries Akash herself. Sumitra Devi makes Nandini and Akash understand that now Akash is married to Bijli, so now Nandini has no relation with Akash.

  • img
    E108 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    17 January 2024 | 22 min

    Sumitra Devi angrily tells Bijli that whatever she did to Nandini was wrong and she will get punishment. Imarti tortures Nandini and treats her like a maid. Today both the newlywed brides had to cook food for everyone, but both did not know how to cook and burnt all the food. Seeing the burnt food, Akash decides to eat outside but at that moment Nandini comes and says that she has prepared food for everyone.

  • img
    E109 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    22 January 2024 | 22 min

    Imarti Devi, Kamya and Leela harass Nandini and ask her to leave the house, but Nandini tells them that her Sumitra Dadi told her to stay in this house only. There is an argument between Imarti Devi and Sumitra Devi. Imarti Devi says, if Nandini has to stay in the house then she will have to stay as a servant .

  • img
    E110 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    23 January 2024 | 22 min

    Hearing Nandini's screaming, Akash runs to her room and hugs her. Seeing Akash and Nandini together, Imarti accuses Nandini of making Akash fall in love with her. Imarti is punishing Nandini but Sumitra Devi stops Imarti from doing so and says that what she is doing is wrong, and no one should do this kind of torture to anyone.

  • img
    E111 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    24 January 2024 | 22 min

    Imarti Devi makes Nandini do all the household chores due to which Nandini gets fever. When Akash comes to know that Imarti Devi makes Nandini do all the household work even she is having fever, he gets angry and raises his hand on Imarti Devi, But Nandini stops his hand. Imarti Devi is unable to bear it because Akash tried to raise his hand on her, so she takes revenge from Nandini by portraying her character in a dirty way in front of everyone.

  • img
    E112 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    25 January 2024 | 22 min

    Sumitra Devi refuses and says that her Nandini have not done anything that would raise questions on her character. Nandini mixed poison in Bijli's coffee and after drinking it, Bijli becomes unconscious and rushes to the hospital. Nandini succeeds in her plan and will sit with Akash in the puja instead of Bijli.

  • img
    E113 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    26 January 2024 | 21 min

    Bijli comes and tells everyone the truth about how Nandini cunningly gave her drugs due to which she could herself sit in the puja with Akash. Sumitra Devi gets very angry with Nandini after hearing this and punishes Nandini for her mistake. To take revenge from Nandini, Bijli plans to kill Nandini and in this work Imarti Devi, Kamya and Leela supports her. Bijli's attempt to kill Nandini by drowning her in water fails as Akash arrives at the right time and saves Nandini.

  • img
    E114 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    29 January 2024 | 20 min

    Bijli plans to kill Nandini to get her out of her way. Bijli kills Nandini and tells Akash how she killed Nandini with a knife and Akash cannot control himself after hearing this.

  • img
    E115 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    30 January 2024 | 22 min

    Bijli threatens Akash to separating Nandini from him, and says that if he does not separate Nandini from himself, she will kill Nandini. Akash misbehaves with Nandini as Bijli threatens him to kill Nandini if ​​he does not leave her. No member of the family could believe Akash's behavior and why he was doing this to Nandini.

  • img
    E116 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    31 January 2024 | 22 min

    When Sumitra Devi reads the news published in the newspaper that there will be 10 years imprisonment for marrying without divorce, she goes to Nandini and apologizes. Bijli mixes drugs in Akash's milk, after drinking which Akash is unconscious and Bijli tries to get physical with him. Due to the threat given by Bijli, Akash is agreeing on all the things said by her. Taking advantage of this, Bijli asks Akash to make her ready in front of everyone.

  • img
    E117 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    01 February 2024 | 22 min

    Even today, under the Hindu Marriage Act, Nandini is Akash's wife, hence Sumitra Devi orders Bijli to leave the house. Bijli threatens Sumitra Devi and says that no one can throw her out of this house. Bijli makes a plan to separate Nandini and Akash and brings a new boy Jai Kishan into Nandini's life.

  • img
    E118 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    02 February 2024 | 21 min

    Akash complains against Bijli due to which the police has come to take her, but Bijli tells in front of everyone that she is pregnant and its Akash child. Everyone in the house gets shocked after hearing the news of Bijli being pregnant and Nandini is not believing it.

  • img
    E119 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    05 February 2024 | 31 min

    Akash hears from Jai Kishan that he loves Nandini, hearing which Akash gets very angry and beats him. Akash is throwing Jai out of the house, but Imarti Devi stops him from doing so and says that he will stay in this house.

  • img
    E120 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    06 February 2024 | 31 min

    Nandini and Akash find out Bijli's lie that she is not pregnant. Nandini tells Sumitra Devi's grandmother about Bijli's truth and how she got the pregnancy report made by lying in the hospital. Sumitra Devi asks Bijli to leave the house but she threatens everyone that she will kill Akash.

  • img
    E121 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    07 February 2024 | 31 min

    Due to Bijli slipping, the trident hits her neck due to which she goes into coma. Jai Kishan kidnaps Akash and calls Nandini in Akash's voice and says that he will make her apply vermillion in front of everyone in the temple tomorrow. Nandini becomes very happy after hearing these things.

  • img
    E122 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    08 February 2024 | 29 min

    Jai Kishan cunningly brings Nandini to the mandap where he plans to marry her instead of Akash. Time is running out for Akash to come which makes Nandini very worried and she is trying to call Akash again and again, but Kishan has kidnapped Akash. When Akash does not come, Jai Kishan tells Nandini that he will marry her, hearing which Nandini gets very angry and gets up to beat him.

  • img
    E123 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    09 February 2024 | 20 min

    If Nandini had refused to marry Jai Kishan, the goons would have taken Akash's life, so Nandini is forced to marry Jai Kishan. Akash saves his life from the goons and comes to the temple, where he sees Nandini and Jai Kishan getting married. When Nandini sees Akash, she leaves everything, runs towards him, and tells everyone that she will only marry her Akash.

  • img
    E124 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    12 February 2024 | 22 min

    Akash and Nandini marry each other in front of everyone and come happily to home. JK tries to cheer up Nandini by dressing up as a clown, but Nandini gets angry when he removes his mask. Kamiya and Jai Kishan come together to make a new plan so that they can separate Nandini and Akash.

  • img
    E125 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    13 February 2024 | 22 min

    Police comes to house to arrest Akash in hit and run case. Nandini does puja for Akash and prays to God for his protection. A Sadhu Baba comes to the house and tells Nandini that I will remove all the troubles from your life. Nandini goes to Baba on his request, but Baba makes Nandini unconscious and tries to do something with Nandini.

  • img
    E126 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    14 February 2024 | 22 min

    Nandini tells Sumitra Dadi how Sadhu tried to do something with her by making her unconscious. Next day, Akash returns home from jail and Nandini is very happy to see him. Kamya accuses Nandini of having an illicit relationship with Jai Kishan.

  • img
    E127 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    15 February 2024 | 21 min

    Akash is suspicious of Nandini because Nandini has started lying to him. Nandini had ordered a shirt to gift to Akash on his birthday, which he asks Jai Kishan to keep in his room. When Nandini gives the shirt to Jai Kishan, Akash secretly watches her and doubts why Nandini is giving the gift to Jai Kishan.

  • img
    E128 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    16 February 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini plans a surprise for Akash's birthday, but Akash is suspicious of Nandini. Akash is leaving the house due to suspicion, but when Grandmother, Sumitra Devi asks Akash where he is going with the bag, he tells her a lie that he is going to donate his old clothes.

  • img
    E129 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    19 February 2024 | 21 min

    Akash is pushing Nandini away from him because he suspects that Nandini has started liking Jai Kishan. Akash tells Nandini that she can marry JK, hearing which she gets shocked and starts crying and making Akash understands that what he is thinking is wrong. Akash goes away leaving Nandini alone and after going some distance, Akash meets with an accident.

  • img
    E130 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    20 February 2024 | 21 min

    Neel extinguishes all the lit lamps at home and says that Akash is no more in this world, he is dead. Hearing this, Nandini and Sumitra Devi are unable to control themselves, but Nandini denies this and says that nothing has happened to her angreji hero.

  • img
    E131 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    21 February 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini goes to the hospital where she finds out that there is no dead body of her Akash. Nandini happily tells this to Sumitra Dadi and says that her angrezi hero is alive. Leela makes a plan with Imarti Devi in ​​which she will burn Nandini alive.

  • img
    E132 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    22 February 2024 | 21 min

    Leela and Imarti are about to burn Nandini alive in the fire, but Sumitra Devi arrives at the right time and stops both of them from doing so. Sumitra Devi decides to throw out Imarti and Kamya but Leela along with Imarti and Kamya steals the house papers and takes the ownership of the house.

  • img
    E133 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    23 February 2024 | 22 min

    Sumitra Devi calls a well-known lawyer of the city and tells all Problems how Leela got this house transferred to her name by fraud. Sumitra Devi and Nandini are praying for Akash's safety, but Kamya is partying loudly by listening to songs to disturb them.

  • img
    E134 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    26 February 2024 | 21 min

    Leela declares Nandini a widow and removes all the jewellery and auspicious sutras from her body. Seeing Nandini in this condition, Sumitra Devi gets very angry and then takes Nandini with her and prepares her like a new bride. Nandini gets suspicious after seeing Leela ji with an unknown man at midnight.

  • img
    E135 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    27 February 2024 | 22 min

    Leela declares Nandini a widow and removes all the jewellery and auspicious sutras from her body. Seeing Nandini in this condition, Sumitra Devi gets very angry and then takes Nandini with her and prepares her like a new bride. Nandini gets suspicious after seeing Leela ji with an unknown man at midnight.

  • img
    E136 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    28 February 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini has brought Akash back home, but due to a deep injury on Akash's head, he is unable to recognize anyone. Kamya and Imarti delete all the photos with Akash and Nandini so that Akash can never remember Nandini and so they can throw Nandini out of the house.

  • img
    E137 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    29 February 2024 | 21 min

    Kamya and Imarti try to instigate Akash against Nandini, they show Akash the video of Nandini and Jai Kishan together and Kamya says that Nandini has come to steal the house. Nandini goes to get Suraj and Uday to regain Akash's memory where she sees the elder daughter-in-laws of the house fighting over an apple. Leela is hatching a conspiracy against Akash about which no one is even aware.

  • img
    E138 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    01 March 2024 | 21 min

    Marwadi Seth has come to take back his 2 crores from Akash but Nandini with her clever mind exposes his secret to everyone and makes him run away. Leela tells Sumitra and Kamya how she had made this plan with Marwadi Seth. Neel hears about Leela's plan and decides to throw Mohini and Leela out of the house.

  • img
    E139 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    04 March 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini heals Akash's neck injury in one go. Kamya secretly adds more Chilly powder to the food, eating which Akash gets angry and orders Nandini to eat it. To know the truth as to who put chilly powder in the vegetable, Sumitra ji is going to pour chilly powder water on all three daughter-in-laws of the house so that they will tell the truth.

  • img
    E140 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    05 March 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini washes the laptop dummy to Akash to bring back his memories, seeing which Akash will be reminded of the incident he had experienced and maybe his memories will also come back. Kamya secretly replaces the dummy laptop with a real laptop due to which Akash gets very angry at Nandini and slaps her.

  • img
    E141 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    06 March 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini plans with Sumitra Devi to regain Akash's memory. Sumitra tells Akash that if he cannot accept Nandini as his wife then let her remarry. According to the plan, Nandini is marrying someone else so that Akash will remember their first meeting, but Nandini fails in her plan.

  • img
    E142 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    07 March 2024 | 22 min

    Nandini calls a fake goon to bring back Akash's memory so that Akash will save him, and he will remember something. The real goon beats up the fake goon and, in his place, goes to Nandini and harasses her, seeing which Akash gets angry.

  • img
    E143 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    07 March 2024 | 22 min

    Nandini overhears Akash talking to Aishwarya and shares her concerns with Sumitra Dadi. Sumitra Dadi assures Nandini of Akash's love for her. However, it becomes clear that Aishwarya has a strong hold over Akash, directing his actions.

  • img
    E144 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    08 March 2024 | 21 min

    Sumitra scolds Neel for not accepting Mohini as her wife and told him if will not accept Mohini as her wife so she will evict him from property. Anamika has now entered into Bhardwaj house, and Akaash says that he only remembers her, now Anamika narrates their fake story that they love each other when they were studying in US and Akash has promised to marry her.

  • img
    E145 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    11 March 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini accidentally spills milk on Aishwarya due to which Aishwarya calls Akash. Seeing Nandini's mistake, Akash goes to raise his hand on Nandini, but Sumitra Devi instead slaps Akash. Aishwarya has taken the Akash under her control, and he is doing all the things as per her orders.

  • img
    E146 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    12 March 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini challenges Aishwarya and says that she will make her Angreji hero back normal, and he will love her again and not Aishwarya. Aishwarya conspires against Nandini at Imarti's birthday party and plans to humiliate Nandini in front of everyone.

  • img
    E147 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    13 March 2024 | 21 min

    Kamya and Imarti were thinking of joining hands with Aishwarya against Nandini but Aishwarya disagrees to join hands with them. Aishwarya was grinding chillies when Kamya took revenge on her by switching the fan on due to which the chillies flew into Aishwarya's eyes. Akash feels that this is Nandini's conspiracy, hence he gets angry at Nandini.

  • img
    E148 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    14 March 2024 | 20 min

    Nandini suspects Aishwarya that she is doing something to Akash due to which Akash believes her words only. Nandini secretly records Aishwarya's video while she was hypnotizing Akash. Nandini tells Sumitra Dadi how Aishwarya captivates Akash but when Nandini tries to show the video, she does not find it on her phone. Aishwarya secretly deletes the video from Nandini's phone.

  • img
    E149 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    15 March 2024 | 21 min

    Aishwarya orders Akash to blind Nandini, but her faith stops him. Aishwarya's scheme to make Akash choose her backfires, leading him to break ties with Nandini. Heartbroken, Nandini leaves home.

  • img
    E150 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    18 March 2024 | 22 min

    Nandini leaves the house which makes Aishwarya very happy. On the way, Aishwarya sees Nandini and in order to take revenge, she asks Akash to stop the car. In anger, Akash accidentally pushes Nandini, causing her to fall into a deep ditch. Sumitra Devi was very worried for Nandini and when Akash returned, she asked him about Nandini, but Aishwarya did not let Akash to speak anything.

  • img
    E151 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    19 March 2024 | 22 min

    Nandini's life is saved by an unknown old woman, and she gets treated. Murili tells Nandini that Akash and Aishwarya are getting engaged today, after hearing this news Nandini along with Murili makes a plan in which she returns back home after changing her look.

  • img
    E152 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    20 March 2024 | 22 min

    Nandini comes in the form of Lakshmi and plans to take revenge from Aishwarya. Sumitra Devi slaps Akash and tells Akash that she will not accept Aishwarya as her daughter-in-law. To teach Aishwarya a lesson, Nandini challenges her to dance, and makes a condition that if she wins this dance competition, then Aishwarya will have to touch Sumitra's feet and apologize.

  • img
    E153 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    21 March 2024 | 19 min

    Sumitra seeks Lakshmi's help against Akash and Aishwarya's wedding. Lakshmi gets shocked, saved by Akash. A thug kidnaps Sumitra at Aishwarya's request.

  • img
    E154 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    22 March 2024 | 20 min

    Nandini confronts Akash about Aishwarya allegedly making Sumitra disappear. After Nandini rescues Sumitra and brings her home, she accuses Aishwarya of being responsible for Sumitra's plight.

  • img
    E155 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    27 March 2024 | 22 min

    Aishwarya cooks kheer for Sumitra, who declines and asks Lakshmi to prepare it. Aishwarya, upset, frames Lakshmi for theft, cheered by Akash's gift.

  • img
    E156 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    28 March 2024 | 18 min

    Sumitra Devi recognizes Nandini, making her heir in a new will, shocking the family who questions her choice of a maid.

  • img
    E157 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    29 March 2024 | 18 min

    Kamya seeks revenge on Lakshmi with itching powder, inadvertently affecting Akash. Lakshmi aids Akash and collaborates with Sumitra Devi to unravel the mystery behind the prank.

  • img
    E158 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    01 April 2024 | 22 min

    Aishwarya's revenge plot turns disastrous as she slips and gets shocked. Fueled by anger, she attempts to harm Lakshmi, but Akash intervenes, exacerbating her fury.

  • img
    E159 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    02 April 2024 | 21 min

    In an intoxicated state, Aishwarya shoots lakshmi but the bullet accidentally touches Akash's hand and makes him injured. To teach Lakshmi a lesson, Aishwarya makes her kidnap, Akash somehow manages to save Lakshmi from the clutches of goons.

  • img
    E160 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    03 April 2024 | 22 min

    Daku Rani forces Lakshmi and Akash to marry under threat of death. Meanwhile, Aishwarya kidnaps Sumitra Devi for a heist at Bhardwaj Industries. Both incidents create tension and danger in the lives of the victims, entangling them in a web of crime and survival.

  • img
    E161 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    04 April 2024 | 21 min

    Daku Rani gets Akash to drink, bringing him closer to Lakshmi, making her happy. Aishwarya kidnaps Sumitra for her property. Lakshmi accuses Aishwarya of Sumitra's disappearance, unaware of her involvement.

  • img
    E162 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    05 April 2024 | 21 min

    Aishwarya disguises, kidnaps Sumitra, demands house papers. Sumitra refuses, angering Aishwarya. Lakshmi uncovers truth, saves Sumitra from goons, thwarting Aishwarya's plan.

  • img
    E163 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    08 April 2024 | 21 min

    Aishwarya locks Lakshmi fearing her truth reveal to Akash. Sumitra informs Akash of Lakshmi's heroic act, prompting him to thank her. Nandini, disguised as a queen, arrives to expose Aishwarya's deception.

  • img
    E164 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    09 April 2024 | 22 min

    Aishwarya plans to take over the property in which Kamya and Imarti demand their share from her. Aishwarya hears Lakshmi's plan due to which Lakshmi's truth comes out in front of everyone. Lakshmi feels dizzy and when the doctor is called, it is revealed that Lakshmi is going to be a mother.

  • img
    E165 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    10 April 2024 | 21 min

    Sumitra is surprised to hear the news of Lakshmi becoming a mother. Lakshmi tells Sumitra everything that happened between her and Akash that night. Lakshmi reveals in front of everyone that the father of her child is none other than Akash, hearing which Aishwarya gets very angry.

  • img
    E166 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    11 April 2024 | 22 min

    Akash saves Lakshmi's life from Raghu and brings her back home where he encounters Daku RaniI. Everyone at the Bhardwaj mansion is surprised when Daku Rani reveals she arranged Akash and Lakshmi's marriage.

  • img
    E167 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    12 April 2024 | 22 min

    Akash brings Lakshmi ice cream, raising Kamya's suspicions. Aishwarya's scheme to harm Lakshmi's child fails due to Akash's intervention. Lakshmi catches Aishwarya attempting theft, infuriating her.

  • img
    E168 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    15 April 2024 | 22 min

    Aishwarya and Kamiya are trying their best to kill Lakshmi's child, but Akash saves Lakshmi's life every time. Kamiya fails in her plan which makes Aishwarya very angry and now she herself vows to kill Lakshmi's child.

  • img
    E169 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    16 April 2024 | 22 min

    Aishwarya cuts one leg of chair due to which Lakshmi falls from its & her child dies. when Akash comes to know about this, he can't believe on this.

  • img
    E170 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    17 April 2024 | 21 min

    Lakshmi is trying her best to find her child's murderer, while Aishwarya is planning to kill Lakshmi. Sumitra ji has been invited from the temple of Ayodhya, where Aishwarya has given a contract to a goon to kill Lakshmi.

  • img
    E171 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    17 April 2024 | 21 min

    God gives a hint to Lakshmi that the murderer of her child is none other than Aishwarya. Lakshmi goes after Aishwarya to kill her but the goon sent by Aishwarya catches Lakshmi.

  • img
    E172 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    18 April 2024 | 21 min

    Akash goes to the jungle to search for Lakshmi but he does not see Lakshmi anywhere and on the way a snake bites Akash which makes him cautious while walking. Everyone in the temple comes to know that there is a bomb which creates chaos.

  • img
    E173 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    18 April 2024 | 20 min

    Lakshmi and Akash come to the temple and tell everyone that the bomb is somewhere in the temple and after some time they find the bomb. By a miracle of God, the bomb defuses because the monkey cuts its wire. Lakshmi comes home and tells everyone that Aishwarya was behind this conspiracy, hearing which Akash gets angry at her.

  • img
    E174 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    19 April 2024 | 21 min

    Lakshmi reveals Aishwarya's crime of killing her child to everyone and vows revenge. Aishwarya leads a neighborhood protest against Sumitra at the Bhardwaj Mansion.

  • img
    E175 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    22 April 2024 | 22 min

    Aishwarya brings Nandini's truth in front of everyone, seeing which Akash gets very angry and says that he will never forgive her.

  • img
    E176 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    23 April 2024 | 21 min

    Akash is so angry with Nandini that he doesn't even want to see her face, so he asks her to leave his sight. To trap Nandini, Aishwarya accuses her of killing Jyoti.

  • img
    E177 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    24 April 2024 | 21 min

    Aishwarya kidnaps Jyoti and blames Nandini for her murder. The police come to arrest Nandini, but they do not find any evidence against her, so they go back. Nandini finds Jyoti in the storeroom and when Sumitra asks Jyoti who did this to her, she takes Kamya's name.

  • img
    E178 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    25 April 2024 | 20 min

    Kamya confronts Jyoti angrily for mentioning her to Sumitra and reveals how Aishwarya had threatened her. Meanwhile, Aishwarya falsely accuses Akash of pushing her down the stairs.

  • img
    E179 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    25 April 2024 | 21 min

    Kamya instigates Jyoti against Aishwarya and asks her to take revenge.

  • img
    E180 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    26 April 2024 | 21 min

    Akash suspects Aishwarya that she is faking paralysis so that she can stay in the house for more days. Nandini comes in the form of Doctor Jhunjhunwala to expose Aishwarya's lies.

  • img
    E181 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    29 April 2024 | 22 min

    Akash and Nandini succeed in their plan and reveal Aishwarya's truth to everyone. Sumitra Devi throws Aishwarya out of the house. Aishwarya plans against Bhardwaj’s to destroy them.

  • img
    E182 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    30 April 2024 | 21 min

    Aishwarya along with Leela gets the documents of the house in her name. Aishwarya comes home and tells everyone that this is her house and asks Nandini to leave the house.

  • img
    E183 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    01 May 2024 | 22 min

    Sumitra Devi is angry at Kamya because it was because of her that Aishwarya was able to get the house in her name.Sumitra Devi takes her to Nandini's village.

  • img
    E184 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    02 May 2024 | 20 min

    Thieves render everyone unconscious and steal jewellery from Nandini's house. Nandini pursues them but faces danger. Akash rescues her from the goons and retrieves the stolen jewellery.

  • img
    E185 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    03 May 2024 | 22 min

    Nandini goes to request Aishwarya to call Sumitra Dadi and the rest of the family back but Aishwarya rejects her proposal.

  • img
    E186 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    06 May 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini goes to rescue her brother Murali but as soon she arrives, she receives a threat from Sashikala. Sumitra takes her family to her husband's house where it is revealed that her younger sister is her husbands wife.

  • img
    E187 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    07 May 2024 | 21 min

    Sumitra learns of her father's passing from her sister, sending her into uncontrollable grief. Mistakenly, Munna tries to apprehend Akash as a thief, but Nandini intervenes, leading to Sasikala punishing Nandini.

  • img
    E188 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    08 May 2024 | 22 min

    Munna excites Akash for an arm wrestling match. Nandini notices Munna cheating and helps Akash win. While doing so, Nandini falls into a pit and gets bitten by ants all over her body.

  • img
    E189 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    09 May 2024 | 21 min

    Jyoti catches Shashikala adding chili to the paste. She switches the ointment in time to prevent Nandini's skin from burning. Munna reassures Shashikala that Nandini is fine, enraging her.

  • img
    E190 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    10 May 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini and Akash plot to regain their home. Akash pretends to love Aishwarya to deceive her. Munna falls in love with Aishwarya at first sight.

  • img
    E191 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    13 May 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini records Aishwarya's words, but Aishwarya tricks them and escapes. Nandini and Akash try to catch her, but she evades them and plans her next move.

  • img
    E192 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    14 May 2024 | 21 min

    Aishwarya traps Nandini in a wall, but Akash rescues her. Akash's plan to take Nandini to the hospital frightens everyone in the house, raising suspicions about their motives.

  • img
    E193 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    15 May 2024 | 21 min

    Everyone is praying for Nandini to get well as soon as possible. Nandini regains consciousness after some time, seeing which Akash becomes very happy. Akash and Nandini come in disguise of police to find out the truth about Aishwarya.

  • img
    E194 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    16 May 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini sends Aishwarya to jail and retrieves the house papers. Akash is shocked to discover Aishwarya sold the house. In a twist, Aishwarya marries Munna, surprising Nandini. This revelation entangles their lives in a web of emotions and promises further dramatic twists and turns.

  • img
    E195 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    17 May 2024 | 21 min

    Munna panics upon seeing Aishwarya with mangoes, as Shashikala intended them for juice. Aishwarya accuses Nandini of theft, leading Shashikala to torment Nandini.

  • img
    E196 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    20 May 2024 | 22 min

    Jyoti reveals to Nandini that Aishwarya falsely accused her of theft. Nandini and Akash skillfully extract the truth from Munna, proving Nandini's innocence and exposing Aishwarya's deceit.

  • img
    E197 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    21 May 2024 | 22 min

    Aishwarya plants a rat in Nandini's kheer and exposes it publicly. As punishment, Shashikala ties Nandini's hair to a sack and forces her to pull it, humiliating her in front of everyone.

  • img
    E198 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    22 May 2024 | 22 min

    Aishwarya calls a goon to trap Nandini and cleverly leaves him in Nandini's room. Nandini, realizing the danger, manages to escape just in time, running away to save her life.

  • img
    E199 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    23 May 2024 | 21 min

    When Nandini does not return home, Akash has strange thoughts about whether Nandini is cheating on him. Aishwarya tries to control Akash but Jyoti arrives at the right time and Aishwarya hides after seeing Jyoti.

  • img
    E200 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    24 May 2024

    Aishwarya accuses Nandini that she was with a stranger in the hotel and shows everyone the photos with that boy as proof. Nandini denies this allegation but shashikala punishes her and asks her to take the Agni Pariksha.

  • img
    E201 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    27 May 2024 | 22 min

    Shashikala punishes Nandini by trying to force burning coal into her mouth, but Sumitra Devi intervenes and slaps her. Nandini then reveals how she and Gudiya were trapped in the hotel.

  • img
    E202 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    28 May 2024 | 23 min

    Shashikala agrees to Murali and Gudiya's marriage but secretly plans revenge. She attacks Murali with a dagger upon his arrival, warning him to stay away from her daughter.

  • img
    E203 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    29 May 2024 | 22 min

    The sharp smell of alcohol emanated from Durjan Singh’s mouth, making Nandini feel a wave of disgust towards him. Later, when Durjan Singh found Gudiya alone, he attempted to force himself on her. However, Nandini arrived just in time and intervened, saving Gudiya from Durjan Singh.

  • img
    E204 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    30 May 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini overhears Aishwarya's plans and mimics her. At a public event, Aishwarya mistakenly applies kalik instead of turmeric to Durjan Singh, triggering Sasikala's furious outburst.

  • img
    E205 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    31 May 2024 | 22 min

    Nandini cunningly arranges Gudiya's marriage to her brother Murali, but Sasikala vehemently opposes this and tortures Nandini in retaliation.

  • img
    EP 206 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    03 June 2024 | 21 min

    Durjan Singh abducts Nandini and ties her to a pillar surrounded by sleeping crocodiles. Akash arrives to rescue her, but Durjan Singh captures him as well, making both his prisoners as the crocodiles begin to stir.

  • img
    E207 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    04 June 2024 | 21 min

    Aishwarya plots against Nandini. Durjan Singh disguises as a woman to teach Akash and Nandini a lesson. Akash's strange behaviour worries Nandini, adding tension to the situation.

  • img
    E208 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    05 June 2024 | 21 min

    Durjan Singh kidnaps Akash, impersonates him, and harasses Nandini, framing Akash. Nandini becomes suspicious when she sees Akash, who was previously injured, without any leg injuries.

  • img
    E209 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    06 June 2024 | 21 min

    Suspicious of Akash's change, Nandini investigates. Akash secretly poisons the kheer. Unknowingly, Nandini feeds it to Sumitra ji, who dies after eating it.

  • img
    E210 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    07 June 2024 | 21 min

    Akash accuses Nandini of poisoning Sumitra Dadi, but when the police arrive, they find Sumitra Dadi alive and well. Nandini eats the supposedly poisoned pudding, proving it's safe and casting doubt on Akash's claims.

  • img
    E211 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    10 June 2024 | 22 min

    Nandini confronts Akash, seeking the truth, but Sashikala intervenes with a slap. Doubting Akash, Nandini confides her suspicions to Sumitra Devi.

  • img
    E212 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    11 June 2024 | 21 min

    Durjan Singh threatens Akash to stay home until his new mask arrives. Nandini's penance succeeds, and Akash returns home. As Akash tries to tell Nandini the truth, Durjan Singh, disguised as a woman, watches him closely.

  • img
    E213 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    12 June 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini tries to stop Akash, but he remains still to protect her from Durjan Singh's threat. Durjan Singh imprisons Akash, then disguises himself as Akash to deceive others and continues his schemes, leaving Nandini unaware of Akash's fate.

  • img
    E214 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    13 June 2024 | 22 min

    Durjan Singh, disguised as Akash, lures Aishwarya and consummates with her. This deceit leads Nandini to misunderstand and end her relationship with Akash, believing he betrayed her.

  • img
    E215 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    14 June 2024 | 21 min

    Durjan Singh, posing as Akash, commits crimes framing Akash, who struggles to prove his innocence to Nandini. Unconvinced, she rejects Akash, leaving him heartbroken as Durjan's scheme succeeds.

  • img
    E216 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    17 June 2024 | 22 min

    Akash tries to make Nandini understand that he is not responsible for the incident, pointing to Durjan Singh as the culprit. Meanwhile, Sashikala secretly meets with Durjan Singh, and it is then revealed that she orchestrated the entire plan. This twist shows Sashikala’s true intentions, uncovering her as the mastermind behind the incident that Akash is being blamed for.

  • img
    E217 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    18 June 2024 | 21 min

    Munna attempts to kill Aakash, but Nandini intervenes, stopping the knife with her hand. She gets a deep cut and bleeds profusely.

  • img
    E218 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    19 June 2024 | 21 min

    Despite her heartbreak, Nandini resolves to arrange Akash and Aishwarya's wedding. She hides her anguish behind a determined facade, driven by her love for Akash, even as it tears her apart inside.

  • img
    E219 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    20 June 2024 | 21 min

    Shashikala and Aishwarya kidnap Nandini, but she escapes unharmed. Shortly after, Aishwarya faints and a doctor reveals she's pregnant.

  • img
    E220 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    21 June 2024 | 22 min

    Akash's pleas of innocence go ignored. Shashikala secretly confides in Durjan Singh, suspecting Aishwarya is pregnant. Jyoti overhears and attempts to alert everyone, but Shashikala pushes her down the stairs to silence her.

  • img
    E221 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    24 June 2024 | 20 min

    Nandini requests a DNA test for Akash's paternity of Aishwarya's unborn child. Shashikala fraudulently alters the results, falsely implicating Akash and misleading everyone about the baby's paternity

  • img
    E222 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    25 June 2024 | 22 min

    The Bhardwaj family returns to their mansion, but Shashikala follows to disrupt their happiness. Aishwarya orders Nandini to arrange her and Akash's haldi ceremony. Durjan Singh, disguised among transgender people, infiltrates the event to sabotage it.

  • img
    E223 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    26 June 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini kidnaps Aishwarya and takes her place to marry Akash. Meanwhile, Durjan Singh mistakenly kidnaps Nandini, thinking she's Aishwarya. Simultaneously, Shashikala brings Aishwarya back to the mandap to marry Akash.

  • img
    E224 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    27 June 2024 | 22 min

    Nandini escapes Durjan Singh's prison, kidnaps Aishwarya, and starts marrying Akash. Shashikala and Aishwarya swap with Nandini, but Nandini interrupts their wedding. In the chaos, Nandini faints and is found pregnant by the doctor.

  • img
    E225 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    28 June 2024 | 21 min

    Sumitra Devi convinces Nandini to fake a pregnancy to stop Akash and Aishwarya's marriage. Akash is overjoyed by the news, unaware it's a ruse to prevent his union with Aishwarya.

  • img
    E226 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    01 July 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini planned to reveal her fake pregnancy to stop Akash's marriage to Aishwarya, but Sumitra urges silence until Aishwarya's true nature is exposed, believing it's crucial before any revelations.

  • img
    E227 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    02 July 2024 | 22 min

    Shashikala orders Durjan Singh to kill Jyoti, but Nandini arrives in time, witnesses the attempt, and informs Sumitra Dadi about Durjan Singh's involvement in the plot.

  • img
    E228 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    03 July 2024 | 22 min

    Nandini disguises herself as Jyoti to expose Durjan Singh, who kidnaps her. During captivity, she learns he impersonated Akash. Meanwhile, Aishwarya discovers her unborn child is Durjan's, not Akash's, revealing his deep deceit.

  • img
    E229 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    04 July 2024 | 22 min

    Sumitra Devi tells Nandini to confess her fake pregnancy to Akash. Aishwarya overhears and informs Akash, who confronts Nandini before she can explain, already knowing the truth, and pushes her away.

  • img
    E230 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    05 July 2024 | 22 min

    When Aakash vanished, Nandini called the police to confess but got a parcel instead: his bloodied jacket and a warning from Durjan Singh not to talk too much or risk Aakash's safety.

  • img
    E231 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    08 July 2024 | 21 min

    To distract Nandini, Durjan Singh organizes a contest between her and her mother-in-law. Nandini wins and receives a clue to find Akash. She locates him but discovers a bomb strapped to his waist.

  • img
    E232 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    09 July 2024 | 21 min

    Nandini bravely defuses Durjan Singh's bomb, saving Akash and others. Sumitra Devi's prayers for divine protection support Nandini's efforts, showcasing the power of courage and faith in averting disaster.

  • img
    E233 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    10 July 2024 | 21 min

    Aishwarya's attempt to push Nandini down the stairs backfires, resulting in her own fall and the loss of her unborn child. Akash, enraged, blames Nandini, intensifying their strained relationships.

  • img
    E234 - Dhartiputra Nandini
    11 July 2024 | 20 min

    In a tense scene, Akaash demands Nandini leave after Aishwarya's accusations. Nandini refuses, asserting her lawful wife status. Aishwarya feigns blindness, deepening household suspicion and emotional turmoil.



Release Date

20 December 2023




Shashank Bharadwaj


Shagun Singh, Aman Jaiswal, Dipika Chikhlia