E46 - Laal Banarasi

U • Drama • 2023

The house is beautifully decorated for a party, and guests have gathered. Ganga playfully suggests to Yug that he should introduce her to Mangal. Yug dismisses the idea, stating that its not a game and involves important decisions. Ganga implies that Gauri has chosen Garv over Yug, which angers him. Yug starts drinking in frustration.Gauri is in her room, struggling with her blouses dori. She believes that it symbolizes Garvs love for her. Suddenly, a drunken Yug enters and tries to help her. Gauri pushes him away and insists that he leaves. Yug confesses his feelings for her, causing Gauri to become worried. She tries to convince him to go before Garv sees them.Garv, surprised to see Samaira at the party, questions Shakuntla about inviting her. Garv is concerned because Gauri dislikes Samaira. Shakuntla justifies the invitation, claiming that Samaira is a prospective daughterinlaw. Meanwhile, guests inquire about Gauris whereabouts, and Garv assures them that she will join soon.As Garv leaves the room, Gauri pushes Yug away to compose herself. Yug hits the wall in anger and accuses Gauri of changing after marrying Garv. Gauri defends herself, reminding him that she is now Garvs wife. Yug continues to rage, and Gauri pushes him away.Gauri struggles with her broken heel while trying to fix it. She feels someones touch and assumes its Garv, but it turns out to be Yug. Gauri tells him to leave, but Yug insists on helping her. Gauri anxiously looks toward the door, fearing Garvs arrival. Yug reveals that he is drunk, alarming Gauri.Garv overhears their conversation, and Gauri warns Yug about the consequences if Garv sees them together. Yug confronts Gauri and accuses Garv of betraying her. Gauri rushes towards the staircase but trips due to her wobbling heel. Just as she is about to fall, Garv enters and saves her from the dangerous fall. Garvs heroic intervention earns applause from the guests, while Shakuntla wears a displeased expression. Gauri hangs in midair, grateful for Garvs timely help.

Cast: Narayani Shastri, Savi Thakur, Gauri Chitranshi, Anmol Gupta, Manohar Tel

Director: Arvind Gupta

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    E1 - Laal Banarasi
    09 May 2023 | 33 min

    The first episode of Laal Banarasi is about the struggle of a Banaras based poor weaver girl Gauri with poverty and education and about the ambition perfection of a Shakuntala Saree owner Garv Aggarwal who throws an expensive saree in the Ganges which was made for a Celebrity, just because of the color difference and orders a new saree to be made in 24 hours which is an impossible task. Gauri accepts this challenge so that there is no hindrance in her sister Ganga’s marriage who tried to commit suicide because of financial crisis, and also makes a saree in 24 hours.But when the real owner of Shakuntala saree and Garvs mother Shakuntala Devi comes to know about this incident, she herself comes to Gauris village to know about the girl. Shakuntala Devi scolds the whole village that if the saree can be made in 24 hours, then why do they ask for 15 days While going back, Gauri asks for money for a saree, which angers Shakuntala Devi and she ask Gauri to bring aarti thaal and does her pooja. And while doing this she reminds Gauri that she is the god of bunkers.

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    E2 - Laal Banarasi
    10 May 2023 | 26 min

    Dadi, Shanti blames Gauri as for her stridency, Shakuntala is furious with them which can result in bigger damage against the family, on the other hand Furious with Gauri’s attitude Shakuntala decides to break selfesteem of Chandrakant. another side of Garv is seen when he skips his meetings and comes to inquire about the wellbeing of his sister Anika.Chandrakant reaches to Dhirendra to collect his money for the work done but he faces humiliation there and on the other hand Gauri, Ganga come to know through the TV interview of Pooja Gaur and Garv that their handmade saree is priced at 50 lakh and they expect Shakuntala to give extra baksheesh for their tremendous work but to their shock Chandrakant only receives Rs 6000 against expected 20000 Rs.The family is shaken that how will they manage the marriage expenses And the trouble gets add onwhen Ganga’s to be motherinlaw Veena visit the house and demands Banarasi saree in wedding.

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    E3 - Laal Banarasi
    11 May 2023 | 21 min

    The third episode of Lal Banarasi begins with Garvs thrill when Garv uses an ambulance to reach a meeting on time and locks the deal of 2000cr for foreign set up of Shakuntala outlet with investors. Gauri Ganga meets Ganga’s to be husband Mangal and tries to convince her mother to give up her insistence on Banarasi saree. When Gauris mother comes to know about this, she takes the class of both of them. On Shakuntala house, instead of getting help of a Banarasi Saree, Chandrakant is again humiliated by Shakuntala even after pleading too much and he is thrown out of the house. On the other hand Garv’s Nana, let Garv know about Gauri, the one who actually made possible Pooja Gaur’s saree in 24 hour. Garv is impressed with Gauri and wishes to hire her for her talent and rush to meet. As Chandrakant is thrown out of thegate, it ignites gauri’s anger and she enters the lawn area to confront Shakuntala but here she comes face to face Garv for the first time.

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    E4 - Laal Banarasi
    12 May 2023 | 52 min

    Gauri and Garv come face to face and Gauri blurts on Garv. Garv is very impressed with Gauri and asks her to come the next day to take the saree. Gauri gets happy On her way back, Gauri meets her childhood best friend Yug, who is a guide in Banaras and stays near Gauris house. Gauri tells the whole incident to Yug, Yugs expression changes after hearing Garvs name. Gauris whole family is happy that now they will get the saree but the next day when Gauri goes to meet Garv with Chandrakant, Garv puts a condition and gives her a job as a weaver for the rest of her life in exchange for a saree, which Gauri rejects because according to her it was not a job but slavery, as she doesn’t want to be servant for life but to create her own identity with education. Disappointment spreads in the family but Gauri collects threads from the villagers and makes a beautiful saree for Ganga overnight. The next day, Garvs fashion show is held where the 5 saree from Gauris house are not visible, so Madan is sent to collect the saree. Apart from the 5 sarees, Madan also sees a saree made by Gauri for ganga and takes that saree away after threatening Chandrakant and his famiily. Chandrakant comes to the event venue to get the saree back but again humiliated by Dhirendra, so he trespasses inside and without informing, by mistake, he took away showstopper’s saree and gives it to Ganga, Garv panics as he comes to know that showstopper’s saree is missing, he chooses Gauri’s handmade saree for showstopper, as it’s the only beautiful saree available there. Shakuntala sees CCTV footage where Chandrakant is seen stealing the saree. Ganga and Mangal sits for the marriage ritual but before it begins, Shakuntala arrives there with police and Chandrakant is arrested for stealing saree, while Gauri and family plead Shakuntala that sure there will be some mistake. Chandrakant is arrested, family is shocked. Shakuntala goes and tries to snatch away Ganga’s saree showstopper and in order to save her dignity, Ganga screams and rushes in the house and falls unconscious.

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    E5 - Laal Banarasi
    15 May 2023 | 21 min

    Gauri rushes to police station where Chandrakant is beaten black and blue and forced to accept his crime. Inspector humiliates Gauri and family and tell them, until Shakuntala take the case back nothing can be done and Chandrakant will be behind the bars and Gauri rushes from there and Yug come there and warns the inspector to follow the rule and not to hit Chandrakant. Gauri comes to the event and as she is not allowed to enter the event she trespasses and enters the event but she is captured by dhirendra’s bouncers and thrown in store room. Gauri struggles to come out of the room.In the police station Dushyant is introduced and Yug informs him that in order to take out Chandrakant they must have withdrawal of complaint from Shakuntala. Dushyant leaves.In the event area, with her courage and struggle, Gauri comes out of the locked room and accidently lands in the ramp area and unintentionally she blurts that showstoppers saree is actually her saree which Garv’s men brought forcefully and in some confusion Shakuntala lodged complaint against her father. Garv’s event is ruined and there is chaos in themedia as question arises if Garv stamps his name on poor’s bunkar’s hard effort and makes hug profit, if Garv exploits small players of the market

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    E6 - Laal Banarasi
    16 May 2023 | 22 min

    Due to the event incident, Garv’s image is tainted and he gets calls from his investors for clarification which leads to form difference of opinion between Garv and Shakuntala, he whatever happened in the event is the repercussions of Shakuntala’s wrong decision only. Shakuntala explains him that Chandrakant actually stole the saree and she manipulates him to be in her favour. Gauri pleads lord shiva in temple and recalls how she was thrown out of the event without any sympathy and she put her palms on burning diya pleading that until her father is released, she won’t pull back her hands. Dushyant visits Shakuntala and makes her sign the complaint withdrawal papers. It is established that Dushyant share some bond with Shakuntala and family. Yug meets Gauri and let her know that Chandrakant is free from the police station. Gauri comes back home and meets her father and promises her sister Ganga that things will be okay soon but we see Garv enters phulwariya lane rashly driving the car and he encounters Dushyant. They look at each other gravely.

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    E7 - Laal Banarasi
    17 May 2023 | 22 min

    In the police station Dushyant is introduced and Yug informs him that in order to take out Chandrakant they must have withdrawal of complaint from Shakuntala. Dushyant leaves.In the event area, with her courage and struggle, Gauri comes out of the locked room and accidently lands in the ramp area and unintentionally she blurts that showstoppers saree is actually her saree which Garv’s men brought forcefully and in some confusion Shakuntala lodged complaint against her father. Garv’s event is ruined and there is chaos in the media as question arises if Garv stamps his name on poor’s bunkar’s hard effort and makes hug profit, if Garv exploits small players of the market .Due to the event incident, Garv’s image is tainted and he gets calls from his investors for clarification which leads to form difference of opinion between Garv and Shakuntala, he whatever happened in the event is the repercussions of Shakuntala’s wrong decision only. Shakuntala explains him that Chandrakant actually stole the saree and she manipulates him to be in her favour. Gauri pleads lord shiva in temple and recalls how she was thrown out of the event without any sympathy and she put her palms on burning diya pleading that until her father is released, she won’t pull back her hands. Dushyant visits Shakuntala and makes her sign the complaint withdrawal papers. It is established that Dushyant share some bond with Shakuntala and family.

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    E8 - Laal Banarasi
    18 May 2023 | 22 min

    Yug meets Gauri and let her know that Chandrakant is free from the policestation. Gauri comes back home and meets her father and promises her sister Ganga that things will be okay soon but we see Garv enters phulwariya lane rashly driving the car and he encounters Dushyant. They look at each other gravely.Gauri meets Mangal in the night and pleads Mangal to not break knots with Ganga but Mangal denies and the same is heard by Ganga. Ganga scratches off the mehendi from her hand with stone and her hand bleeds. The very next day, Garv sees the event incident live on news TV

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    E9 - Laal Banarasi
    19 May 2023 | 20 min

    Garv gets calls for investors with warning of backing out from the collaboration and Garv is furious. At Gauri house, even Gauri is shocked to see an article on her about the event incident and she hesitates to share it to the family while Garv himself arrives in the basti and blames Chandrakant and basti for betraying him and he points at Gauri. Chandrakant apologies to Garv for Gauri’s mistake but garv denies and puts the condition that Gauri must come in press conference and apologies nationwide then only things will be okay. Chandrakant assures Garv. Gauri denies but she is forced to go and apologies as Garv and his firm are the source for their livelihood.Before the press conference, Shakuntla counters Garv that trusting Gauri can be harmful for them but Garv shows truth over Gauri and her dedication towards family.Gauri reaches to press conference where Garv puts false allegation against her and asks her to apologies but before Gauri can speak, Chandrakant is seen entering the conference with bouncer and Gauri’s anger rises and she denies apologising in front of media. Garv is shocked and chaos is in media.Garv looks furious with shakkuntla as she brought Chandrakant there but he counters Gauri to apologies and ends the issues but Gauri, takes stand for her father and walks away with her father. Dushyant is furious with Gauri’s family as they sent Gauri to apologies in front of media to taint her dignity but Gauri arrives and they come to know that she didn’t apologised. Garv bursts on Shakuntla but again Shakuntla manipulates Garv and makes him realise that chandrakant is actually a thief and Gauri and her father played the game in order to gain the sympathy and dent their image as it will surely give them benefit. Garv furiously walks out of the house to sort out the issue.

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    E10 - Laal Banarasi
    22 May 2023 | 22 min

    At Gauri house, Shantii angrily doesn’t serve food to Gauri and Gauri comes out of the house where Chandrakant comes to her and composes her and gives her 20 Rs to go and have daalchawal from nearby eatery. Gauri leaves. As Gauri comes out of thee eatery and moves ahead for her house, she is abducted by Garv and thrown in a secluded area. Fuming Garv and Gauri are face to face in secluded space. Where Garv threatens her that he will make her realises what it feels to lose the dignity.Gauri confronts Garv and pleads her to let her go At Gauri house, everyone is worried as Gauri has not returned from the eatery. There is full chaos and emotional breakdown in the family and basti. Garv, leaves gauri all alone in the secluded space and drives away. Yug enters the basti with Gauri’s cycle and he is also shocked to know that Gauri is missing. Gauri is walking all alone in the horrible of situation when suddenly she sees two rowdy on a bike with alcohol bottle and she rushes from there to avoid any molestation.

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    E11 - Laal Banarasi
    23 May 2023 | 22 min

    Yug and Chandrakant search for Gauri but find no trace. We introduce Samaira for the first time and here through Anika, Garv gets guilt ridden realising he did wrong with Gauri and leaves to get Gauri back home safely but as he reaches to the secluded space, there is no trace of Gauri. Gauri gets back home all alone in a condition suggesting as if she suffered molestation, she faces suspicion and humiliating questions from basti people. Shanti confronts Gauri but she lies which even Yug doesn’t believe. Shakuntala visits Basti and snatch away all the work from chandrakant and threatens the basti people that no one should help Gauri’s family or else they will also lose their work.

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    E12 - Laal Banarasi
    24 May 2023 | 22 min

    Since, Shakuntla snatches away work from Gauri’s family, Shanti offers her gold ornament to sell to survive. Gauri determines to get some work for the family. Garv comes to basti to check if Gauri reached home safely or not but gets bitter encounter with Gauri and she punctures his car’s tyre and challenges him to walk all alone the same way Gauri was left in secluded space. Next morning, Gauri leaves to search for work with Yug. Shakuntla humiliates Binda as she asks her to give away her jewellery to compensate for loss made by dhirendra. Gauri searches shop by shop only to get rejected for any work from saree shop owners due to her TV presences against of Shakuntla sarees.

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    E13 - Laal Banarasi
    25 May 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri’s search for work continues with Yug where Yug ask Gauri to tell him truth about her missing. Accidently, mud splashes on Gauri due to Garv’s car and for the first time Garv and Yug come face to face where Yug and Garv are about to entangle in fight. Intrigue established between Yug and Garv as if they have some connection. Anika by mistakenly blurts about the elder’s brothers return in the house which shakes Garv from inside and intrigue B/up.

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    E14 - Laal Banarasi
    26 May 2023 | 23 min

    Gauri is broken as she fails to get any work due to influence of Shakuntla and her image over TV but soon she gets work from Mrs Malhotra. Shakuntla gets on edge to take revenge from Mrs Malhotra as well as Gauri for her attempt of rising against of Shakuntla saree. Gauri weaves Mrs Malhotra’s all saree and keeps it in a room to deliver next day but some masked goon put the room on fire and it spreads vigorously. Chandrakant and family rushes out of the room but Gauri realizes about her saree to be in the room and rushes back risking her life to get back her saree.

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    E15 - Laal Banarasi
    29 May 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri saves her saree. Basti people doubt on Shakuntla behind the fire incident as they find a mashal around the house. Shakuntla visits Mrs Malhotra in order to down her but gets encounter from Gauri who delivers the sarees on time which is humiliating and challenging for Shakuntla. Gauri confronts Shakuntla bravely that why she is on verge to destroy Gauri but in Rage Shakuntla orders her driver to drive over Gauri where dramatically Garv saves Gauri and moment B/up between them. Gauri comes back home with her first ever payment and Dushyant suggest for celebration. Celebration begins and dramatically Shakuntla enters the celebration with maliciousintention and threatens basti people to throw out Chandrakant’s family if they want work from shakuntla sarees

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    E16 - Laal Banarasi
    30 May 2023 | 22 min

    Chandrakant and family are firmed to leave basti to let rest of others be safe from shakuntla‘s anger and they intentionally leave in the night to avoid any encounter with basti people but Yug and basti people stop them making human chain and as repercussion, the very next day Shakuntla’s people come and take away even a single thread as they didn’t throw out Chandrakant and family. As the basti people are facing Shakuntla’s wrath, fuming Gauri rushes to Garv and confronts him that why is he punishing basti people while he have rift with her and her family and here she challenges Garv that she will not lose to him instead she will be the toughest challenge for Garv denies the supremacy of Shakuntla saree and Shakuntla.

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    E17 - Laal Banarasi
    31 May 2023 | 24 min

    Basti is starving for food and Gauri set up Saanjha Chulha. At Garv’s house Anika goes missing and Binda creates chaos of Anika being kidnapped and pour the blames over basti people. Garv visit the basti, destroys Saanjha chulha, beats basti people black and blue only grabs Gauri’s hand to take her with him. Yug intervenes and saves Gauri. Garv comes to know that Anika was hospitalized. Garv is shattered to know that her own Maami lied for sake of money.

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    E18 - Laal Banarasi
    01 June 2023 | 22 min

    Basti people units to teach lesson too Garv and his family with Mashal in their hand. DK takes advantage of Basti people’s bechargi and brings food for them and offers work to Gauri and basti people where Garv has already reached there to sorry but he loses the moment as Gauri joint hands with his rival DK. Shakuntla comes to know that basti and Gauri won’t work for her instead they will have a new beginning and a evil plan cooks in her mind.

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    E19 - Laal Banarasi
    02 June 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri gets her first work and a contract from DK but an POV keeping eyes on her. Shakuntla has to deal with Samaira’s dad for new machinery which Garv doesn’t like. Gauri leaves with material tempo but get attacked in between. Threat on Gauri but then Garv arrives and saves Gauri while getting an attack by a dagger on him and through the fight proximity moment build up between Gauri and Garv. Garv reaches to basti along with Gauri and everyone is shocked and suspicious that surely Garv has done something wrong with Gauri and Yug fumes.

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    E20 - Laal Banarasi
    05 June 2023 | 21 min

    Garv shows the video to Shakuntla, who initially feels concerned but eventually smirks, believing it will tarnish DKs reputation. Back at Gauris house, while Dadi continues to reprimand Gauri, DK arrives with his employees. DK informs everyone that Gauris video has led to a significant increase in orders for sarees. He shows them the video, which has garnered millions of views, and announces the popularity of their sarees. Gauri and her family are ecstatic about the unexpected turn of events, while Dadi remains silent. Meanwhile, Shakuntla at her office calls the secretary on the landline speakerphone and inquires about the meeting with Gupta Sons. The secretary informs them that the meeting has been canceled. This news shocks Garv, while Shakuntla is amazed, questioning why the urgent meeting was canceled. Shakuntla asks about the upcoming order from Ahuja Fabrics, and the secretary informs her that they will decide whether to place the order or not in a few days. Additionally, all the meetings for the next four days have been postponed. Shakuntla and Garv are taken aback by this information. The secretary reveals that everyone has given their orders to DK, because of the video. Shakuntla reluctantly accepts the challenge, but she warns him that she wont interfere and gives him a deadline of 30 days. Afterwards, we shift to witness a cute banter between Yug Gauri where audiences get to know about Yugs feelings of love for Gauri, its a fun banter but is stopped when Chutki informs them that Garv sahab has come. Garv with both hands folded apologise to all the basti people about all the wrongdoings and mishaps of the past. Yug gets sceptical. Garv ignoring him, looks gauri in the eye and asks, Will you forgive me and I shall give you a new and fresh identity in return..

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    E21 - Laal Banarasi
    06 June 2023 | 22 min

    Yug went to gauri’s house for rishta gauri is shock after hearing this she doesn’t wanna marry Yug because she wants her elder sister to marry first and want to do something by her on but Yug started saying we will do this together still gauri doesn’t wanna marry yug. Shakuntala shouted at garv because her 30 years reputation was nothing now garv left his mom and went inside garv is talking to himself about gauri. The pandit came to gauri’s house for a good muhrat but pandit is saying this wedding is not going to work yug said I don’t believe in all this gauri still confused.shakuntala asked garv childhood friend to marry garv and they agreed but garv have no idea about this shakuntala wants her son to marry her just because of her own good . Gauri is cutting some woods in anger and suddenly yug came there he started saying why you doing all this stop being angry gauri turn and faces him with anger and started saying you should have asked me before asking my parents for marriage Yug confused gauri said you liked someone else and yug said the only girl I like in this world is you gauri.

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    E22 - Laal Banarasi
    07 June 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri’s mother went to buy a ring for yug for engagement but gauri continuously saying maa why you doing all this and then shakuntala came there with her brother to buy some jewellery for her son’s bride samaira there ring got exchanged by mistake with gauri’s ring they saw gauri and started saying they stole her ring but all of a sudden shakuntala said my necklace is also missing they started checking but they didn’t find anything.yug was looking for her grandma’s ring but he didn’t find it but then he found a picture of shakuntala and his dad he started shouting why you have this now and went out . Then yug’s father went to shakuntala’s house to tell them his son is getting married and then he told them his son is getting married to gauri shakuntala shouted and said we aren’t coming garv is shock after hearing all this shakuntala told yug’s father that his son is getting married to with samaira garv started shouting maa why I don’t wanna marry her shakuntala told him that I know what you want garv left her mother after hearing all this yug went to gauri’s house to give her mehndi ki thal but ganga stopped him by saying you can’t meet her before marriage engagement night garv went to gauri’s basti and stopped his car infront of gauri’s house and started talking to himself and said it’s good for both of us that you don’t marry yug .yug is missing everyone is worried where he went he came and said I’m right here with a guy standing behind him ganga’s fiancé who said I don’t wanna marry ganga. Mangal started apologising to ganga what he did ganga said I don’t wanna marry you and he said I will bring maa tomorrow to apology ganga is happy after hearing all this the engagement ritual started after all this garv is angry and then he went after seeing all are happy.

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    E23 - Laal Banarasi
    08 June 2023

    Binda pretends to leave home in order to get back her jewellery. Garv enters the house limping, shakuntala notices this and realises that blood is coming out of his leg/shoes..she quickly takes the first hand box out to treat him but garv is not happy with her decision to get him married to Samira, as soon as Garv leaves shakuntala out of anger tears the wedding card. Meanwhile on the other hand its the wedding day, ganga realises that gauri isnt here, all family members are tensed and worried. We see gauri somewhere unknown, tied up in a chair with her hands and legs tied up and eyes and mouth covered. While everyone at gauris place is looking for her, they get shocked seeing yug walking towards the house. While 2 goons come near gauri as she is tied up.

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    E24 - Laal Banarasi
    09 June 2023 | 23 min

    Gauri is trying to shout for help as everyone at home is panicked, its almost the time for the wedding. While at shakuntalas house, the house is decked up for Garvs engagement. All guests, along with Samira and her parents arrive for the engagement. Shakuntala realises that garv isnt there in the house, binda hears this and smiles cunningly. While we see garv fighting with a goon sent by shakuntala. Meanwhile we see gauri trying to untie herself, she gets free but is caught by the goons, as they try to escape from them but almost falls on a piece of glass..but just then we see garv entering. Goons attack on garv and at the end end up hitting him hard on his head as he falls on the ground unconscious. While on the other hand shakuntala keeps on trying garvs phone while binda instigates that garv might have run away, anyway he wasnt happy with this arrangement.

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    E25 - Laal Banarasi
    12 June 2023 | 22 min

    Everyone is ready for the wedding as ganga and family are worried, dadi is cursing gauri, all the guests are now arriving. On the other hand, Shakuntala is worried about Garvs whereabouts. Garv is sitting inside a car along with gauri as he receives a call from shakuntala, he promises to reach home soon. Gauri makes a call from Garvs phone and calls home, ganga and family are relieved that gauri is safe and asks her to reach back home as fast as possible. But en route, Garvs car stops working as they both are now standing beside the road asking for a lift. At the basti, pundit ji is asking the bride to come, dadi asks ganga to wear gauris wedding attire and sit in the mandap and as soon as Gauri will reach..she will swap them, the rest of the family looks conflicted with this idea but dadi threatens them will dieing so they have to. But by the time gauri reaches the mandap, yug has put sindoor in ganga mang. Everyone is shocked to realise its ganga who got married with yug instead of gauri. Everyone starts blaming and accusing gauri and starts to question her character so garv steps forward and picks up the sindoor and puts it on gauris mang and takes the phera as the whole basti watches this with a shocking look on their face.

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    E26 - Laal Banarasi
    13 June 2023 | 23 min

    Samaira tried to cut her hand with a knife everyone is shock gauri is scared . Gauri started saying I also didn’t wanted to marry garv but garv sahab ne maang bhr di shakuntala shock . Samaira’s dad started saying let’s go samaira I don’t wanna see you get insulted . The media came from no where they started saying shakuntala ji why you not proud of garv he saved a girl shakuntala have no words . Garv saved shakuntala infront of media by saying mom is just sad because I didn’t told her about all this before . Shakuntala did greh parwesh and than thrown the thali everyone shock garv’s nana said Just come inside I’m the eldest in this house I will give you permission aab aage.

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    E27 - Laal Banarasi
    14 June 2023 | 22 min

    Shakuntala grabbed gauri’s neck by saying you can’t be the my bahu gauri can’t breath. Garv, Mami and garv’s sister Anika is trying to free her from shakuntala’s hand garv told shakuntala that yiu can’t do this shakuntala is in anger and started making faces garv told her to go upstairs shakuntala went upstairs in anger now garv and gauri is in garv’s room he locked the room gauri is scared but then garv started saying I know we got married so fast but I don’t want you to be worried about anything we will start our relation from friendship garv told gauri to sleep on bed and he will sleep on sofa but gauri said I wanna sleep on floor and garv said why gauri told him that I have habit of sleeping on ground garv agreed and they slept separately next day nana ji told them to come down for pooja gauri went to take shower and she didn’t knew how to use all this but then garv went inside and told her after that they went down gauri didn’t applied the sandoor on her maang but then nana ji told them that it’s good god want you to do this infront of him garv was just applying the sindoor but shakuntala push garv and sindoor fallen on gauri maang shakuntala shock after all this still gauri’s maang is filled with garv sindoor.

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    E28 - Laal Banarasi
    15 June 2023 | 23 min

    Yug and ganga entered the house and yug said apne bade bete ka greh parwesh nahi karo ge shakuntala shock everyone’s shock and then shakuntala’s husband enters the house shakuntala said what you doing here he said you don’t have any kind of rights to ask me this but if you wanna know I will tell you that I have the rights to enter this house anytime I want shakuntala shock dushant said now me and my whole family will live here everyone shock gauri is amazed by all this dushant said gauri will to her sister’s greh parwesh gauri’s shock everyone’s shock gauri did the greh parwesh yug and ganga took everyone’s blessings by touching there feets shakuntala went upstairs in anger garv followed her shakuntala started crying and said why you did this garv I wanted to see my both sons happy and successfull but because of this everything changed I sended goons because I didn’t wanted yug to marry gauri garv said I know shakuntala said when you know all this then why did you marry gauri aab aage.

  • img
    E29 - Laal Banarasi
    16 June 2023 | 26 min

    Shakuntala started seeing gauri and dushant infront of her like hallucination shakuntala went to yug to talk about how she missed him but yug told her to leave him alone but then she went to talk to dushant but he told her that I thought garv will be having your culture but garv have my culture in him then nana ji calls everyone in the hall to talk shakuntala went there with dushant mami started saying nana ji want to do a ritual muh dikhai ki rasam shakuntala shouted and said you have to do another ritual before muh dikhai everyone shock shakuntala wants gauri to decorate suhagrat ka bed for ganga she agreed and started doing her work when she was doing that yug came there and he was angry seeing her there but then gauri said yug listen to me yuv stopped and said you cheated on me because I was poor you went to garv because he was rich gauri said I can’t even imagine my childhood friend is saying this yug was holding gauri’s and she was trying to free herself but then garv came there and told yug to stay away from her ganga was watching them she was angry and went out saying I don’t wanna stay here gauri followed her and told her not to leave ganga said don’t talk to me and slapped her saying everything what’s going in her life is because of gauri and said go away to gauri . Shakuntala is enjoying seeing all this gauri went upstairs after all this shakuntala came to ganga and said I know what going on in your life I understand ganga shock shakuntala told her to live in her house like a bahu.

  • img
    E30 - Laal Banarasi
    19 June 2023 | 22 min

    All the guests are there in the hall for the muh dikhai ka rasam. One of the guests goes to lift the goongat, just then Shakuntala asks both ganga and gauri ki unke Ghar seh Kya aaya h for the rasam trying to show them down. As Nana asks binda that didnt inform them earlier, binda says that she forgot. Just then CK and Shanti enter with a thal/tokri for the rasam, shakuntala uncovers the tokri and picks up a banarasi print handkerchief, mocking it saying that they have so little and small to offer but the guest attending likes the print very much and appreciates their craftsmanship, Shakuntala is embarrassed as her plan failed. Later on as everyone is enjoying the party, shakuntala trips CK which results in CK falling over the juice tray which falls on a lady guest, ruining her saree and the glass breaking on the floor on which CK steps on and falls on the ground with pain..as ganga, gauri, yug are all attending to him shakuntala starts shouting at them for running her party and the guests saree, mocking them about how poor and unmannered they are, yug doesnt like this and gives shakuntala a fitting reply, and even garv also stands up against shakuntala, she leaves in anger. Shakuntala goes inside her room as Dhusyant comes there to warn her and advises her to get her act straight before she is left all alone. Later gauri and Ganga bid goodbye to their parents They advise both of them to always be with each other and support on another.

  • img
    E31 - Laal Banarasi
    20 June 2023 | 23 min

    Kitchen rasam starts. Ganga switches on the gas on which Gauri had kept an utensil. Gauri’s hand gets burnt as she lifts the hot utensil, unaware the gas was on. Garv gets worried for Gauri and looks angrily at Ganga. Garv puts ice on Gauri’s hands. Ganga is jealous. Everyone is waiting at the dining table.

  • img
    E32 - Laal Banarasi
    21 June 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri makes shahi paneer with the help of Garv. Ganga gets jealous and she puts chilli in it. Everyone is waiting on dining table. Ganga serves food, everyone likes it. Gauri serve’s food to everyone. They start eating food and Binda shouts, kitna tikha hai. Shakuntala starts shouting at Gauri, and throws her food. Shakuntala gives Ganga a ring as gift as she made good food. Yug tells Ganga to return the ring to Shakuntala because you don’t know what she will do to you Shakuntala over hears Gauri and Yug’s conversation Shakuntala started filling Garv’s ears and tells Garv to go and check what she’s doing with Yug.Shakuntala asks ganga where’s the ring.

  • img
    E33 - Laal Banarasi
    22 June 2023 | 22 min

    Garv comes and see Gauri with Yug and Garv hit’s Yug . Garv tells Gauri that I wanna be your friend like yug . a unknown person comes to Ganga’s room to steal the ring after this Shakuntala asks Ganga to bring her ring . Ganga tells Shakuntala that the ring is missing Shakuntala shouts and told binda to check everyone’s room and after this they founds the ring from Gauri’s room Shakuntala slapped Gauri.

  • img
    E34 - Laal Banarasi
    23 June 2023 | 23 min

    Shakuntala tells her brother to bring police after that Shakuntala asks Gauri who as stolen the ring Garv started arguing with Shakuntala and saves Gauri from going to jail. Ganga comes and says to Gauri, I brought something for you and throws ink on Gauri. Yug and garv are shock

  • img
    E35 - Laal Banarasi
    26 June 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri is crying as she begs Ganga not to say these kind of words to her as she considers her to be like her mom. Ganga pushes her instead which results in Gauri getting harmed, Yug tries to come forward and help Gauri but Garv stops him, Ganga leaves from there looking furious. Shakuntala on the other hand plans to hurt Gauri so she asks Binda to mix dhatura ka bheej seeds in the kheer served to Gauri. Everyone is sitted at the dinning table where Binda comes with several small bowls of kheer and starts serving the kheer to everyone, she has cunningly marked the bowl with the dhatura bheej to give to Gauri. While eating, Gauri gives her kheer ka bowl to Garv, seeing this Shakuntala gets worried, what if Garv eats that kheer so she asks Binda to change the bowl, Binda takes the bowl from Garvs hand making some silly excuse. Gauri takes the kheer bowl, Shakuntala is happy seeing this but just before eating Gauri says that this need to be presented in front of the god befor she eats so she moves towards the mandir. As she is praying in front of the idol of the lord shiv, a lizard somehow lands on her shoulder which leads to her panicking and the bowl of kheer falls down from her hand. Shakuntala is pissed as her plan kinda failed.

  • img
    E36 - Laal Banarasi
    27 June 2023 | 22 min

    Shakuntala Binda ke room mei jaati hai, Binda is shocked and Dhirendra is worried about what if Shakuntala sees the bag full of jewelleries so Binda in order to distract SK, starts saying that jiji aap yaha kya kar rahi hai Shakuntala respondes by saying that she came here to discuss about business and a few saree designs. Meanwhile on the other hand, Gauri is almost asleEpisode in her room, she notices Ganga going upstairs. She goes after her and upon reaching the terrace she sees mangal standing there with Ganga, Gauri is shocked. While rushing towards Mangal, a flower pot gets broken by Ganga which Shakuntala hears and goes towards from where the sound came from. On the other hand Gauri is almost scolding Ganga and asks her to stop doing all this as she is now a married women, Ganga is pissed and asks her to stop telling her what to do or not and pushes her in which Gauri’s earring fall’s. Suddenly they hear someone approaching so they both hide as mangal tries to flee from there, Shakuntala asks dheer to go after the one trying to flee, Binda notices the earring on the ground and says that its Gauris, Shakuntala is pissed. Everyone is now downstairs as shakuntal now calls for Gauri, both Gauri and Ganga comes rushing from the terrace, SK directly asks Gauri what she was doing on terrace with a strange boy, Gauri isnt able to tell the truth as it would result in everyone getting to know about Ganga and Mangal so for the sake of her sister, Gauri remain shut. Sk starts shouting and calls Gauri a characterless woman as she grabs Gauri by the hand and starts to drag her out of the house but just then Yug holds her, everyone is shocked to see this.

  • img
    E37 - Laal Banarasi
    28 June 2023 | 23 min

    Shakuntala claims that Gauri was upstairs with some strange boy as Yug claims that boy to be him. Garv is now annoyed by hearing all this, he confronts Gauri asking her to tell the truth but Gauri remains quite for her sisters sake. Yug comes forward and tells Garv that she is my childhood friend we can talk whenever and wherever we want to, Garv is pissed hearing this as he goes back to his room, Gauri too rushed behind him to sort things out. After a while Gauri goes to Ganga’s room and starts to shout at Yug for lieing in front of the whole family, Yug is shocked by her reaction as he tells her that she should be thankful to him but instead she is shouting at him. As they are talking SK hears all this and again calls everyone saying that she just heard the truth, Gauri was not even with Yug and asks her to do agnipariksh instead by walking on a hot coal. The next morning Gauri makes halwa for everyone but specially for Garv as Anika told her that its his favourite as she is serving the halwa to Garv, he denies to eat it claiming that he’s not hungry, Gauri is sad.

  • img
    E38 - Laal Banarasi
    29 June 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri started saying please ek baar kha toh li jiye apka maan pasand halwa hai Garv doesnt want to as Gauri ask’s nana to convince Garv. Nana tell Garv to eat it but Shakuntala tells nana that usse nahi khana so why you forcing him. Gauri Garv ko khilane hi wali hoti hai but Garv grabs the spoon. Shakuntala Gauri ke traf fork fekhti hai Gauri starts to bleed, seeing this Yug goes to help her but SK asks Yug to stop and have some manners as woh uska jhet lagta h, listings to this Garv goes away from there. samaira and her dad comes to talk about the business deal, Shakuntala asks for his elder son’s hand for anika . Anika is shocked by hearing this Gauri also shock anika drops the plate she was holding Gauri usse sambhalti hai samaira is angry after seeing Gauri . Shakuntala tells Gauri to clean the floor where anika dropped her plate so she cleans the floor but suddenly samaira tells her to clean her sandals Gauri is shock after hearing this but she cleans it and goes back inside the kitchen, Garv came there to check on Gauri as he was going back, samaira comes to the kitchen and suddenly hugs Garv, Gauri is angry and jealous and suddenly starts shouting rat, rat, rat hearing this samaira runs away from there, Garv understands that Gauri did this janbhuj kar as he leaves from there without uttering a single word

  • img
    E39 - Laal Banarasi
    30 June 2023 | 22 min

    Anika tells her parents that she doesn’t wanna marry but Binda tells her that she has to marry him chahe kuch bhi ho jye so anika gusse mei chali jaati hai. Anika is crying as Gauri comes and asks anika what happened anika says that I don’t wanna marry that guy, Gauri ask’s her why so anika tells her that she likes someone else but she can’t tell anyone because he’s not working right now and prEpisodearing for UPSC examination, Gauri tell her that she will talk to Garv about this . Gauri is making lunch in the kitchen as Binda enters and cooker keh sitti meh seekh Dall deti hai and suddenly cooker fhat jata hai Gauri shouts and Yug saves her, SK again shouts and says that Yug how come you are always there where Gauri ko need ho, Garv doesnt like hearing this. Later on Gauri hears Yug talking to Ganga saying ghr jaldi aao Gauri shock by hearing this as she realises that Yug knows about Ganga and mangal as she goes to talk to Yug, she tries to snatch the phone from him but woh uske uper gir jati hai as Garv sees this and enters the room shouting Gauri

  • img
    E40 - Laal Banarasi
    03 July 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri is cooking in the kitchen but suddenly the cooker explodes Gauri shouts. Garv run’s inside to see what happened and he sees that Gauri is in yug’s arms usse gussa aata hai and he pushes yug. Binda and Shakuntala came to see what happened but after she sees Gauri is alright she ask’s yug how do you always come at the right place at the right time . Garv ask’s everyone how did the cooker burst, everyone is quiet. Garv takes Gauri to her room . After a while Gauri was crossing by ganga’s room but suddenly she hear’s yug is talking to ganga and he’s telling her to come home fast, Gauri is shocked by hearing this she goes inside and ask’s for yugs mobile but woh nahi deta hai. Gauri tries to snatch the phone from him but she falls or uske uper yug gir jaata hai . Suddenly Gauri hears someone saying Gauri and she looks out and sees Garv standing right in front of them . Garv takes Gauri to his room and start fighting but waha Samaira aa jati hai and she asks Garv what happened she tells that she has a surprise for him and she takes him with her, Gauri is angry but she can’t say anything so she stays quiet Garv tell’s Samaira that he doesnt want to see any surprises but Samaira begs Garv to stay and have just one drink with her Garv agrees.

  • img
    E41 - Laal Banarasi
    04 July 2023 | 23 min

    Gauri starts thinking about what will happen with Garv ji so she tries to go where Samaira took Garv to but Shakuntala locks Gauri in the room Gauri tries her best to go out but fails after that she goes to where Samaira took Garv and she sees Garv is about to kiss Samaira, Gauri yells Garv ji suddenly Garv ko hosh aata hai and he sees Gauri standing beside him, Gauri goes in the hall Garv follows her, he starts saying sorry and confesses his love for her, she does yeh same as Shakuntala and Samaira is pissed watching this, yug also sees this and is angry when Gauri confessed her love to Garv. In the morning pandit ji comes and Binda ask’s him about ghar ki shaanti ke liye kya kare pandit ji, pandit ji bolte hai ke iss ghr mei bhohot bada kalesh hai and suddenly Shakuntala comes and tells everyone that yaha koi pooja phaat nahi hoga and she yells at pandit. Pandit tells Shakuntala that her son’s life is in danger bacha le agar bacha sakti hai everyone is shocked by hearing all this. Pandit ji jaane hi wale hote hai but tabhi Gauri tries to stop him by saying aaisa shraap mat dijiye iss ghr ke bete ka hi nahi mere pati bhi khatre mei hai but pandit tells her that beta tere pati ke sath sath tere jaan ko bhi khatra hai.

  • img
    E42 - Laal Banarasi
    05 July 2023 | 22 min

    Pandit ji tells Gauri that hume badi pooja karni hogi orr doh saanp bhi laane honge everyone agrees but Gauri ask’s him ke hum saanp kaha se lye pandit ji tells her not to worry about the snakes she agrees and everyone goes. Shakuntala says to herself, Hum bhi dekhte hai kaise bhagwan inn dono ka sath banaye rakhte hai. After that we see ganga is telling yug she will not sit in this pooja but yug tells her to sit because nana ji told them ganga gusse se waha se chali jaati hai. After that pandit ji calls sapera to bring 2 snakes jo zehreela na ho sapera agrees and goes from there but suddenly Shakuntala uske samne aa jati hai and she tells him to bring poisonous snakes but sapera tells her he won’t bring thatbut Shakuntala usse lalach deti hai so he agrees. We see Gauri and Garv in the room Gauri tells him not to worry about anything Garv is tense about what pandit ji said everyone comes in the hall where pandit ji asks Gauri to go bring ganga jal but nana tells that everyone should go. Shakuntala says sab ko kyun ke kar jaane ki kya zarurat hai and sab gaye toh udhar puja ki tayari kon karega so she asks Gauri to stay back. Everyone was going but suddenly Shakuntala tells everyone that she left her phone upstairs, Toh woh waha se chali jaati hai. Woh sapere ke paas jaati hai and she gives him money she tells him to go upstairs where Gauri is, he agrees and Shakuntala leaves from there. Pandit asks Gauri to put snakes in a safe place so she calls the sapera and tells him to put them in the store room. Sapera saanp rakh deta hai but unne band nahi karta after that pandit ji tells Gauri to go check the snakes she went inside and someone locked her where snakes are roaming around Gauri is scared and shouting for help, what will happen to her.

  • img
    E43 - Laal Banarasi
    06 July 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri is locked inside the store room and is scared and shouting for help but everyone is out. Garv gets a call from his lawyer and he asks him to stay there so he can get the papers he asked him to make. After that Shakuntala asks Binda where is Garv Binda says hume laga woh apke sath hoga Shakuntala worried what if he stayed at home with Gauri, she asked the driver to drive fast. Garv gets the paper he asks the lawyer and goes inside the house. He is searching for Gauri but Gauri isnt anywhere to be found. Everyone comes back home, Garv asks everyone where Gauri is everyone is shocked that Gauri kaha gayi. Garv hears Gauri’s voice he rushes to get her. He saw that there are snakes where Gauri is locked he tries to get her but jab woh Gauri ko bhr nikal raha tha tab usse saanp kat leta hai everyone is crying what will happen aage.

  • img
    E44 - Laal Banarasi
    07 July 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri Garv ko bachane ke liye Garv ke pao se saanp ka vish peeti hai and she starts praying to Shiv ji and Garv ko hosh aata hai and everyone is happy after seeing Garv alive after that Gauri chakar kha kar gir jaati hai. Then a doctor comes to save Gauri. Garv starts shouting at everyone and he said maa ye apki koi shajish hai Shakuntala starts yelling at Garv that why you always doubt on me after that Shakuntala says ye sab pandit ki wajah se hua hai. Gauri gets up and says Garv ji. Garv looks at Gauri and gets emotional, everyone is happy but Shakuntala is shocked that Gauri is still alive . After that everyone does the pooja but pooja ke bich mei Garv apni maa ko room mei jata hai and asks her that ye sab apki planning thi and Shakuntala geys annoyed by hearing this but suddenly Garv gives Shakuntala a file and Shakuntala gets happy after seeing that file.

  • img
    E45 - Laal Banarasi
    10 July 2023 | 24 min

    In this sequence of scenes, Gauri overhears a conversation between Garv and Shakuntla about their decision to prioritize love over power. Gauri, feeling shocked and hurt, decides not to confront them directly and instead pretends to scold herself for misplacing an earring. Garv and Shakuntla notice Gauris presence and realize she might have overheard everything. Garv stammers to come up with an excuse, but Gauri reminds him about their unfinished ritual and questions why he left it midway. Garv offers an explanation about an urgent call, and Gauri insists that devotion should take priority. They leave for the ritual, while Shakuntla expresses her anger and reveals her desire to remove Gauri from the house due to her humble background. Leaving a threat hanging over Gauri.In the following scenes, Gauri becomes aware of Shakuntlas resentment and plots against her. Meanwhile, a ritual is being conducted in the house, and Gauri and Garv join in, presenting a united front. The pandit praises Gauri and emphasizes her importance in bringing happiness and prosperity to the household. However, Shakuntla refuses to take part in the blessings, hinting at her disdain for Gauri. The scene concludes with the divine sound of conch shells overlapping the conclusion of the aarti.In another scene, Gauri prepares a pure saatvik meal for Pandit, who prefers such food. Shakuntla overhears their conversation and smirks, suggesting that Gauris actions will compromise the pandits religious integrity. Gauri notices Shakuntlas saree pallu about to touch the covered food thali and becomes anxious. The scene ends with Gauri muttering in anxiety.Gauri rushes out of the kitchen to save Shakuntla from her saree catching fire. Dhirendra sneaks into the kitchen with a mysterious intent, leaving the audience curious. Shakuntlas saree catches fire, and Gauri informs her about it. Shakuntla questions Gauris intentions and walks away with a smirk, leaving Gauri feeling hurt. Gauri manages to smile through the pain.Gauri presents the food thali to Pandit in front of Shakuntla, who mutters a cryptic comment implying misfortune for the pandit. Just as the thali is about to open fully, a gust of wind diverts everyones attention to Shiv jis fallen trident. Gauri notices a cockroach in one of the vegetable bowls, closes the thali, and removes the bowl. Pandit fixes the trident, and everyone blesses him except Shakuntla. The scene ends with Pandit warning Garv of challenges and emphasizing the importance of respecting and honoring Gauri.In the following scene, Gauri expresses her love and gratitude to Garv, but he seems unresponsive and quickly leaves, claiming an urgent matter. Gauri prays for happiness and grants Garvs desires. The next morning, preparations are underway for a function, and Garv instructs the decoration team while Gauri, Shakuntla, and Binda are present. Gauri is amazed by the decorations and surprises Garv with a hug. They share a romantic moment, but Shakuntla confronts Garv, questioning his intentions. The episode ends with suspense surrounding Garvs plans for the party and Shakuntlas concern.

  • img
    E47 - Laal Banarasi
    12 July 2023 | 23 min

    The scene takes place at Shakuntlas house during a surprise party for Gauris birthday. Garv, Gauri, and other characters are present at the party. Shakuntla and Samaira are jealous and plotting against Gauri and Garv. They plan to cause harm to Gauri during the celebration.As the party progresses, Garv unknowingly saves Gauri from an accident and expresses his admiration for her beauty. Jealousy and tension arise among the characters. Meanwhile, Gauris family and people from the neighborhood feel humiliated by Shakuntlas disrespectful behavior.Amidst the chaos, Garv announces the reason for the surprise party, revealing it to be Gauris birthday celebration. Gauri is surprised and touched by the gesture. However, Samaira and Shakuntla have evil intentions regarding the birthday cake.During the cake cutting ceremony, Shakuntlas plan is set in motion as the candle on the cake turns dangerous due to tampering. Gauri attempts to blow out the candle, but it causes a fire accident. Garv heroically saves Gauri from the fire and attends to her injured neck.After the incident, Gauri confronts Shakuntla about her ill intentions and proclaims her determination to win over Shakuntlas heart and establish herself as Garvs wife. Garv also expresses disappointment towards his mother and leaves. Shakuntla is left furious and scheming.

  • img
    E48 - Laal Banarasi
    13 July 2023 | 23 min

    The storyline revolves around Garv and Gauri, who are about to start a new business venture called Gauri Sarees. This surprises everyone, especially Gauri and her family. However, Yug, who has feelings for Gauri, interrupts the celebration by revealing a video of Garv and another woman, Samaira, engaged in a romantic relationship. Chaos ensues as the guests and Gauris family condemn Garv and Samaira. Gauri stands by Garvs side despite the evidence and defends their relationship. Meanwhile, Samaira continues to provoke and humiliate Gauri. In a dramatic turn of events, Gauri saves Garv from Samairas advances and receives support from Shakuntla, surprising everyone. The story reaches a tense moment when Samaira tries to harm Gauri with a fork, but Shakuntla intervenes and stops her. The turn of events leaves everyone shocked and questioning their loyalties.

  • img
    E49 - Laal Banarasi
    14 July 2023 | 21 min

    In this sequence, tensions rise between Samaira and Shakuntla, resulting in a confrontation where Garv intervenes. Garv, fueled by anger, threatens Samaira with a broken bottle. Shakuntla later reveals her dark side to Garv, brandishing a gun and asserting her control. Meanwhile, Yug, under the influence of alcohol, calls out for Gauri in his sleep, creating an emotional turmoil for Ganga. The scene transitions to Shakuntlas room, where she reprimands Samaira for her actions. Garv becomes conflicted about his feelings for Gauri and questions his own motivations. Shakuntla manipulates Garv, emphasizing the importance of their reputation and their plans. However, her behavior escalates as she pulls out a gun, revealing her extreme measures to protect their interests. Garv is left puzzled, unsure of his true feelings for Gauri.The next scene takes place in Yugs room, where Gauri tends to his burnt skin. Gauri notices a burn mark on Garvs back and questions him about it. Garv, feeling uncomfortable, abruptly leaves, leaving Gauri confused about his sudden change in behavior. In Shakuntlas room, she discusses their plans and intentions with Garv, but her actions take a terrifying turn as she points the gun at him. Garv is left frightened, while Shakuntla emphasizes her devotion to their schemes and the importance of their reputation. Garv is conflicted and confused about his true feelings for Gauri.The story then shifts to Gangas room, where Yug, still intoxicated, calls out to Gauri. Gangas reaction is a mix of affection and discomfort, as she tries to resist her feelings. However, she is affected by being referred to as Gauri. In the following scene, Shakuntla confronts Samaira about her actions, expressing disappointment and warning her about the consequences. Meanwhile, Anika and Aarav share an intimate moment, where Aarav asserts his possessiveness over Anika, making threatening remarks. Anika asks him to leave before they are caught. In Shakuntlas house, preparations for the wedding are underway, and Gauri takes on the responsibility of household chores in the absence of the maid. She faces Shakuntlas exploitation and continues with her tasks, despite exhaustion. Shakuntlas intentions become evident as she purposely ruins Gauris work. Binda presents Gauri with a long list of items she needs to buy for the upcoming guests preferences. Reluctantly, Gauri agrees to go, unaware of the danger waiting for her.Gauri headsout to buy the groceries, unaware of the truck driver watching her suspiciously. As she walks along the roadside, the truck driver prepares to cause harm to Gauri. Gauri, oblivious to the danger, expresses her desire to meet Chhutki but resigns herself to the fact that she cant go and hopes Chhutki is being taken care of.

  • img
    E50 - Laal Banarasi
    17 July 2023 | 25 min

    Gauri is being followed by a truck. The truck driver, with sharp eyes, is following her. A threat builds up as Gauri stops and prepares to cross the road, while the truck driver accelerates the vehicle. Oblivious to the approaching truck, Gauri continues moving ahead. The focus shifts from Gauris side profile as the truck rapidly approaches from behind. Suddenly, Gauri stops abruptly, seemingly having noticed something. In a dramatic scene, Gauri remains motionless while the truck rapidly approaches. Gauri turns her head to the left, towards the garden, where Mangal and Ganga are happily conversing and sharing an ice cream. Gauri is stunned, wondering why her sister is there, while the truck approaches from behind at high speed. The scene intensifies as Gauri continues to observe Mangal and Ganga, while the truck approaches her with full force. As the truck gets dangerously close to Gauri, suddenly, a bag of vegetables flies into the air, and the vegetables scatter across the road.Gauri, a truck driver, narrowly avoids an accident with a speeding truck. She overhears Ganga and Mangal planning to run away and get married without waiting for permission. Gauri confronts them, leading to a heated argument. Meanwhile, Nachiket, an eve teaser, harasses Gauri in public. Gauri stands up to him but is humiliated by her own family. Later, Nachiket arrives at Gauris house as a prospective groom. Gauri recognizes him and slaps him, causing tension in the family. Anika is caught in a difficult situation and pleads with Nachiket to call off the wedding. In another room, Gauri contemplates how to reveal Nachikets true nature to everyone.

  • img
    E51 - Laal Banarasi
    18 July 2023 | 21 min

    Gauri serves tea to the guests, Samaira purposely spills hot tea on Gauris hand. Gauri rushes to clean up and escapes to Anikas room. Meanwhile, tensions rise in the main hall as the family awaits Gauris return. Nachiket agrees for the marriage. The family is super happy while Anika and Gauri are shell shocked. Gauris eyes meet with Nachiket, who has a wicked smile. Shakuntla, Dhirendra, Binda, Mahendra, and Meena congratulate each other. Mahendra asks Shakuntla about the date for the engagement ceremony, but Shakuntla says the engagement will happen today itself to avoid any mistakes. Everyone is stunned by the sudden decision. Anika and Gauri panic as the situation escalates. Garv also appears happy. Shakuntla instructs the preparations for Garv to apply the ceremonial tikka on Nachiket. Anika, with teary eyes, looks at Gauri, who holds her hand and declares that Anika will not marry Nachiket. The revelation shocks everyone. Shakuntla yells at Gauri and threatens to kick her out of the house. Mahendra intervenes and expresses his inability to tolerate such humiliation repeatedly, suggesting they leave the house if the accusations against Gauri continue. Garv opposes Gauri strongly, while Gauri insists that marrying Nachiket would ruin Anikas life. The tension escalates as accusations are made against Nachiket, and the truth is revealed, leaving everyone shocked. Gauri points a finger at Nachiket, exposing his misdeeds in front of everyone. Gangas testimony supports Gauris claims. Shakuntla and the others are taken aback. Garv confronts Nachiket, who denies the allegations. Samaira defends Nachiket, causing further conflict. Gauri pleads with the family to consider Anikas happiness and not let the wedding proceed. Shakuntla and Binda counter Gauri, blaming her for tarnishing the familys reputation. Gauri seeks support from Dhirendra and Binda, but they remain silent. Garv interrupts Gauris plea, causing her disbelief. Shakuntla takes hold of Gauri and threatens her, while Garv tries to stop Shakuntla. Mahendra warns Garv that any interference will result in severe consequences for Gauris reputation. Garv, torn between his concern for Gauri and his sisters marriage, chooses to remain silent. Gauri is devastated by the betrayal. In the store room, Gauri is trapped in darkness, fearing for her life. Garv arrives in time, rescuing her from distress. Garv comforts Gauri, and she expresses her trust in him. Shakuntla takes Garv aside, questioning his concern for Gauri. Garv defends Gauri, highlighting the inhumane treatment she endured. Shakuntla remains unconvinced. Gauris attempt to end her life is interrupted by Garv, leading to a heartfelt moment between them. Garv assures Gauri that they will find a solution. Meanwhile, on the rooftop, Gauri prevents Anika from harming herself and assures her that they will talk to Garv about the situation. Anika receives a call from Aarav and leaves to speak with him. Gauri is left worried about what to do next when she suddenly encounters Nachiket, who wears a wicked smile.

  • img
    E52 - Laal Banarasi
    19 July 2023 | 24 min

    Gauri, Anika, Dushyant, Yug, Garv, Ganga, Nana, Binda, Dhirendra, Shakuntla, and the maid are gathered on the rooftop of Shakuntlas house at night. Suddenly, Gauri falls to the floor, and everyone is shocked. It is revealed that Gauris wrist was cut but she is not dead. Flashback reveals that Nachiket had cut Gauris wrist to save himself, causing her to fall. Presently, everyone is in shock and questioning how it happened.The scene shifts to the dining area, where everyone is eating and hears Gauris scream. They rush to find Gauri with a bleeding wrist. Shakuntla defends Gauri, but Gauri accuses Nachiket of attempting to harm her and reveals his true intentions. Shakuntla slaps Gauri, and a heated argument ensues.Later, Samaira and Nachiket visit Shakuntlas house. They exchange pleasantries, but Gauri confronts Nachiket, accusing him of wrongdoing. The family is shocked by Gauris outburst. Anika, Samaira, and Nachiket leave to avoid the tension.In the kitchen, Garv tries to calm down Gauri and make her drink turmeric milk. However, Gauri refuses and expresses her concerns about Anikas relationship with Nachiket. Garv tries to reassure her, but Gauri remains adamant.The next day, Mahendra brings a large mirror tarazu and asks Anika to sit on it. Anika complies, and everyone is confused about the situation. Yug accuses Shakuntla and Mahendra of using Anika for their benefit, leading to a heated argument. Gauri tries to defend Anika, but she faces humiliation from the family.Later in the kitchen, Gauri shares her worries with Anika, who confirms that Nachiket made her uncomfortable. They discuss their concerns about Nachikets intentions and decide to take action.In the hall, a police inspector arrives, announcing that they have received a complaint against Gauri for attempting suicide. Everyone is shocked by the accusation, and Gauri is taken aback. Garv questions the inspector, but the police insist on arresting Gauri.The episode ends with the family in disbelief over the accusation against Gauri and Garvs efforts to defend her innocence.

  • img
    E53 - Laal Banarasi
    20 July 2023 | 21 min

    In the episode, Gauri is thrown ruthlessly into the lockup while pleading for innocence. The Inspector and Heera intimidate Gauri, while she desperately holds onto the lockup bar. Gauri is subjected to physical abuse by the constables and faces the menacing presence of Heera and Rani. Meanwhile, the Inspector informs Shakuntla of Gauris situation, plotting her demise. Garv arrives in the lockup area, witnessing the torture inflicted on Gauri. He intervenes, causing Heera and Rani to momentarily release Gauri. Garv and Gauri share an emotional moment, and Gauri pleads for her freedom, emphasizing her innocence. Garv assures her and confronts Heera. However, the Inspector dismisses Garvs concerns and refuses to relocate Gauri for her safety.Shakuntla ends her call with the Inspector and wickedly laughs, revealing her malicious intentions towards Gauri. Gauri continues to face mistreatment from Heera and Rani, desperately struggling for her life. In a fortunate turn of events, Gauri manages to free herself from their grip and seeks refuge near the lockup bars.Garv expresses his anger towards Heera, but she remains indifferent. He also confronts the Inspector, demanding protection for Gauri against Heera and Rani. Despite the Inspectors resistance, Gauri urges Garv to prioritize Anikas safety and prevent her marriage with Nachiket. Garv is torn between emotions and responsibilities.The scene shifts to Shakuntlas house, where preparations for Nachiket and Anikas wedding are underway. Garv confronts Nachiket, seeking the truth about the rooftop incident. Nachiket falsely admits to harming Gauri, leading to shock among the family members. Garv accuses Shakuntla of falsely accusing Gauri, and tensions rise.Garv demands the truth from Nachiket, but Nachiket continues to deceive, claiming he is willing to lie for Gauris freedom. Shakuntla praises Nachikets loyalty, leaving Garv astonished. Gauri interrupts, expressing her devotion to Anika and trusting Garv to protect her. She implores Garv to save Anika from Nachikets grasp, highlighting the familys honor.Garv grapples with conflicting emotions, unsure of his next move. The episode ends with Gauri alone in the lockup, facing Heeras imminent threat, and Garv contemplating the best course of action to ensure Anikas safety.

  • img
    E54 - Laal Banarasi
    21 July 2023 | 26 min

    Garv, a frustrated and devastated man, releases his emotions through boxing and is torn between his feelings for Gauri, who is in jail. He remembers their happy moments together, making him even more conflicted. In a moment of intense anger, he injures his knuckles but is determined to be there for Gauri.Meanwhile, in jail, Gauri faces threats and danger from other inmates, including Heera and Rani. They try to harm her, but Gauri fights back, injuring herself in the process. Fortunately, Garv arrives just in time and saves her. At the hospital, Gauri undergoes surgery, and Garv prays for her recovery, promising to always protect her. Gauri regains consciousness, and Garv expresses his love for her. However, Yug, Garvs brother, appears, causing tension between them. Gauri assures Garv not to worry about Yug and asks him to focus on her happiness. Later, at Shakuntlas house, Binda tries to provoke Shakuntla about Garv and Gauris relationship. Garv and Gauri return home, and Shakuntla is shocked to see Gauri safe. Gauris innocence touches Shakuntlas heart, and she starts to change her opinion about her.

  • img
    E55 - Laal Banarasi
    24 July 2023 | 23 min

    Gauri is dressing up in front of the dressing table when Nachiket secretly watches her, his eyes filled with lust. He approaches Gauri inappropriately, and she gets startled and asks him why he is there. Nachiket offers her a saree meant for Anika but seems more interested in Gauris beauty. Gauri feels offended and pushes him away, warning him to behave properly.Meanwhile, in another scene, Garv and Shakuntala are discussing Anikas marriage to Nachiket. Shakuntala shows Garv some legal papers and informs him that they need proof that he doesnt love Gauri before proceeding with Anikas marriage. Garv is shocked to discover that the papers are divorce papers, and Shakuntala insists he sign them to prove his disinterest in Gauri. In another part of the house, Anika is seen talking to her lover, Aarav, in her room. Gauri notices them and alerts them to the risk of getting caught. Gauris presence prevents Nachiket from discovering Anika with her lover.The episode ends with Garv finding Gauri dressing up, and Nachiket behaving inappropriately towards her. Tensions continue to rise in the house, and the drama unfolds, leaving the viewers eager for the next episode.

  • img
    E56 - Laal Banarasi
    25 July 2023 | 24 min

    Gauri is scared as she holds the sickle dramatically, about to hit Nachiket, who ducks and is shellshocked. Yug appears and witnesses the scene. Nachiket pushes Yug, punches him, and justifies his actions, claiming others do it too. Gauri slaps Nachiket, refusing Anikas marriage to him. Nachiket insists the wedding will happen, and Gauri and he will be together after that. Garv is torn about signing papers, Shakuntla manipulates him. Gauri pleads with Garv not to let the marriage happen. Garv receives news of a lawyers accident. In the kitchen, Anika contemplates selfimmolation, but Gauri stops her, assuring Garvs efforts will stop the wedding. Samaira confronts Nachiket, who plans to torture Anika to make Garv marry her. Gauri records their conversation on her phone. Nachiket and Samaira see Gauri recording, Nachiket points a pistol at her, demanding the phone.

  • img
    E57 - Laal Banarasi
    26 July 2023 | 25 min

    In the pool area, Gauri is struggled by Samaira and Nachiket, her phone is taken from her, and she is threatened. Gauri tries to call Yug for help but fails. Garv, worried about Gauri, searches for her in the house but is stopped by Shakuntla. Samaira and Nachiket forcefully push Gauri into the pool, and she struggles to stay afloat. Nachiket holds her underwater, and Gauri loses consciousness. Just as Gauri is about to drown, Garv arrives at the pool and witnesses the scene. Shocked, Garv and Shakuntla see Gauris lifeless body in the water. The episode ends with a splitscreen showing Garvs shocked face, Gauris body in the water, and a smiling Shakuntla.Garv panics seeing Gauri’s body floating in the pool. Charge on Gauri and Garv. Binda rushes there and is shocked to see Gauri. Garv screams, Gauri and jumps in the pool to save her. Garv tries to revive Gauri, but she doesnt respond. Garv is emotionally panicked. He finally takes Gauri in his arms and calls for her to wake up. Gauri gains consciousness and reveals that Nachiket and Samaira tried to harm her.Gauri accuses them of plotting against Anika. The family is divided over believing her claims. Shakuntla plans to get Nachiket married to Anika and plots to get rid of Gauri from the house. Garv stands by Gauri despite the familys decision to sever ties with her. Gauris health worsens, but she remains strong and expresses faith in Garvs love.Shakuntla deceives everyone and pretends to be concerned about Gauris condition. She plans to avoid feeding Kavariyons during the Sawan festival. Gauri pledges to take care of the Kavariyons despite her illness. Binda is pleased with Gauris response and believes her death during the festival will grant her a place in heaven. The scene ends with Bindas cunning smile, anticipating the fulfillment of her sinister plan.

  • img
    E58 - Laal Banarasi
    27 July 2023 | 23 min

    Shakuntla House is shown. Ganga is already seen preparing for Bhoj, cutting vegetables. Gauri enters, looking weak, and an awkward exchange of looks happens between the two sisters. Ganga averts her gaze with irritation. Binda enters with a pedestal fan and surprises Ganga and Gauri. Binda says, Bahuo, we forgot to inform you that the chimney is not working, but our wise mind is working, so we brought a fan to keep you cool.She places the fan near the window, and Ganga and Gauri continue their work. Binda plugs in the fan, intentionally placing it behind Gauri, causing a threat to her. Binda instructs Gauri, Gauri, make kheer while Ganga fries the pooris. Gauri nods, and Binda leaves, telling Gauri to switch on the fan.Gauri prays to Lord Shiva, asking for his blessings to serve his devotees well and end the mistresss anger as she doesnt want any tension in the house. Ganga observes Gauri with an irritated look, suspecting that Gauri might do something wrong to ruin her efforts.The scene shifts to Binda informing Shakuntla, who is sitting in her queen chair, about placing the fan. Binda asks what will happen now that the fan is installed. Shakuntla gets up and reveals her plan to make Gauri suffer when she feels hot. The scene intercuts between Shakuntlas narration and Gauri boiling oil in the kitchen while feeling weak due to the heat. Shakuntla explains that as soon as Gauri turns on the fan, it will blow the kitchens hot air out, and the fans strong airflow will pull Gauris saree pallu towards it like a noose.Binda becomes clear about the plan, and both she and Shakuntla praise the sinister idea. Meanwhile, the focus shifts to Lord Shivas idol, hinting at the possibility of divine intervention to save Gauri.Back in the kitchen, Gauri switches on the fan, and it starts running at high speed. Gauri stands near the fan, unaware of the danger. Binda excitedly says to Shakuntla that Gauris saree pallu will soon get caught in the fan. However, to everyones surprise, the fan suddenly stops. Gauri is shocked and turns to see who switched it off. At the same time, Ganga, who was sneaking behind Gauri with a bottle of transparent liquid acid, becomes startled by the sudden turn of events.As Ganga tries to hide the acid bottle, she fails to notice that the fan is still off. In a fraction of a second, Ganga accidentally switches the fan on again at full speed. Ganga struggles as her pallus grip tightens and gasps for air. Gauri screams in terror. Shakuntla and Binda are happy hearing Gauris scream. Gauri rushes to save Ganga but accidentally spills boiling oil. Ganga gets minor burns. Doctor treats her. Gauri blamed, tension rises. Binda confesses the plan, Shakuntla involved. Mausi Choti Maai arrives, scolds everyone, points gun at Gauri. Tense situation ensues.

  • img
    E59 - Laal Banarasi
    28 July 2023 | 23 min

    Ganga splashes oil on Gauri, causing chaos. Garv saves Gauri heroically from falling oil. Tensions rise, and Gauri defends herself against accusations. Yug intervenes and confronts Ganga. Gauri shows her love for her sister and warns Yug against Ganga. Nachiket enters with evil intentions. Garv tries to find evidence against him but fails. Shakuntla rushes Anikas wedding preparations, while Gauri worries about her sisters future. Gauri prays for Gangas safety. Chhoti Maai questions Gauris true nature in the temple.

  • img
    E60 - Laal Banarasi
    31 July 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri is emotionally gazing at Lord Shivas idol when tensed Ganga is revealed standing nearby. Gauri lights a diya and emotionally looks at Lord Shiva, praying for Gangas safety. Chhoti Maai confronts Gauri about her true intentions, and Gauri assures her that she only wants the best for her family. Chhoti Maai tests Gauris loyalty by lighting incense on her palm. Gauri bears the pain without flinching, proving her commitment to the family. Later, Ganga confronts Mangal about their marriage, but he rejects her due to her scarred face. Anika intervenes, willing to marry Nachiket to save Aarav. After an emotional confrontation, Anika agrees to marry Nachiket,and Gauri is devastated. The next morning, Gauri is restless, seeking a way to stop Anikas wedding. Chhoti Maai instructs her to prepare a turmeric paste and apply it to Anika. Meanwhile, Shakuntla and Ganga make a pact to bring down Gauris family, but Gauri forgives Ganga and welcomes her back. As the preparations for the wedding continue, Binda and Shakuntla plot to harm Gauri. They tamper with the ladder she is using to hang torans, intending to cause her to fall. However, Garv arrives just in time and saves Gauri from the fall, thwarting Binda and Shakuntlas evil plans.

  • img
    E61 - Laal Banarasi
    01 August 2023 | 23 min

    Gauri is rushed into the Taikhana store room and becomes trapped among piles of boris. She tries to escape, but scorpions surround her, causing her to scream for help. However, Chhoti Maai intervenes just in time, shooting at the scorpions to save Gauri. Chhoti Maai tends to Gauris wound and helps her escape the store room. Later, during Nachiket and Anikas mehendi ceremony, Gauri unexpectedly appears, shocking Shakuntla and Ganga. Chhoti Maai warns Ganga to be careful as she knows about their plot against Gauri. Gauris presence leaves Shakuntla and Ganga anxious

  • img
    E62 - Laal Banarasi
    01 August 2023 | 22 min

    The mehendi ceremony is taking place at Shakuntlas house. Chhoti Maai is impressed by Gauris dedication to Garv, even as Ganga feels annoyed. Meanwhile, Yug, who was initially against the marriage, also witnesses the ceremony and is angry. Ganga tries to convince Yug to give her another chance, but he remains adamant. Shakuntla intervenes and asks Yug not to create a scene. Later, Gauri and Garv discuss their concern for Aaravs safety, but Yug offers to help them find clues. They are surprised and intrigued by his offer. The scene ends with tension and uncertainty as they plan to search for evidence to stop Anikas wedding and find Aarav.

  • img
    E63 - Laal Banarasi
    02 August 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri is found unconscious in the Cold Storage Room, but her determination to stop Nachiket and Anikas wedding keeps her going. Garv, searching for her, finds her unconscious state, but divine intervention and Anikas prayer awaken Gauri. Determined to thwart Nachikets plans, Gauri tries to stand but falls again in pain. Meanwhile, Garv discovers the rooms extremely low temperature and realizes someone may have trapped Gauri there. The wedding ceremony continues with Anika reluctantly putting the varmala on Nachiket.

  • img
    E64 - Laal Banarasi
    03 August 2023 | 22 min

    Nachiket is approached by Gauri, who tries to reason with him not to ruin Anikas life. However, Nachiket manipulates the situation and threatens to marry Anika unless Gauri spends some romantic moments with him in a secluded room. Gauri cleverly distracts him and sends a distress call to Garv, who rushes to her aid. Garv confronts Nachiket and beats him up for his vile intentions. Aarav, Gauri and Garvs ally, also enters the room and helps them. Later, Nachiket Aarav pretends to be the groom at the wedding, but during the ceremony, Gauri, Garv, and Yug reveal the truth, uncovering Aaravs disguise. Anikas real wedding proceeds with Nachikets true identity exposed, leaving everyone shocked and Aarav arrested for his deceitful actions.

  • img
    E65 - Laal Banarasi
    04 August 2023 | 25 min

    The story revolves around a family dispute between Gauri and her brotherinlaw, Nachiket, who is trying to ruin Anikas life. During the wedding preparations, Gauri secretly plans with a waiter to create a distraction. Later, Gauri confronts Nachiket in Anikas room, pleading with him not to harm Anika. Nachiket taunts Gauri, demanding that she spend some time with him in the room if she wants him to spare Anika. Garv wonders where Gauri disappeared during the commotion.

  • img
    E66 - Laal Banarasi
    07 August 2023 | 21 min

    The door of Nachikets room is closed, and Gauri is in trouble. She calls for help, and Garv arrives just in time to save her from Nachikets inappropriate behaviour. A confrontation ensues, and Garv reveals that he and Gauri had planned the whole situation to expose Nachikets true intentions. The family witnesses the revelation, and Nachikets deceit is exposed. Garv takes a stand for Gauri and declares Aarav as the manager of his store. After the wedding, everyone leaves, and Shakuntala, enraged, suffers a sudden health crisis. Gauri rushes to her aid and tends to her with care and concern. The next morning, Gauri wakes up to find Shakuntala sleeping peacefully.

  • img
    E67 - Laal Banarasi
    08 August 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri is seen sleeping while Choti Maai shouts that she will not miss her target. Gauri is confused and rushes to the cold storage room where Ganga is thrown inside. Choti Maai reveals that Ganga was the one who tried to harm Gauri before. Gauri pleads for Gangas release, but Choti Maai remains adamant. Gauri emotionally tries to convince Choti Maai to let Ganga go, but Choti Maai insists on punishing her. Garv intervenes and tries to reason with Shakuntala about Gauris innocence, but she remains stubborn. Later, Garv confides in Gauri about the truth and expresses his fear of losing her. Gauri reassures him of her love, but their conversation is interrupted by Gangas anger towards Gauri. Ganga blames Gauri for ruining her life and threatens selfharm. Garv saves Gauri from seeing a video that could have revealed his deceit to her. Shakuntala eventually shows the video to Gauri, but Garv manages to prevent her from hearing its audio. Gauri remains unaware of the content and returns to prepare food for Garv. Shakuntala scolds Gauri for being curious about the TV show and mentions that Garv is hungry.

  • img
    E68 - Laal Banarasi
    09 August 2023 | 24 min

    The box in which Gauri is trapped catches fire due to a sudden gust of wind, and she screams for help. Garv rushes to save her and manages to rescue Gauri from the burning box. Shakuntala and Binda are shocked by this turn of events. Gauri reveals that someone had locked her in the box, and she found a clue—a missing pair of payal. Garv suggests that whoever is missing one of their pair of payal could be the culprit. Shakuntala and Binda exchange suspicious glances as Garv investigates further.

  • img
    E69 - Laal Banarasi
    10 August 2023 | 24 min

    Gauri proposes Garv to fulfil her wish of completing her education. However, Garv rejects the idea and gets angry, seemingly haunted by some past memory related to education. Meanwhile, Ganga tries to seduce Yug to establish a relationship with him, but he rejects her advances. In another scene, Garv looks restless and haunted, with a troubled memory related to education affecting him.

  • img
    E70 - Laal Banarasi
    11 August 2023 | 23 min

    Chhoti Maai talks secretly on the phone, revealing a mysterious plan. Gauri overhears and questions her. Chhoti Maai deflects, causing suspicion. Later, Gauri decorates a room, but Chhoti Maai and others misunderstand it as wedding preparations. Chhoti Maai teases Gauri about her relationship with Garv. Gauri gets shy by hearing all this. In another scene, Gauri and Garv share a romantic moment, but a fan falls dangerously. Gauris quick reflexes save them, leaving everyone shocked. Shakuntala plans danger for Gauri, but Garv confronts her, revealing his and Gauris love is strong. Meanwhile, Gauri receives books from Yug, causing tension between them.Gauri expresses her need for Garvs approval in her decisions, while Yug urges her to be independent. Chhoti Maai is seen performing mysterious rituals while Gauri is suspicious. Binda and Ganga discuss Chhoti Maais strange behavior and her involvement in Anikas marriage. Gauri investigates Chhoti Maais room and finds odd items. She confronts Chhoti Maai, who threatens her.

  • img
    E71 - Laal Banarasi
    14 August 2023 | 23 min

    Ganga observes and plots to create further distance between Yug and Gauri. Binda plans to poison Gauris milk with lizard venom. Dhirendra is worried about Bindas plan.In the kitchen, Ganga secretly mixes a potion to control her husband Yug, while Binda mixes poison to harm Gauri. They accidentally swap the glasses. Gauri realizes their plan and warns against harming innocent lives. Gauri finds burnt books in Garvs room. He confesses his hatred for her education. Gauri vows to uncover the truth behind Garvs animosity. Meanwhile, Chhoti Maai is exposed near Shakuntalas safe. Suspicion grows as Shakuntala decides to investigate Chhoti Maais motives. At dinner, tensions rise between Gauri and Garv. Gauri saves Ganga from revealing a secret. Binda manipulates Shakuntala, insinuating that Gauri and Ganga are scheming against their family.

  • img
    E72 - Laal Banarasi
    15 August 2023 | 24 min

    In the middle of a dinner scene, Garvs behavior upsets Gauri. Shakuntala notices. Gauri helps Ganga and Shakuntala confronts her. Gauri defends herself, and Choti Maai intervenes. Gauri reassures her commitment to the family.In another scene, Gauri receives a college admission form from Yug. She questions his actions. A confrontation occurs between Garv, Yug, and Gauri. Shakuntala overhears and decides to use Gauris actions against her.

  • img
    E73 - Laal Banarasi
    16 August 2023 | 24 min

    Gauri wants to move out, but Shakuntala stops her for a conversation. Gauri and Shakuntala argue about Gauris intentions. Gauri defends herself, saying she respects the motherly bond. Shakuntala praises Gauris manipulative skills. Gauri clarifies she wants to unite, not divide. Choti Maai intervenes, criticizing Shakuntalas actions. Tension rises, threats are made. Gauri wakes up from a nightmare where Yug is hurt. Gauri reassures herself about preserving family bonds. Later, Garv is drunk, blaming Gauri for his sacrifices. Gauri confronts him, wanting to know his secret. They accidentally fall into the bathtub, a romantic moment. The next morning, Ganga prepares juice to terminate herpregnancy. Gauri worries about her. Gauri notices Ganga missing and searches for her. Gauri finds Ganga about to drink the juice but stops her. Tensions rise between them.

  • img
    E74 - Laal Banarasi
    17 August 2023 | 43 min

    Maya receives a text from Jaya about Naagpanchmi and Sheshnaag Temple. They need to sit together for a ritual. Maya is intrigued.Chhoti Maai plans a temple visit, Binda prepares a money tray for puja. Shakuntla questions giving away money. Gauri slips due to oil. Garv helps her, and they decide on the ritual. Shakuntala urges Garv to attend a meeting instead. Gauri supports his decision.Later, its revealed that Shakuntala and Nachiket plot against Gauri. Shakuntala wants to tarnish Gauris reputation. Tensions rise as their plans unfold.At the Sheshnaag Temple, a grand setup is shown with Pandits and devotees. Shakuntalas family enters, bows to the deity. Chhoti Maai places a tray with money in a corner. Pandit blesses them and hints at Gauri facing trouble. Gauri is worried. Shakuntala performs an intense aarti for her sons safety. Gauri notices her friend’s husband and sister together. Gauri calls her friend Siddhi, who is also concerned about Maaya and Vinayaks unusual behavior at the temple. Shakuntala continues the aarti passionately. Binda and Dhirendra share a light moment. Gauri searches for Maaya and Vinayak but cant find them. Chhoti Maai switches real money with fake money in a tray.Chhoti Maai is surprised as she witnesses Gauri exchanging money. The bag is seen from Chhoti Maais point of view. Gauris actions catch Chhoti Maais attention, and she observes her closely. However, Chhoti Maai is caught in the act by Gauri. Gauri is aware that Chhoti Maai has noticed her, and Chhoti Maai proceeds to question her. Nachiket gazes at Gauri while she moves to another corner of the temple. He then shifts his focus to his special Been, an instrument he possesses. He recites the mantras Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah, Om Namah Shivaya and contemplates the deadly purpose of the Been.As Shakuntala concludes her aarti, the crowd claps in appreciation. The anticipation builds as everyone expects the appearance of Sesh Naag. The camera focuses on the setup resembling a hole, indicating where Sesh Naag might emerge. Binda provides information about Sesh Naags behavior, and the audiences attention is drawn to the hole. Maaya and Vinayak are shown performing a ritual, with Pandit reciting mantras and applying water and sandalwood paste. The camera captures the initiation of the pooja.Gauri arrives with a bucket of milk for the offering, and Nachiket follows her closely. Gauri reaches a corner, creating a dramatic atmosphere. Nachiket continues to tail Gauri discreetly, maintaining his disguise as Sanpera.Siddhi and Dadiya enter the main prayer area, where everyone awaits the emergence of Sesh Naag. Siddhi notices Nachikets intense focus on Gauri and becomes alarmed. She rushes towards them, shouting Gauris name.Siddhi intervenes just as Nachiket is about to target Gauri with his Been. The needle pricks Siddhis skin instead, causing her to collapse in pain. Gauri and Siddhi both scream and fall unconscious.Panic ensues as people around react to Siddhi and Gauris collapse. Nachiket flees the scene unnoticed. Chhoti Maai and Dadiya witness Siddhi and Gauri lying unconscious and rush to their sides, alarmed and concerned.

  • img
    E75 - Laal Banarasi
    18 August 2023 | 55 min

    Maya receives a text from Jaya about Naagpanchmi and Sheshnaag Temple. They need to sit together for a ritual. Maya is intrigued.Chhoti Maai plans a temple visit, Binda prepares a money tray for puja. Shakuntla questions giving away money. Gauri slips due to oil. Garv helps her, and they decide on the ritual. Shakuntala urges Garv to attend a meeting instead. Gauri supports his decision.Later, its revealed that Shakuntala and Nachiket plot against Gauri. Shakuntala wants to tarnish Gauris reputation. Tensions rise as their plans unfold.At the Sheshnaag Temple, a grand setup is shown with Pandits and devotees. Shakuntalas family enters, bows to the deity. Chhoti Maai places a tray with money in a corner. Pandit blesses them and hints at Gauri facing trouble. Gauri is worried. Shakuntala performs an intense aarti for her sons safety. Gauri notices her friend’s husband and sister together. Gauri calls her friend Siddhi, who is also concerned about Maaya and Vinayaks unusual behavior at the temple. Shakuntala continues the aarti passionately. Binda and Dhirendra share a light moment. Gauri searches for Maaya and Vinayak but cant find them. Chhoti Maai switches real money with fake money in a tray.Chhoti Maai is surprised as she witnesses Gauri exchanging money. The bag is seen from Chhoti Maais point of view. Gauris actions catch Chhoti Maais attention, and she observes her closely. However, Chhoti Maai is caught in the act by Gauri. Gauri is aware that Chhoti Maai has noticed her, and Chhoti Maai proceeds to question her. Nachiket gazes at Gauri while she moves to another corner of the temple. He then shifts his focus to his special Been, an instrument he possesses. He recites the mantras Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah, Om Namah Shivaya and contemplates the deadly purpose of the Been.As Shakuntala concludes her aarti, the crowd claps in appreciation. The anticipation builds as everyone expects the appearance of Sesh Naag. The camera focuses on the setup resembling a hole, indicating where Sesh Naag might emerge. Binda provides information about Sesh Naags behavior, and the audiences attention is drawn to the hole. Maaya and Vinayak are shown performing a ritual, with Pandit reciting mantras and applying water and sandalwood paste. The camera captures the initiation of the pooja.Gauri arrives with a bucket of milk for the offering, and Nachiket follows her closely. Gauri reaches a corner, creating a dramatic atmosphere. Nachiket continues to tail Gauri discreetly, maintaining his disguise as Sanpera.Siddhi and Dadiya enter the main prayer area, where everyone awaits the emergence of Sesh Naag. Siddhi notices Nachikets intense focus on Gauri and becomes alarmed. She rushes towards them, shouting Gauris name.Siddhi intervenes just as Nachiket is about to target Gauri with his Been. The needle pricks Siddhis skin instead, causing her to collapse in pain. Gauri and Siddhi both scream and fall unconscious.Panic ensues as people around react to Siddhi and Gauris collapse. Nachiket flees the scene unnoticed. Chhoti Maai and Dadiya witness Siddhi and Gauri lying unconscious and rush to their sides, alarmed and concerned.

  • img
    E76 - Laal Banarasi
    21 August 2023 | 22 min

    Garv is pissed and suspects Shakuntala for Gauris kidnapping. The DNA report reflects Yug as the father, Shakuntala is shocked while Gauri seems doubtful. Chhoti maai makes laddu for Garvs birthday, Gauri is elated.

  • img
    E77 - Laal Banarasi
    22 August 2023 | 22 min

    Its Garvs birthday party, Gauri makes plan to surprise Garv, he is happy. Just then we see a girl named Rishika enter who Shakuntala has called. something seems unnatural with her. She enters the party and directly kisses Garv, Gauri is shocked devastated.

  • img
    E78 - Laal Banarasi
    23 August 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri questions Garv about having feelings for Rishika, Garv isnt able to respond, Gauri is emotionally shattered. Later Gauri sees someone going towards the basement. She follows and sees Chhoti Maai. It seems that Chhoti Maai will be caught.

  • img
    E79 - Laal Banarasi
    24 August 2023 | 23 min

    Chhoti Maai is performing Pooja as Gauri almost suspects something, everyone reaches but Chhoti maai cleans before anyone sees anything. Garv isnt in his room, Gauri goes looking for him and finds him with Rishika on her bed, suddenly she sees only Garv in the mirror but not Rishika. She looks shocked.

  • img
    E80 - Laal Banarasi
    25 August 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri sees Rishika going inside through the closed door. No one believes her, breaks the door and looks inside, no one is there. Shakuntala slaps Gauri. Gauri starts leaving the house after seeing the mark on Garvs neck. Garv says he doesnt know how this happened. Gauri seems that Rishika is doing some magic. Rishika is standing wearing a saree like Gauri and Garv grabs her. Gauri sees it. Garv says he thought Gauri is there. Rishika stops him and says she knows Shakuntala has given divorce papers to Garv to take Gauri away.

  • img
    E81 - Laal Banarasi
    28 August 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri finds black lemon in the kitchen and senses something fishy. Gauri makes soth laddoos for Ganga. Ganga thinks of mixing something in it so that her child also falls and the blame falls on Gauri. Gauri feeds the laddoos to Ganga and searching Garv Shakuntala tells that Garv has gone with Rishika. Gauri gets tensed. Ganga eats laddoos, her stomach hurts. She gets a flashback she mixed powder in laddoos. Shakutnala blames Gauri. Doctor tells the child and Ganga are saved because of laddoo. Gauris flashback when she thinks that the Shakuntala mixed something in the laddoo, so she prepares another laddoo. Rishika here tries to take Garv by magic to take him to her world. Gauri continue call Garv.

  • img
    E82 - Laal Banarasi
    29 August 2023 | 22 min

    On one side, Gauri is worshiping and on the other, Rishika is doing her tantra vidya. Water comes from the pipe and Rishikas tantra vidya is dissolved. Garv regains consciousness and reaches home. Telling anything to Gauri, Rishikas wind blows. Garv pushes Gauri. Choti Maai doing black magic on Shakuntala, Gauri heals Shakuntala’s leg. Rishika comes to Garv. Gauri takes pujas tilak to the room. Rishikas condition worsens because of tilak.

  • img
    E83 - Laal Banarasi
    30 August 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri asks Panditji to come home on the call. Choti Maai brings a doctor for Shakuntalas leg, he takes Shakuntalas blood sample, which Choti Maai changes and keeps Shakuntalas blood with her. Pandit ji tells that there is some magical power in the house to collect all the family members. Gauri and Binda go to take Garv and Rishika. Chanting of mantras worsens the condition of Gauri and Rishika. By the time Gauri arrives, Garv is rectified. Binda sees Rishikas true form. Rishika strangles her but then let’s go. When all the housemates come hear Binda voice, she points towards Rishikas room.

  • img
    E84 - Laal Banarasi
    31 August 2023 | 23 min

    Choti Maai takes out Shakuntalas voodoo doll in order to use her blood and finally complete her maksaad but she realises that the blood has turned all black, she is pissed. Garv is now fully controlled by Rishika as he pulls Gauri by her hair and tries to choke her as his hands brush off on Gauris mangalsutra and with a jolt he leaves Gauri as Rishika is pissed. Binda is still very scared as she is hiding in the cupboard, Shakuntala is pissed at Binda for behaving weirdly. Garv goes to Rishikas room under her influence as Gauri tries to stop him but the door is shut, she keeps on pleading. Binda tries to get someproof on Rishika, as she makes a video of Rishika doing some tantra on Garv. Later she is standing on top of Shakuntala, she gets scared as Binda tries to show her the video but in the video only Garv is visible. Binda is very scared.

  • img
    E85 - Laal Banarasi
    01 September 2023 | 22 min

    In the dimly lit corridors of Shakuntala House, a frantic search for the missing frail man is conducted by Choti Maai, who is overcome with anxiety. Concerns arise regarding the potential repercussions of his sudden disappearance. Meanwhile, as Rishika is about to exit her room, the frail man, weakened by illness, approaches. Heightened tension is experienced as the presence of the frail man is attempted to be concealed by Choti Maai from Rishika. A dramatic confrontation unfolds as the frail man is confronted by Rishika, his throat gripped tightly. Witnessing the perilous situation, increasing alarm is felt by Choti Maai. Gauri, holding a hammer, questions the actions of Choti Maai. Desperate efforts are made by Choti Maai to divert Gauris attention while racing against the clock to save the frail man from the menacing grip of Rishika.

  • img
    E86 - Laal Banarasi
    04 September 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri enters the room where Garv is getting ready to leave. She holds the talisman in her hand and tries to persuade him to wear it. Garv questions her actions. Garv agrees reluctantly, but when Gauri tries to make him wear the talisman, he resists, expressing his scepticism. Garv says You know I dont believe in these things. Why do you bring such stuff for me Gauri insists, believing in the talismans protective power. Garv eventually agrees, but as he touches the talisman to put it on, he suddenly grabs Gauris wrist and exerts an unusual force, causing her pain. Gauri is shocked and cries out for him to stop, but Garv continues with an evil smirk on his face. He forcefully breaks the talisman, leaving Gauri in disbelief. Garv, under the influence of dark forces, doesnt relent and shoves Gauri away before leaving the room in a trance. Gauri is left hurt and shocked, clutching the broken talisman. She worries about how to protect Garv from Rishikas dark influence.

  • img
    E87 - Laal Banarasi
    05 September 2023 | 23 min

    Gauri attempts to convince Garv that his behaviour is controlled by Rishika. Garv declares his intention to divorce Gauri, causing her to break down. Rishika manipulates Garv into holding a knife to Yugs wrist, causing a commotion. Rishika uses her powers to control Garv and make him act against his will. Ganga tends to Yugs wound, and Gauri watches in distress. Choti Maai and others express their concern over Garvs bizarre behaviour. Gauri consults a pandit to find a solution to deal with Rishikas control over Garv. The pandit suggests using a special oil and a consecrated Rakhi to weaken Rishika’s influence. Gauri secretly prepares to perform a ritual to protect Garv. On the day of Raksha Bandhan, Anika and Aarav arrive at home. Anika ties a Rakhi to Garv while Gauri watches with satisfaction. Rishika attempts to conceal her identity, but her efforts are in vain. Gauri realizes that Rishikas true form is emerging before everyones eyes.

  • img
    E88 - Laal Banarasi
    06 September 2023 | 21 min

    Gauri is sharply looking at Rishika as she is almost transforming while the pundit is constantly chanting Jai ma kali upstairs in Rishikas room. Rishika goes towards her room, Gauri follows her. Anika is in, in Gauris plan as she takes everyone upstairs in order to reveal Rishikas true identity. As everyone is about to enter her room, she transforms into a lizard and leaves the room and comes back in the human form asking what everyone is doing in her room. Rishika gets control over Garv as she exchanged the dhagaa given by the pandit, Garv slaps Gauri and throws her out of the house.

  • img
    E89 - Laal Banarasi
    07 September 2023 | 23 min

    Gauri is crying as Choti Maai comes there, Gauri tries to convince Maai that Rishika is in fact a dhayan as Maai too has a weird sense about her already. On the other hand, Garvs head is hurting a lot due to Rishika controlling it, he gets up and calls for Gauri, not realizing that he threw her out of their house. Meanwhile due to the diya and the mantra, Rishika is somehow losing her power as her hair and face have turned grey, Garv goes towards her room to make her understanding of Gauri but Rishika makes him go away. Maai and Gauri take the Gangajal in order to expose Rishika. As they are going towards her room, they notice Garv lying, Gauri attends to him as Maai goes inside Rishikas room. Maai is shocked to see Rishika in her avtar. As she is about to throw the gangajal in, she realizes that Gauri was right all along but then Rishika shows Choti Maai son Mohan struggling as she is controlling him with her power. Choti Maai panics. Just then Gauri enters and asks Maai to throw the Gangajal but instead she slaps Gauri hard. Gauri is shocked.

  • img
    E90 - Laal Banarasi
    08 September 2023 | 24 min

    Gauri reads the title of the book, Daayan Vinash Vidhi, and continues to read the instructions inside. She learns that to defeat the daayan, she needs to cut a specific gemstone using the blade of the Goddesss trident, but before that, she must perform a ritual to empower the trident, which may cost the life of the person performing it. Gauri is determined and declares that she will perform the ritual at any cost to protect her family.

  • img
    E91 - Laal Banarasi
    11 September 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri steps onto the ice slab and starts a vigorous dance. She endures pain and hardship but continues her dance. As Gauri is dancing, Rishika, who is in a different form, plots something, but fails and gets increasingly restless. She is unable to approach Garv, and her behavior raises suspicion. Chhoti Maai intentionally pushes Rishika to participate in an aarti ceremony. Rishika reluctantly joins but drops a tray during the ritual. To her dismay, her footprints appears inverted on the floor, exposing her true identity as a witch to everyone.

  • img
    E92 - Laal Banarasi
    12 September 2023 | 22 min

    Rishika, a malevolent force, has a face off with Gauri, who possesses divine powers. Rishika loses control, and Gauri tries to protect Garv. Rishikas dark influence over Garv puts him in danger, but Gauri manages to save him using a sacred thread. Rishikas plans are foiled as she watches Gauri and Garvs intense confrontation.

  • img
    E93 - Laal Banarasi
    13 September 2023 | 23 min

    Gauri is pulled by Rishika towards the Trishul, resulting in Gauris screams. Garv, feeling helpless, leaves the aarti and expresses his determination to save Gauri, despite Shakuntalas warnings about Rishikas immense power. Garv firmly believes in the protective power of Gauris diya and raksha dhaga. He also mentions the potency of consecrated gangajal against evil forces.

  • img
    E94 - Laal Banarasi
    14 September 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri and Rishikas supernatural battle continues. Rishika possesses Gauris body, leading to chaos in the family. Garv and others struggle to deal with this situation. Gauri prays to Lord Krishna for help and eventually, with divine intervention, regains her true form. She is determined to fight against the dark forces within the house to protect her family.

  • img
    E95 - Laal Banarasi
    15 September 2023 | 22 min

    With the help of Lord Krishna, Gauri stops Garv from stepping on the black chakra. Everyone worships Krishna Shakuntala gets a call and leaves. Gauri and Garv comes down and Rishika follow them. Gauri tells everyone that Rishika is there in the form of Gauri. Rishika strangles everyone with her powers. Gauri picks up the Chakra and swings it at Rishika and play shankh due to which she disappears. Shakuntala comes and gets angry at Gauri. At the dinner table, choti mother reminds Shakuntala about Haritalikas fast and thinks that now she will feed her jadi buti in the pretext of sargi and she will die.

  • img
    E96 - Laal Banarasi
    18 September 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri comes to the room, the whole room is decorated and Garv apologizes to her. In the morning, Choti Maai adds jadi buti to the sargi which Shakuntala eats. After some time, from Shakuntalas mouth Blood starts coming. Doctor checks and sends for blood test. Chhoti Maai takes the blood stained cloth to her room. Gauri gives medicine to Shakuntala but she does not take it. Gauri goes to Chhoti Maais room and sees There is Shakuntalas photo in her almirah which has a cross marked on it. She comes to Shakuntalas room where Choti Maai is also there. She asks her about that photo and Choti Maai points the gun at Shakuntala.

  • img
    E97 - Laal Banarasi
    19 September 2023 | 22 min

    While trying to snatch the gun, bullet get fired and Shakuntala gets hit. Seeing the gun in Gauris hand, Garv shoots himself and then Gauri realizes she was just thinking and she does not ask Chhoti Maa about that photo. In the puja, Gauri follow Chhoti Maai where she does tantra mantra. Gauri makes a video of them and says that she will tell everyone. Gauri is about to tell Garv, Choti Maai stops her and sends her to the kitchen. She leaves the kitchen through the window and reaches her room and tells the whole truth behind the closed door. She thinks it is Garv but she is a Choti Maai. Choti Maai shows the file to Gauri and tells her that Garv married you to make you a labourer. She then slowly deletes the video from his phone. Gauri goes down to ask Garv about this and Garv agrees.

  • img
    E98 - Laal Banarasi
    20 September 2023 | 25 min

    Gauri leaves the place as Shakuntala is finally happy that she is gone from the house. Meanwhile Garv and Yug have left the place to search for her, Gauri has a hit and miss with a car as she looks devastated. Garv is driving his Garv but just then Mohan comes in front of his car, without realising that its Mohan. Garv helps him out in which Garvs watch remains with Garv. Gauri on the other hand is at the mandir trying to atone to the wrongdoings as she is helped by the Pandit.

  • img
    E99 - Laal Banarasi
    21 September 2023 | 24 min

    Garv hears the mandir bell in search of Gauri, but finally he notices Gauri in the mandir, she notices him too. As they are about to reunite, a big truck hits Garv. Gauri panics and runs towards him asking the crowd gathered to help her out but just then Yug reaches there and carries Garv to the hospital. In the hospital, Gauri is panicking cause the doctor has asked for 15 lakh rupees for Garvs surgery. Yug informs everyone at home about Garvs accident. Upon reaching the hospital, Shakuntala slaps Gauri for Garvs condition.

  • img
    E100 - Laal Banarasi
    22 September 2023 | 24 min

    Gauri and Shakuntala argue about Garv. Just then Shakuntala comes to know that Garv is in coma. Shakuntala asks Gauri to leave Garv forever, in return of Rs.15 lakhs needed for his treatment. Gauri agrees with Shakuntala to save Garv life, and officially signs an affidavit where Shakuntala falsely writes Gauri has taken Rs.2 crores to leave Garv. Gauri goes to shiv temple and pray for Garv. Chhoti Maai takes an oath to finish Garv to take revenge of her son’s death.

  • img
    E101 - Laal Banarasi
    25 September 2023 | 23 min

    Gauri prays to Lord Shiv for Garv’s health. Doctor gives good news that Garv is going to be fine. Shakuntala informs Chhoti Maai that Garv will be fine and Chhoti Maai dislikes this news. Chhoti Maai goes to Garv’s hospital room and removes Garvs oxygen mask to kill him. Gauri after praying for Garv, reaches hospital and comes to Garvs hospital room and seeing Garv gasping for air, puts the oxygen mask back on Garv’s mouth properly. Chhoti Maai hides behind the curtain on time, before Gauri reaches. Gauri breaks her fast and drink water with Garvs hand.

  • img
    E102 - Laal Banarasi
    26 September 2023 | 24 min

    Gauri leaves Garvs ward thinking about her contract. Garv on coming into senses, searches for Gauri like crazy and doesnt recognize anyone else from his family, not even Shakuntala. The doctor explains that it is due to the head injury. Yug goes to take Gauri but Shakuntala refuses and tells that Gauri will never come back into Garvs life. Seven years pass. Shakuntala offers flowers to her dead fathers photo, who died coz of Garv’s health conditions. Garv is tied in the room, with handcuffs, held as hostage behaves like a madman and shouts Gauris name in anger. Chhoti Maai gives him an injection to put him to sleep. Chhoti Maai and her granddaughter, Kairi discuss about taking revenge from Garv. Shakuntala comes towards them and in their discussion, Kairi takes Gauri’s name by mistake. Garv on hearing Gauri’s name, starts screaming and Shakuntala panics.

  • img
    E103 - Laal Banarasi
    27 September 2023 | 23 min

    Shakuntala informs everyone about her taking Garv to a temple for the betterment of his health. On the other hand, Gauri is at the same temple praying. Shakuntala reaches the temple with Garv. Garv and Gauri are nearby, both of them are close to each other. There is a feeling of being together. It seems that both will see each other. Shakuntala doing aarti in the temple. Garv throws the aarti plate, which causes to catch fire in the temple. Garv takes off his blanket and runs outside in his shackles. Gauri showers water on Garv and both come face to face with each other after a period of 7 years.

  • img
    E104 - Laal Banarasi
    28 September 2023 | 25 min

    Gauri notices the bediyan on Garv, his wild hair and beard and his aggressive nature. She is shocked to see Garv in this condition. Garv too notices Gauri but as soon as he does see her, he gets calmer. Shakuntala and Mama are stunned to see Garv stopping as Shakuntala quickly tries to feed Garv his medicine. Upon seeing Gauri, Garv questions who she is. Gauri realises that Garv doesnt remember who she is. But Garv calms down seeing Gauri and has medicine from only Gauri’s hand. Later Shakuntala requests Gauri to come back in her house for Garvs sake, Gauri is in a dilemma. We see that Chhoti Maai has been switching Garvs medicine since the last few years. Shakuntala brings Gauri back home, everyone else is shocked.

  • img
    E105 - Laal Banarasi
    29 September 2023 | 24 min

    Garv attacks Ganga but Gauri saves her from him. Shakuntala tells everyone that Garv doesnt remember Gauris face so no one will take Gauris name in front of him. Gauri asks Ganga why she lied about Garvs condition past 7 years. She tells that Shakuntala told her to do so. Gauri brings Garv in front of the family. Shakuntala is happy. Garv refuses to recognize Shakuntala. Gauri asks Shakuntala, the key of Garvs shackles. Choti Maai says to Shakuntala refuses to give the key initially but later gives it to her. Gauri opens the shackles. Garv sits and eats with everyone. Choti Maai has added some powder in Garv’s food. As soon as the powder’s effect starts on Garv, he starts shouting and throwing things and attacks Gauri. Gets angrier on taking Gauris name.

  • img
    E106 - Laal Banarasi
    02 October 2023 | 23 min

    Garv attacks Gauri. Choti Maai asks her to send him to a mental hospital. Gauri gets angry at everyone and takes Garv into the room. Gauri gets a call from Adhiraj, he asks her when is she coming back home and she replies that won’t come for a while. Gauri is upset with Choti Maai and asks her to tell everyone the truth of her revenge against Shakuntala. Choti Maai makes Gauri emotional by telling her story of her sons death and says that she now considers Garv as her son. Gauri melts listening to her sob story. Next day Garv behaves normally but as soon as he hears Gauris name, he starts shouting again. By then, Adhiraj comes into the house holding unconscious Maahi in his hands. Gauri gets upset seeing Maahi unconscious and tries to wake her up telling she, her mother is with her. Everyone gets shocked to hear this.

  • img
    E107 - Laal Banarasi
    03 October 2023 | 23 min

    When Garv goes crazy again, Mama and Choti Maai together give him an injection. Adhiraj tells Gauri that the doctor has said that the operation for the hole in Mahis heart need to be done immediately. Adhiraj asks Gauri to come with him but Gauri refuses. Outside, everyone instigates Shakuntala for Gauris marriage with Adhiraj. Kairi calls a doctor from the mental hospital, who gives electric shocks to Garv. Gauri comes and stops them and instructs everyone not to hurt Garv. Adhiraj tells Gauri that he is taking Maahi with him and after the operation he will tell her that you are not her real mother but were acting and portraying to be her mother. Shakuntala overhears everything and requests Adhiraj to stay at her house. He denies initially but after Shakuntala’s persuasion he finally agrees. Then she asks Gauri and Adhiraj to sign the fake marriage papers. Gauri refuses but Shakuntala plays her emotional blackmail game on her and finally Gauri agrees but says that she will sign only on one condition that she will keep the papers. Shakuntala agrees and she gets a flashback when mama comes and tells Shakuntala that Adhiraj is the rich Banarasi sarees businessman whom they were trying to meet since long.

  • img
    E108 - Laal Banarasi
    04 October 2023 | 24 min

    Shakuntala informs everyone in the house that Adiraj and Gauri are married and Maahi is their daughter, everyone is shocked. Later Maahi calls Gauri Gauri mumma which triggers Garv as he gets aggressive and gets hold of Gauris neck. Adhiraj tries to save Gauri from Garv as Shakuntala tries to convince Garv that she is not the same Gauri who betrayed him. Adhiraj threatens to leave but just then Maahi gets a panic attack and she falls.

  • img
    E109 - Laal Banarasi
    05 October 2023 | 22 min

    Shakuntala tries to manipulate Adhiraj stating that she knows he loves Gauri but once her son Garv is fine, he can use the marriage papers in taking Gauri along with him and also adds, Gauri and him would look good together and that he should give this a thought, if not for him then maybe for Maahi. On the other hand, Garv apologizes to Gauri for his behaviour saying that he knows that she is not the same Gauri who betrayed him. Later Adhiraj is making halwa for Maahi but fails to do so, Gauri makes the halwa instead. But as she is about to feed the halwa to Maahi, Garv comes in between and eats it instead. Maahi is upset. Shakuntala tries to talk business with Adhiraj but he is consumed by Maahis thoughts, so he leaves and Shakuntala gets offended.

  • img
    E110 - Laal Banarasi
    06 October 2023 | 23 min

    Garv asks Gauri to sleep in his room, Gauri is perplexed but seeing that she has no option she agrees. The next day Shakuntala instigates Maahi as Gauri is sleeping in Garvs room. Maahi is upset. Later, Adhiraj tries to console Maahi. Gauri promises Shakuntala that she wil get Garv to perform his Nanajis shradh. Gauri is looking for Garv for the shradh puja, but Choti Maai has something planned, and Garv is nowhere to be found by the rest of the family.

  • img
    E111 - Laal Banarasi
    09 October 2023 | 22 min

    Entire family is waiting for Garv downstairs for the shradh puja, Shakuntala and Gauri is looking for him everywhere. On the other hand, we see the Pandit hired by Choti Maai injects Garv and makes him unconscious, and drags Garv to the swimming pool and pushes him in the water. Gauri searching for him, reaches the pool and sees Garv drowning in the pool. Entire family reaches there, Adhiraj jumps in the pool to save Garv. Later Shakuntala slaps Gauri for not taking good care of Garv. Adhiraj sides Gauri.

  • img
    E112 - Laal Banarasi
    10 October 2023 | 22 min

    Adhiraj asks Gauri not to take Shakuntala’s bad behaviour, but Gauri calms him down. Later Garv is panicking in his sleep and says that a Pandit tried to drown him, Choti Maai is tensed that her truth will come out. Everyone comes at the puja area and asks Garv to point out to the Pandit, and as he is about to, the Pandit tries to run away but Adhiraj gets a hold of him. The pandit takes Shakuntalas name as Garv gets violent hearing that, saying that this lady cannot be his mother. But Gauri comes in between to stop Garv. Adhiraj is impressed seeing Gauri still siding with the family. Choti Maai is pissed that her plan failed when suddenly her phone rings as someone tries to blackmail her, Choti Maai is shocked.

  • img
    E113 - Laal Banarasi
    11 October 2023 | 23 min

    Adhiraj asks Gauri to leave Garv’s house, otherwise he will tell Garv the reality. We see Garv is outside the room and give a feel as if he heard it all. Later Choti Maai instigates Garv regarding him getting married to Gauri. The next day, as everyone is performing aarti, Garv picks the sindoor kept in the mandir and applies it on Gauris maang. Everyone is shocked. Shakuntala moves to wipe it off but Gauri stops her hand and Shakuntala warns her to not to forget the deal between them made 7 years ago.

  • img
    E114 - Laal Banarasi
    12 October 2023 | 23 min

    Garv asks Gauri to never leave him like the previous Gauri left him and Gauri feels bad hearing this. Adhiraj tries to make Maahi understand and eat her food, but Maahi insists that she will eat only from Gauri Maas hands. Choti Maai and Kairi instigate Maahi to punish Garv with mirchi bomb. Maahi takes the mirchi bomb but at the end she thinks of Gauri and avoids doing it but Kairi lights the bomb, Garv goes beserk, and later the whole blame comes upon Maahi. Shakuntala gets angry seeing Garv in such condition, while Gauri and Adhiraj tries to comfort Maahi., who is saying that she did not light the bomb.

  • img
    E115 - Laal Banarasi
    13 October 2023 | 22 min

    Garv gifts a gold necklace to Gauri, which she thinks to be the same missing jewellery Shakuntala was looking for. She goes to return it but instead Shakuntala assumes Gauri to be the thief and slaps her hard. Gauri tries to convince her that she has not stolen it, but Shakuntala still locks her into the store room to punish her. Gauri is scared as Maai switches off the lights too. Ganga calls Adhiraj to help Gauri. Adhiraj demands Shakuntala to open the door. Later in fear that everyone will blame Garv of stealing the necklace and send him to a mental asylum, she takes the blame on herself. Adhiraj is shocked and does not believe her. Choti Maai takes a DNA sample of Garv and Maahi, thinking Maahi to be Garv and Gauri’s kid.

  • img
    E116 - Laal Banarasi
    16 October 2023 | 23 min

    Garv tries to pacify Gauri, saying that she shouldnt have taken the blame on herself. Adhiraj hears this and gets into a first fight with him. Gauri is going to give medicines to Garv but Shakuntala stops her midway and asks her to not get too attached to Garv and to remember the deal. Adhiraj accepts the business partnership offer of Shakuntala and keeps a press conference to announce it with an ulterior motive to destroy Garv. Next day with Navratri festivities going on, at the press conference, media questions about Gauri and Adhiraj and about Garv being mad. Shakuntala gets mad hearing this. Later Shakuntala announces that Gauri is infact Adhirajs wife and they have a child together, Gauri is shocked.

  • img
    E117 - Laal Banarasi
    17 October 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri tries to clarify it to the media that she hasnt divorced Garv and gotten married to Adhiraj, but Adhiraj stops her, Gauri is helpless. With the recollecting thought of Garv getting angered with the colour red, Choti Maai puts a red saree in front of him in order to instigate him and to bring him down. The media is taking Gauris pic with Adhiraj and Maahi as a family, later they are doing puja together, that’s when Garv sees them and gets angry. He comes shouting and grabs Gauri’s hair. One of the media person say that why Garv is behaving like this with his previous wife. Garv with a jolt throws Gauri down upon hearing this as he puts a knife in Gauris throat, everyone is shocked but Adhiraj saves the day. Later we see Shakuntala and Adhiraj sign the partnership agreement. Shakuntala tries to manipulate Adhiraj about getting serious with Gauri. Gauri figures out that the medicine given to Garv is not correct, she tells this to Shakuntala but Choti Maai comes and covers it up. Gauri suspects Choti Maai. Garv doesnt seem to recall anything, Gauri asks him to promise her that he will only have medicine from her hand. The next of navratri during Kanya pujan, Gauri brings Garv to do the pujan. Shakuntala seems worried after the last event but Gauri assures her. Garv does the kanya pujan, Shakuntala is elated as Choti maai plans to do something big to destroy Gauri.

  • img
    E118 - Laal Banarasi
    18 October 2023 | 22 min

    Shakuntala stops Ganga from serving the bhog, Gauri takes a stand for her. Later Choti Maai is plotting against Gauri, as Gauri enters and ends up recording everything. Gauri goes to present the evidence to Shakuntala, but Choti Maai and Kairi try to strangulate Gauri but at the end Garv saves her. Gauri announces in front of Shakuntala that its Choti Maai who is messing with Garvs medicine. Maai does the natak of leaving the house. Shakuntala gets angry and asks Gauri to stop all this nonsense. Maai plans to do something big, and we see someone getting ready to take revenge. Next day, at the jagran, Bhajan people come to Shakuntala’s house, among the crowd there is disguised Nachiket. Maai has called him as he too wishes to take revenge upon Gauri and Shakuntala. Nachiket kills Gauri. We later reveal that it was a flashforward. Gauri tells the whole drama of change of Garv’s medicine to Adhiraj. He cant believe that Choti Maai would do anything like that. We build hit and miss between Nachiket and Gauri. Everyone is busy in jagran. Choti Maai asks Shakuntala some money to be given as daan. We see Choti Maai and Nachiket cahooting with each other. Gauri is in the kitchen making Prasad, when Nachiket in his disguise comes there, in his handkerchief he has chloroform, which he puts it on Gauris mouth and she struggles.

  • img
    E119 - Laal Banarasi
    19 October 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri is struggling, just then Garv comes there looking for Gauri. Hit and miss if Garv will see unconscious Gauri, but he doesn’t. Later Nachiket wraps Gauri into a carpet and carries her to the Ravan effigy. On the other hand, Garv comes shouting and asking about Gauris whereabouts. We see Nachiket putting Gauri into the effigy in order to burn her along with the Ravan effigy. Later Garv sees Nachiket back at the house without his disguise, they both have a fight.

  • img
    E120 - Laal Banarasi
    20 October 2023 | 23 min

    Gauri is missing but Choti Maai instigates everyone to move forward for the Raavan dahan. Garv stumbles upon Nachiket taking off his disguise and suspects him of Gauris absence. Meanwhile Gauri is locked in Ravan effigy’s belly. Everyone is ready for the dahan. Garv and Nachiket fight and the truth is revealed. Garv rushes towards Gauri as Shakuntala puts the fire to the effigy. Just then Garv reaches on time and saves Gauri. Nachikets reality is exposed while Choti Maai is angry. Next morning, Gauri teaches Garv to make jalebi for Shakuntalas birthday. Shakuntala is happy about this gesture as Garv proposes marriage to Gauri.

  • img
    E121 - Laal Banarasi
    23 October 2023 | 23 min

    Choti Maai instigates Garv saying that its Adhirajs fault that Gauri hasnt agreed to marry him. Garv is angry and he goes to attack Adhiraj, but Gauri comes in between. Seeing all this Adhiraj gets angry and asks Garv to be sent to the mental asylum. Gauri goes to meet the doctor and asks Ganga to take care of Garv. Garv is sleeping, just then someone enters his room and kidnaps him. Gauri returns back and gets to know that Garv is missing, Shakuntala blames Gauri and suspects her of Garvs absence. The police arrests Gauri, Choti Maai seems perplexed. A little later, Shakuntala calls the doctor to make sure that Garv is doing fine in his care. Choti Maai hears this and is shocked. While Gauri is in the jail praying for Garvs health, as the inspector tortures her.

  • img
    E122 - Laal Banarasi
    24 October 2023 | 23 min

    Garv is kept in the coffin alive and taken away on the order of Choti Maai. Ganga and Gauri make plans to look for Garv as Gauri pretends to fall ill and to be taken to the hospital by the police and there they exchange each others clothes and position. Gauri enters back in the house and secretly takes Shakuntalas phone. In the phone, she finds the number of the doctor hired by Shakuntala. Outside everyone is standing since Maahi said that she saw her Gauri mumma in the house. Shakuntala seems angry and in time Gauri escapes but loses the number.

  • img
    E123 - Laal Banarasi
    25 October 2023 | 23 min

    Ganga is exposed at the hospital as Adhiraj is taken aback about the whereabouts of Gauri. Adhiraj calls Shakuntala asking about it, and she seems shocked. Gauri is praying in some mandir where she hears Garvs name when two ward boys are talking about Garv. She follows them and reaches back at the hospital. There she finds Shakuntala scolding the doctor regarding Garv missing. Gauri is shocked to know the truth and cant believe that Garvs own mother would hide Garv in the hospital. She confronts the ward boys as they reveal that they have buried Garv alive in a coffin. Gauri is shocked and she rushes out.

  • img
    E124 - Laal Banarasi
    26 October 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri is looking for Garv all night as she reaches the jungle. Shakuntala and Adhiraj get down from their car asking where they will find Garv to the ward boy. As he was about to recognise Choti Maai from the photos, from a distance Choti Maai shoots him. Later Adhiraj is looking for Gauri and Shakuntala looks for Garv. Ganga too is looking for Gauri. While on the other hand Kairi plays a recording of Garv calling Gauri. Gauri gets excited and runs towards the sound. Suddenly her legs get stuck in a rope. We see Kairi pulling the rope from a distance. Gauri falls down hard and gets unconscious. Kairi ties her up from a tree and plans on burning her alive. Maai instructs Kairi to light the matchstick. Ganga, Adhiraj and Shakuntala reach just in time to save Garv, while Maai and Kairi run away. Later Gauri insists Shakuntala to look for Garv together, and for the first time they both come together for Garv.

  • img
    E125 - Laal Banarasi
    27 October 2023 | 22 min

    Garv is preparing Gauri to get ready for her marriage with Adhiraj, while Gauri is heartbroken. Garv brings Gauri at the function where she is all decked up, Gauri is emotional about how Garv can be so chill about this whole thing. Garv with a heavy heart, leaves the wedding premises as he gets a sudden pain in his head with negative flashes of Gauri like he might remember the truth. Maai informs everyone that Garv has gone mental and is destroying everything and Maahi is somehow missing. Upon reaching Garvs room, Garv has maahi in his arms with her hand, legs and mouth tied. Adhiraj and Gauri panics, Adhiraj mistakes Garv of harming Maahi and starts beating him up but Maahi gets up revealing the truth that Garv has saved her but still Adhiraj asks Garv to be kept inside the room till he gets married to Gauri. Garv remains tied up to the bed.

  • img
    E126 - Laal Banarasi
    30 October 2023 | 22 min

    Its the day of Gauri and Adhirajs fake marriage. Shakuntala asks Adhiraj to get the marriage registration papers signed from Gauri. Adhiraj mixes something in Gauri’s beverage in order to get her intoxicated by which he can get her signature easily. Meanwhile, Garv is still tied to the bed. Gauri signs the papers in that intoxicated state. We see someone opening Garvs rope in order to free him. Adhiraj is getting ready for the ceremony, when Garv enters. We see an intense fight between them, and suddenly in the scuffle the gun is fired. The groom comes to the mandap, Gauri looks sad as the pheras happens and the sindoor is applied. Marriage is done, and suddenly Adhiraj comes down from the stairs wounded. Everyone is shocked that if Adhiraj is her, then who is sitting at the mandap. We reveal its Garv. Shakuntala is shocked, and in anger, she reveals the whole truth about the real identity of Gauri. Garv is stunned as Garvs past is flashed in front of his eyes. He suddenly regains his memory and holds gauri neck with a fierce look in his eyes.

  • img
    E127 - Laal Banarasi
    31 October 2023 | 23 min

    After knowing the whole truth of Gauris reality, Garv is devastated and gets hold of Gauris neck and claims to ruin her life the same way she did ruin his, Gauri is heartbroken. Shakuntala blames Gauri for falsely trapping Garv and just as she was about to throw Gauri out of the house, Garv stops Shakuntala. We reveal with a flashback that Maai instigates Garv into believing that Maahi is his Gauris daughter. Later Adhiraj claims that Maahi is actually his and Gauris child. Garv now believes Gauri to be a liar who has lied to him since these many years. The next day a lawyer shows up with a divorce papers, Shakuntala assumes that Garv has asked for the papers, she gets happy, but the lawyer reveals that Yug has sent the papers for Ganga. Shakuntala makes Ganga sign the papers while Gauri keeps stopping Ganga. Shakuntala asks Ganga to leave after the function kept for the recovery of Garv. Choti Maai seems confused about what exactly does Shakuntala want, to which she replies that she would make sure that both the bunkar sisters are out of the house.

  • img
    E128 - Laal Banarasi
    01 November 2023 | 22 min

    At the party Garv announces that this party isnt kept for him but the person closest to him and that is Gauri, the one who made him alright by lying to him for these many years and pretending to care for him. Gauri is shocked, as he brings a flower mala and makes Gauri wear it in order to humiliate her. Later he goes to the temple area and brings sindoor and suddenly stops in front of Ganga and applies in her maang, everyone is shocked. He humiliates Gauri further saying that, Ganga deserves to be his wife and the bahu of the house and not her, as she has only lied to him since this many years. With a flashback we reveal a servant tries to molest Ganga and Garv goes to save her, in present Garv reveals this to everyone stating that no matter how Ganga was mistreated in this house, she remained loyal. But Gauri on the other hand couldnt. Gauri looks shocked by all this and asks Garv to put a stop to all this. Shakuntala tries to take advantage of the situation tries to throw Gauri out of the house but Garv asks her to let her stay instead, in order for him to torture her so much that one day she will herself leave the house. Later Ganga is taken away for the suhaagraat in front of Gauri, making Gauri fall to her knees and left heartbroken.

  • img
    E129 - Laal Banarasi
    02 November 2023 | 23 min

    Gauri cannot let all Ganga and Garv’s suhaagraat to happen and she tries to reason with Ganga. Gauri tries to stop her but Ganga doesn’t listen and Garv throws Gauri out of the room. Next day, Gauri tries to do aarti with Garv, but he puts a burning camphor on her hand, which burns her hand. Gauri makes Ganga understand that Garv doesn’t love her and will leave her, as she knows that Garv is only doing so, to hurt her. But Ganga gets offended and gives it back to Gauri. Shakuntala asks Garv to choose jewelry for Ganga, and he chooses a mangalsutra and makes her wear it.

  • img
    E130 - Laal Banarasi
    03 November 2023 | 25 min

    Everyone is dancing on the eve of Karwachauth. Mehendi is being applied to Ganga. Shakuntala insists Gauri to apply mehndi for Adhiraj. Gauri says no. Gauri gives a kurta to Garv, asking him to wear it for Karwachauth and then make her break her fast. On the terrace Gauri sees a male standing, wearing the same kurta she gave Garv, she is happy and as she looks at the moon and shifts her chalni towards the male, he turns as she is shocked to see its Adhiraj and not Garv. Suddenly Garv comes there saying that, Adhiraj is her husband and not him and asks Adhiraj to tend to her. Adhiraj takes Gauri away from there, Garv breakdowns. Inside the house Adhiraj tries to put some sense in Gauri as Garv along with Ganga holding hands comes there saying that now that Ganga is his wife, so she better accept Adhiraj as her husband. Just as Garv is about to go, Gauri faints. Garv rushes towards her and picks up the lota from the aarti plate and ends up making her drink the water. Gauris fast is completed. Shakuntala is angry. Later Maai intentionally says that Gangas fast is still not broken bcoz of Gauri. Ganga says that she wont break her fast till Garv makes her drink water. Later, Gauri asks Garv to break Gangas fast and when he says no, she blames him for all this situation.

  • img
    E131 - Laal Banarasi
    06 November 2023 | 25 min

    Gauri gets shocked looking at Ganga getting close with Garv. On questioning, Ganga throws Gauri out of the room. Next day Gauri with her bags enters back inside the room claiming to be Garvs wife, hence its her right to be here. Later Gauri is putting up pictures of her and Garv and as she is trying to hang the photo on the wall, she falls. Garv saves her. Shakuntala and Ganga watch this and she instigates Ganga against Gauri. Later Ganga looks panicked and enters as she says that she cant find her mangalsutra, Gauri too realizes that she cant find hers. Shakuntala announces a competition saying that both Gauri Ganga claim Garv to be their husband, so its better to resolve this matter once and for all, and whoever finds the mangalsutra, wins the first round. As Gauri is looking for the mangalsutra she comes across a sanduk, in the store room and in it is her mangalsutra. As she bends down to get it, Shakuntala pushes Gauri inside and locks it. Later Garv confronts Shakuntala regarding putting him on bait. Shakuntala with confidence says that Gauri wont win this time. Maahi hears Gauris voice and rescues her. Gauri is grateful and she rushes with the mangalsutra but sees Ganga standing there with her mangalsutra already in front of the family.

  • img
    E132 - Laal Banarasi
    07 November 2023 | 25 min

    Gauri tries to explain she was locked in the sanduk, but at the end Ganga wins the first round. For the second round, Shakuntala announces both the sisters to fetch 16 items that represents a marriage. Upon entering the room they find a honey bees comb. Ganga denies to enter but Gauri enters. She finds a couple of items but just then her leg touches a rope with is attached to a gun and as it fires, it hits the honeycomb. Gauri is surrounded with the bees, she gets bitten by the bees too, but with a lot of struggle, she finally is able to collect all the things and come out. Gauri looks weak and Garv asks her to go the doctor. Gauri denies and makes some home remedy medicine and applies in herself but she faints at the end. Doctor checks Gauri and says that thankfully she applied the homemade medicine, otherwise the poison would have spread by now. Garv is shocked upon hearing this. Seeing Gauri in that state, Garv finally says that the last and the 3rd round will be decided by him. Shakuntala is not happy. Garv is standing in front of a big dartboard with knives kept in front and asks both Ganga and Gauri to aim while Garv will stand in front of it. Shakuntala tries to stop Garv but he doesnt listen. Ganga throws the knife but thankfully it doesnt hit Garv. Gauri is about to, but she stops at the last moment saying that for a game she cant risk her husbands life and announces Ganga to be the winner.

  • img
    E133 - Laal Banarasi
    08 November 2023 | 23 min

    Shakuntala asks Gauri to leave the house, as now Ganga is Garvs wife. Gauri is leaving with her bag, when Garv stops her saying that, she cant leave this easily, the way he has suffered throughout all these 7 years, she has to suffer too. Later Adiraj tries to convince Gauri to accept him, but she firmly states that Garv is only her husband and no one else can take that place, and she knows that in her heart Garv will come around. At night Gauri is sleeping, when we see a shadow entering her room and kidnapping her. We reveal its Adhiraj who has kidnapped Gauri and has tied her up on the chair. Adhiraj calls Garv to come and rescue Gauri but Shakuntala stops Garv from going.

  • img
    E134 - Laal Banarasi
    14 November 2023 | 23 min

    Garv receives a video call from Adhiraj and shows him how he has made Gauri sit in a small tub filled with water and has left a naked wire in it, in order to electrocute her. Garv gets panicked and is about to leave, when we see Shakuntala starts pouring kerosene on herself, saying that she will burn herself if Garv leaves. Garv too takes out the gun and points it on himself saying that he has to go, or else Shakuntala will end up losing him. Finally, Garv reaches the location and is ambushed by Adhiraj. Both Garv and Gauri are now tied up in the chair. Adhiraj then lights fire around them. Suddenly Maahi sees Gauri and gets panicked and runs towards her but Adhiraj gets a hold of her. While escaping, a huge pillar falls on top of Adhiraj, resulting in his death. Shakuntala reaches the location on time with the police and rescue Gauri and Garv.

  • img
    E135 - Laal Banarasi
    15 November 2023 | 23 min

    Shakuntala is not ready to accept Gauri and Maahi back in the house. Later Shakuntala gives Gauri a choice saying that, if she wants to stay, then she will have to stay as Adhirajs widow, and we see a few widows along with a barber entering the house with a white saree. Shakuntala pulls Gauris saree the one that she is wearing in order to make her wear the white saree but Garv comes at the right time and stops Shakuntala from doing so. Gauri takes a stand for herself saying that, she isnt a widow, she is still Garvs wife, so she wont wear the white saree, but instead she will leave along with Maahi. When Gauri along with Maahi is about to leave the house, Shakuntala stops her saying that, Maahi can stay back but, Gauri has to go. In flashback, we see Mama informing Shakuntala that Adhiraj has left all his money in Maahis name and the one who takes care of her till she turns 18, and thats why Shakuntala wants Maahi to stay with her.

  • img
    E136 - Laal Banarasi
    16 November 2023 | 23 min

    Ganga is happy that finally Gauri is out of the house, just then we see a female wearing a ghagra choli entering the house. The female introduces herself in an UP accent that her name is Basanti and the owner of the house has called her here. Shakuntala comes and agrees saying that, she has called her to take care of Maahi. Maahi is sitting in her room looking sad, Basanti enters the room and sees Maahi cry, and she lifts up her ghunghat and to reveal herself to Maahi. We see that Ganga has seen Basanti is actually Gauri. In a flashback, Choti Maai informs Gauri that Shakuntala has asked Maahi to stay back in the house in order to take Maahis property. Gauri doesnt like this intention of Shakuntala and hence comes back in the house in disguise of Basanti, to take care of Maahi. Later at the dinner table Maahi asks Basanti to sit with her but Shakuntala gets angry and asks her to stay in her limit and go eat with the rest of the servants of the house.

  • img
    E137 - Laal Banarasi
    17 November 2023 | 23 min

    Ganga intentionally burns Gauris hands. Later Gauri in her Basanti disguise goes to Garvs room to apply oil on his head, Ganga sees this and throws her out of the room asking her to stay in her limits of a servant. Later Garv sees Basanti crying in a corner and consoles her. The next morning, Shakuntala asks Garv to go and drop Maahi to her new school but Garv denies saying that he cant leave his work for Maahi. Basanti feels bad hearing this. Garv is working on his laptop and he imagines Gauri saying that, the Garv she knew would never be angry on a small innocent child. Shakuntala comes in the hall looking furious and slaps Basanti of taking Maahi from the school without her permission. Basanti denies doing so. Later they all realize that Maahi bas been kidnapped. In a car, we reveal Choti Maai and Kairi wearing burkha with Mahi unconscious sitting in the middle. Shakuntala calls the police and blames the kidnapping on Gauri, as she would only do something like this to get Maahi back.

  • img
    E138 - Laal Banarasi
    20 November 2023 | 23 min

    Shakuntala, Basanti Gauri and Garv along with the police rescue Maahi. Choti Maai falsely accuses Gauri of kidnapping Maahi, but Gauri dressed as Basanti is unable to prove her innocence. Shakuntala asks Garv and Ganga to adopt Maahi legally, and Basanti Gauri shouts that they cant do it, in front of the entire family, but then gives some reason and doesnt get caught. Shakuntala lures Ganga with some jewelry to make her Garv agree into adopting Maahi.

  • img
    E139 - Laal Banarasi
    21 November 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri questions Choti Maai for accusing her for kidnapping Maahi, but Maai shuts her up as she can spill Gauris secret of being Basanti to the family. Ganga secretly goes and buys some powder from a guy. Garv is boxing, Basanti Gauri brings a glass of milk and insists him to drink it, Garv fondly remembers Gauri in the past. Ganga is about to mix the white powder in Garvs icecream, so she can make him lose consciousness and consummate the relationship. Basanti Gauri sees Ganga doing something with the icecream and questions her about the same.

  • img
    E140 - Laal Banarasi
    22 November 2023 | 22 min

    Basanti (Gauri) tries to understand Garv's feeling for Gauri. Garv hearing Gauri's name, gets angry and throws the glass of milk glass on the floor and by mistake steps on the broken glass. Basanti (Gauri) tends to his wound. Ganga is getting ready to seduce Garv. Garv faints coz of consuming Ganga's powder. Basanti (Gauri) sees Ganga and Garv sleeping together in the bed and gets shocked.

  • img
    E141 - Laal Banarasi
    23 November 2023 | 23 min

    Garv's associate gets home the DNA report of Maahi and Gauri which Garv had asked for. Hit and miss if Shakuntala may get it, but it doesn't. Garv after reading the reports realizes that Gauri is not Maahi's biological mother. He is happy to read that but angry at himself for not believing her when she had tried to clarify it so many times in the past.

  • img
    E142 - Laal Banarasi
    24 November 2023 | 22 min

    Shakuntala furious on Ganga for consummating with Garv, grabs her hair and questions about the same. Ganga lies that Garv forced himself on her. Garv wants to see Basanti's face and as he is about to lift her ghoonghat, Kairi comes saying that police have come to arrest Maahi's kidnapper. Police reveal that Gauri has kidnapped Maahi and Ganga reveals Basanti as Gauri to everyone. Garv makes arrangements to save Gauri and warns everyone in the house that Gauri will stay in Shakuntala House only.

  • img
    E143 - Laal Banarasi
    27 November 2023 | 23 min

    Garv wants Gauri back in his life, but she confronts him on filling Ganga's maang and then also consummating his marriage with her. Garv denies the consummation, but then Ganga comes and shows him the pic of them together as proof. Ganga also takes charge and gives back to Shakuntala. Maahi finds a bracelet in the house, which she remembers to be her kidnapper's. Garv confronts Ganga denying the consummation, but Ganga is adamant and clinging on Garv. Gauri sees Ganga and Garv hugging and gets upset.

  • img
    E144 - Laal Banarasi
    28 November 2023 | 21 min

    Choti Maai carries out Shakuntala’s evil plan of killing Gauri, locks her in the car and leaves a poisonous gas in. Gauri tries her best to get free, but suffocates and faints in the car. Garv looks for Gauri everywhere in the house, but Shakuntala lies to him that Gauri has gone to meet her family. Later due to divine intervention Garv starts searching for Gauri and finds her unconscious inside the car.

  • img
    E145 - Laal Banarasi
    29 November 2023 | 21 min

    Garv saves Gauri, family is shocked to see Garv carrying unconscious Gauri in his arms. Garv suspects Shakuntala for Gauri’s condition and confronts her regarding the same. Garv takes care a lot of Gauri until she feels better. Garv strictly asks Ganga to stay away from Gauri. Gauri doubts that Ganga has mixed something in Garv’s food on the night she claims to have consummated with Garv.

  • img
    E146 - Laal Banarasi
    30 November 2023 | 21 min

    Gauri informs Garv about Maahi's kidnapper to be someone in the family. As per Ganga's plan, doctor announces to everyone about her pregnancy, entire family is shocked. Gauri argues with Garv over Ganga's pregnancy. Gauri decides to break her relationship with Garv & leave the house after finding Maahi’s kidnapper. Garv has doubts regarding Ganga's pregnancy. Shakuntala is full of rage, she is not ready to accept her heir to be from a cheap weaver.

  • img
    E147 - Laal Banarasi
    01 December 2023 | 21 min

    Garv gets drunk and calls Gauri, telling her that he is going to kill himself coz of the whole Ganga pregnancy drama. Gauri saves Garv, both get close and kiss, which is witnessed by Shakuntala. Woman empowerment NGO ladies accuse Gauri of harassing Ganga. Garv saves Gauri from them. Gauri doubts Ganga is pregnant remembering Ganga adding some medicine in Garv's ice cream of the claimed consummation night. Gauri is searching for the medicine in Ganga's room when she suddenly enters the room.

  • img
    E148 - Laal Banarasi
    04 December 2023 | 21 min

    Gauri finds the medicine which Ganga had given to Garv to make him unconscious. News is telecasted of Garv going around with two women; Gauri and Ganga and both staying in the same house. Shakuntla slaps Garv for spoiling the family's name. Garv and Gauri in disguise of police officers, make Ganga confess the truth about drugging Garv to consummate. Shakuntala gets angry seeing Ganga's confession on the video shot by Gauri as proof and decides to take action against Ganga.

  • img
    E149 - Laal Banarasi
    05 December 2023 | 21 min

    Eunuchs come to bless the to be new mother, and they bless Gauri by mistake. Ganga comes and announces, she is the to be mother. Shakuntala calls the reporters and announces that Ganga is pregnant with Garv's child and that she is very happy about it. Garv and Gauri are shocked as they had revealed to Shakuntala about Ganga's reality, but still she announced the news to the media. Shakuntala wants Garv to click family pictures with Ganga for the media, but Garv doesnt want to.

  • img
    E150 - Laal Banarasi
    06 December 2023 | 21 min

    Garv is upset as he is forced to click pictures with Ganga for the media. Choti Maai doubts Ganga, seeing her fine, even after eating the food she gave her mixing some drug for her miscarriage. Gauri doubts Kairi to be Maahi’s kidnapper. Ganga offers money to the housemaid in exchange of her unborn child. The maid has doubts on Ganga’s pregnancy and goes to reveal it to Shakuntala.

  • img
    E151 - Laal Banarasi
    07 December 2023 | 21 min

    Gauri confronts Kairi about kidnapping Maahi, but she saves herself by showing another same bracelet in her hand. Maid agrees to give her baby to Ganga when it is born. As per Shakuntala, Gauri & Binda’s plan, Kairi confesses that Chhoti Maai and she had kidnapped Maahi and also tried to make Garv mentally sick by giving him wrong medicine for 7 years. Shakuntala is very angry knowing the truth.

  • img
    E152 - Laal Banarasi
    08 December 2023 | 21 min

    Furious Shakuntala with a gun in her hand, confronts Choti Maai for ruining Garv's health by giving him wrong medicines for 7 years. Choti Maai accepts it saying, she was taking revenge of her son's death caused by Shakuntala and Garv. Shakuntala and Garv unaware of Maai's son's death are shocked. Later the police come and arrest Choti Maai and Kairi.

  • img
    E153 - Laal Banarasi
    11 December 2023 | 21 min

    Gauri sees Ganga hanging from the ceiling. Garv saves her and Shakuntala asks Garv to stay in Ganga's room. We reveal that the fake suicide was Shakuntala and Ganga's plan for Garv to stay in Ganga's room. Later Gauri arranges a Pani Puri competition between her and Garv. Ganga sees Garv, Gauri together and stabs Gauri with a knife.

  • img
    E154 - Laal Banarasi
    12 December 2023 | 21 min

    We reveal that seeing Garv and Gauri getting cozy, Ganga had dreamt of stabbing Gauri and then Garv stabbing himself. Shakuntala tries to get Gauri hitched with another servant of the house. Garv gets angry and shouts at Shakuntala. Ganga is about to faint, and when the doctor checks on her, she says that she is in a critical condition, and inquires what Ganga had eaten. Ganga blames Gauri for giving her the medicine.

  • img
    E155 - Laal Banarasi
    13 December 2023 | 21 min

    Garv calls his friend Dr. Harsh for Ganga's checkup. Ganga is super tense that her truth of fake pregnancy may come out. Garv arranges a beautiful dinner date for Gauri, both spend a happy romantic moment. Gauri gets Doctor's call for discussion on Ganga's report. Ganga gets scared and tampers with the breaks of Gauri's car, so she meets with an accident and won’t be able to reach the hospital.

  • img
    E156 - Laal Banarasi
    14 December 2023 | 21 min

    Gauri is about to leave for the clinic to discuss Ganga’s pregnancy report with Dr. Harsh, when Garv also joins her in the same car, whose breaks Ganga has tampered with. Knowing that Garv is in the same car with Gauri, Ganga panics. Garv & Gauri's car meets with an accident due to break failure. Gauri, Garv both go into the forest to look for help, and get scared hearing a cheetah’s roar.

  • img
    E157 - Laal Banarasi
    15 December 2023 | 21 min

    Gauri and Garv run away from the leopard and fall into muddy water. They go into a hut to change, where they drink bhaang by mistake and get intoxicated. Everyone at home is worried and Shakuntala calls the police to find Garv. Garv Gauri not in their senses consummate. Next morning as Gauri realizes what she has done, she runs aways from the hut and Garv follows her. They encounter a leopard who was almost going to attack them, when Shakuntala who had come with the forest officers save them from the leopard.

  • img
    E158 - Laal Banarasi
    15 December 2023 | 22 min

    Ganga kills the doctor friend of Garv’s, who was going to reveal the truth of Ganga’s fake pregnancy. Binda overhear Garv and Gauri talking and thinks they have consummated in the jungle and informs the same to Shakuntala, who gets very furious.

  • img
    E159 - Laal Banarasi
    18 December 2023 | 20 min

    Ganga and Binda drug Gauri to get to the truth about the night spent together between her and Garv in the jungle. Gauri is attached to the lie dictator machine but as Gauri is about to tell the truth, police come to their house with the information about Garv’s car’s accident.

  • img
    E160 - Laal Banarasi
    19 December 2023 | 20 min

    Gauri in her drugged condition confesses her love to Garv and also talks about their consummation in the jungle, which Ganga, Binda and Shakuntala hear and get angry. Ganga manipulates Gauri into maintaining distance from Garv, due to which Gauri starts talking rudely to Garv.

  • img
    E161 - Laal Banarasi
    20 December 2023 | 20 min

    Garv has organised Satynarayan Pooja in the memory of his Nanaji. Gauri is asked to make Prasad, but she deliberately talks rudely to Garv, for Ganga's sake. Ganga puts a dead rat in the Prasad ladoo and everyone blames Gauri for ruining the Prasad. Shakuntala gets furious with Gauri and as she is throwing Gauri out of the house, we see Yug at the door, saves Gauri. All are shocked.

  • img
    E162 - Laal Banarasi
    21 December 2023 | 22 min

    Shakuntala is furious with Gauri as both her sons are fighting with each other for her. She breaks a glass bottle and tries to destroy Gauri's face, but Yug saves her at the last minute. Gauri puts a bandage on Yug's palm, Garv gets jealous and he punches Yug. They both challenge each other for a kushti match. Shakuntala tries to stop the match, but fails. Both the brothers get ready for the kushti match.

  • img
    E163 - Laal Banarasi
    22 December 2023 | 22 min

    Ganga pressures Gauri to do Yug’s tilak. Garv makes Gauri do his tilak too, by touching his forehead onto hers. Garv and Yug fight kushti. Gauri is worried as they both are fighting for her. Yug wins the fight by cheating. Shakuntala is not happy and makes Binda put itching powder on Gauri’s towel to ruin her face.

  • img
    E164 - Laal Banarasi
    25 December 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri is perplexed as Yug proposes marriage to her. Garv isn't happy. Ganga advises Gauri to say yes to Yug or she will kill her child inside the stomach itself. Gauri suggests, she would dance at the charity function for the orphan kids, but Ganga puts a blade inside Gauri's footwear, which makes her foot bleed badly.

  • img
    E165 - Laal Banarasi
    26 December 2023 | 22 min

    Gauri is ready for the charity function, stressed about the pain in her foot cause of the blade. At the function, dance performance starts but it's revealed to be someone else instead of Gauri. The dancer does some inappropriate moves, and the NGO people are very angry. All blame Gauri for this inconvenience. Gauri is insulted by the crowd as they throw their footwear at her, and Gauri faints. Doctor checks Gauri and gives her the news that she is pregnant. Also, sends the reports to the house, which Gauri snatches as Garv was about to read the same.

  • img
    E166 - Laal Banarasi
    27 December 2023 | 22 min

    Yug tries to prove Ganga was behind getting the vulgar dancer for the charity event but the dancer lies in front of all saying it was Gauri. Later Yug finds out about Gauri's pregnancy and again proposes to marry her, promising her to raise the child as his own. Gauri denies. Gauri finds Ganga in the bath tub lying almost dead, her wrist slit and blood coming out. As per Yug’s plan, Ganga blames Gauri for her condition. Gauri panics and says yes for the marriage with Yug.

  • img
    E167 - Laal Banarasi
    28 December 2023 | 22 min

    At Gauri and Yug's haldi function, Garv is getting drunk. Shakuntala is angry, plans to kill Gauri. Two men dressed as waiters try to kidnap Gauri by making her unconscious and putting her in a suitcase. As they are taking her away in the suitcase, by divine intervention, Garv stops the waiters and opens the suitcase and finds Gauri. Garv saves Gauri and then the haldi paste falls on them by mistake, indicating Gauri's haldi happens with Garv and not Yug.

  • img
    E168 - Laal Banarasi
    29 December 2023 | 22 min

    It's Gauri's and Yug's mehndi function, where Shakuntala tries another attempt to hurt Gauri as she makes Binda mix acid in the henna paste to be applied on Gauri’s hands. On applying the henna, Gauri's hand burn from the acid. Garv saves Gauri by pouring the milk offered to God, on her hand. He later blames Shakuntala for hurting Gauri, but she denies.

  • img
    E169 - Laal Banarasi
    01 January 2024 | 20 min

    Gauri, unhappy is sitting in the mandap with Yug for their wedding. A tantrik comes and stops the marriage. It is Garv in the disguise of the tantrik. He reveals through the confession of the maid, that Ganga is not pregnant. Ganga manipulates and says that she was pregnant, but she lost her baby because of Gauri. Shakuntala is furious and is about to throw Gauri out of the house.

  • img
    E170 - Laal Banarasi
    02 January 2024 | 21 min

    As Shakuntala is throwing Gauri out of the house, Garv gets a heart attack. Gauri and Shakuntala panic. Doctor checks Garv and requests everyone to not stress him at all. Shakuntala blames Gauri for Garv’s condition. Gauri decides to stay in the house to take care of Garv. The next morning, in a press conference Shakuntala announces Gauri to be Garv's mistress, calling her characterless. Gauri plans to leave the house but at the same time she receives the news that she is pregnant with Garv’s child.

  • img
    E171 - Laal Banarasi
    03 January 2024 | 21 min

    Garv gets to know about Gauri's pregnancy, and he gets very happy. Later he announces this news to the entire family. Ganga tries to strangulate Gauri, Garv intervenes and warns everyone not to harm Gauri in any way. Shakuntala is wearing the family’s ancestral necklace and Binda says the necklace should be given to the pregnant daughter-in-law now that Gauri is pregnant. Garv demands the necklace to be given to Gauri. Shakuntala is furious.

  • img
    E172 - Laal Banarasi
    04 January 2024 | 21 min

    In the puja kept for Gauri’s child, Garv pours milk on Gauri’s hands to do God’s abhishek. But we reveal it is blood and not milk. Ganga says that she had exchanged the milk with blood. Garv slaps Ganga for it, washes off the blood from Gauri’s hands and pours milk on Gauri's hands and continues the puja. Shakuntala gives the ancestral necklace to Gauri. In the flashback we reveal Shakuntala making Binda apply the cyanide powder on the necklace to kill Gauri. Gauri touches the necklace and eats the Prasad from the same hand, and she faints. Garv prays to God and with divine intervention, Garv saves Gauri.

  • img
    E173 - Laal Banarasi
    05 January 2024 | 21 min

    Garv goes to pick the same ancestral necklace. Shakuntala panics and stops him. Garv looks doubtful at her reaction, and then he sees the Prasad ladoo has turned black. Garv signs the divorce papers and gives them to Ganga, but she tears the papers. Yug tries to kill Garv by shooting at the chandelier, so it can fall on him but Gauri comes in between to save Garv and she falls down on her stomach. Later we see someone kidnapping Gauri, as she is sleeping.

  • img
    E174 - Laal Banarasi
    08 January 2024 | 21 min

    Garv blames everyone in his family for Gauri's kidnapping. Shakuntala, Yug and Ganga denies it. Gauri is tied to a chair in a dingy room. We show a female in silhouette reveals herself to be Nayantara Sinha, Shakuntala’s enemy who has kidnapped Gauri. She kidnapped Gauri, to get to Garv, so she can take her revenge from Shakuntala. Nayantara makes Gauri surrounded by teddy bears, with one of them carrying a time bomb, and sends the location to Garv. Garv comes to save Gauri, finds the bomb but is confused which wire to cut, to diffuse the bomb and the time is running out.

  • img
    E175 - Laal Banarasi
    09 January 2024 | 21 min

    Garv saves Gauri from the ticking bomb just in time. Shakuntala blames Gauri for putting Garv in danger, and she is about to slap Gauri, Nayantara enters and stops her hand mid-way. Shakuntala is shocked to see her. Nayantara announces that she has legally taken over Shakuntala's house and all her property with Yug's support. Shakuntala feels betrayed, as Nayantara asks them all to leave the place.

  • img
    E176 - Laal Banarasi
    10 January 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri slaps Yug for betraying the family by giving the property to Nayantara. When Shakuntala along with everyone are leaving home, Nayantara offers them to stay in the house and serve her as servants. Garv convinces Shakuntala to stay back promising that he will get their property back. Nayantara asks Shakuntala to clean her footwear. Gauri does it, to save Shakuntala's honor. Shakuntala and rest of the family, shift to a servant room. Ganga shifts to Nayantara's side.

  • img
    E177 - Laal Banarasi
    11 January 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri tries to make Shakuntala eat food, but Ganga throws the food away. Shakuntala slaps Nayantara, and she puts Shakuntala in a mobile jail and takes away all her jewellery. Nayantara makes the guard hit Shakuntala with a hunter. Gauri covers Shakuntala to save her. Garv intervenes and saves them.

  • img
    E178 - Laal Banarasi
    12 January 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri manages to steal the jail keys from under Nayantara's pillow in order to feed Shakuntala. Later, she finds the plate empty as Nayantara had switched the plates. Nayantara as a punishment, asks her guard to throw Gauri in the jail instead of Shakuntala. Garv tries to explain her that Gauri is pregnant, but Nayantara doesn’t agree.

  • img
    E179 - Laal Banarasi
    15 January 2024 | 21 min

    As per Nayantara's plan, the bunkar community has come to Shakuntala's house, shouting negative slogans against her. They are very angry at Shakuntala, and a lady bunkar puts black ink on her face. Gauri comes forward to save Shakuntala's honor and also gets black ink rubbed on her face. Another bunkar puts a shoe garland around Shakuntala's neck. Shakuntala feels very humiliated and she is just standing non reactive in anger. Nayantara then burns Shakuntala's Banarasi sarees in front of her eyes. In the end, Gauri trying to save Shakuntala, moves ahead and slips and she falls in her stomach. Garv gets worried as Gauri is pregnant.

  • img
    E180 - Laal Banarasi
    16 January 2024 | 21 min

    After the fall, doctor checks Gauri and says she and the child are fine. Ganga attempts to make Gauri fall again but with divine intervention of Lord Ram, Gauri is saved. Binda adds poison in Nayantara's tea made by Gauri. Shakuntala who wants a fair win, stops Nayantara from drinking the tea. Nayantara blames Gauri and punishes her, by drowning her in the pool. Garv agrees to support Nayantara instead of his mother, to save Gauri and his unborn child’s life.

  • img
    E181 - Laal Banarasi
    17 January 2024 | 22 min

    Gauri is not happy with Garv's decision to go on Nayantara’s side. Garv tells her that he is just pretending and asks Gauri to support him in his plan. Yug and Ganga are not convinced that Garv is on Nayantara’s side, but she is. Nayantara mocks Shakuntala, informing her about Garv being on her side now. Shakuntala challenges Nayantara that she will take back all her property in 5 days. Nayantara accepts her challenge. Gauri dreams of Lord Ram and plans to visit the Ram temple soon.

  • img
    E182 - Laal Banarasi
    18 January 2024 | 42 min

    Sumitra Devi invites Shakuntala for the inauguration of their Ram temple in Ayodhya. Shakuntala is happy and plans to take revenge on her coz of the Naag Panchmi aarti incident. Nayantara is not able to go for the inauguration as Shakuntala plants a bomb in her luggage and she gets hurt when the bomb blasts. Nayantara makes a plan with Kamya to hurt Shakuntala at the temple. Amongst the celebrations of the temple inauguration, when Gauri and Nandini are preparing food items for the guests, Kamya and Ganga pour a dangerous chemical in the water used to prepare the food and beverages. Shakuntala to take revenge from Sumitra, makes Binda plant firecrackers in the flowers that are going to be showered on the Pandits. It is decided that in the Ram Leela play, Akash will play Ram and Bijlee will play Sita. But Garv kidnaps Bijlee, so Nandini can be Sita, and Kamya puts a nail in Akash’s footwear, which hurts him badly. All shocked as Shakuntala has turned into a stone, drinking the water contaminated with the chemical.

  • img
    E183 - Laal Banarasi
    19 January 2024 | 48 min

    Garv and Gauri become Ram Sita for the Ram-Leela play instead of Akash and Bijli. All gather to welcome the Pandits. The firecrackers planted by Shakuntala in the toran blasts as the Pandits step in. All get angry at Sumitra which makes Shakuntala happy. Ram-Leela starts. Yug plays Raavan. Nandini is attacked by Shakuntala and Nandini feels something is not right with her, and sees Shakuntala turning into stone. Nandini warns Gauri. Garv, Gauri, Nandini and Akash realize that something is wrong as they notice all guests turning into statues, and they start looking for the cure. Nayantara reveals that she is behind all and has mixed a chemical in the water which everyone drank. Yug threatens Garv that all the guests are going to die, if they are not saved by light in the next 45 mins. Gauri prays to Lord Ram and with divine intervention, Lord Ram saves the guests and blesses Gauri. Everyone finally does the aarti and take leave. Bijli attacks on Gauri but is saved by Garv.

  • img
    E184 - Laal Banarasi
    22 January 2024 | 21 min

    Nayantara makes Shakuntala, Binda and Mama wear servant attires and serve the guests at the party. Nayantara makes a performance at the party where in an act she shows how Shakuntala treated her in-laws and how she killed them. Gauri tries to stop the guests, who want to hit Shakuntala with their footwear. Garv is looking for the property papers in Nayantara's room, but gets stuck inside the cupboard as Nayantara locks it.

  • img
    E185 - Laal Banarasi
    23 January 2024 | 21 min

    Nayantara asks Shakuntala to apologize to the guest she had slapped, but Shakuntala refuses. Gauri manages to steel the cupboard keys from Nayantara and saves Garv from the locked cupboard. Yug catches them both together with the property papers, but Garv deflects the situation on time. Nayantara throws a challenge of 3 rounds in front of Shakuntala saying, whoever wins, will get the whole property. The first challenge is to make statues of Nayantara’s parents. Shakuntala has a plan to make Nayantara lose.

  • img
    E186 - Laal Banarasi
    24 January 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri plans to steal the property papers during the competition between Shakuntala and Nayantara. Binda puts a chemical solution in Nayantara's clay so that her statues melt. The competition begins. Shakuntala gets bitten by the ants in her clay, planted by Nayantara. Ganga catches Gauri stealing the property papers, Garv escapes in time. It looks like Nayantara wins the statue competition but her statues starts melting and turn back to a pile of clay. Shakuntala wins the first round. Ganga brings Gauri in front of everyone and blames her and Garv of conspiring together against Nayantara.

  • img
    E187 - Laal Banarasi
    25 January 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala is shocked knowing, the poor weavers are going to be the judge of the second round of the competition, that is the cooking round. The competition begins, Shakuntala is clueless how to make Indian food, Gauri helps her. Ganga and Nayantara are furious and Ganga makes Gauri slip and fall on the oil she poured on the floor, so Gauri has to go inside to rest. But Gauri does pass a chit through Garv to Shakuntala, writing the dish recipe on it. Ganga acts of slipping and pours water in the hot oil of Shakuntala’s utensil, due to which Shakuntala’s hand burns.

  • img
    E188 - Laal Banarasi
    26 January 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala and Nayantara are busy preparing the food, when Ganga puts raw tapioca pearls in Shakuntala’s in the cooked tapioca porridge, so that she loses. Shakuntala also makes Binda put cockroaches in Nayantara’s food, so that she loses. Finally the food is ready and the weavers who were the judges of the competition, declare Nayantara as the winner. Shakuntala is furious when she gets to know Gauri changed the food with cockroaches with good food.

  • img
    E189 - Laal Banarasi
    29 January 2024 | 21 min

    Garv is upset with Gauri as she had replaced the food plate prepared by Shakuntala. In the final round of challenge, Nayantara asks Shakuntala to weave a Banarasi saree for her. But Shakuntala doesn’t know how to weave a Saree. So Gauri helps Shakuntala in making Saree. but as per Nayantara’s evil plan, she has mixed glass pieces in the weaving thread.

  • img
    E190 - Laal Banarasi
    30 January 2024 | 21 min

    Nayantara gets shock to see that Shakuntala has prepared the saree. Gauri reveals how Nayantara had burnt the saree & she fixed the saree. Shakuntala is happy that she won the challenge. Nayantara locks Shakuntala in the room & sets the room in fire. while saving Shakuntala, Gauri falls & she has miscarriage. Dr. informs the family that Gauri can never become mother now. Garv gets angry with Gauri & leaves the house.

  • img
    E191 - Laal Banarasi
    31 January 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala is happy, getting her position back in the house. Ganga begs Shakuntala to accept her. Shakuntala taunts Yug for taking Nayantara’s side. Garv calls Shakuntala and tells her that he has left the house for good, never to return back. Shakuntala gets her property papers back but is shocked to know that Nayantara has signed all the property in Gauri's name. Shakuntala is furious and blames Gauri for everything and tells her about Garv leaving the house because of her. Gauri is devastated.

  • img
    E192 - Laal Banarasi
    01 February 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri is worried about Garv's whereabouts. Meanwhile Garv, who was sitting at the roadside, saves an old man from an accident. The old man’s wife comes running to her blind husband, whom just Garv saved. The couple makes Garv believe in love and Garv realizes that he shouldn't have left Gauri alone. Gauri who was performing Tandav for Garv’s safety is informed by Shakuntala that Garv has called her to meet. But Shakuntala tricks Gauri by informing her the wrong time to reach the meeting point, so that she can kill Gauri. Gauri unknown to this fact, leaves all excited in the hope to meet Garv.

  • img
    E193 - Laal Banarasi
    02 February 2024 | 21 min

    Garv reaches home to surprise Gauri, but when he doesn’t find her there, he checks her location on phone and leaves for their meeting place. Gauri is tied in the car by Shakuntala. Garv reaches and sees Gauri tied to the car seat which is going down the cliff. Garv stops the car in time and saves Gauri. Shakuntala then fires the gun at Gauri, but Garv comes in between and takes the bullet, and he falls into the cliff. All are shocked, as Garv is dead.

  • img
    E194 - Laal Banarasi
    05 February 2024 | 32 min

    Gauri gets Shakuntala arrested for trying to kill Garv. On the day of the court appearance, Yug is stopped by someone in the middle of the road. Ganga in disguise pushes Gauri, where she loses her phone, and Ganga immediately picks it up and deletes the video, which Gauri was going to show in the court as proof against Shakuntala. Despite this, Gauri manages to show the proof to the court. As the judge is about to rule against Shakuntala, Garv appears, and everyone is shocked. Garv takes Shakuntala's side, Gauri is stunned upon Garv's statement, and Shakuntala gets free.

  • img
    E195 - Laal Banarasi
    06 February 2024 | 32 min

    Bunty hugs Ganga and flirts with her. Ganga is all excited, thinking him to be Garv, but gets upset knowing when Yug and Shakuntala inform her that he is a lookalike of Garv, and not real Garv. Bunty loses his black lens and is about to get caught in front of Gauri, but he saves the situation. Shakuntala asks Bunty to get the property papers signed from Gauri. Shakuntala orders Binda to put camphor inside the gas burner. Gauri lights the stove and gets burnt.

  • img
    E196 - Laal Banarasi
    07 February 2024 | 32 min

    Shakuntala suspicious of Bunty, thinking if he is actually Garv, plans to take Bunty's signature and compare it with Garv's. Bunty does the exact signature, but then gives a reason that Yug had taught him. Gauri almost catches Bunty hugging Ganga. Bunty gifts a short dress to Gauri, she feels uncomfortable, and wears the saree given by Ganga instead. Bunty is unable to control himself and holds Gauri tightly which makes her question Garv's (Bunty) behavior.

  • img
    E197 - Laal Banarasi
    08 February 2024 | 32 min

    Gauri asks Garv (bunty) to show the bullet wound to prove himself. & Garv removes a skin patch & shows the bullet wound. as per Shakuntala's plan to kill Gauri, Binda does tampers in electric wire due to which Gauri gets electric shock. Bunty saves Gauri. Ganga gets suspicious seeing Bunty's concern for Ganga. Shakuntala gets shock to know that Bunty wants to usurp her property.

  • img
    E198 - Laal Banarasi
    09 February 2024 | 44 min

    Shakuntala shows proofs and informs Gauri that the person she thinks is Garv is actually Bunty. Gauri spreads smoke in the house, so Bunty’s true identity comes out if he rubs his eyes and his lens come out. But it fails. Shakuntala asks Gauri for her property papers back. Gauri denies. Ganga seduces Bunty, he gives in, and Gauri catches them in an intimate moment. As per Shakuntala and Ganga’s plan, they prove that he is Bunty, and not Garv. Yug slaps Bunty. Shakuntala calls police and asks them to arrest Bunty. Gauri asks them to match the fingerprints of Bunty with Garv’s.

  • img
    E199 - Laal Banarasi
    12 February 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala gets Bunty's (Garv) fingerprint test done. Bunty (Garv) confronts Gauri, if she claims to love Garv so much, how did she not recognize him? The tests come and it is revealed it was Garv all along. Shakuntala and Gauri are happy. Garv pushes Gauri away saying that, he isn't the same Garv, he is now here to claim the property back from her.

  • img
    E200 - Laal Banarasi
    13 February 2024 | 21 min

    Garv asks Gauri to sign on the property papers surrendering it all back to Garv. Gauri denies, as it is the only way she can stay in the same house, close to Garv. Gauri fights with Ganga asking her to stay away from her husband Garv. In front of all weavers, Gauri comes dressed in a Banarasi saree, sitting on Shakuntala’s chair, claims that she is the owner of Shakuntala sarees now. Shakuntala gets very upset on Gauri. Ganga tampers with Gauri’s saree to make it burn, when she comes for the puja in honor of Sadhviji.

  • img
    E201 - Laal Banarasi
    14 February 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri takes out a beautiful Banarasi saree to wear for Sadhaviji’s pooja ceremony. Ganga tampers with the saree and plans to burn Gauri. Gauri lights the match, her saree catches fire, Garv saves her. Sadhavi arrives, Ganga introduces herself as Garv's wife. Garv agrees too, Gauri is devastated. Sadhaviji announces that Garv's life is in danger and for that they will have to perform puja ceremony with his wife Ganga.

  • img
    E202 - Laal Banarasi
    15 February 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri saves Sadhaviji from getting hurt as a huge chunknof ceiling was going to fall on her. Ganga is asked to decorate the temple area for puja, but she makes excuses and Gauri steps up to help. Ganga ruins the decoration made by Gauri and Sadhaviji gets upset at Gauri. Ganga comes forward saying that she will take care of the arrangements.

  • img
    E203 - Laal Banarasi
    16 February 2024 | 21 min

    Ganga and Garv sitting for the puja as husband and wife. Gauri is praying to Shivji for her position as Garv’s wife, and with divine intervention, the holy water meant for Garv's wife, splashes over Gauri's face making her drink it, instead of Ganga. Ganga tired of the household work, pretends to have cut her finger, Gauri is suspicious. Gauri calls a doctor to prove Ganga’s fake injury, but Ganga manages to prove her wrong. Furious Shakuntala tries to burn Gauri's hand, but Garv saves her. Shakuntala asks Garv to sign the divorce papers.

  • img
    E204 - Laal Banarasi
    19 February 2024 | 21 min

    Garv seems a bit reluctant to sign the divorce papers, but luckily the pen doesn't work. Ganga plants an axe for Gauri to fall on it, but Garv saves her as she is about to fall on it. Shakuntala challenges Gauri to drink poison as she claims to love Garv so much. Garv rushes Gauri to the hospital and orders the doctor to save her. Gauri punishes Ganga by leaving red ants on her.

  • img
    E205 - Laal Banarasi
    20 February 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri has a moment with Garv where she tells him that she knows he still loves her, or why would he take her to the hospital when she drank the poison? Sadhavi ji gives a holy coconut to Gauri. Shakuntala makes Dhirendra put a bomb in a coconut and exchange it with Gauri’s coconut. Yug and Gauri are arguing over the same coconut when Yug drops it on the floor, resulting in a blast. Garv saves Gauri.

  • img
    E206 - Laal Banarasi
    21 February 2024 | 21 min

    Yug is worried that Gauri might play some game for not marrying him, so he plans the mehndi ceremony next day. Gauri is hoping that Garv will stop her from marrying Yug, but is disappointed, as Garv himself calls the decoration people. Gauri upset as Ganga writes Yug’s name on her hand with mehndi. Gauri pretends to feel pukish and rushes to the washroom to wipe Yug's name, when she gets kidnapped by the members of the dance troop called by Dhirendra. Garv gets suspicious on them and follows the kidnappers.

  • img
    E207 - Laal Banarasi
    22 February 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala is furious finding out Dhirendra has sold Gauri off to some thugs, who are to selling her ahead to a foreign market. Gauri is put in a dark room along with a few more young girls to be sold off. Garv is constantly looking for Gauri. Yug warns Shakuntala that if she is behind Gauri’s disappearance, he will not spare her. The main lady goon threatens Gauri, she fights back, but falls unconscious fighting.

  • img
    E208 - Laal Banarasi
    23 February 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala gets worried knowing the lady goon’s phone is left with Gauri. Gauri calls Garv and updates him on the location. Garv comes to the location with the police to save Gauri. The goons are leaving with rest of the girls, keeping Gauri in a gas chamber and burning firecrackers, so the room catches fire, to kill Gauri. Garv saves Gauri from the gas chamber, but he himself gets stuck and blast happens in the room, with Garv stuck in it.

  • img
    E209 - Laal Banarasi
    26 February 2024 | 21 min

    Garv gets Gauri home after freeing her from the kidnappers. Shakuntala is worried if Gauri has found out that Dhirendra was behind her kidnapping. Yug proposes Gauri to get married soon and is about to apply sindoor in Gauri's forehead, when Garv stops him, announcing that he and Gauri are going to get married. Just as Garv Gauri are about to take the pheras, we see duplicate of Garv entering and stopping the wedding.

  • img
    E210 - Laal Banarasi
    27 February 2024 | 21 min

    Garv and Bunty argue over who is the real Garv. Gauri confused, breaks the marriage. Shakuntala plans to find out who the real Garv is. Knowing her son, Garv is allergic to sweet potatoes, she asks Ganga to prepare the same for dinner. At dinner, to her surprise, both the Garv and Bunty have allergic reaction to the sweet potato. Shakuntala confused sides with Garv 1 and Gauri sides with Garv 2 stating he is real Garv.

  • img
    E211 - Laal Banarasi
    28 February 2024 | 21 min

    Knowing that real Garv won’t be able to her in pain, Gauri plans to punish herself with 1000 lashes of hunter. But both the Garvs come forward to stop her from doing so. To lure Bunty, Ganga dresses up and clicks her photos. But her plan fails. Garv 2 is looking for some papers, seeing which Gauri suspects him to be Bunty who might be looking for the property papers.

  • img
    E212 - Laal Banarasi
    29 February 2024 | 21 min

    Bunty was about to take advantage of Gauri after making her unconscious, just when Garv comes and saves the situation. Garv fights Bunty, and Bunty gets a cut on his hand as Garv slashes him with a knife. Garv tries to prove he is real Garv, and the other man is Bunty, but he fails. Bunty locks Garv in a secret room behind the dressing table mirror, where Garv can see everything happening in the room, from the inside, but nobody can see anything through the mirror from the outside.

  • img
    E213 - Laal Banarasi
    01 March 2024 | 21 min

    Bunty gets Gauri to sign the property papers on Garv's name, to acquire it in his name later, but with divine intervention, Binda throws a burning matchstick away, and it burns the property papers. Bunty slaps Binda, and everyone is shocked and doubtful if he is real Garv. Some guests insult Ganga, and Gauri tries to defend her. Ganga in anger, puts a chemical in Gauri's kajal, so that she gets blind. Garv sees this from behind the mirror and gets panicked.

  • img
    E214 - Laal Banarasi
    04 March 2024 | 21 min

    Garv panicks seeing from inside the mirror that Gauri is applying the kajal in which ganga put the chemical in, Suddenly Gauri starts shouting and is about to fall down from the stairs as she can't see, Garv (bunty) holds her. The doctor informs that Gauri has turned blind, and Ganga is happy. Later we see Gauri taking out her glasses, revealing the fact that she can actually see, and we get to know that Gauri had noticed ganga putting in the chemical. The next day bunty is ready in his wedding sherwani and plans to marry Gauri on the eve of Mahashivratri, Gauri has some other plans in her mind.

  • img
    E215 - Laal Banarasi
    05 March 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri spikes milk for "Abhishek", revealing Garv's real eyes. She records it, but Garv escapes. Bunty captures Garv again, threatening Gauri to marry him or Garv dies. Gauri agrees, but divine intervention saves her from marriage.

  • img
    E216 - Laal Banarasi
    06 March 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri tracks Garv with a GPS in Bunty's pocket, aided by Shakuntal. They expose Bunty, leading to his arrest along with his accomplices. Garv is rescued and reunited with Gauri. Later, during a pooja for Shanti, Baba announces Gauri's pregnancy, but Shakuntala doubts Gauri's ability to become a mother.

  • img
    E217 - Laal Banarasi
    08 March 2024 | 21 min

    We see baba announcing that the child of Gauri and Garv will become the cause of Shakuntala's death. meanwhile we see gauri and garv consummating their relationship. After two months doctor announces about Gauri's pregnancy. everyone is shocked to know this. Shakuntala looks unbothered as no one can kill her ever. After 8 months, in Gauri's god bharai, binda plans to kill the child inside gauri and mixes something in Gauri's drink. Gauri falls on her stomach.

  • img
    E218 - Laal Banarasi
    11 March 2024 | 21 min

    Binda tries to kill the child inside Gauri but remains unsuccessful. After a few days, it's delivery time. Garv takes Gauri to the hospital, meanwhile Binda arranges for a hawan pooja in order to curse Gauri's child. We see the moment the child is born; Shakuntala's saree catches fire building to the intervention that the 'kaal' of Shakuntala is now here.

  • img
    E219 - Laal Banarasi
    12 March 2024 | 21 min

    After lot of hurdles Gauri delivers two baby girls, Khusi and Kavya. Shakuntala is perplexed as to if she should believe the baba's prophecy, she imagined herself dead and panics a bit and picks the child (Khusi) and rushes out, while Gauri is feeling uneasy as something is going to happen to her child. Gauri rush outside looking for Khusi while Shakuntala is about to exit the hospital with the child.

  • img
    E220 - Laal Banarasi
    13 March 2024 | 21 min

    During the Namkaran ceremony, Binda plants a maid to kidnap and kill "Khusi." In a desperate attempt, Khusi falls off a cliff, leaving Garv and Khusi devastated. Six years later, Shakuntala molds the younger child, "Kavya," into her likeness. Meanwhile, Gauri remains silent, traumatized by the loss of her daughter, Khusi.

  • img
    E221 - Laal Banarasi
    14 March 2024 | 21 min

    There is Gauri & Garv's daughter Kavya's birthday. Kavya gets angry as due to traumatic state Gauri doesn't wish her. it hurts Kavya much. other side we see Garv & Gauri's daughter Khushi is alive who is very poor. Garv takes Gauri to the temple, Gauri's eyes fall on Khushi, she shouts Khushi's name, it's after 6 yrs when Gauri speaks something.

  • img
    E222 - Laal Banarasi
    15 March 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri mistakes Shivanshi for her daughter Khushi and pursues her. Shivanshi's guardian plans to sell her. Goons kidnap Khushi, prompting Gauri to rescue her, saving her from a warehouse.

  • img
    E223 - Laal Banarasi
    18 March 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri fights with the goons to save Khushi and brings her back to the house. As Khushi enters the house, Shakuntala almost slips from the stairs, depicting Khushi as her kaal. Kavya doesn't like Gauri calling a poor looking girl her sister and she insults her. Later when Gauri is feeding Khushi, Kavya throws the plate on the floor. Khushi's maasi reaches the Gauri's house in order to take Khushi away, Gauri is devastated.

  • img
    E224 - Laal Banarasi
    19 March 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri is begging Garv to stop Mahua Maasi from taking Khushi away, just then Ganga and Yug enter with the police. Shakuntala scolds Ganga for supporting Gauri. Shakuntala brings people from the adoption agency to take Khushi (Shivanshi) away, but Ganga proposes that she will adopt Khushi. Khushi opens her clothes trunk, from which, old baby clothes that Khushi had worn in her naming ceremony falls down and we build up if Gauri will finally see it.

  • img
    E225 - Laal Banarasi
    20 March 2024 | 21 min

    Everyone is asleep, when a few goons enter Shakuntala house. Khushi and Kavya are hungry. Gauri takes them to the kitchen, and seeing a window open gets doubtful. The thieves have put up a network jammer in the house, so Gauri isn't able to call Garv. Gauri hides Kavya and Khushi inside a storeroom, meanwhile the goons have round up the whole family on gunpoint. Just as the goon is about to shoot Shakuntala, Gauri comes out of the hiding to save her. Kavya gets caught by the goon.

  • img
    E226 - Laal Banarasi
    21 March 2024 | 23 min

    Garv and Gauri rescue Shakuntala and Khusi from kidnappers, ensuring their safety. However, the celebration is brief as family tensions flare up during a contentious dinner.

  • img
    E227 - Laal Banarasi
    22 March 2024 | 23 min

    During a playful moment, Shakuntala's close call prompts Binda's suspicion of Khusi's true identity. Shakuntala uncovers evidence, confronts Mahua, and plots to unveil the secret at the upcoming Holi celebration.

  • img
    E228 - Laal Banarasi
    25 March 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala has organized a huge Holi party in Banaras, inviting Sumitra Devi and her family, Jay, Chunri and Tatawali. Amongst the holi celebrations of song and dance, Shakuntala is planning to have Khushi kidnapped and taken away, with the help of Binda and Dhirendra.

  • img
    E229 - Laal Banarasi
    25 March 2024 | 20 min

    Aishwarya is planning to make Akash drink the bhaang, so she can consummate her marriage, and also hired a man to get Sumitra killed.

  • img
    E230 - Laal Banarasi
    26 March 2024 | 22 min

    Aishwarya's plot to intoxicate Akash fails; Garv consumes the spiked thandai. Despite multiple attempts, Sumitra Devi is rendered unconscious. Meanwhile, Binda and Dhirendra's efforts to kidnap Khushi are thwarted repeatedly.

  • img
    E231 - Laal Banarasi
    26 March 2024 | 20 min

    Intoxicated Akash mistakes Aishwarya for Nandini, upsetting her. Aishwarya's plan to kill Sumitra fails. Binda and Dhirendra's final kidnap attempt foiled by Gauri rescuing Khushi from a drum.

  • img
    E232 - Laal Banarasi
    27 March 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala's fury grows as attempts to eliminate Khushi fail. Panic ensues when Kavya is found trapped. Tensions rise as Khushi's innocence is questioned. Gauri confronts Kavya, leading to Khushi's rescue and Gauri's heartbreak.

  • img
    E233 - Laal Banarasi
    28 March 2024 | 18 min

    Shakuntala's rage against Khushi peaks. Discovery of Kavya in the fridge sparks chaos. Khushi's key possession leads to accusations. Confrontation reveals truth, leaving Gauri distraught, Khushi removed.

  • img
    E234 - Laal Banarasi
    29 March 2024 | 18 min

    Ganga accuses Gauri of Khushi's disappearance, sparking a police confrontation. Mahua returns but denies being Khushi, bribed by Shakuntala. Garv expels Shivanshi.

  • img
    E235 - Laal Banarasi
    01 April 2024 | 22 min

    Tension escalates as Mahua falsely declares Khushi's parents deceased. Gauri faints, blaming Garv. Influenced by Shakuntala, Garv threatens Gauri. Panic erupts as Kavya vanishes, leading to Payal's arrival, set up for marriage to Garv.

  • img
    E236 - Laal Banarasi
    02 April 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri's phone is stolen by Binda as she's deceived elsewhere. Kavya's accident prompts Garv to seek Gauri's aid, but Shakuntala's manipulation leads to misunderstandings, leaving Gauri heartbroken as Garv turns to Payal.

  • img
    E237 - Laal Banarasi
    03 April 2024 | 21 min

    Garv blinds himself in frustration over Gauri's obsession. Gauri playfully handcuffs herself, but a mishap forces Garv to see. He proposes to Payal, devastating Gauri, revealing Shakuntala's manipulation. Garv asks Gauri to leave.

  • img
    E238 - Laal Banarasi
    04 April 2024 | 21 min

    Garv saves Gauri from a bookshelf collapse, but presents divorce papers. Gauri burns them. Garv's date for Payal upsets Gauri, who gets drunk. Shakuntala blames Payal, angering Garv. Gauri apologizes to Payal at a dance bar amidst chaos.

  • img
    E239 - Laal Banarasi
    05 April 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri uncovers Payal's secret job, stays silent. Later exposes Payal, leading to confrontation. Payal attacks Gauri. Garv and Shakuntala upset with Gauri. Payal manipulates Shakuntala to hasten engagement with Garv.

  • img
    E240 - Laal Banarasi
    08 April 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri's attempt to expose Payal's identity at the engagement backfires when the crowd fails to recognize her during a dance performance.

  • img
    E241 - Laal Banarasi
    09 April 2024 | 21 min

    Garv ties Gauri up to keep her from interfering with the engagement. Khushi saves Gauri but faces consequences. Gauri reveals Payal's true identity and is later found pregnant during the ceremony.

  • img
    E242 - Laal Banarasi
    10 April 2024 | 21 min

    Payal reveals Gauri's false pregnancy, infuriating Garv. Later, Garv threatens self-immolation unless Gauri signs divorce papers, leading to her compliance. The next morning, Gauri goes missing, held captive by Payal, as Shakuntala orders Garv to burn Gauri's wedding attire.

  • img
    E243 - Laal Banarasi
    11 April 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri replaces Payal at the mandap but is abducted after 4 pheras. Garv completes the ceremony with Payal, but Gauri intervenes during sindoor, upsetting Garv.

  • img
    E244 - Laal Banarasi
    12 April 2024 | 22 min

    Garv ejects Gauri, but she returns, claiming to be his wife. Gauri interrupts Garv and Payal, causing tension. Garv apologizes, revealing Chan Chan's deceit. Payal locks Gauri in a cupboard, causing distress.

  • img
    E245 - Laal Banarasi
    15 April 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri finds Payal and Garv together. Garv reveals he drugged Payal to prevent intimacy and exposes her property fraud to Shakuntala. The family unites against Payal.

  • img
    E246 - Laal Banarasi
    16 April 2024 | 21 min

    The family coerces Payal into signing property papers together. Shakuntala, fearing Gauri won't let Khushi leave, plans a dangerous car accident, but it injures Mahua instead. Grateful for Gauri's care, Mahua reveals Khushi's true parentage, providing evidence to the family.

  • img
    E247 - Laal Banarasi
    19 April 2024 | 21 min

    It unfolds with Garv's revelation of Khushi's paternity, culminating in a celebratory affair, yet tension mounts as Payal, at Shakuntala's behest, abducts Garv instead. Gauri's wrath is kindled upon discovering Shakuntala's involvement, igniting a simmering conflict.

  • img
    E248 - Laal Banarasi
    22 April 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri saves Garv with a smartwatch, but Payal kidnaps him, revealing he's poisoned, needs an antidote in 7 days to live.

  • img
    E249 - Laal Banarasi
    23 April 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri finds the antidote which Payal promises to give Garv, to save his life. But Payal deceives everyone and threatens to throw Garv in the Ganga river.

  • img
    E250 - Laal Banarasi
    24 April 2024 | 21 min

    Payal deceives both Shakuntala and Gauri, coercing Gauri into a dangerous deal where she must impersonate a dancer within four hours to save Garv from harm.

  • img
    E251 - Laal Banarasi
    29 April 2024 | 21 min

    Gauri dances for Payal to save Garv. Afterward, Payal claims to have already killed him, sparking a confrontation with Shakuntala. Shakuntala locks Gauri up, prompting her and Khushi to search for Garv.

  • img
    E252 - Laal Banarasi
    30 April 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala gets Paayal out of jail and gives her a task to kill Khushi in the middle of the puja, which is organized for Khushi's well-being, by Garv and Gauri.

  • img
    E253 - Laal Banarasi
    01 May 2024 | 21 min

    Payal kidnaps Khushi from the house in front of the entire family. Gauri reaches the warehouse looking for Khushi and saves her, but Shakuntala sets fire to the warehouse.

  • img
    E254 - Laal Banarasi
    02 May 2024 | 21 min

    Garv saves Khushi and Gauri from the lethal fire spread all over the warehouse. Gauri threatens Shakuntala to leave the house, or she will tell Garv that it was Shakuntala’s plan to kidnap Khushi, with the help of Payal.

  • img
    E255 - Laal Banarasi
    03 May 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala wanting to shoot Khushi, but shoots Garv by mistake. Garv seriously injured, goes into coma. Gauri manages to find proof against Shakuntala, so she can be punished for her deeds of attacking Khushi all this while.

  • img
    E256 - Laal Banarasi
    06 May 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala passes the lie-detector test, and Gauri is shocked. Shakuntala confesses to Gauri that she got Khushi drop off the cliff, and in a fit of anger Gauri attacks Shakuntala, in which she herself gets hurt. Shakuntala is scared that Gauri is dead.

  • img
    E257 - Laal Banarasi
    07 May 2024 | 21 min

    Ganga assists Gauri in escaping from the wall where Shakuntala buried her alive. Gauri, disguised as a ghost, frightens Shakuntala into confessing her misdeeds.

  • img
    E258 - Laal Banarasi
    08 May 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala fears Gauri's ghost. Khushi finds solace seeing her mother's apparition in the storeroom. Ganga pretends to be possessed, adding to Shakuntala's fear. Later, Gauri, disguised as a ghost, startles Shakuntala awake at night.

  • img
    E259 - Laal Banarasi
    09 May 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala breaks the store room wall and finds Gauri's body. She pierces a pin to confirm. Terrified, she locks the room. Ganga and Khushi fret over reaching Gauri with the door sealed.

  • img
    E260 - Laal Banarasi
    10 May 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala brings home Gauri's ashes, surprising Ganga. Gauri and Ganga hire an actor to pose as a tantrik to scare Shakuntala into confessing her misdeeds and accepting her mistakes.

  • img
    E261 - Laal Banarasi
    13 May 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala locks Khushi in a cupboard, challenges Gauri to find her in 30 minutes or Khushi dies. Gauri searches, but Shakuntala realizes Gauri is alive when she sees her praying.

  • img
    E262 - Laal Banarasi
    14 May 2024 | 21 min

    Shakuntala traps Gauri in a room with poisonous gas but gets stuck too. Gauri saves them both. Garv awakens from his coma, and Shakuntala, realizing Gauri's goodness, accepts her as her daughter-in-law. The family shares a joyful moment together.



Release Date

11 July 2023




Arvind Gupta


Narayani Shastri, Savi Thakur, Gauri Chitranshi, Anmol Gupta, Manohar Tel