Ep 127 - Umar 55 Ki Dil Bachpan Ka

U/A 16+ • Crime • Thriller • 2024

Priya, 55, marries Vikas, 25. Vikas's friends mock him. Meanwhile, Priya's driver Anil has an affair with the maid. Priya faces accidents at home, Anil saves her. Vikas and Seema are exposed, lovers scheming for Priya's wealth.

Director: Ravi Kishan

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    Ep 1 - Lahu Muh Lag Gaya
    31 October 2023 | 48 min

    A newly married woman has an illicit affair with her husband’s best friend. In order to fulfill their desires, the woman regularly gives sleeping pills to her inlaws and husband. When they all fall asleep, she makes out with her lover on the same bed where her husband sleeps. After some months, the duo gets caught red handed by the fatherinlaw. This is when they kill him. After some time, the husband also wakes up from his sleep and catches the two red handed. This is when the lovers kill the husband too. Finally, the mother and her brother call in the cops. After investigation, the culprits are arrested.

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    Ep 2 - Darinda Damaad
    01 November 2023 | 48 min

    A collegegoing girl is engaged with a nefarious character. Her fiancé turns out to be a notorious person. He begins his crime by first molesting and videorecording the girl and her elder sister. His crime then escalates when he rapes her and then gives an opportunity to his friends to gang rape her after spiking her drinks. He video records the entire act and then uses it as a threat. He then uses his chance to gang rape the elder sister along with his friends and video records this too. He then uses both the videos to blackmail them. At the end, his own mother hires some construction workers to kill her sinful son and confesses her crimes to the cops.

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    Ep 3 - Katil Pati
    02 November 2023 | 46 min

    A married man gets kidnapped by a con woman who honey traps him through a dating app. Throughout the episode, the family tries hard to arrange for money, but they are unable to save him. Finally, the cops get the lead from his office colleagues who had influenced the victim to use the dating app. The wife feels betrayed because of her husband’s sexual adventures outside their marriage. The cops finally arrest the culprit after conducting a sting operation.

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    Ep 4 - Sanam Bewafa
    03 November 2023 | 50 min

    An obsessive husband murders his wife, places her body in the fridge, chops it into pieces and disposes it in garbage bags. He assumes that his wife is having an affair with the plumber. When she gets pregnant, that triggers him to kill her because he claims that he is impotent and is unable to bear a child. He had hidden this from his wife and family. He thinks that the wife is pregnant with the plumber’s child in spite of her pleading innocence.

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    Ep 5 - Biwi Ki Adla Badli
    06 November 2023 | 47 min

    A man is having an affair with his elder brother’s wife. When they are caught, the elder brother is enraged and seeks revenge. He vents it out on the younger brother’s wife by desiring to get into an illicit affair with her. However, the innocent younger brother’s wife protests. This is when he seeks for justice from the local Panchayat. The Panchayat heads agree to his demands but the younger brother’s wife continues to protest. The villagers stop giving them basic essentials. At the end, the Panchayat heads rape and murder the victim and then kill the elder brother too.

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    Ep 6 - Palangtod Paan
    07 November 2023 | 47 min

    A 12 old girl is kidnapped, raped and brutally killed by an acquaintance. The girl first goes missing and her body is later found. During Police investigation, the cops get a lead about a Viagra paan sold by a nearby Paanwaala, which is called as the ‘Palangtod Paan’. Kundan who is the victim’s uncle’s friend is arrested for the crime. Kundan had an illicit affair with the victim’s aunt. He would often get intimate with her after consuming the paan. Kundan gets married and this enrages his lover who denies him of pleasure. After consuming two paans, Kundan is unable to control his urge of ecstasy. This is when he vents it out on the innocent girl by raping and then murdering her.

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    Ep 7 - Dulhan Chowk
    08 November 2023 | 49 min

    An NRI returns to his native place in Bihar only to marry a spoilt brat. To add more woes to his misfortunes, the wife turns out to be a brutal abuser who day and night tortures him and his old mother. This triggers him and he ends up becoming a serial killer who kidnaps and kills newlywedded brides. At the end of the episode, he attempts to kill his wife too, but one of the escaped victims reaches on the spot with the cops.

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    Ep 8 - Bewafa Sindoor
    09 November 2023 | 48 min

    An alcohol addict physically, emotionally and mentally abuses his wife. He gets involved into physical relationships with several women after his wife gets pregnant. He abuses her even when she is three months pregnant. The victim ends up suffering from a miscarriage because of this. This triggers her and she ends up killing her husband and burying his body in different places. At the end, when the cops investigate and interrogate her, she finally confesses to her crime.

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    Ep 9 - Sattebaaz Pati
    10 November 2023 | 48 min

    A gambler loses all his money, his wife’s jewelry and a part of his father’s land to his step brother and two other close friends. He gets desperate to earn the land back and gambles his wife in exchange. Throughout the episode, we show the gambler’s stepbrother and the other friends trying to force themselves on the wife. She protests and safeguards herself every time. At the end, she ends up murdering the three men and saves herself.

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    Ep 10 - Nachaniya Bahu
    13 November 2023 | 48 min

    A dance lover is brutally raped and murdered by her neighbour. The victim used to dance in the temple with children and was loved by all. After she got married her husband, motherinlaw, neighbors and her own mother protested against the idea of her dancing. The accused would ogle at her when she danced openly and he took advantage of the situation, blackmailed her and then committed the crime.

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    Ep 11 - Ishq Kamina
    14 November 2023 | 48 min

    A married woman with two children is exhausted and frustrated with her mundane life. She begins to have an affair with a restaurant owner. Their affair escalates and the woman’s sisterinlaw gets a whiff of the affair. She even catches them red handed. She confronts her brother who rubbishes the accusations. This is when the lovers plan to murder the husband. They try several ways to kill him, but fail. At the end, the sister brings in the cops at the nick of time and gets the culprits arrested and saves her brother from getting murdered.

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    Ep 12 - Master Ji Ki Rasleela
    15 November 2023 | 48 min

    A UPSC aspirant is raped and murdered by her teacher who volunteers to give her free home tuitions. The victim is also often harassed by a neighborhood boy who constantly eave teases her. To increase her agony, the victim’s step mother and step sister also conspire against her with the boy. The tuition teacher takes advantage of the entire situation. Finally, after the step sister’s statement and a location clue, the teacher is arrested.

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    Ep 15 - Saali Poori Gharwaali
    17 November 2023 | 48 min

    A college going girl ends up having an affair with her elder sister’s husband. When the sister catches them redhanded, they lock her up in the house. The younger sister ends up getting pregnant and the elder sister is forced to take care of her while she is pregnant. They hide the pregnancy and the affair from their mother. However, the mother gets a whiff of it and at the end, when the two lovers try to kill the older sister, the mother reaches at the nick of time and saves her.

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    Ep 13 - Mental Aashiq
    16 November 2023 | 49 min

    A man unknowingly marries off his daughter to a mentally unstable boy with a heavy dowry. The girl is constantly sexually, physically and mentally harassed by her unstable husband and inlaws. To make things worse, the inlaws give the boy high dose narcotics that worsens his mental condition. At the end, the boy kills his mother and maternal uncle. The cops reach at the nick of time after the boy alerts a wellwisher.

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    Ep 14 - Bebas Dhandewaali
    17 November 2023 | 48 min

    A woman is forced into flesh trade after her inlaws disown her. She has a oneyearold girl child and is forcibly made to stay in the infamous area with the daughter. The girl grows in the same place with her mother. She is loved by all. However, when she turns twelve, the employer tries to sell her for a night. This is when the mother fights and ends up killing the employer. The cops come and rescue them.

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    Ep 16 - Buddhe Ki Pyaasi Jawani
    20 November 2023 | 49 min

    An old man is murdered by his sister because she is envious of his new, young wife. The man marries a woman who is more than half his age. The wife ends up having an affair with the bodyguard. The family members, especially the women in the house are very jealous of the new daughterinlaw. The new bride feels sad and lonely because of all this and seeks solace with the bodyguard. The sister purchases some poisonous herbal medicines, burns it and kills her brother with its smoke.

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    Ep 17 - Vajandar Biwi
    21 November 2023 | 48 min

    An overweight woman ends up murdering her husband after he constantly body shames, abuses and cheats on her with other women. Throughout the episode, we establish that the overweight wife has been a compulsive foodie since her childhood. Her mother would often taunt her too from overeating, but she did not stop. We establish that her mother too was overweight and her father too had affairs with several women. This is why the mother always feared that the same would happen with her daughter and her fears came true, only with a tragic ending.

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    Ep 18 - Bete Ki Bhookh
    22 November 2023 | 50 min

    A food influencer is murdered by her husband and accomplice. The accused’s accomplice first raped the victim before brutally killing her. The accused tried to disguise the act as suicide, but the cops got the better of them. The victim’s husband was a drunkard and would domestically abuse her. The victim left behind two daughters whom she adored and they too loved their mother right back. After killing his wife, the accused married another woman who would always flirt with him. She would often torture the girls for household chores.

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    Ep 19 - Ashleel Ladies Tailor
    23 November 2023 | 48 min

    A pervert ladies tailor would blackmail women by secretly recording them in the changing room. After recording them, he would call and harass them and eventually sexually abuse them. Two of the victim’s, sisters-in-law confront his wife. They then find out that the wife is also one of his victims. Together, the three women try to erase the videos, but fail. The accused ties all the three women to chairs and tries to burn them alive. Eventually, the wife manages to alert the cops who reach on time and save the three women.

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    Ep 20 - Chaalu Kaamwaali
    24 November 2023 | 47 min

    A female house help has an affair with her employer and his younger brother. She gets pregnant with the employer’s child. When she confronts the older brother and tells him about it, he ends up killing her. Meanwhile, the suspicion goes on the driver who is the victim’s acquaintance and has been against her relationships with the other men in the house. After the cops match the DNA tests with the fetus, this is when the accused confesses to his crimes.

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    Ep 21 - Looteri Dulhan
    27 November 2023 | 48 min

    A con-woman along with her accomplice loot several men. They disguise themselves as sister-brother duo. The woman marries vulnerable bachelors. After honey-trapping and marrying them, she loots their money and flees. With her last victim, she goes to the extent of murdering his mother. She is about to flee with her accomplice when the cops reach at the nick of time and arrest the duo.

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    Ep 22 - Daaku Hasina
    28 November 2023 | 48 min

    A girl turns into a lady Don when she grows up to recover from a tragic rape which she faced as a child. Her mother and younger sister too are raped. Her protective instincts turn her aggressive and she turns into extortion. At the end of the episode, her over-protectiveness towards her younger sister turns against her who ends up killing her. We establish that the younger sister had an affair with her bodyguard and the lady Don was against them being together.

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    Ep 23 - Sagi Sautan
    29 November 2023 | 48 min

    A man kills his younger brother and attempts to kill his wife because he is having an illicit affair with his younger brother’s wife. The accused’s wife always finds something fishy about them. The younger brother’s wife gets pregnant with the accused’s child. This is when things go awry. At first, the brother kills his brother and disguises it as a bike accident and then tries to kill his wife, but the cops are called by the accused’s mother who later disowns her elder son.

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    Ep 24 - Dahej Ka Lalach
    30 November 2023 | 47 min

    A newly married woman and her parents are constantly harassed for dowry by her in-laws. They stop giving her food and make her sleep in the store room. The girl’s parents sell everything they own, including their house and are left with nothing to give. The victim finds solace in her old friend who has always loved her. She is five months pregnant when her father-in-law pushes her from her staircase and she dies. Before dying, the victim had recorded videos of her in-laws harassing her. Her ally sends these as proof to the cops.

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    Ep 25 - Doctor Ki Hawas
    01 December 2023 | 47 min

    A woman kills a doctor because he lies to her that her husband is impotent. The doctor manipulates her to sleep with him so that she can gain her husband’s love back by getting pregnant. The Doctor is secretly in love with her and hence hatches the entire conspiracy to get physical with her. He even makes her consume contraceptives in the guise of hormone boosters. Meanwhile, enraged, her husband sleeps with his co-worker and she gets pregnant with his child. The husband’s mother too makes things worst by adding pressure from the start.

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    Ep 26 - Ek Phool Paanch Maali
    04 December 2023 | 49 min

    A woman is forcibly made to marry five brothers at one time. The brothers hail from a village that has been practicing this tradition of making women marry brothers of the same family to avoid internal disputes. After the wedding, the woman protests and confronts her parents who then plead guilty of selling their daughter for monetary gains. She is then made to sleep with all the brothers one by one according to their age. Over time, she grows close to one of the younger brothers, but the one brother whom she loves the most gets envious of their relationship. At the end of the episode, he kills two of his brothers over jealousy.

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    Ep 27 - Mohalle Ki Mehbooba
    05 December 2023 | 49 min

    A woman is ill-treated by her husband who lives overseas. He has no interest in his wife and is unapologetically having an affair with another woman abroad. Enraged, the wife gives into other men around her neighborhood for pleasure and attention. She ends up having an affair with many men. When her in-laws confront her, she locks them up and forcibly makes them do the household chores. At the end, one of her jealous lovers ends up killing her in-laws. She helps the cops get them arrested.

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    Ep 28 - Raseeli Padosan
    06 December 2023 | 48 min

    A middle-aged local patrakaar is smitten by his young, married neighbor. The neighbor is regularly abused by her husband. She finds solace and comfort in the patrakaar’s arms. They end up having an affair. The patrakaar’s wife gets a whiff of it and even tries to indirectly confront him. But the affair escalates. Eventually, she honey-traps and ends up using him to murder her husband.

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    Ep 29 - Kiraayedaar Ki Suhaagraat
    07 December 2023 | 47 min

    A policeman’s wife has an affair with their tenant. The wife is quite fed up with her monotonous life. Her husband is unable to give her time or attention because of his work and this leaves her lonely. The young tenant honey-traps her, records their intimate videos and then blackmails her to extort money. At the end, helpless wife confesses to the police officer who ends up killing the tenant in anger.

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    Ep 30 - Rangeela Rickshawala
    08 December 2023 | 48 min

    A pervert rickshaw driver ogles at his female passengers. He is notorious for declining rides to senior citizens and men, but is unapologetically partial towards the women. He also abuses his wife. A mother-daughter duo who are his regular passengers fall prey to his perversion. The rickshaw driver video records the daughter making out with her boyfriend. He then uses this to blackmail them and extorts money. The women finally get frustrated and murder him.

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    Ep 31 - Pati Ki Mashooka
    11 December 2023 | 48 min

    A man ditches his girl-friend and marries another woman. When the girlfriend finds out, she murders his best friend in anger. She then changes her identity and befriends the man’s wife. After befriending her, she instigates her against him by revealing that he had an affair with someone before marriage and he hid that from his wife. Enraged, the wife fakes an affair with a man arranged by the ex-girlfriend. Soon, the wife finds out the truth and ends up killing the ex-girlfriend.

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    Ep 32 - Bedardi Balma
    12 December 2023 | 48 min

    A married woman who is having an affair with a man fakes him as her rakhi brother in front of her in-laws and husband. Soon, she gets pregnant with his child. The man asks her to abort the child to which she refuses. He repeatedly harasses her for money. After she refuses to entertain to his extortion, he turns into her husband’s sister. He honey-traps and marries her. After the marriage, he domestically abuses her and harasses her for money too. After the husband finds out the whole truth, he kills him.

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    Ep 33 - Dhobi Ghat Ki Rangraliya
    13 December 2023 | 49 min

    Two washerwomen have an affair with a laundry-owner’s son. However, the son is in love with only one of them. Jealous, the other woman ends up killing his girlfriend by electrocuting her to death. She then threatens and forces him to continue having an affair with her. The laundry owner finds out about the woman truth and alerts her son. The culprit accidently ends up electrocuting herself to death like her victim.

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    Ep 34 - Firangi Patakha
    14 December 2023 | 48 min

    An American NRI visits her old friend’s village in India and stays with his extended joint family. All the men in the house ogle at her. The women in the house are irritated and agitated by her presence. Things go awry and one of the brother’s ends up burning the NRI’s passport. She has to stay back. The envy among the wives intensifies and they plan to get rid of her. Finally, one of the jealous brother’s ends up killing the NRI.

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    Ep 35 - Rajai Mein Jamai
    15 December 2023 | 49 min

    A house help is murdered by his owners in the name of honor killing because he has an affair with both the daughters of the house. The owners had killed their other two house helps also, one driver and one maid because the driver was having an affair with the eldest daughter and the employer was having an affair with the maid. The youngest daughter falls in for the newly hired cook and forces her parents to get her married to him after blackmailing them about revealing the maid’s murder. Eventually, the parents end up killing the cook too and confess their crime before the cops are called in.

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    Ep 36 - Shaukeen Chachaji
    18 December 2023 | 44 min

    A man brings in his lover to his home in the presence of his wife and teenage son, in the guise of helping a widow. The wife suspects their affair from the start, but the husband always denies it. The son is having an affair with a girl. The woman records their act and threatens him. At the end, when the son finds out about the affair and the woman's truth, he kills his father. It is also revealed that his father had killed his lover's husband.

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    Ep 37 - Shehri Chichora
    19 December 2023 | 43 min

    A man who comes to his village from a big city fakes his privileges and claims to live a luxurious life back in the city. He successfully woes many villagers who butter him for their benefits. One of them wants to marry off his daughter to him, but she is having an affair with his friend. The city-dweller gets offended and rapes her after making her unconscious. His friend's sister who wants to be an actress tries to honey-trap him, but fails. She video records the rape and threatens him. He then ends up killing her.

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    Ep 38 - Sheela Ki Jawani
    20 December 2023 | 43 min

    A young boy Ashish,in his early twenties, gets fascinated to the mid aged spinster aunt -Sheela of his friend. The boy with his over indulgence and poetic ways is able to draw her attention towards him. The two become friendly and gradually their relationship takes the physical form. His possessiveness for her leads him to share his and her intimate photographs with her family members. The relationship goes sour as both start to blackmail each other with the photographs. In the pain of losing her forever, he goes seeking his love but there happens a dual between him and his friend and in the heat of the moment he kills the friend. He had lost it all now.

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    Ep 39 - Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai
    21 December 2023 | 43 min

    Fraudsters reside among us who play a treacherous game under the carpet of friendship and their business. Suresh (28) and Ramesh (30) are siblings and they have a tailoring shop. Ramesh lives with Suresha along with his wife, Aarti (28). Suresh, the younger brother is a flamboyant. The ladies visit at his shop for their clothes to get sewed. Ramesh while measurement jokingly plays with them and they have a changing room where they intentionally make a situation where the ladies have to visit the changing room. In the changing room, unaware of the visitors the brothers run a racket where they hide and record the ladies getting nude and they then sell the recordings into the market to get them uploaded on the porn sites. Aarti is also mutually involved in it. Meanwhile, a nearby porn addict, Kamal whose wife is Ginni who becomes the victim of their racket. Ramesh cleverly manipulated her and slept with her and recorded a porn clip of her blurring his face. Porn addict, Kamal happens to see the same video online. He then along with Nimmi goes to revel this racket and get them punished.

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    Ep 40 - Aiyash Saala
    22 December 2023 | 43 min

    Rahul, a ruffian – free willed character runs from his home along with his girlfriend Maya and shelters into his elder sisters house. He keeps the girl in secrecy at the house but there is always the threat to be caught. Rahul and his jija do not go along well as both have their attitudes and the sweet sister has to take the heat from both ends. His sister is not happy in her marriage as her husband is a wife beater and a non performer resulting they being, issue- less after so many years of marriage. The tussle between the saala and jija boils up-to that level where Rahul uses his girlfriend Maya to sabotage the image of his jija and when that aspect went away without any serious effect he plans the final move. He kills his girlfriend and executes the killing in such a way that the suspect becomes the jija. But his finger prints on the murder weapon puts him behind the bars.

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    Ep 41 - Saajan Chale Sasural
    25 December 2023 | 43 min

    A man is married to two women. Both the women are oblivious about his two marriages. He is about to marry a third woman and is caught by his estranged wives.

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    Ep 42 - Majnu Mama
    26 December 2023 | 42 min

    A man who is living in his sister's house, along with his teenage nephew ogles at the newly hired house help. He traps the house help by recording her inappropriate pictures and then blackmails her so that he can sleep with her.

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    Ep 43 - Namkeen Naagin
    27 December 2023 | 43 min

    A woman along with her accomplice honey-traps men in the village and sleeps with them. The victims are found dead with foam emitted from their mouths. They are even looted by the duo. Eventually, they are exposed by one of the victim's family member.

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    Ep 44 - Devar Bhabhi Ki Raasleela
    28 December 2023 | 43 min

    A photographer is having an affair with his sister-in-law. The mother-in-law finds out and warns the daughter-in-law. She then gets her son married off to another girl. The Bhabhi turns envious and kills the brother-in-law.

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    Ep 45 - Jabariya Jawani
    01 January 2024 | 43 min

    An impotent man asks his friend to sleep with his wife. At first, the wife is aghast, but later she falls for him and begins to have an affair. The mother-in-law too catches them several times. Eventually, the husband is jilted and kills him.

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    Ep 46 - Sarkailo Khatiya
    02 January 2024 | 42 min

    A man is unable to pay off his loans and so he lets his wife sleep with the loan shark. The wife gets enraged and seeks vengeance. Their small son suffers in the bargain.

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    Ep 47 - Aunty Ka Boyfriend
    03 January 2024 | 42 min

    A woman is having an affair with her neighbor's son. The son already has an affair with another girl. Ironically, the boy's father also ogles at the woman. Eventually, we find out that the woman is also having an affair with another man.

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    Ep 48 - Tharki Sasur
    04 January 2024 | 43 min

    A man ogles and sexually assaults his daughter-in-laws. He is quite a pervert. They protest and complain about him to their husbands. The sons ask the father to leave the house.

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    Ep 49 - Ek Pati Do Biwi
    05 January 2024 | 43 min

    A married man marries another woman because he is unable to conceive with his first wife. He, along with his mother-in-law ill-treat his first wife and keep her home as a maid. The second wife always suspects something fishy in this house and confronts her husband and mother-in-law.

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    Ep 50 - Kamsin Kaliyaan
    08 January 2024 | 41 min

    Two girls run a phone chat racket. They honey-trap two brothers and blackmail them. Their wives find out about them at the end and all hell breaks lose.

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    Ep 51 - Mota Pati
    09 January 2024 | 43 min

    An overweight man falls in love with a slim and pretty girl. She rejects him. He marries the girl's elder sister who is also overweight. He is secretly still in love with the younger sister.

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    Ep 52 - Mastikhor Aunty
    10 January 2024 | 42 min

    A married woman calls her lover inside her house as her friend. This lover dresses up as a woman and lives in the house disguised as a female friend. Eventally, the family finds out.

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    Ep 53 - Bhadewala Saiyaan
    11 January 2024 | 42 min

    A wife rents out her good looking husband to sleep with other women because of their financially backward condition. Eventually, the husbands of these women find out and they beat this husband on rent.

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    Ep 54 - Devar Bhabhi Ki Gandi Baat
    12 January 2024 | 42 min

    A widow is having an affair with her brother-in-law. The mother-in-law always suspects about the affair. She tries to get her son married to another woman. This is when envy takes place and things go berserk.

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    Ep 55 - Namkeen Yoga Teacher
    15 January 2024 | 43 min

    A yoga professional is sexually assaulted by a man whose house she goes to train. The man initially acts as someone who intends to help treat her ailing father, but ends up using her for his benefits.

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    Ep 56 - Saali Jija Ka Jalwa
    16 January 2024 | 43 min

    A woman forces herself on her sister's husband. He always resists her, but she finds a way back. Eventually, the father of the women find out.

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    Ep 57 - Handsome Jethji
    17 January 2024 | 42 min

    Women of the house are smitten by their good looking brother-in-law, who is a bachelor. He is the eldest son of the house, but never got married. He lives a colorful life and this causes envy among family and friends.

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    Ep 58 - Lovely Beauty Parlour
    18 January 2024 | 41 min

    Two sisters run a massage-racket in the name of a beauty parlour and provide services to men who dress up in burqa. One of the married men falls prey to the honey-trap. The women use him for money.

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    Ep 59 - Jawani Jaaneman
    19 January 2024 | 43 min

    An employed boy in a village starts a cyber fraud on the pretext of helping clients with their online bank transfers. He even lures youngsters to watch pornographic films. All hell turns lose after his mother, who is a sarpanch finds out about him.

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    Ep 60 - Sabjiwale Ki Aashiqui
    22 January 2024 | 43 min

    A vegetable seller ogles at the women in the neighborhood. He ends up having an affair with a lonely housewife. Another neighborhood woman finds out about it and informs her husband.

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    Ep 61 - Driver Malkin Ki Najayaz Sambandh
    23 January 2024 | 42 min

    A local politician's wife is deprived of attention from her husband. She falls in love with the driver and they have an affair. The Driver gets drunk in love so much so that he wants to take the politician's place.

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    Ep 62 - Hot Secretary
    24 January 2024 | 42 min

    A man has an affair with a woman who uses him for financial gains. She loots him with the help of her accomplice. The man even loses his wife in the process.

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    Ep 63 - Jaanleva Bartanwali
    25 January 2024 | 43 min

    A utensil seller exchanges vessels in return for clothes. She honey-traps a rich, married man by using black magic as a medium. The man's wife and child leave him in the process.

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    Ep 64 - Bhabhi Tera Doodhwala Deewana
    26 January 2024 | 42 min

    A milk man is unable to please his wife with materialistic pleasures. He ends up having an affair with two lonely women in the neighborhood only to steal them off their jewels. Eventually, one of their mother-in-law's finds out.

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    Ep 65 - Patni Ki Saheli Pati Ki Mashooka
    29 January 2024 | 42 min

    A man brings his lover into his house by making her pose as his wife's childhood friend. The wife gets fooled at first, but will she find out later?

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    Ep 66 - Devar Ki Jora Jori
    30 January 2024 | 43 min

    A new widow is forced to marry her brother-in-law. Her brother-in-law soon gets bored of her and plans to get rid of her. He ends up having an affair with another woman. Will she find out the truth?

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    Ep 67 - Besharam Bahu
    31 January 2024 | 41 min

    Two lonely wives stay alone in the house with their mother-in-law. Their husbands are out of town working. One turns to wrong ways of living, the other, a good person saves the honor of the family, along with the mother-in-law.

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    Ep 68 - Haseen Tuition Teacher
    01 February 2024 | 44 min

    A couple is fed up with their teenage sons who constantly fail in their studies. They hire a female tuition teacher in order to help their children perform better in their curriculum, but the teacher ends up having an affair with the elder son and flirting with the younger one.

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    Ep 69 - Ek Raat Ki Dulhan
    02 February 2024 | 42 min

    A woman is unable to give birth. She plans to hire a surrogate. The surrogate ends up falling in love with the husband and so does the husband. The mother-in-law finds out the truth and gets angry on the daughter-in-law.

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    Ep 70 - Shaukeen Buddhe
    05 February 2024 | 43 min

    Three old men ogle at women in the society they live in. One is a bachelor, one a widow and the other a divorcee. Their new prey are two sisters.

  • img
    Ep 71 - Shakki Pati
    06 February 2024 | 43 min

    A suspicious man hires a detective to spy on his wife. The detective ends up having an affair with the wife and keeps the couple in the dark by using them.

  • img
    Ep 72 - Pakadwa Dulha
    07 February 2024 | 43 min

    A man kidnaps a gullible bachelor and forcibly gets him married to his 30-year-old daughter. The groom ends up raping his wife and sister-in-law. The family finds themselves in trouble.

  • img
    Ep 73 - Rasiya Chaukidar
    08 February 2024 | 43 min

    Women who live as paying guests in a house fall trap to MMS leaks. The culprit is their landlord. He preys on gullible young girls and blackmails them with their inappropriate videos.

  • img
    Ep 74 - Ameer Dilruba
    09 February 2024 | 44 min

    A bored housewife turns to dating apps for pleasure. She ends up sleeping with a conman who kidnaps her. Will her husband forgive her? Will she get saved on time?

  • img
    Ep 75 - Manchala Mehmaan
    12 February 2024 | 43 min

    A man finds out that an aged woman is suffering from Alzheimer's. He poses as a far-off relative and lives in their house as a guest. He ends up having an affair with the daughter-in-law of the house.

  • img
    Ep 76 - Kali Biwi
    13 February 2024 | 42 min

    A man is forcibly made to marry a woman of dark complexion. After the wedding, he mistreats his wife. He ends up having multiple affairs. The wife complains to the mother-in-law.

  • img
    Ep 77 - Teen Behno Ka Ek Pati
    14 February 2024 | 42 min

    Man forced to marry 3 sisters in an unusual circumstance. How he tackles the situation is our today's story.

  • img
    Ep 78 - Videshi Aashiq
    15 February 2024 | 43 min

    How a Foreigner enters a happy family as guest and corrupts the daughter in laws.

  • img
    Ep 79 - Boss Kamina
    16 February 2024 | 41 min

    A man uses both his wife and sister to get promotions and appraisals from his bosses. He makes both of them sleep with each of his bosses. Eventually, both the women are fed up with him.

  • img
    Ep 80 - Savita Bhabhi Ka Viral Video
    19 February 2024 | 42 min

    As the video went viral, Savita's family life was thrown into turmoil, with trust shattered and relationships strained.

  • img
    Ep 81 - Kaamwaliyon Ka Triya Charitra
    20 February 2024 | 43 min

    The household's decision to keep two maids under unusual circumstances soon led to an unexpected dynamic as both individuals turned out to be fiercely competitive.

  • img
    Ep 82 - Ek Ladki Ne Manai Do Ladko Sang Suhagraat
    21 February 2024 | 42 min

    The Journey of Sisters: One's Quest for Ambition.

  • img
    Ep 83 - Kiranewale Ka Nain Matakka
    22 February 2024 | 42 min

    Grocery owner assistant eye on a college going girl, things take turn when he proposes her.

  • img
    Ep 84 - Saiyaan Ki Saheli
    26 February 2024 | 41 min

    What will happen when Dulhan is getting money for marriage and how this money will destroy the family.

  • img
    Ep 85 - Balma Bada Beimaan
    28 February 2024 | 42 min

    Koyal Marrying Kundan in the ata sata pratha where his brother Randheer is getting married to Suman love of his life. How Koyal's a Promising educated girl trap in this old custom and what happens to her.

  • img
    Ep 86 - Beta Pareshaan Bahu Manaaye Mauj
    28 February 2024 | 43 min

    Making reels are in vogue now, Rani wishes to be an influencer and always making reels how this addiction destroy her and her sasuraal.

  • img
    Ep 87 - Naukar Maalkin Ki Kali Kartoot
    29 February 2024 | 40 min

    Frustrated by her husband's inability to satisfy her sexually, Anjali's discontentment pushes her towards criminal behavior.

  • img
    Ep 88 - Electrician Aur Bhabhi Ka Chakkar
    01 March 2024 | 42 min

    The woman's family doesn't like that she loves the electrician, but they both stick together, ignoring what society thinks.

  • img
    Ep 89 - Shehar Mein Biwi Badnaam
    04 March 2024 | 43 min

    A woman is having a weird addiction of shopping, how this leads her life towards destruction.

  • img
    Ep 90 - Behen Ke Aashiq Par Daale Dore
    05 March 2024 | 41 min

    Two sisters become enemies when they both desire the same man, leading to jealousy, betrayal, and a fractured relationship.

  • img
    Ep 91 - Biwi Ne Pati Ke Saamne Udaye Aashiq Sang Gulcharre
    07 March 2024 | 42 min

    A greedy wife's affair with another man complicates her ambition for her husband's wealth. Manipulation and deceit lead to betrayal and downfall.

  • img
    Ep 92 - Padosan Ki Beti Ke Saath Kiya Muh Kala
    08 March 2024 | 42 min

    Neighbors who engage in frequent arguments often end up playing the roles of daughter-in-law and mother-in-law unexpectedly.

  • img
    Ep 93 - Tingu Pati Ki Hot Biwi
    11 March 2024 | 43 min

    A man desperate to improve his appearance and win the affection of his beautiful wife risks his health by taking medication for height increase, while his younger brother harbors sinister intentions towards her.

  • img
    Ep 94 - Devrani Ki Qatil Jawani
    12 March 2024 | 43 min

    After inheriting their mother's jewelry, the elder brother vows to care for his younger sibling. But the younger brother and his crafty wife scheme to exploit this trust, putting their brotherhood to the ultimate test.

  • img
    Ep 95 - Pati Ne Loote Doosri Biwi Ke Maje
    18 March 2024 | 42 min

    Arvind and Tina's relationship faces turmoil when Usha suddenly claims to be Arvind's first wife. Trust crumbles as tensions rise, unraveling a web of deceit and betrayal, ultimately leading to a tragic end, devastating all involved.

  • img
    Ep 96 - Holi Me Jora Jori
    20 March 2024 | 42 min

    In Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, Sanjay invites his cousin Harsh, to stay with him for a month. Sanjay lives with his wife Madhuri and two daughters Charu and Sheena. Harsh starts an affair with Madhuri, and then he makes a video of Charu and blackmails, and sexually assaults her.

  • img
    Ep 97 - Bahnoi Sang Raasleela
    25 March 2024 | 42 min

    Expectant couple Ranveer and Nandini face turmoil when Nandini's sister, Kajal, develops feelings for Ranveer. After Kajal's failed seduction, Ranveer seeks help from Devki, leading to Kajal's tragic demise.

  • img
    Ep 98 - Pati Ki Hot Girlfriend
    26 March 2024 | 43 min

    After Nitya loses her memory, Vinod manipulates her, posing as her brother. When Naveen proposes, Vinod eliminates Bindiya and Naveen. Nitya's revelation leads Vinod to remorsefully accept his fate in prison.

  • img
    Ep 99 - Daddu Ko Chadhi Jawaani
    27 March 2024 | 43 min

    Daddu's controversial marriage to Imarti sparks family tension. Imarti's dominance triggers a plot against her. Upon discovering her deceit, Daddu confronts her, leading to his demise and Adarsh's wrongful imprisonment. Imarti flees with the family's assets.

  • img
    Ep 100 - Husn Ka Jaal
    01 April 2024 | 42 min

    Misunderstood relationships lead to tragedy. Divya, Vinay, and Anoop's peaceful life shatters when Sanjana, Divya's mother, falls for Anoop. Vinay's fury escalates, resulting in a deadly act. Meanwhile, Sanjana's ex, Shyam, exacerbates the turmoil, fueling the fire of chaos.

  • img
    Ep 101 - Pati Bhola, Biwi Mast Maula
    02 April 2024 | 43 min

    An unhappy wife seeks solace in her yoga teacher, leading to an affair. Her husband's discovery leads to her expulsion. Radha remarries her son Pushkar, while the first wife, Naina, manipulates the second. Tragically, in a robbery attempt, Naina kills her ex-husband.

  • img
    Ep 102 - Rangeela Sasur
    03 April 2024 | 42 min

    Sometimes what we see is not what it is , mother -in -law and wife thought its husband who is in affair with the neighbour, but for a surprise its father -in -law who is the real lover.

  • img
    Ep 103 - Pati On Rent
    04 April 2024 | 43 min

    Sex-obsessed Nidhii marries Aniket to silence her sister Trisha, who is having an affair with Babban a house maid. Heartbroken, Babban plots Aniket's murder for Trisha's wealth, manipulating Nidhii. Aniket discovers scheme, kills Babban, and enjoys wealth and happiness with both women, gaining control over property.

  • img
    Ep 104 - Aashiq Mijaaz, Bhabhi Ji
    05 April 2024 | 43 min

    Shrishti, a young widow, faces pressure to marry her brother-in-law while she loves Kabir. Blackmailed by Rajat, she denies her feelings. Tragically, Rajat kills Kabir. Rajat is later arrested by the police.

  • img
    Ep 105 - Ek Raat Do Suhaagrat
    08 April 2024 | 42 min

    Yash, with girlfriend Dolly and mother Sulekha, torments wife Garima. Despite her efforts to reconcile, they attempt her murder. Police intervene, arresting Yash, Dolly, and Sulekha for their crimes against Garima.

  • img
    Ep 106 - Naukrani Ki Jawani
    09 April 2024 | 41 min

    Sheela, a maid, manipulates her boss Chetan for money, having an affair while married to Raju. She plots to kill Chetan's wife, Neeta, resulting in a failed attempt. Her plan to eliminate Chetan's mother backfires, leading to her arrest by the police, thanks to Raju.

  • img
    Ep 107 - Desi Bhabhi Sang Masti
    10 April 2024 | 43 min

    In a family of four, the younger brother is the breadwinner while the elder brother is a useless drunkard. The elder brother's wife seduces the younger brother and conspires to murder his wife. However, the younger brother's wife discovers the murder plot and orchestrates a plan in which the elder woman is killed by her own husband.

  • img
    Ep 108 - Namkeen Auntyji
    11 April 2024 | 41 min

    Aakash, a newlywed insurance agent, is manipulated by Chanchal into an intimate relationship and forced marriage. His wife discovers, rescues him, and together they bring Chanchal to justice, including for attempted murder.

  • img
    Ep 109 - Gawar Biwi Ki Chammak Challo Sautan
    12 April 2024 | 43 min

    Lalita desired a prestigious marriage for Rajni. Anmol's disrespect led to Rajni's eviction while pregnant. Anmol remarried, leading to Rajni's confrontation and tragic death, tearing both families apart.

  • img
    Ep 110 - Taxi Wale Ki Jismaani Bhook
    15 April 2024 | 40 min

    Vinod and Malti, a couple who move to a big city for a better life. Their landlady, Gayatri, asks Malti to wear modern clothes, which angers Vinod. He blames Gayatri for Malti’s changes. In an attempt to seek revenge, Vinod blackmails Gayatri with a compromising video. He then attempts to assault Gayatri, but Malti intervenes and tragically loses her life in the altercation with Vinod.

  • img
    Ep 111 - Bhabhi Ke Bhaiya Ko Banaya Saiyaan
    16 April 2024 | 43 min

    A family manipulated by a wicked neighbor plots to remove their daughter-in-law. She retaliates to protect her in-laws but inadvertently leads to tragedy when the neighbor kills her mother-in-law.

  • img
    Ep 112 - Bikau Biwi
    17 April 2024 | 41 min

    Leela's desire for a child is thwarted by Arvind and Sumitra. Suraj, infatuated, manipulates to marry her. Leela uncovers a ploy, aided by Hema, to combat Arvind, Suraj, and Sumitra's tyranny.

  • img
    Ep 113 - Patni Ka Manchala Yaar
    18 April 2024 | 44 min

    A village girl moves to Lucknow with her neglectful husband. Advised by neighbor Sunita to change, she seeks affection elsewhere. Her affair exposed, she murders her father-in-law. Husband learns the truth, leading to her arrest.

  • img
    Ep 114 - Pyaar Mai Pagal Jija Ke
    19 April 2024 | 42 min

    Radha, content with Tushar, discovers his affair with her sister, Ria. Devastated, she confides in her mother, who scolds Ria. Obsessed, Ria kills her mother. Her plans to harm Radha fail, leading to Tushar and Ria's arrest.

  • img
    Ep 115 - Bekraar Devar
    22 April 2024 | 42 min

    Nandini, aspiring teacher, stifled by in-laws, learns sister-in-law's abuse. Confronts perpetrator, sparks clash. Tragically silenced by in-laws, Nandini's dreams extinguished by their fatal resolve, a poignant testament to systemic oppression and silenced voices.

  • img
    Ep 116 - Tharki Doctor KI Bebas Patni
    23 April 2024 | 41 min

    Chirag's fraudulent clinic, fueled by a loan from Sandy, crumbles amidst patient scarcity. His wrath falls on Khushboo, pushing her towards Roshan. Tragedy strikes as a patient dies due to Chirag's greed, triggering Sandy's demands. His fury shatters the family bond.

  • img
    Ep 117 - Sharabi Dulhan
    24 April 2024 | 42 min

    Sonam forced into whisky tradition by Vivek, supported by Pammi. Addiction ensues, but doubts emerge. With maid's help, she unveils family's crimes, leading to Vivek and Pammi's arrest. A tale of betrayal, addiction, and justice served.

  • img
    Ep 118 - Beti Ka Sauda
    25 April 2024 | 42 min

    Amidst dire economic straits, Ruby works for Vijender, facing his advances. Sold by her abusive father, she's assaulted. Learning the truth, she seeks vengeance, leading to the arrest of both perpetrators.

  • img
    Ep 119 - Judwaa Behno Ka Ek Aashiq
    26 April 2024 | 42 min

    Meera, enduring abuse, is killed by possessive husband Bhanu. Later, her twin, Radha, returns, exposing the truth and avenging Meera's death. Justice prevails as Radha ensures retribution for her sister.

  • img
    Ep 120 - Patniyo Ki Adla Badli
    30 April 2024 | 43 min

    A couple explores wife swapping with friends. Disagreements arise; one husband plans to elope with his friend's wife. His wife, aware, plots murder. The mother-in-law intervenes, switching poisoned milk, resulting in tragic deaths and elopement.

  • img
    Ep 121 - Kiraayedaar Ki Gandi Baat
    01 May 2024 | 43 min

    Ritesh and Madhuri face trouble when their landlady, Roma, develops an obsession with Ritesh. Roma manipulates Madhuri with gifts and threats. Despite warnings, Roma orchestrates Madhuri's death and is subsequently arrested by the police.

  • img
    Ep 122 - Saiyaan Ji Ki Dirty Picture
    03 May 2024 | 43 min

    Ravi abuses Sunita for giving birth to a daughter. After 18 years of mistreatment, Ravi plans to marry Meenal and plots Sunita's murder. However, Sunita turns the tables, taking revenge by killing Ravi instead.

  • img
    Ep 123 - Saheli Ka MMS Scandal
    03 May 2024 | 42 min

    Diksha, a friend of Kavya's, falls victim to blackmail and exploitation by Kavya's brother, Raju. Forced into marriage and betrayed, Diksha faces attempted murder. Raju's family steps in, leading to his arrest.

  • img
    Ep 124 - Sauteli Bahno Ka Ek Yaar
    06 May 2024 | 42 min

    In his late fifties, a widowed father marries at his daughter's urging. The new wife and her daughter torment his daughter for wealth. Unable to bear it, he tragically kills the stepdaughter.

  • img
    Ep 125 - Boss Bana Biwi Ka Aashiq
    07 May 2024 | 42 min

    After her husband's sudden death, Divya marries his friend Aman at his mother's urging. Discovering their exploitation, she bravely fights back, leading to their arrest by the police.

  • img
    Ep 126 - Do Dosto Ki Ek Biwi
    08 May 2024 | 42 min

    A childhood friend returns, demanding equal shares per a pact. The friend's fear drives him to share everything, including his wife. Tragedy strikes with mistaken identity, allowing him to start anew debt-free.

  • img
    Ep 128 - Bhabhi Bani Devar Ka Shikaar
    10 May 2024 | 43 min

    Sushma pressures for a grandchild, leading to deceit by Rohit. Radhika, wrongly accused, rebuilds her life with Anuj. Sushma's scheme to impregnate Kajal fails, exposing family turmoil. Anuj saves Radhika from Pankaj's rage.

  • img
    Ep 129 - Husn Ka Khel
    13 May 2024 | 44 min

    Samar, married to Aanchal, has an affair with maid Savi. His sister Shagun and employee Rohit plot revenge. Rohit manipulates Aanchal and Shagun, with help from Manish. Deaths reveal Aanchal's past with Manish. Aanchal and Manish expose Rohit, leading to arrests.

  • img
    Ep 130 - Photographer Ki Mastikhori
    14 May 2024 | 41 min

    Spoiled Tinku films neighbors, particularly Geeta, in distress. Tinku and Geeta form a bond, but her husband Santosh catches them and assaults them. Tinku's friend Ankur exploits Geeta, leading to a confrontation where Tinku defends her, resulting in their arrest.

  • img
    Ep 131 - Char Patniyo Ka Balma
    15 May 2024 | 43 min

    A man lures three women into fake marriages for his desires. His deceit is exposed when he marries a fourth time. The three women plot to kill the fourth wife, but she outsmarts them and gets them arrested for attempted murder.

  • img
    Ep 132 - Naukar Ke Sath Chakkar
    16 May 2024 | 42 min

    Aarohi, in love with her maid's son Surya, elopes on her engagement day. Her father, Ujwal, hunts them down, and Lakshmi deceives Aarohi into returning home. Ujwal murders them both and a grieving Lakshmi has him arrested.

  • img
    Ep 133 - Gharwali Baharwali Ka Jalwa
    17 May 2024 | 42 min

    Shekhar and Ritu live happily in Delhi with her brother Monty. Shekhar returns to his village for his sick mother and is forced to marry Kashish. He hides this from Ritu, but his secret is revealed when his mother and Kashish visit. Furious, Ritu and Monty plot to kill Kashish, but the goons mistakenly kill Ritu instead.

  • img
    Ep 134 - Shaadisudha Girlfriend
    20 May 2024 | 43 min

    Suman loves Chandu but marries Ram due to family pressure. Realizing the difference between love and attraction, she chooses to stay with Ram, who respects her. Enraged, Chandu attempts to rape Suman, but Ram saves her, and Chandu is arrested.

  • img
    Ep 135 - Jharkhand Ka Micky Donor
    21 May 2024 | 43 min

    A couple seeking fertility treatment discover a sex racket at the nursing home. The woman is killed by the madam running the operation. Her sister then lures the madam's son into a honey trap, exposing the truth to the police and bringing justice.

  • img
    Ep 136 - Jeth Aur Bhabhi Ki Rangeen Raate
    23 May 2024 | 42 min

    Ajay, forced by his mother to marry Shivani, continues his affair with his girlfriend, Anupama. To stay close, Anupama marries Ajay's younger brother, Sushant. They secretly meet in the storeroom until their affair is exposed. In the ensuing confrontation, one brother dies, and the other is imprisoned, leaving their mother devastated.

  • img
    Ep 137 - Ek Raat Ki Suhaagraat
    27 May 2024 | 41 min

    Naina wanted to dress like Alia Bhatt, but her in-laws disapproved, so she dressed up at a friend's place. Local men Bablu and Santu blackmailed her husband Rakesh, a gambler, with an MMS of his sister, demanding Naina for a night. Using her cleverness, Naina got them arrested.

  • img
    Ep 138 - Aashiq Neta Ki Hot Biwi
    28 May 2024 | 43 min

    Aanand mistreats wife Komal, favoring househelp Paro and having an affair. After surviving an attack, he hires bodyguard Rajeev. Komal finds solace in Rajeev, starts an affair, and plots revenge. She kills Paro but fails with Aanand. Rajeev reports her, leading to her arrest.

  • img
    Ep 139 - Dhokebaaj Dulhan
    29 May 2024 | 41 min

    Kamli marries Vishal to steal hidden jewelry. Monty lodges as a paying guest. When mother-in-law dies, Vishal suspects Kamli. With police friend Prem's aid, they catch Kamli and Monty in the act.

  • img
    Ep 140 - Ratto Ki Mallika
    30 May 2024 | 42 min

    Divya, in love with Amit, is forced by her father Mahendra to marry Jay. When Jay attempts to molest her, Divya and Amit devise a plan. Amit's men kidnap Divya, who then falsely claims Jay raped her. Believing her, Mahendra has Jay jailed and allows Divya to marry Amit. When the truth about their deceit surfaces, a furious Mahendra kills both Divya and Amit.

  • img
    Ep 141 - Harjaai Sahukar
    03 June 2024 | 43 min

    A woman discovers a money lender's exploitation of chained women. She gains his trust to gather evidence, then kills him, securing justice for herself and fellow victims.

  • img
    Ep 142 - Mera Devar Mera Saiyan
    05 June 2024 | 43 min

    Neelam's husband Rajesh dies, leaving her vulnerable. His brother Viren takes advantage and seduces her. When Rajesh returns, Neelam wants to reconcile, but Viren, now married to Priya, refuses and plots Rajesh's murder. Priya intervenes, helping Neelam save Rajesh and leading to Viren's arrest by the police.

  • img
    Ep 143 - Hasina Hathodewali
    07 June 2024 | 42 min

    Ananya and Jay's seemingly happy life is disrupted by the "Hathoda Killer." Ananya feels targeted, but Jay dismisses her fears. Secretly involved with Juhi, Jay plots to kill Ananya. In a twist, it's revealed Jay is behind the attacks, but Ananya is the real "Hathoda Killer," leading to her arrest.

  • img
    Ep 144 - Bhaade Ki Biwi
    10 June 2024 | 43 min

    A son rents a wife to get money from his mother for his dream business. The mother believes the fake marriage and gives the money. The rented wife, having fallen in love and not wanting to hurt the mother-in-law, refuses to leave. The greedy ghar jamai kills her and tries to frame the son. The truth is revealed, and the real murderer is jailed.

  • img
    Ep 145 -Mehbooba Motorcyle
    11 June 2024 | 42 min

    Annu loves Vicky, but her father prefers Aman for her. Despite her stubborn insistence, her father discovers Vicky is a vagabond and, after Vicky misbehaves, throws him out, emotionally blackmailing Annu into marrying Aman. Vicky later reappears, enlisting Aman's admirer, Garima, to disrupt Annu and Aman's marriage. However, their scheme backfires, and they are exposed.

  • img
    Ep 146 -Rasoiye Ki Rasmalai
    14 June 2024 | 43 min

    After their father's death, siblings Rakesh and Usha clash over the family-owned diamond worth crores, each suspecting the other of having it. A thief, posing as a cook, arrives to steal the diamond. Discovering his true intent, the siblings let him search for it. When he finds the diamond, they unite to kill him and claim the diamond for themselves.

  • img
    Ep 147 - Hasino Ka Mela
    17 June 2024 | 43 min

    Maya, a greedy woman neglected by her mother-in-law and with her husband working out of town, starts an affair to fulfill her desires. Her life unravels when her brother-in-law's new wife, Preeti, receives more family attention. Jealous, Maya devises a deadly plan to eliminate Preeti, but it backfires, and she gets caught red-handed.

  • img
    Ep 148 -Bister Ki Bhookh
    19 June 2024 | 43 min

    The young brother-in-law is infatuated with his beautiful new sister-in-law Initially, he makes small advances towards her, which she ridicules and scolds. Hurt, he plots to defame her by creating misunderstandings with a deceptive video. However, she sees through his plan, follows his scheme, and exposes him to his brother.

  • img
    Ep 149 - Husn Ka Shikari
    24 June 2024 | 42 min

    Tanu lives with her estranged mother, Roshani. Amidst a serial killer spree, Tanu is abducted. Roshani finds her in music teacher Amar's house, who attempts to kill them both. The police arrive just in time to save them.

  • img
    Ep 150 - Bhabhi Ki Jawani
    28 June 2024 | 43 min

    In their desperate bid for a child, a couple asks their friend to impregnate the wife. When the truth surfaces—infidelity on both sides—the friend, enraged, tries to stab the pregnant wife but fatally wounds his own spouse instead.



Release Date

09 May 2024


Crime, Thriller


Ravi Kishan