Fast -forward

U • Comedy • 2020

Yam is annoyed because Jigna always includes Himesh in all their family outings. He asks Doot to get Himesh out of his hair for a bit so he may spend some time with Jigna. In the meantime, Himesh pretends to be kidnapped in order to extract Rs. 500/ from Yam to buy a video game. Thinking that this is Doot at work, Yam tells off the socalled kidnappers. Jigna calls her parents for support. Realising an opportunity to extract some money from Himen, Yam pretends the kidnappers have asked for Rs. 50,000/ Giving this money to a confused Doot to put into his bank, Yam collects Himesh, who has just returned disappointed that his plan didnt work, and brings him home. When Himesh realises what has happened, he blackmails Yam to give him fifty percent of the money. In the midst of a now happy family, Doot enters with the Rs. 50,000/ saying that the bank is closed, inadvertently revealing Yams duplicity to all.

Cast: David Polycarp



Release Date

31 July 2020




David Polycarp