Fast -forward

U • Comedy • 2020

Yam moves his beloved Bhainsa to the bedroom as he is sick with a cold. An angry Jigna starts to leave the house to go back to her parents place on Dhartilok when her old school friend, Dolly, pays her a surprise visit. Jigna stays back, pretending to have an amazingly happy marriage with Yam. Dolly however, having discovered that Jigna is sleeping on the living room couch and overhearing Yam speak lovingly to his bhainsa from outside the bedroom door, believes that Yam is having an open affair. Himesh, in the meantime, crashes Mandiras new car while pretending to know how to drive to impress Mohini. He hides the car in the bhainsas empty stall with Doots help while pretending that the car was stolen, but is soon caught. Meanwhile Dolly enters Yams bedroom to find the truth, discovers the bhainsa and falls out of the window, further damaging the already stricken car.

Cast: David Polycarp



Release Date

31 July 2020




David Polycarp