Tyohaar Ki Thaali - Season 1

E20 New Year

Food | 24:25 | 5+


As the New Year approaches, Sakshi resolves to revive her old love of writing. To celebrate a new beginning, she makes something unique. A change from her Indian recipes, Sakshi prepares savory English muffins. She also makes a vegetarian Shepherds Pie with whole lentils and vegetables, a dish once innovated by Indian cooks for the British colonizers. The pie is scrumptious with a base of shallow-fried potatoes and topped with mashed potatoes. She also talks about fascinating New Year traditions from around the world in this episode, Sakshi Tanwar explains the reason why the new year begins on 1st of January as she prepares a delectable combination of English Muffins and Shepherds Pie.

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