E55 - Do Chutki Sindoor

U • Drama • 2023

Siddhi leaves the house for the sake of Vinayak and the familys happiness. A lady approaches Siddhi saying that she is pregnant. Siddhi confronts the doctor saying that she shared the false reports. The doctor says that she did that on purpose and Vinayak was the one who forced her to do this. Vinayak pushes Siddhi off the cliff. Maya comes to the location where Siddhi is thrown off. We reveal that Tanmay has disguised as Vinayak and Maya is the mastermind behind the plan.

Cast: Radhika Muthukumar, Shrishti Kumari, Shubham Dipta, Jyoti Gauba

Director: Amandeep Singh

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    E1 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    19 June 2023 | 32 min

    In the city of Agra, Siddhi, a responsible young girl, owns a sweet shop and takes care of her family. She prepares sweets for Mayas birthday, surprising everyone with a celebration. However, they face mockery due to Mayas mental condition and Siddhis dark skin. Determined to prove the taunts wrong, their father vows to marry them off. Sunaina, Siddhis stepmother, worries about Mayas future. Vinayak, a wealthy businessman, insults Maya, leading Siddhi to slap him. Siddhis love for her sister is unwavering, and she promises to her mother that she will marry someone who accepts and loves Maya. The story delves into Siddhis journey to find love and acceptance for herself and Maya.

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    E2 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    20 June 2023 | 26 min

    Balram anxiously awaited the arrival of a prospective family for Siddhis marriage. Shockingly, they demanded dowry due to Siddhis dark skin. Siddhi stood up against the mockery of her mentally slow sister, refusing the marriage. When faced with Jayas prejudice at Vinayaks house, Siddhis cleverness and kindness gradually changed her perspective. Siddhi challenged discrimination and won hearts with her unwavering spirit.

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    E3 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    21 June 2023 | 24 min

    Siddhis surprise visit to Vinayaks house delighted everyone with her delicious sweets. However, at Siddhis house happiness turned into fear when local goon Birju attempted to force Siddhi into marriage. With Mayas life threatened, the police intervened, forcing Birju to flee. But the turmoil didnt end there—Maya was kidnapped by Pinky, a brothel agent. Siddhi chased the kidnappers but couldnt catch them. Determined, Siddhi vowed to rescue Maya and bring her home

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    E4 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    22 June 2023 | 24 min

    In this episode, Siddhi rescues Maya from a dangerous situation with a lecherous baba, causing tension and a setback in Jayas marriage plans for Vinayak. Sunaina prays for Siddhi to remain unmarried to continue caring for Maya. Siddhis determination is highlighted as she perseveres in the temple. While moving towards the Krishna idol, Siddhi slips and accidentally puts the garland on Vinayak. Simultaneously, Maya, running towards the temple, bumps into someone, causing her garland to slip and land on Vinayak as well. This leads to an unexpected turn of events. Viewers are left eagerly anticipating the outcome of these unfolding circumstances

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    E5 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    23 June 2023 | 27 min

    Siddhi, Maya, and Vinayak visit a temple where Maya accidentally puts a garland on Vinayak, mistaking him as her husband. Back home, Vinayak brings a gift for Maya, and later they all go shopping together. While passing through a lane, Jaya, Vinayaks mother, who dislikes anything black, sees them having fun at Mayas sweet shop. Vinayak offers a yellow rose to Siddhi, but Maya takes it and stands in front of Jaya and Nisha. Misinterpreting the gesture, Nisha wonders if Vinayak loves Siddhi or Maya. The episode ends with a surprising cliffhanger

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    E6 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    26 June 2023 | 21 min

    Maya persists in searching for the yellow rose Vinayak gave Siddhi, which she had thrown away. Meanwhile, Nisha enlists her secret boyfriend Aman to uncover the truth behind Vinayaks gesture. Vinayak and Siddhi have an interesting encounter where Vinayak saves Balrams life. Impressed, Siddhi treats Vinayak and they enjoy local delicacies. Birju flirts with Siddhi, shocking Vinayak who confronts him. Birju returns with his goons, spreading rumours and causing chaos

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    E7 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    27 June 2023 | 21 min

    Siddhi treats Vinayak and they enjoy local delicacies. Birju flirts with Siddhi, shocking Vinayak who confronts him. Birju returns with his goons, spreading rumors and causing chaos. Siddhis parents get tension but Sidhi and Vinayak handle the situation. After this in a surprising twist, Vinayak declares his love for Siddhi in front of the Public and his intention to marry her, even promising to care for Maya.

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    E8 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    28 June 2023 | 22 min

    Balram agrees to the marriage proposal and is grateful to Vinayak for choosing Siddhi’s Daughter as his Bride. Vinayak tells his mother family about his liking Siddhi marrying her. Jaya is happy about the decision of Vinayak. Jaya is confused that the girl is Maya not Siddhi, but Vinayak thinks that Jaya is talking about Siddhi. Jaya family start the preparation for marriage by buying ornaments outfits. Panditji also gives a green signal for the marriage as their Vinayak Siddhi’s Kundali match. Panditji told that the correct time for engagement is tomorrow. Jaya agrees to tomorrow’s engagement ceremony. Vinayak, Tanmay Vinayak’s bhabhi visit Siddhi’s place with Shagun gifts. Meanwhile, Vinayak’s bhabhi is happy that there will problems chaos when Jaya finds out about the real bride.

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    E9 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    29 June 2023 | 23 min

    Maya takes the engagement lehenga of Siddhi. Vinayak’s family visit Siddhi’s house for the engagement except her mother. While the ceremony, Maya wears the engagement ring as she likes it. Vinayak’s Bua Aunt gets angry with Maya for this reason. Vinayak helps to get the engagement ring from Maya through his calm composed nature but Maya forces Vinayak to put another ring on Maya’s finger Vinayak’s bhabhi sends the photo of this to Jaya and she gets happy after seeing the photo. After this, Vinayak Siddhi exchange rings complete the engagement ceremony. Meanwhile, Maya gets angry as she didn’t get to wear a beautiful necklace with Siddhi and removes her necklace. She breaks the necklace and Bua finds out that it is not a real necklace. She accused Siddhi’s family of stealing the real necklace replacing it with a duplicate one. Bua even threatened to talk about this to Jaya cancel the marriage.

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    E10 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    30 June 2023 | 22 min

    Vinayak comes with the original necklace and things got short, but Vinayak knew that Sunaina had stolen these neckless and sold them in a jewellery shop Siddhi overhears Sunaina and Vinayak’s conversation and felt sorry for Vinayak. Sunaina returns that neckless money to Siddhi and Siddhi hands that over to Vinayak. In Vinayak’s house, Jaya asks about her daughterinlaw and Sushma says that they are poor people, and she is not able to understand why Jaya agreed for this girl. But Jaya is happy with her son’s decision and she wants to go to her daughterinlaw’s house with Haldi but Nisha thought if Jaya will go to Siddhi’s house then Jaya will get to know that her wouldbe daughter in law is dark and Nisha wants to reveal this at the time of marriage thus Nisha makes a plan she put oil on floor so that Jaya will get slip and will not be able to go to Siddhi’s house. Here unknowing Nisha’s plan Jaya goes towards that area where oil is on the floor.

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    E11 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    03 July 2023 | 23 min

    Sushma slips and falls due to the oil on the floor. Haldi preparations at Siddhis house. Jaya and Nisha come to Siddhis house but Jaya returns on seeing Siddhi. Birju creates drama at at Siddhs house and is arrested by the cops. The electricity of Siddhis house is cut off by the goons.

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    E12 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    04 July 2023 | 22 min

    Siddhi and Balram get emotional as they about her Bidaai. Maaya goes missing which comes as a shock to the family. Maya and Jaya have a hit and miss as Maya goes to meet Vinayak at his residence. Balram spikes a drink for Maya so that she does not attend Siddhis wedding. Siddhi comes down for the rituals where Vinayak and Jaya wait for her.

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    E13 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    05 July 2023 | 23 min

    Siddhi and Vinayaks marriage rituals take place. Jaya has a hitandmiss with Maya at the wedding. Finally, Jaya gets to know the truth and pours water on the havan kund. She says that this marriage cannot happen.

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    E14 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    06 July 2023 | 22 min

    Jaya drags Vinayak from the mandap and tells him to come along. Balram puts down his Pagdi at Jayas feet and requests to let the marriage happen. Siddhi stands firm that she wont let her father fall at someones feet for this marriage. Vinayak stands in support of Siddhi and tells him to make her decision for marriage.

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    E15 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    07 July 2023 | 23 min

    Siddhi and Vinayaks Pheras happen but Maya drops in saying that even she will take the Pheras along. Balram asks forgiveness for Mayas actions. Maya insists to go to Siddhis Sasuraal. Siddhi convinces her that she will take her along in a few days. Siddhi reaches her Sasuraal but is welcomed by Jaya and the family members in white attire, stating, Maatam ka mohol hai aaj.

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    E16 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    10 July 2023 | 23 min

    Jaya says that she wont accept Siddhi as bahu and let her inside the house. Vinayak supports Siddhi but later we reveal that Vinayak as the negative guy who got married to Siddhi to take revenge. Vinayak humiliates Siddhi in front of the family. Mahadev is angry and Vinayak for what he has done but Jaya supports Vinayak.

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    E17 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    11 July 2023 | 22 min

    Vinayak puts the thorn crown on Sidhis head and humiliates her in front of his family members as part of his revenge. Siddhi is thrown out of the house. Siddhi questions lord shiva as to why he had done this with her.

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    E18 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    12 July 2023 | 22 min

    We show a party at Vinayaks house for the celebration of their victory over Siddhi. Siddhi comes into the party in a palki. Siddhi challenges Vinayak and decides to stay back in the house as she is the Bahu of the house and Vinayaks wife. Vinayak catches Siddhis hand to drag her out of the house.

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    E19 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    13 July 2023 | 23 min

    Vinayak and family are forced to behave decently with Siddhi as the neighbourhood women arrive at their place. Siddhi performs various Rasams with Vinayak and wins them. Jaya puts a task in front of Siddhi where she needs to hold the kalash on her head and move around vinayak.

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    E20 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    14 July 2023 | 24 min

    Bua leaves a snake in Siddhis room so that it bites her but Siddhi smartly tackles the situation. Siddhi confronts Bua for the snake incident in front of Jaya. Siddhi feels that something wrong might happen with her sister and decides to leave for her house but Jaya stops her.

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    E21 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    17 July 2023 | 22 min

    Siddhi is asked to perform 108 mantras for Kuldevi by Jaya. Jaya plays a trap by locking the room so that Siddhi suffocated but Siddhi is lucky to escape. Jaya is asked to dance by Mamta whom she insulted saying that her daughter is not worthy enough for his son. Jaya accepts and starts dancing feeling hurt and insulted.

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    E22 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    18 July 2023 | 23 min

    Jaya dances in front of everyone and her saree catches fire. Siddhi comes to the rescue who doses the fire off with her hands. In the bedroom Siddhi falls on Vinayak. In the process Vinayak ends up getting a lipstick mark which Jaya and the family members see and are shocked.

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    E23 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    19 July 2023 | 22 min

    Bua tells Siddhi to prepare Food being the new Bahu. Sunaina learns that Maya is missing from the house. Jaya tells to throw away the food that Siddhi makes but Guruji walks in and the food is served. The til ka laddu blasts in Jayas hand, making her angry towards Siddhi. Maya makes fun of Jaya in front of the family. Jaya throws Maya out of the house.

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    E24 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    20 July 2023 | 22 min

    Siddhi stands in support of Maya against Jaya and decides to leave the house. Siddhi is told that she will have to walk on the hot coal if she wants to leave the house with Maya. Siddhi is attacked by some goons. Vinayak is stabbed in the process of fighting the goons.

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    E25 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    21 July 2023 | 23 min

    Goons stab vinayak and leave. Siddhi Manages to bring Vinayak back home. Doctors tell that Vinayak is fine, but he needs to be under observation for the next 24hrs. Jaya says that siddhi cant be with Vinayak.....hence Nisha and bua lock siddhi inside the storeroom. Siddhi somehow manages to run away, and she prepares a Kada for Vinayak. Jaya yells at siddhi to leave Vinaayaks room. But Vinayak tells that Siddhi will be with him.

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    E26 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    24 July 2023 | 22 min

    Jaya tells Siddhi to stay away from Vinayak, but to everyone’s shock Vinayak asks Siddhi to do his dressing. Siddhi tries to make food for Vinayak in kitchen when Jaya and Bua create chaos which Nisha records. Vinayak decides to go for Pagphera. Bua and Nisha plants a rope and make her fall on black powder. Her face gets covered by black powder. Siddhi and Vinayak come for the rasam in siddhis house. Vinayak comes with the bag full of money which makes Siddhi thoughtful.

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    E27 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    25 July 2023 | 23 min

    The mixer in the kitchen blasts and Vinayaks lost money is blown away from inside it. The blame game now begins over Siddhis family for the missing and money. Jaya and her family play the sympathy card in front of the media and blame Siddhi. Siddhi overturns the drama by asking everyone to check the CCTV and know that Vinayak was the one who planned the money thing.

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    E28 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    26 July 2023 | 22 min

    Due to media pressure Jaya and Vinayak are left with no other option than forgiving Siddhi. Tanmay kidnaps Maya. Maya informs Siddhi via SOS alert about her whereabouts. Tanmay puts Maya inside the suitcase. The bag in which Maya is trapped falls inside the pool. Vinayak jumps into the pool and comes to Mayas rescue.

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    E29 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    27 July 2023 | 24 min

    Maya comes to Pandey house with Vinayak and Siddhi. Vinayak tells the family members that Maya will now on stay along with them. Bua reacts to the situation and tries to get aggressive with Siddhi. Maya in her ‘Devi roop’ with Sindoor all over her face picks up the trishool and threatens Bua who is left shocked. Kodeshwar Baba enters the Pandey house and tells that there is a negative energy residing in one of the members in the family and points out to Siddhi.

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    E30 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    28 July 2023 | 22 min

    Kodeshwar Baba says that the house will have to be purified by throwing the evil spirit out of the house. In the process, he ties up and puts Siddhi in the boiling utensil. Vinayak looks around for Siddhi, but he gets locked in a room. The room catches fire and Vinayak feels suffocated. Siddhi hearing his voice gathers courage and jumps out of the vessel. She learns about Vinayaks whereabouts and jumps into the burning room to save Vinayak. She treats Vinayak and tells him to leave the room, but Vinayak doesnt agree leaving alone. Siddhi suffocates due to the excess smoke and heat in the room and falls on the floor which shocks Vinayak.

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    E31 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    31 July 2023 | 23 min

    Nishas friend Aman tries to kill Siddhi. Vinayak gets up to fight back. Maya regains her lost memory. Jaya and other family women are shocked to see the outhouse burning. The fire brigade officials arrive and doze off the fire in the outhouse. They also thank Maya for informing them on time and saving a bigger disaster. Jaya is grateful to Maya for saving her sons life. Vinayak is about to say the 3 magical words and everyone is shocked.

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    E32 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    01 August 2023 | 24 min

    Vinayak confesses his love to Siddhi. Jaya, bua, and Nisha plan to separate them by scheming a big plan. Maya gets jealous watching Siddhi and Vinayak close and decides to snatch him from her.

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    E33 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    02 August 2023 | 21 min

    Bua and Nisha plan to harm Siddhi with Amans help by putting the poisonous gas in a balloon and bursting it during the party. Siddhi spots the baloon in the party and feels fishy about it. She saves Vinayak and Maya in time from being harmed by the baloon liquid. Maya spikes Siddhis milk and decides to meet Vinayak in his bedroom wearing Siddhis attire.

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    E34 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    03 August 2023 | 24 min

    Maya gets scared and runs away from the room as Vinayak finds out that its not Siddhi but someone else. Tanmay wanting to kidnap maya accidently kidnap Siddhi in a Gunny bag. Vinayak comes to Siddhis rescue. Tanmay comes dressed as a woman with his head covered to kill Maya. On his way he meets Siddhi who feels something fishy about it.

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    E35 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    04 August 2023 | 22 min

    Siddhi catches Tanmay who moves to kill Maya. She drags him in front of everyone in the hall and tries to hit him with the Trishul but Bua comes to Tanmays rescue. Vinayak comes with the cops and asks them to arrest Tanmay. Siddhi hugs Vinayak but Siddhi comes there. Maya is left irritated as she could not speak her heart out and express her feelings to Vinayak.

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    E36 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    07 August 2023 | 22 min

    Vinayak tells Siddhi that Maya has changed as he can feel that her touch , her emotions are not like they were before. Maya tries to kill herself, but Jaya stops her. Jaya tells maya that she knows her truth and she should stop acting and instead support her against Siddhi. Some ladies roar into the Pandey house and decide to attack and teach Vinayak a lesson for marrying 2 girls and setting a wrong example

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    E37 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    08 August 2023 | 20 min

    The MahilaMandal punishes Vinayak, but Jaya intervenes, saying that it is Siddhis fault. Jaya tells Siddhi to tell everyone that Maya is Vinayaks wife but instead, Siddhi says that she is Vinayaks wife and Maya is mentally unstable. Mayas truth of her mental recovery comes in front of all as she saves Vinayak from the Chandelier falling on him. Sunaina comes to Pandeys house and tells Siddhi to let Maya be with Vinayak as his wife.

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    E38 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    09 August 2023 | 21 min

    Sunaina gives 21 days to Vinayak and Siddhi to make a decision in favour comes of Maya or else she would cut Mayas hair and declare her a widow. Siddhi does the 12hour pooja on one side whereas Maya tries to get close to Vinayak in the bedroom by mixing something into his food. An Asur comes to attack Siddhi but Vinayak comes to her rescue.

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    E39 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    10 August 2023 | 22 min

    Vinayak attacks Asur and comes to Siddhis rescue. Vinayak tells Siddhi to take care of Maya until he is back. Siddhi wants to do the Ekadashi Puja. Siddhis lips get stuck and she is unable to perform the pooja. We reveal through Mayas POV that it was her plan to mix glue in the lipstick that Siddhi was wearing.

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    E40 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    11 August 2023 | 20 min

    Vinayak helps Siddhi to get the glue off her face. Maya is about to start the ekadashi aarti in place of Siddhi but at the very last moment Siddhi drops in and takes the Thaal away from Maya and begins the Aarti. Siddhi gets a call from the Asur who threatens to kill her family members beginnning with Jaya. Siddhi is happy seeing a beautiful saree gifted by Vinayak but she realizes that it partly torn. Siddhi is thoughtful about this incident as who must have done it. Bua and Nisha torture Maya by trying to put a white saree on her and cut her hair. Vinayak comes to Mayas rescue by telling Bua and Nisha to immediately stop.

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    E41 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    14 August 2023 | 23 min

    Vinayak gets a proposal for Maaya. Ashok comes on behalf of his nephew to see Maya. Ashok behaves lusty with Maya which annoys her. Siddhi gets a call from the Asur who lays two choices in front of her to either save Jaya or Poison Maya.

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    E42 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    15 August 2023 | 23 min

    Dadiya walks into the Pandey house. Maya comes acting like she had consumed the poison. Siddhi is shocked to see Maaya this way. Everyone starts blaming Siddhi for Mayas condition. Siddhi tells everyone about the Asur incident, but Dadiya doesn’t believe her. She asks Siddhi to prove herself innocent.

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    E43 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    16 August 2023 | 22 min

    Siddhi has no proof justifying herself that she was being controlled by the Asur. Vinayak is upset with the taught that Siddhi dint think of him being capable enough to handle the situation. Maya acts as if she is dying. She expresses her last wish to be a Suhagin before her death. Dadiya tells Vinayak to fulfil Mayas last wish by adding Sindoor in her maang.

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    E44 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    17 August 2023 | 23 min

    Siddhis innocence is proved as we reveal that Maya fell ill due to the cough syrup she consumed. Siddhi answers all of Dadiyas questions correctly to get the Sola Sringar. Maya comes in place of Siddhi in Hariyali Teej Pooja. Siddhi gets arrested in the club. Dadiya tells Siddhi that her punishment for leaving the Hariyali Teej. pooja will be decided when Vinayak comes back from the business trip. Maya decides to go to Banaras with Vinayak to spend time with him. Siddhi promises to not let Vinayak stay for long and that she would complete the Hariyali Teej Pooja.

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    E45 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    18 August 2023 | 24 min

    Dadiya decides to throw Siddhi out of the house for not attending the Hariyali Teej pooja and going to the club instead. Jagruti comes and reveals the truth of siddhi reached the club for trying to save her. Dadiya feels bad for her actions and tells Siddhi that she is proud of her. Dadiya lays restrictions on Jagruti, but Siddhi tells Dadiya to forgive Jagruti instead. Maya is jealous seeing Siddhi in the good books again and decides to get close to Vinayak in any case.

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    E46 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    21 August 2023 | 24 min

    In madness Maya writes Vinayak’s name with her blood on the mirror. Siddhi walks into the same room, and we build as if siddhi will see Vinayak’s name, but Maya does well to hide it. Maya decides to kill Vicky when he comes to meet her for engagement the following day. Asur walks into the house and ties the family members with the rope to the ceiling. Siddhi asks the almighty for help. We show divine intervention as a Rat comes and unties Vinayak’s hand. Vinayak helps to set other family members free. Vinayak fights and makes the Asur run away. Dadiya is proud of Siddhi and offers her the Mata Ranis Churni in respect. Siddhi decides to find the truth behind who the Asur is.

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    E47 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    22 August 2023 | 21 min

    Siddhi slips due to the oil on the floor. Vinayak pulls her up in time and they have a moment. Maya trying to roam around Vinayaks room is caught by Dadiya who takes her to the bedroom and asks her to massage her legs. Siddhi and Vinayak doubt Aman being the Asur and decide to find out. We reveal that Maya has joined hands with Nisha and Aman in their wicked plans against Siddhi and the family.

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    E48 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    23 August 2023 | 23 min

    We reveal that Maya was the mind behind scaring Siddhi by the Asur. Maya speaks to the Asur thinking that it is Aman, but we reveal its Siddhi which shocks Maya. Maya lies that Asur used to blackmail her to kill Siddhi. Siddhi believes her words. Aman is caught as the real Asur and arrested. Dadiya is in praises for Siddhi which makes Maya jealous. She vows to marry Vinayak at any cost.

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    E49 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    24 August 2023 | 22 min

    We establish the Haldi function at the Pandey house. Siddhi and Vinayak shake legs on a romantic song. Ashok releases a gas into the air which makes everyone feel uneasy. Taking advange of the situation he takes Maya to the room to molest her. Siddhi reaches mayas room and tries to rescue her but does not see Ashoks face. As she moves out of the room she finds a button which belongs to Ashok. Siddhi now tries to expose Ashok in front of everyone but he instead catches hold of Jagruti and threatens everyone of killing her to save himself.

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    E50 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    25 August 2023 | 25 min

    We establish the Haldi function at the Pandey house. Siddhi and Vinayak shake legs on a romantic song. Ashok releases a gas into the air which makes everyone feel uneasy. Taking advange of the situation he takes Maya to the room to molest her. Siddhi reaches mayas room and tries to rescue her but does not see Ashoks face. As she moves out of the room she finds a button which belongs to Ashok. Siddhi now tries to expose Ashok in front of everyone but he instead catches hold of Jagruti and threatens everyone of killing her to save himself.

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    E51 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    28 August 2023

    Dadiya is angry seeing Sidhis reports and tells her that she doesnt deserve the respect if she cannot give birth to the successor of the family. She tells Siddhi to leave the house and also tells that she will find another woman to marry Vinayak who can give birth to a child. Bua comes to dadiya with Maya and tells her that she must allow maya to have Vinayak’s child. Dadiya questions maya if she is ready to which she replies in a positive. Dadiya tells Vinayak to fill Mayas Maang and have a child with her. Vinayak does not agree with Dadiya and decides to leave the house with Maya Siddhi.

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    E52 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    29 August 2023 | 22 min

    Dadiya tells Vinayak that for the sake of his love and Siddhi , she is allowing them to stay back in the house. We later reveal that Dadiya is playing her cards against them. Vinayak feels dizzy after drinking the milk prepared by Dadiya. Maya follows Vinayak to the room and tries to get physical but Vinayak stops her. We now reveal that Vinayak had seen Dadiya spiking his drink. Vinayak tells Maya to keep acting the way she is and support him and Siddhi against Dadiya. Dadiya finds the unbroken Papad layed underneath the bedsheet and gets to the conclusion that Vinayak and Maya did not get physical. Dadiya asks Siddhi to convince Vinayak and Maya to come together inorder to help the family with a successor.

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    E53 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    30 August 2023 | 24 min

    Bua tells Siddhi that Dadiya is playing games wit her by lying and if wants to know the truth she must wait till the following night where Vinayak will enter the Mayas room. Siddhi is shocked seeing Maya and Vinayak hug outside her room and she is left broken. Bua comes with the black sindoor to Siddhi and tells her put it on her forehead and she deserves it for not being able to give birth to the successor of the house. Siddhi is shocked seeing maya getting the same saree from Vinayak as hers.

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    E54 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    31 August 2023 | 22 min

    Maya decides to leave the house but Vinayak forces her to stop by trying to burn his hand with the candle flame. Bua comes with several photographs to Vinayak saying that she wants him to get married to another woman who can give the family a child. This shocks Siddhi. Bua manipulates Siddhi by saying that she is making Vinayak sad by not giving him a child. These words hit Siddhi as she watches Maya and Vinayak play with a little kid in front of her. Siddhi decides to leave the house as she prays in front of the house temple saying that she isnt worthy.

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    E56 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    04 September 2023 | 22 min

    Dadiya praises maya for the way she has handled the house in Siddhis absence. Vinayak gets angry on not finding Siddhis photo frame on the wall. Vinayak gets angry on Maya knowing that she removed all of Siddhis photos from his room. Vinayak is about to slap Maya as she tells him to forget Siddhi as she is dead. We show Janmashtmi ki pooja at the Pandey house. An unknown lady enters the house and helps Vinayak to swing the Jhoola. She reveals herself as Rangili.

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    E57 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    05 September 2023 | 24 min

    Rangili tells the family members that she is her to ask for work. Dadiya accepts Rangilis proposal and lets her stay as a maid in the house. We reveal that Rangili is Siddhi as she thanks Kanhaji for allowing her to stay in the house and helping her find a way to find the truth and take revenge for what happened with her. Siddhi moves into Vinayaks room, and they have a hit and miss as she hides in his wardrobe.

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    E58 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    06 September 2023 | 24 min

    Siddhi comes in front of Vinayak and questions him about what happened at the cliff and how. She hides finding Maya there. Maya is thoughtful on hearing from Vinayak that siddhi was here. Maya takes Tanmays help to find if Siddhi is around. Siddhi comes to meet Vinayak who is Tanmay disguised who reacts in a strange and funny manner in front of her. We reveal that Tanmay hasnt heard or remembers if Siddhi was around as Maya questions him. Tanmay and maya discuss about how they killed Siddhi , just then Rangili walks in. Siddhi decides to bring Vinayaks truth in front of everyone.

  • img
    E59 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    07 September 2023 | 22 min

    Tanmay is about to speak out the truth about him acting as Vinayak and being responsible to push Siddhi of the cliff, but Maya just switches of the light and stops that from happening. Maya blasts out on Tanmay for what just happened. Siddhi decides to find clues about her death and meets the doctor. She goes through the CCTV footage but is unable to see the face of the lady who planned her death along with Vinayak. Maya tells Vinayak that if wants her to stay in the house, he will have to give her that status of a wife.

  • img
    E60 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    08 September 2023 | 23 min

    Police comes to Pandey House to arrest Rangeeli. Rangeeli proves bua stole necklace and saves herself. Rangeeli steals Vinayaks phone to check all his contacts and find out the girls contact who is partner in crime with Vinayak. When Maya dials Vinayak number Siddhi gets scared that she will be caught, and she hides in a trunk. Vinayak moves forward to open the trunk that Siddhi hides in.

  • img
    E61 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    11 September 2023 | 25 min

    In a tense moment, Bua recklessly ignited the trunk with Siddhi trapped inside. Vinayak, consumed by shock, desperately fought to extinguish the flames and rescue her. His shock gave way to fury upon finding Siddhis clothes amidst the smouldering remains, seemingly confirming his suspicions of her infidelity. A surprising revelation emerged: Dadiya had saved Siddhi, leading to Siddhis heartfelt gratitude. Siddhi disclosed Vinayaks alleged attempt on her life, and Dadiya vowed to seek justice if he was the culprit. Tensions rose as Siddhi witnessed Vinayaks anger towards Bua for her involvement. Later, tending to Vinayaks burnt hands while he slept, Siddhi resolved to uncover the truth behind this turmoil, ready for the challenging journey ahead.

  • img
    E62 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    12 September 2023 | 22 min

    Rangili became furious when she spotted the red sandal in the temple area and demanded an explanation. To her surprise, she discovered that it belonged to Maya. However, she managed to calm herself, believing that Maya would never attempt to harm her. Maya, on the other hand, resorted to desperate measures, rolling on the temple floor to manipulate Vinayak into marrying her. In a remarkable turn of events, with what seemed like divine intervention, Vinayak suddenly felt that Rangili was Siddhi and called out her name. Rangili was left in shock upon hearing her name Siddhi.

  • img
    E63 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    13 September 2023 | 23 min

    Rangilis anger flared as Vinayak called her Siddhi, and she sternly instructed him never to repeat such actions. Determined to find a suitable match for Vinayak, Rangili summoned a couple of girls to the Pandey house for his swayamvar. She urged them to whistle, hoping to gather clues about the mysterious woman who had attempted to harm her and Vinayak at the cliff. Meanwhile, Maya and Tanmay joined forces once more, this time with a sinister agenda. Tanmay disguised himself as Vinayak and menacingly threatened to set Rangili on fire, adding another layer of intrigue to the unfolding drama.

  • img
    E64 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    14 September 2023 | 24 min

    Maya was utterly shocked upon discovering that Rangili was, in fact, Siddhi. With the assistance of Jagruti, Vinayak prepared a delicious halwa to impress Siddhi. Unbeknownst to them, Maya had cunningly poisoned the halwa with venom, with the sinister intention of paralyzing Siddhi.As Vinayak extended the plate of halwa to Siddhi, she hesitated, refusing to partake in it. Instead, she astutely requested that Vinayak take the first bite to dispel her lingering doubts. With unwavering resolve, Vinayak consumed a portion of the halwa, and to everyones astonishment, he remained unharmed.The tension in the room heightened as Siddhi, still uncertain, cautiously took a bite of the halwa. In that suspenseful moment, it appeared as though Siddhi might indeed succumb to the venoms sinister effects.

  • img
    E65 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    15 September 2023 | 22 min

    Siddhis health deteriorates after consuming the halwa, causing tension between her and Vinayak. Despite his anger, Vinayak patiently awaits Siddhis wholehearted acceptance. Maya, driven by her malevolence, buries Siddhi alive, confessing her past wrongdoings. Unbeknownst to Maya, this sinister act is captured on Siddhis phone. Maya is stunned when Siddhi miraculously emerges from the grave. In a desperate attempt to end Siddhis life, Maya places a metal chain around her neck, intensifying the suspense and drama in this gripping storyline.

  • img
    E66 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    18 September 2023 | 24 min

    Maya tries to kill Siddhi by ramming a car towards her. We show as if siddhi might be dead but later we reveal that she is back home during the Ganesh Aagman. Maya is shocked seeing Siddhi back home alive. Siddhi decides to get back all that belongs to her now that shes back home. The family does the Ganesh Aagmana and performs aarti. We show that a kid comes to the Pandey and he is the same kid who saved Siddhi from the accident. We build to show that the kid is none other than Ganesh jis Avatar. The kid tells Vinayak and Siddhi that they complement each other. Maya gets angry hearing this statement.

  • img
    E67 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    19 September 2023 | 24 min

    Gajanan requested Rangili to make modaks, but Maya objected, citing Rangili is a maid. To resolve the issue, Gajanan organized a competition between Maya and Rangili. Maya, attempting to disqualify Rangili, filmed Gajanan eating her modaks, but the footage showed him motionless, not eating. Mayas deception was exposed, causing embarrassment. Gajanan proposed a home play, but many declined, leaving only Vinayak, Maya, and Rangili. Maya agreed to play Sati if Vinayak portrayed Shiv in the act.

  • img
    E68 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    20 September 2023 | 22 min

    Vinayak opens his chit which shows that he will be portraying the character of Shiv. Siddhi gets the task to play Sati and Maya as Dashrath. Maya is shocked learning that her coloured does not have the character of Sati that she wanted to play. We reveal that Gajanan had on Maya and helped Siddhi to play Sati. Maya calls Tanmay home and records a video which shows him trying to molest her. Maya blackmails Tanmay to circulate the video in case he opens his mouth against her. The play begins where Gajanan narrates the story and Vinayak, Siddhi and Maya act. Maya hands Tanmay a task to kill Siddhi. Tanmay walks home disguised with the electrician. He pours a liquid in the fake hawankund so that it burns for real, and Siddhi sits inside and burns.

  • img
    E69 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    21 September 2023 | 22 min

    We reveal a burning mannequin behind the curtains as Vinayak pours water on it. Rangili tells the family members that someone tried to kill him by putting petrol in the Hawankund so that she would burn to death. Maya challenges Siddhi that she would make Vinayaks hers in the next 24 hrs. Rangili is scared seeing a person pointing a gun on her but we reveal its Gannud brother who playing around. Gajanan tells Siddhi that is not always the truth what they often see.

  • img
    E70 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    22 September 2023 | 25 min

    We show Ganesh Visarjan at Pandey house. Tanmay tries to kill Maya by burning her in the storeroom but Gajanan comes to her rescue. Siddhi tells Maya that she believes Vinayak and she will now bring her truth in front of Vinayak and the family.

  • img
    E71 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    25 September 2023 | 24 min

    Maya tells Vinayak that she is pregnant and the child belongs to him. Vinayak tells Dadiya and the family members that he will be marrying Maya as she is about to conceive. Siddhi decides to leave the Pandey house.

  • img
    E72 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    26 September 2023 | 22 min

    Vinayak tells that Rangili will stay in the house untill she finds another job. Vinayak gets angry on Maya as she organizes the Shok sabha for Siddhi. Vinayak tells Rangili that he will only marry Maya if she is ready to get married to another person.

  • img
    E73 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    27 September 2023 | 23 min

    Mayas behaviour seemed alarming, as she appeared to endanger her child. Vinayak intervened, offering unwavering acceptance for both Maya and the child. In a heartfelt moment, Rangili pledged her readiness for marriage before Vinayak. However, tensions flared when Bua invited random suitors to their home for Rangilis match, angering Vinayak. Determined to find a suitable match for Rangili himself, he eventually revealed his choice to her. This intricate web of emotions and decisions unfolded, setting the stage for a complex family dynamic filled with challenges and resolutions.

  • img
    E74 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    28 September 2023 | 22 min

    Ayush comes to the Pandey house and accepts the familys proposal to marry Rangili. Dadiya comes and informs everyone that Rangili cannot marry Ayush as it would not be a healthy and happy marriage going by the astrological starts as stated by the pandit. Later we see the pandit come to the Pandey and say that both the marriages can happen as. We reveal that maya bribed the pandit and turned the tables so that she could marry Vinayak.

  • img
    E75 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    29 September 2023 | 24 min

    Ayush contacted the jeweller to provide a variety of Mangalsutras for Rangili. Similarly, Vinayak was also tasked with choosing a Mangalsutra for Maya. Interestingly, both Vinayak and Rangili ended up selecting the same Mangalsutra. To resolve this, a dance competition was organized, and Rangili and Ayush emerged as the winners. Subsequently, Dadiya suggested that Rangili try on the Mangalsutra. However, when Vinayak attempted to assist her, Rangili pushed him away.

  • img
    E76 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    02 October 2023 | 22 min

    Jagruti hears Ayush speak on the phone about stealing Vinayaks wealth by marrying Rangili. Jagruti speaks to Vinayak regarding Ayush not being a genuine guy. Vinayak tells Jagruti that Rangili is actually Siddhi. Rangili and Ayushs Roka preparations take place at the pandey house. Vinayak comes down the stairs and tells that the Roka cannot happen.

  • img
    E77 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    03 October 2023 | 24 min

    Dadiya advices Siddhi to go and tell the truth to Vinayak about her being Siddhi. Siddhi tells Dadiya she wont do so as she wants Maya to get married to Vinayak for the sake of their child. Vinayak tells Siddhi that he knows she loves her but Siddhi gets angry and warns Vinayak to stay away. Siddhi leaves in anger saying that its time for her engagement with Ayush.

  • img
    E78 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    04 October 2023 | 25 min

    Vinayak sees Ayush with a girl in the room and confronts him. Ayush lies of not being around with any girl to Vinayak. Vinayak comes drunk in front of the family and is about to fall. Siddhi hold him and saves him from falling. Vinayak tells Siddhi that he knows she cares for him. Siddhi gets angry on Vinayak and announces that she will directly marry Ayush and not have any engagement ceremony. Vinayak tells Rangili that either she will have to prove that Ayush is innocent or else confess that she is Siddhi in the next 24 hrs. Rangili tells Dadiya that she will perform the Akand jaap pooja the next day.

  • img
    E79 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    05 October 2023 | 23 min

    Siddhi decides to do the pooja for the betterment of Vinayak and Maya. Vinayak records Ayush and his girlfriend speaking against him and the family. Vinayak tells Rangili to check the video which will prove that Ayush is a lier and is trying to cheat on her. Rangili shows the phone, and they reveal no video playing on it which shocks Vinayak. Vinayak is drunk and falls to the floor. Siddhi reaches Vinayak room and is stunned to see his state.

  • img
    E80 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    06 October 2023 | 25 min

    Siddhi ties a thread on Vinayaks hand for his safety. Siddhi tells Ayush that she knows his truth. Ayush threatens to harm Siddhi. Maya tells the family that she wants a simple marriage and that should happen today. Ayush kidnaps Siddhi and ties her up in a secluded place. We reveal that Maya has planned Siddhis kidnap and death with Ayushs help. Siddhi tries to call Vinayak. Maya is shocked seeing Vinayaks phone ringing with Rangilis mame flashing on it.

  • img
    E81 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    09 October 2023 | 24 min

    Dadiya informs Vinayak that Rangili has beeb kidnapped. Ayush prepares to get married to Rangili. Vinayak reaches the spot to save Rangili. Ayush points a gun at Vinayak, but Siddhi comes to his rescue. Some ladies come to the Pandey house and blame Vinayak for what he has done with Maya and his affair with Rangili.

  • img
    E82 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    10 October 2023 | 25 min

    The doctor who comes to check Maya is shocked to learn that Maya is not pregnant but is faking her pregnancy. Siddhi is also shocked to learn the same as she overhears the same from a distance. An investor from Vinayaks company comes to the pandey house and humiliates Vinayak with regards to the circulating news about him, Maya Rangili. Vinayak beats up the investor and his men as they try to get touchy with Siddhi. Dadiya is concerned about Vinayaks falling image and the affect it having on his business. Vinayak asks Rangili to speak out the truth in front of all to save him.

  • img
    E83 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    11 October 2023 | 23 min

    Siddhi decides to bring Mayas truth out soon by getting her blood test done and proving that she isnt pregnant. Siddhi in front of the guests and the family shows Vinayak the report which says that Maya isnt pregnant. Siddhi also reveals that she isnt Rangili but Siddhi. Vinayak gets angry and pushes Siddhi away saying that her Siddhi is dead by showing her the photographs and the postmortem report. Siddhi pleads infront of Bua to tell everyone that she is Siddhi but Bua pushes her away.

  • img
    E84 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    12 October 2023 | 24 min

    Siddhi pleads in front of Maya to forget what has happened between them and instead support her to make the family believe that she is Siddhi. Vinayak gets angry at Rangili for faking to be Siddhi. Siddhi breaks down as the police officers come to arrest her. Vinayak and Siddhi part ways as Siddhi is arrested by the police officers.

  • img
    E85 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    13 October 2023 | 23 min

    Siddhi meets the Inspector whom she had once supported and motivated. The inspector stands in favor of Siddhi and allows her to leave to prove herself right. Siddhi walks into the Pandey house which shocks everyone. The family members get angry at Siddhi for faking her identity but she stands firm and decides to stay back in the house until she proves herself right.

  • img
    E86 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    16 October 2023 | 22 min

    Siddhi tries to make Dadiya believe that she is telling the truth of being Siddhi. Maya decides to teach Siddhi a big lesson so that she never turns up against her ever. Siddhi says that she wins overcome every hurdle as Vinayaks love is always with her.

  • img
    E87 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    17 October 2023 | 23 min

    Siddhi is blamed in front of the family as she shows everyone the video of Siddhi pulling off the gas pipe to kill Maya. We late reveal that Maya was the one who played games by dressing up as Siddhi. Siddhi is put into the Cold freezer by Tanmay. We show that it was Maya behind the act as she wanted to get hold off Siddhis fingerprints to throw her off the property.

  • img
    E88 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    18 October 2023 | 23 min

    Siddhi decides to find the truth about the ashes that the family has received and make them believe that she is Siddhi. Maya sells the Pandey house to a man and decides to walk away with far away from the money received by sale. Maya decides to spike Vinayaks drink so that he falls unconscious, and she can take him to a faraway place with her.

  • img
    E89 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    19 October 2023 | 23 min

    Maya makes a protein shake for Vinayak with a mixture so that he falls unconscious, and she could take him along away from the family. Siddhi is tensed seeing Vinayak missing and decides to find him. Maya is shocked to learn that Vinayak now knows her truth as she gets exposed at the cliff by Siddhi and Tanmay. Maya is shocked seeing that the family is watching it all happen live on tv.

  • img
    E90 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    20 October 2023 | 24 min

    Maya tries to kill Siddhi by pushing her off the cliff, but Vinayak comes to her rescue. Siddhi and Vinayak are welcomed home by the family. Siddhi asks Dadiya to forgive Tanmay for what he has done. Maya decides to take revenge from Siddhi soon.

  • img
    E91 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    23 October 2023 | 25 min

    Vinayak gifts Siddhi a wonderful dress. Maya calls Vinayak and tells him to meet orelse she would kill herself and leave Siddhis name on the suicide note. Maya tells Vinayak to be hers, but he gets angry on her. Maya now tears Vinayaks shirt and her clothes as well and puts the blame of molestation on him. Mahila morcha ladies storm into the Pandeys house and demands Vinayak to marry Maya for what he has done. Siddhi supports Vinayak and stands firm against the raging women. Dadiya promises to bring out the truth and come to conclusion in her court of law.

  • img
    E92 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    24 October 2023 | 23 min

    Vinayak pours the holy water on himself and tells Siddhi is now rid of the promise to take care of Maya. The people who had come to honor Dadiya now turn up with a garland of shoes and black ink to insult the family. Dadiya fights them up and throws them out of the house. Two armed men turn up at the Pandey house and threaten to molest Nisha. Siddhi and Vinayak come to Nishas rescue. A lady lawyer turns up at the Pandey residence to help Vinayak and on the other hand, Maya gets ready to fight Vinayak and destroy him.

  • img
    E93 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    25 October 2023 | 22 min

    Maya stands in the panchayat against Vinayak. Mayas lawyer tries various tricks to lay allegations on Vinayak. Vinayak denies all allegations but does not have enough proof to defend himself. Siddhi prays to Kanhaji to help Vinayak and proves him innocent in front of everyone. The sarpanch announces that the next hearing will be heard soon and till then Vinayak must find proof for himself or be ready to be punished. Siddhi challenges Maya that come what may Vinayak will stand victorious at the end.

  • img
    E94 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    26 October 2023 | 22 min

    Maya tells Vinayak that she will make sure he loses in front of the panchayat. The family is tensed as Vinayaks lawyer does not turn up. We reveal that Maya and her lawyer threatened Vinayaks lawyer and asked her to withdraw. Siddhi turns up in the lawyers place and takes a stand for Vinayak. Siddhi challenges Maya and tells Maya that she won’t let her win.

  • img
    E95 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    27 October 2023 | 23 min

    Siddhi hits Mayas lawyer and puts scratches on his body to demonstrate how maya played games with Vinayak. Maya tells Vinayak to slap Siddhi in front of everyone and Vinayak does so. Maya threatens to commit suicide and put the blame on Vinayak if he doesn’t marry her.

  • img
    E96 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    30 October 2023 | 22 min

    Maya forcibly takes pheras with Vinayak. Vinayak stops during the last phera and we reveal that he and Siddhi have tricked Maya by recording her blackmailing statement. Vinayak also shows Maya the fake divorce papers that were signed by Siddhi meaning that their marriage remains. Maya tries to strangulate Siddhi, and we show a pillar hanging on top of Siddhi which could be a threat to her life.

  • img
    E97 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    31 October 2023 | 22 min

    The pillar hanging over Siddhi falls on her and causes injury. Vinayak in anger points the gun at Maya but Siddhi holds him back. Siddhi goes unconscious. Vinayak bangs his head on the pillar in anger and falls on the floor. Siddhi fights for life in the hospital. On the other hand, Maya feels bad for what she had done with Siddhi and Vinayak. The doctors declare Siddhi dead. Vinayak does the tandav to bring Siddhi back to life. Siddhi wakes up but loses her vision.

  • img
    E98 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    01 November 2023 | 26 min

    Vinayak refuses to accept Siddhi as his wife. The doctor informs the family that Vinayak his lost his partial memory. In flash we show how Maya drinks the poison to kill herself and help Siddhi get her eyes.

  • img
    E99 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    02 November 2023 | 24 min

    Vinayak forces Siddhi to leave his house. Siddhi is broken as she remembers her past happy moments with Vinayak. A priest comes and advice Siddhi to stay with her husband to protect him. Siddhi walks into the pandey house with some papers which prove that she is Vinayaks wife. Vinayaks refuses to beleive Siddhi. Siddhi brings out some more papers that say that she owns the house and part of the company which shocks Vinayak.

  • img
    E100 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    03 November 2023 | 21 min

    We reveal Riddhi. Siddhi takes a vow that she will make Vinayak hers anyhow and wont let anyone else come in the way. Vinayak insults Siddhi in the party at pandey house by calling her a maid.

  • img
    E101 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    06 November 2023 | 25 min

    Vinayak and Siddhi are made to dance together by the party pals. Vinayak gets angry and leaving Siddhi moves up the stairs. Vinayak meets Riddhi and falls in love. Vinayak decides to get rid of Siddhi and lead his life ahead with Maya. Vinayak meets Riddhi and challenges her for a Golgappa competition. Siddhi is stunned seeing Vinayak with another girl.

  • img
    E102 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    07 November 2023 | 25 min

    Riddhi challenges Vinayak for a panipuri challenge but later stops it as she feels sad for Vinayak eating the spicy panipuris. Siddhi meets Riddhi but her face isn’t revealed to Siddhi. Siddhi invites her to the house. Vinayak saves Riddhi from the goons who tease her. Riddhi accepts Vinayaks proposal.

  • img
    E103 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    08 November 2023 | 24 min

    The goons come back after Riddhi leaves and attack Vinayak. Vinayak falls to the floor deeply injured. Vinayak. Siddhi senses something wrong and does the tandav. Vinayak comes back to life. Vinayak refuses to help Siddhi break the fast, but he plays a trick which forces Vinayak to give her water and break the fast. Dadiya tells Vinayak to either accept Siddhi as her wife or she may leave the house forever. Vinayak accepts Siddhi as his wife but later we reveal that he did it only for Dadiya and has other intentions and thoughts for Siddhi.

  • img
    E104 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    09 November 2023 | 24 min

    We reveal Riddhis face in front of Siddhi. Siddhi is shocked to see that Riddhi looks exactly like maya. Riddhi gets ready for engagement with Vinayak. Vinayak puts the ring on Riddhis finger as a mark of engagement. Siddhi is attached on her head and falls unconscious as she enters the house.

  • img
    E105 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    10 November 2023 | 25 min

    Riddhi saves Siddhi who is trapped inside the wardrobe. Riddhis mother gets angry on Siddhi for trying to slap Omkar. Riddhis mother is shocked to learn that shes getting engaged and decides to meet Vinayak. Riddhis mother threatens to harm Dadiya and her family for Dadiya being the reason for her daughters death in the past.

  • img
    E106 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    13 November 2023 | 26 min

    Ujwala accepts Vinayak and agrees to him getting married to Riddhi. Siddhi leaves on search for finding Vinayak as doesnt find him around. Vinayak apologizes in front of Maya in a filmy way but Siddhi who stands at a distance thinks its for her. Ujwala lays a condition in front of Vinayak that he will have to marry Riddhi in 3 days to which he agrees.

  • img
    E107 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    14 November 2023 | 25 min

    Vinayak mistakenly drops sindoor on the forehead of both Siddhi and Riddhi. Vinayak is shocked to learn that Siddhi and Riddhi are friends. Vinayak makes Siddhi go unconscious so that his and Riddhis marriage happens smoothly. Ujwala comes with sweets and informs Dadiya that her daughter is getting married. On one hand Riddhi and Vinayak are happy that they will be married soon , whereas on the other hand siddhi lies unconscious.

  • img
    E108 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    15 November 2023 | 24 min

    Dadiya is shocked to learn that Vinayak is getting married to Riddhi. Dadiya also gets angry on Siddhi for letting Vinayak go away. Dadiya confronts Vinayak and tells that she will never accept Riddhi as her Bahu. We reveal maya in front of Dadiya who is shocked seeing her.

  • img
    E109 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    16 November 2023 | 25 min

    Siddhi does the Griha Pravesh of Vinayak and Riddhi after their marriage. Dadiya advice Siddhi to stay strong and fight to get Vinayak back. We build as if Vinayak and Riddhi have heard the conversation of Siddhi and Dadiya.

  • img
    E110 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    17 November 2023 | 24 min

    Siddhi decides to leave the house but just then she hears Vinayaks shriek. Vinayak is bitten by a snake. Siddhi sucks the poison off from Vinayaks leg to save him but puts her life in danger. Siddhi is pained learning that it is Vinayak and Riddhis first night and decides to move away before the night starts.

  • img
    E111 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    20 November 2023 | 24 min

    Maya blames Siddhi for trying to separate him and Riddhi. Maya decides to let Vinayak come close to her until Siddhi gets her husband back. Vinayak gets close to Siddhi as the lights go off. Ujwala is shocked to see them together and creates a scene out of it.

  • img
    E112 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    23 November 2023 | 24 min

    Ujwala tells the Pandey family to throw out Siddhi from the house within 30 days or-else she would take Vinayak and Riddhi along to her house. A pandit advice Riddhi to walk along with a baggage full of eatables equivalent to Vinayak's weight till the temple and donate the stuff to the needy. Riddhi fails to complete the task and Siddhi decides to do it to save Vinayak's life. A goon following Omkar is about to kill Vinayak. Siddhi sees this from a distance and is shocked.

  • img
    E113 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    24 November 2023 | 25 min

    In the fight to save Vinayak Siddhi puts her life in danger and gets kidnapped. Riddhi decides to find out where Siddhi is going against the will of her mother. The kidnapper demands ransom from Vinayak to free Siddhi. Vinayak is left in two minds to save Siddhi.

  • img
    E114 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    27 November 2023 | 20 min

    Riddhi is sold to Reshma in the brothel. Siddhi decides to fight back and save the other innocent girls too. Riddhi prays to god to keep Siddhi safe. The family is shocked to learn from Riddhi that Vinayak did not take the initiative to help Siddhi even after getting a message from the kidnapper.

  • img
    E115 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    28 November 2023 | 21 min

    Riddhi meets Raghu and asks him about the missing van and Siddhi. Siddhi tries to escape the brothel with the kids, but Reshma stops her. Riddhi reaches the brothel and stands in support of Siddhi. Cops are called but we reveal that they are the ones whom Reshma bribes.

  • img
    E116 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    29 November 2023 | 20 min

    Siddhi and Riddhi are made to dance forcefully in the mehfil by Reshma to entertain the crowd gathered there. Vinayak reaches the Brothel, but Reshma plays smart and hides Riddhi and Siddhi pretending as if she doesn't run anything wrong there. Vinayak decides to check the place. Vinayak tries to reach both the ladies, but they are hidden on a gunpoint behind a wooden case at a distance.

  • img
    E117 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    30 November 2023 | 21 min

    Riddhi and Siddhi are put into auction by Reshma. Vinayak comes dressed in disguise to save Riddhi and Siddhi but is caught in the act. We build as if Reshma has killed Siddhi in an attempt to shoot the gun.

  • img
    E118 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    01 December 2023 | 20 min

    Vinayak gets up on his feet to save Riddhi and Siddhi. Ujwala decides to burn Pandey house as her daughter goes missing for a long time. Dadiya challenges Ujwala for a competition during a party at the Pandey Niwas, next day. Ujwala records a video of Siddhi and Vinayak together and decides to make a drama out of it.

  • img
    E119 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    04 December 2023 | 20 min

    Ujwala blames Siddhi for trying to steal Vinayak away from Riddhi. Riddhi supports Siddhi and tells Ujwala to leave. Dadiya and Ujwala agree to have a competition where Ujwala decides to lay a heavy price for the loser. Riddhi questions Vinayak about Siddhi and he's about to tell her the truth but Nish walks in and he stops. Vinayak decides to reveal the truth to Riddhi soon.

  • img
    E120 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    05 December 2023 | 20 min

    Dadiya looses to Ujwala in the board game and asks her to follow whatever she says from hereon. Siddhi stands in support of Dadiya and blames Ujwala for cheating and winning the game. Vinayak tells Ujwala that he supports Siddhi and will keep supporting her incase required in future as well. Ujwala decides to teach Siddhi a lesson.

  • img
    E121 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    06 December 2023 | 20 min

    Riddhi cooks food to surprise Vinayak with the help of Siddhi. Siddhi is broken to see Vinayak with Riddhi. Ujwala sends a housemaid to help Riddhi, but the Pandey family and Siddhi feel something fishy about it.

  • img
    E122 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    07 December 2023 | 20 min

    The house help sent by Ujwala tries to investigate about Siddhi by searching an album. Vinayak comes with the divorce papers and asks Siddhi to sign them. Siddhi refuses to sign the divorce papers.

  • img
    E123 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    08 December 2023 | 20 min

    Ujwala gets hands on an album and creates chaos at the pandey house. Later we reveal that the album contains photos of Riddhi and Vinayak. Riddhi finds the divorce papers and questions Siddhi and Vinayak about it. We later reveal that Riddhi does not have the information yet about Siddhi and Vinayak being married.

  • img
    E124 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    11 December 2023 | 21 min

    Vinayak and Siddhi take pheras in the pandey house. Vinayak later realizes that he was imagining Riddhi being by his side as his trance breaks. Riddhi is shattered to see what has happened in front of her. Dadiya tells Ujwala and everyone that Vinayak and Siddhi are husband and wife.

  • img
    E125 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    12 December 2023 | 21 min

    Siddhi saves Vinayak and takes care of him as he hurts himself by banging his head on a sharp object. Riddhi asks Vinayak to choose between her and Siddhi. Vinayak chooses to stay with Riddhi instead of accepting Siddhi as his wife.

  • img
    E126 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    13 December 2023 | 20 min

    Siddhi decides to make food for Vinayak as the guests decide to arrive at the meet. The guests reject the food made by Riddhi but later Siddhi convinces them to stay back so that Vinayak gets the deal.

  • img
    E127 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    14 December 2023 | 20 min

    The investors are impressed by the food cooked by Siddhi and offer the business deal to Vinayak. Siddhi confronts Ujwala for trying to spoil the food cooked by her. Riddhi pulls Siddhi's hair and blames her for stealing her passport.

  • img
    E128 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    15 December 2023 | 20 min

    Riddhi blames Siddhi for stealing her passport. Riddhi drags Siddhi to the storeroom and tries to burn herself. Vinayak supports Siddhi as the maid informs about the passport being found under the bed.

  • img
    E129 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    18 December 2023 | 20 min

    The mask man enters Pandey house. Siddhi feels something wrong and ties a thread to Vinayak to protect him from evil. The clients that come to meet Vinayak speak to Siddhi as if she is only good enough to handle household things to which she opposes.

  • img
    E130 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    19 December 2023 | 21 min

    Ayush enters the Pandey house to take revenge from Siddhi. Siddhi is locked in the room by Riddhi. Ayush and his men mistake Riddhi for Siddhi and kidnap her.

  • img
    E131 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    20 December 2023 | 21 min

    Siddhi goes to meet Ayush to rescue Riddhi and Vinayak. Ujwala plays her cards and blames Siddhi for trying to put Riddhi in danger. Siddhi tells Dadiya to push Siddhi out of the house.

  • img
    E132 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    21 December 2023 | 22 min

    Siddhi and Riddhi are made to play a competion of stitching a button on Vinayak's shirt and the one who does it first will win. Siddhi looses the round as Ujwala plays her trick. The second round begins where both women are made to make a garland and put it around Vinayak. Riddhi is ready with the garlamd first but Siddhi is ready with same and we build this as a challenge.

  • img
    E133 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    22 December 2023 | 22 min

    Dadiya decides to rule out Riddhi from the Ayogya bahu competition but Siddhi requests Dadiya to take her words back. The terrorists hold Nisha hostage and decide to blow up the pandey house. We build up Siddhi and Vinayak approaching the place where Nisha is held hostage.

  • img
    E134 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    25 December 2023 | 22 min

    Siddhi and Riddhi perform for the last stage of the competition where Riddhi is declared victorious. The terrorist now hold the entire family hostage and we build as if Vinayak or Siddhi are attacked by the gunman.

  • img
    E135 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    26 December 2023 | 22 min

    Riddhi walks away from the pandey house with Ujwala to keep herself safe. Vinayak is injured during the process of defusing bombs in the house. Siddhi does the tandav on one foot to revive Vinayak.

  • img
    E136 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    27 December 2023 | 22 min

    Vinayak gets back his lost memory and accepts Siddhi as his wife. Vinayak turns into a brahmarakshas after Riddhi tries black magic on him. Vinayak hurts Siddhi in the act.

  • img
    E137 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    28 December 2023 | 23 min

    Vinayak tries to kill Siddhi but she is safe due to the power of the mangalsutra that she wears. Riddhi decides to stay back in the house untill Vinayak gets fine. Vinayak yet again searches of Siddhi inorder to hurt her.

  • img
    E138 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    29 December 2023 | 20 min

    Vinayak takes Siddhi for a date but turns into a brahmarakshas. Siddhi tries to save Vinayak as he is about to drown falling in the lake full of crocodiles.

  • img
    E139 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    01 January 2024 | 20 min

    Siddhi hurts herself while saving Vinayak. Vinayak turns into a brahmarakshas as Ujwala tries to spoil the Vidhi of the Guruji.

  • img
    E140 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    02 January 2024 | 21 min

    Vinayak requests Siddhi to save him from the brahmarakshas. Siddhi takes a vow in front of Kanhaji to do anything it takes to save Vinayak. Vinayak appears in front of Siddhi and family to harm them.

  • img
    E141 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    03 January 2024 | 20 min

    Siddhi tries to free Vinayak from the brahmarakshas but the cops come into the Pandey house to arrest her. The tantric lady advises Siddhi free Vinayak with the help of her mangalsutra and the oil.

  • img
    E142 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    04 January 2024 | 20 min

    Brahmarakshas tries to attack the Pandey family but does not succeed due to the power of Siddhi's mangalsutra. The Brahmarakshas tells Siddhi to marry him to which she agrees.

  • img
    E143 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    05 January 2024 | 21 min

    With the help of Siddhi's plan, the Brahmarakshas leaves Vinayak's body. Omkar comes home to Pandey house with the cops to arrest Vinayak blaming that he killed Riddhi.

  • img
    E144 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    09 January 2024 | 21 min

    Siddhi catches Riddhi's lie and takes back Vinayak home. Vinayak thanks Siddhi for saving his life. The brahmarakshas tries to harm Riddhi.

  • img
    E145 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    10 January 2024 | 21 min

    Siddhi decides to keep Vinayak safe from any problem. On the other hand, the brahmarakshas try to become stronger and take revenge. Siddhi questions Riddhi as what happened with her but she stays quiet fearing the brahmarakshas.

  • img
    E146 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    11 January 2024 | 20 min

    The Brahmarakshas enter dadiya. Dadiya tries to harm Siddhi with the Brahmarakshas inside her body.

  • img
    E147 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    12 January 2024 | 20 min

    Siddhi tries way to let the Brahmarakshas go away. The Brahmarakshas tries to harm the baba who works against him.

  • img
    E148 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    15 January 2024 | 20 min

    Siddhi asks Kanhaji for help to save her husband. Brahmarakshas tells Siddhi that he will kill her if she doesn't agree for marriage.

  • img
    E149 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    16 January 2024 | 20 min

    The baba hands over a dagger to Siddhi to kill the Brahmarakshas. Siddhi is thoughtful but moves forward to kill the Brahmarakshas.

  • img
    E150 - Do Chutki Sindoor
    17 January 2024 | 21 min

    Siddhi saves Vinayak from the Brahmarakshas. Ujwala and Dadiya leave their differences behind and hug each other. We end on the family bonding happily.



Release Date

01 September 2023




Amandeep Singh


Radhika Muthukumar, Shrishti Kumari, Shubham Dipta, Jyoti Gauba