E16 - Beti Hamari Anmol

U • Drama • 2023

On Tatawali's command, Surili searches Anmol for the stolen Rs.25000, but finds nothing. She even pulls Anmol's saree to search thoroughly, but Dadi stops her. Anmol later asks Neelam the truth behind her steeling the money. When Neelam realizes she has no option but to tell the truth, she tells Anmol that a man has recorded her while changing, and is blackmailing her coz of that video.

Cast: Pratham Kunwar, Kapil Soni, Juhi Aslam, Rani Chatterjee, Sudheer Kumar, Ashraf Karim, Shielly Shukla

Director: Yash Sinha

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    E1 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    07 November 2023 | 29 min

    We introduce a middleclass family in the city of Dhanbad. Triloki Singh who is a peon in a hospital and his wife Santoshi, a house wife are worried for the fate of both their daughters weddings coz of numerous rejections in the past. As they are hoping this time there should be no rejection, we introduce Anmol our protagonist, revealing that she is a dwarf. Hence the parents are trying to fix jodi vivah of Anmol along with her elder sister Aarti, in the hope that coz of Aarti, Anmol will also be married off in the same family. But the boys family rejects Anmol again, owing to her small height and insults Anmols family very harshly. Aarti retaliates and the matter goes even further out of hand and the boys reject both girls and leave the house. Anmols aunty is very happy, but the rest of the family is heartbroken. Upset Triloki goes to the hospital without taking his tiffin. Anmol comes to the hospital with the tiffin, riding her small cycle, where on the way, she is made fun of by random people coz of her small height. At the hospital she sees her father being insulted by a senior officer Prasadi, as he throws the cold tea on Triloki. Anmol tries to reason with Prasadi but Triloki says sorry and they leave. Anmol dreams of becoming a doctor someday to help people and increase her fathers respect in society. But when she expresses to her family about the same, all are shocked and Santoshi suggests she become a nurse instead.

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    E2 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    07 November 2023 | 25 min

    Anmol tells her family that her dream is to become a doctor but Triloki refuses because it costs a lot to study for a doctor and he does not have that much money. Anmols mother Santoshi gives the idea to become a nurse instead of a doctor, to which everyone agrees. Rishi asks Anmol to meet him next day, where he and his friends along with Pinky are going to study. Anmol picks a study book and goes besides Rishi to study as well. Pinky gets very upset seeing Anmol close to Rishi. Rishi plays the guitar and Anmol starts dancing, seeing which people around her make fun of her. Pinky shouts at Anmol and says that she is abnormal and people are making fun of her all the time, so she should be a little careful. Triloki calls Anmol and asks her to come to the hospital as he has spoken about her nurses course to his senior. In the hospital, CMD insults Anmol because of her short height and says that she is not capable of becoming a nurse. After all the insults Anmol has to go through, Triloki commits suicide, holding Anmols hand, but Kaptaan comes at the right time and saves them and promises to get Anmol married soon.

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    E3 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    08 November 2023 | 28 min

    Rishis sister Neelam gets angry at him after watching his viral video of hitting the goons teasing Anmol. She shows the video to everyone in the family. Prasadi Lal gets very angry after seeing the video because Rishi was fighting for Anmol, a peons daughter. Jugni is trying to find out from the Kaptaan, whom is he getting Anmol married to. Aarti comes to talk to Anmol, how can she be ready for marriage without knowing who the groom is. Anmol tells Aarti that she is marrying for her father because she does not want to be any more burden on him. Kaptaan kidnaps Rishi and gets him to the wedding mandap. Rishi shocked to realise that he is being forcefully married to Anmol.

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    E4 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    09 November 2023 | 27 min

    Kaptaan wants to forcefully get Rishi married to Anmol but Rishi tries to escape from the wedding ground. But Kaptaans men catch him and he is not able to escape. Kaptaan tells him that this forced marriage is happening because of his fathers fault. Rishis family is very worried for Rishi because it is late in the night, and Rishi has not returned home yet, unaware that Rishi is getting married. Prasadi, who has been searching for Rishi, reaches the Kaptaans house where he finds out that Anmol is getting married but does not know who the groom is. Anmol and Rishi wedding happens. Rishis family members are very worried when Rishi is not found, but the same time Kaptaan arrives there with Rishi and Anmol. Seeing The whole family gets shocked and Kaptaan announces that from now onwards his niece, Anmol is now their daughterinlaw.

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    E5 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    10 November 2023 | 28 min

    Kaptaan threatens Rishis family that if anyone misbehaves with Anmol, he will not spare them. Tatawali gets angry and sets fire to Anmol and Rishis Gathbandhan with a torch, but Jeevan extinguishes the fire, which makes Tatwali angrier. Jeevan makes everyone understand that the Kaptaan and his family have arranged this marriage very cleverly and they cannot even file a case against them to the Police, so they have to be careful. Jugni sets the mandap on fire and takes out all her anger on the Kaptaan and Trilokijis family. Tatawali is not ready to accept Anmol as her daughterinlaw and in anger she tightly holds Anmols neck and lifts her up. Tatawali and her family decide that they will neither give Anmol anything to eat nor water to drink so that she will leave the house herself. In the night, Kaptaan comes back to meet Anmol, where he again explains to everyone that if anything happens to his Anmol, he will not spare anyone.

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    E6 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    13 November 2023 | 21 min

    Kaptaan makes everyone at Anmols house understand that his niece, Anmol should not be hurt and he will video call Anmol every day to see how Anmol is staying in the house. Rishi gets very angry after seeing Anmol in his room and decides to leave the room. Anmol understands Rishis anger and tells him that she will sleep on the floor but he should not go out of his room. Anmol feels thirsty at night but Dilip, the house servant, refuses to give her water on the instructions of Tatawali and Surili. Anmol goes to the garden of the house and drinks water. Transgender people come to the house to bless the newlywed bride and groom, but when they see Anmol, they say that, there is no new bride in the house, instead a new daughter is born and lift Anmol and keep bouncing her in the air. Anmol cries out loud.

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    E7 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    14 November 2023 | 22 min

    Anmol goes to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for everyone but due to her short height, she is having a lot of difficulty in cooking. Dilip wants to help Anmol but Tatawali stops him from doing so. Anmols father and mother come to meet her and she is very happy to see them. Santoshi, Anmols mother feeds her food with her own hands. Triloki asks Anmol where Rishi is, and ask her to call him so that they can also meet Rishi. Prasadi gets very angry seeing Triloki in his house and insults him and asks him to leave the house. Anmol persuades Rishi to meet her parents but Rishi is not ready to meet them. After much persuasion Rishi agrees to meet her parents but she puts a condition that, Anmol too should leave the house along with her parents.

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    E8 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    21 min

    Rishi and Anmol come to meet her parents in the hall, but before they come out, Anmols parents leave after being insulted by Prasadi. Rishis grandmother asks everyone to prepare for Diwali. Tatawali along with Surili, plans to do something that will make Anmol leave the house on her own. Surili and Tatawali together cover all four sides of the rangoli with firecrackers and a cloth soaked in kerosene oil so that Anmol gets burnt, while going to light the diyas inside the rangoli. Anmol gets stuck surrounded by fire all around her, as Surili lights the fire. Rishi with too much struggle to arrange water, saves Anmol in the end, before she gets burnt in the fire.

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    E8 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    15 November 2023 | 21 min

    Rishi and Anmol come to meet her parents in the hall, but before they come out, Anmols parents leave after being insulted by Prasadi. Rishis grandmother asks everyone to prepare for Diwali. Tatawali along with Surili, plans to do something that will make Anmol leave the house on her own. Surili and Tatawali together cover all four sides of the rangoli with firecrackers and a cloth soaked in kerosene oil so that Anmol gets burnt, while going to light the diyas inside the rangoli. Anmol gets stuck surrounded by fire all around her, as Surili lights the fire. Rishi with too much struggle to arrange water, saves Anmol in the end, before she gets burnt in the fire.

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    E9 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    16 November 2023 | 22 min

    Rishi saves Anmol from burning in the fire but Rishi also wants to know, who might have done this. Anmol lies to him that, the fire was caused of her mistake. Rishis grandmother is suspicious of Tatawali and Surili and, asks how the fire started, to which Tatawali replies that, it was their boths plan, as they cant accept Anmol as their daughterinlaw. Anmol hears Tatawalis confession and is sad. Anmols uncle Kaptaan arrives at the place at the same time. Owing to the torture she is going through, Anmol tells her uncle that if she does not meet her family anytime in the future, please inform them that she loves them very much. After hearing this, Kaptaan suspects that Anmol is not being treated well in this house, Kaptaan warns everyone and says that if Anmol gets hurt then he will not spare anyone. On the pretext of going to the market, Surili and Tatawali take Anmol with them, where they push her into a pit. Coincidently Rishi comes and saves Anmol at the right time.

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    E10 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    17 November 2023 | 22 min

    Grandmother was searching for Anmol all over the house but does not find her, so she comes to Tatwali and Surili and asks about Anmol. At the same time, Rishi brings Anmol with him on the bike, seeing which Taatwali becomes even more angry. Rishi asks Anmol how she fell into the pit. Anmol does not tell the truth to Rishi and somehow avoids the question. Santoshi tells Triloki to get Aarti married now, hearing which Aarti gets angry and says that she will not get married. Aarti tells her family that she will not marry until Anmols life is settled. Tatawali boldly tricks Anmol into getting darker paint and when she jumps on the stairs to paint the house, Surili removes the stairs which Anmol was about to fall.

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    E11 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    20 November 2023 | 22 min

    Anmols hands slip from the terrace railing she was holding and as she is about to fall and have a fatal accident, Rishi saves Anmol by catching her on time. Rishi scolds his mother Tatawali and his aunt Surili for making Anmol to climb up the terrace. Tatawali gets upset and she herself climbs onto the balcony and threatens Rishi that she will jump from there and give up her life. Rishi tells Anmol that she is not the daughterinlaw of this house, so dont try to become the daughterinlaw. Tatawali and Jugni together make a plan to get rid of Anmol. Jugni brings Rishi and Pinky to Tatawalis house, dressed as bride and groom, and tells everyone that Rishi and Pinky got married a year ago. All at Rishis house are shocked.

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    E12 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    21 November 2023 | 22 min

    Jugni shows the marriage certificate of Rishi and Pinky to prove to the rest of Rishis family, that they got married a year back. Kaptaan comes to Rishis house with his gun, and announces that, he does not approve of Rishis marriage with Pinky. Anmol calms Kaptaan down and says that, she does not want to create any more problems in this family.

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    E13 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    22 November 2023 | 22 min

    Kaptaan warns Rishi's family that Anmol will stay in their house only. Tatawali and Surili asks Anmol to prepare the bedroom for Rishi and Pinky's wedding night. Anmol is very sad, but she decorates the bedroom and herself sleeps on the sofa on Jugni's instructions. Rishi has agreed on this fake marriage with Pinky to remove Anmol out of the house, so he himself sleeps on the floor and Pinky on the bed.

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    E14 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    23 November 2023 | 22 min

    Kaptaan asks Pinky to leave Rishi's house with him, but Jugni stops him saying that Pinky will stay in Rishi's house only, being his wife. Kaptaan warns Rishi and his family that he will be coming every day to keep a check on Anmol's safety. Anmol is sewing Rishi's jacket and Pinky gets very angry seeing Rishi and Anmol in close proximity. Pinky throws Anmol out of the room with her luggage saying, Rishi is her husband, not Anmol's.

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    E15 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    24 November 2023 | 23 min

    Tatawali makes Anmol clean the kitchen as the new bride, Pinky has to cook food in the kitchen for the first time. Anmol makes all the food and Pinky takes all the credit. But as Rishi eats the food, he realizes that Anmol has made the food, and argues with Pinky. Anmol asks Rishi permission to study to become a Doctor. Rs.25000 gets stolen from Tatawali's room and she blames it on Anmol.

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    E17 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    28 November 2023 | 20 min

    Anmol takes charge to help Neelam in her blackmail situation. Anmol asks the goon to delete Neelam's video but he doesn't and tries to hit her, that's when Anmol's brother Chirag comes and saves Anmol and Neelam out of this situation. When Rishi comes to know that Anmol helped his sister, he hugs and thanks her, seeing which Tatawali gets very angry.

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    E18 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    29 November 2023 | 20 min

    When all the women of the family give reasons to not keep Chatt puja fast, on Rishi's Dadi's request, Anmol agrees to keep the fast. Tatawali and Prasadi are angry with his mother's decision and Prasadi is afraid that everyone in the house might start liking Anmol, like Neelam already has. Anmol starts the fast preparations and Tatawali and Surili plan to kidnap Anmol through some goons.

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    E19 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    30 November 2023 | 20 min

    Anmol's parents come to Rishi's house to give Chhat Puja items to her, but Prasadi refuses to let them in. On Tatawali's instructions Surili pierces nail in Anmol's foot, on the way to the puja location. Rishi caters to Anmol's wound and helps her in doing the Chhat puja, seeing which Tatawali gets very angry. Doctor sees Anmol's injury, and says that someone has deliberately pierced the nail in her foot.

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    E20 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    01 December 2023 | 20 min

    Due to Surili piercing the nail in Anmol's foot, Anmol gets very high fever. Everyone tells Anmol to break her fast coz of the fever, but Anmol doesn't break it. Anmol and entire Rishi's family go to the ghat to worship the Chhath. As per Tatawali's plan, goons Ghanta and Sarkar kidnap Anmol during the Chhath Puja.

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    E21 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    04 December 2023 | 20 min

    Anmol has been kidnapped by Ghanta and Sarkar at the behest of Tatawali. Kaptaan threatens Prasadi and his family to find out where is Anmol, but Santoshi and Triloki come and stop Kaptaan from doing so and beg for their daughter's safety. Rishi gets the pics of the two goons who kidnapped Anmol, Kaptaan recognizes them as Ghanta and Sarkar. Rishi finds Anmol and rescues her from the jokers.

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    E22 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    05 December 2023 | 20 min

    Rishi saves Anmol from the clowns. Anmol tells Rishi the reason why she kept silent about their forced marriage. Rishi feels Anmol's pain, and he promises her to help her become a doctor. Anmol is very happy, getting Rishi's support. Rishi comes home holding Anmol's hand, everyone in the house is shocked.

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    E23 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    06 December 2023 | 20 min

    Rishi blames his mother, Tatawali for kidnapping Anmol. Anmol's parents come to take her home with them, leaving Rishi's house forever, but Rishi stops them and says that he has promised Anmol that he will help her in becoming a doctor, and till then Anmol will stay in his house only.

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    E24 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    07 December 2023 | 20 min

    A family has come to see Neelam for marriage. They misbehave and ask inappropriate questions to Neelam. Anmol takes a stand for Neelam. The family leave angrily and Tatawali blames Anmol for it. Rishi thanks Anmol for saving his sister's honor. Tatawali refuses to give money to Rishi to spend on Anmol's studies.

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    E25 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    08 December 2023 | 20 min

    For Rishi's birthday, Anmol has decorated his room, and Rishi is very happy seeing it. Anmol also gives him a shirt sticthed by her staying awake the whole night. Rishi wears the shirt for his birthday party, which angers Tatawali and Surili. Tatawali insults Anmol and asks her to dance in front of some guest who have come for the birthday party.

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    E26 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    11 December 2023 | 20 min

    Prasadi insults Anmol's father at Rishi's birthday party, but Rishi saves him in time. Jugni comes to the party and creates ruckus and threatens Prasadi and Tatawali. Here, Anmol opposes Jugni and takes a stand for Rishi's family.

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    E27 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    12 December 2023 | 20 min

    Due to excess salt in the food, Prasad and Jeevan go to work without eating food. Tatawali slaps Anmol because of it. Tatawali asks Anmol to stitch 2 suits for Neelam as a punishment, and also so that she does not get time to study properly. Surili takes Tatawali to a Baba to get rid of Anmol. Baba gives them a solution that will make Anmol leave their house.

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    E28 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    13 December 2023 | 20 min

    Tatawali accidentally applies babhooti powder on Surili, due to which Surili behaves like a wild ghost. Everyone starts beating Surili to drive the ghost out, but Anmol with her clever mind, pours water on Surili and brings her back to consciousness. Tatawali creates hurdles in filling Anmol's medical college application form as she does not want her to become a doctor.

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    E29 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    14 December 2023 | 20 min

    Despite all the efforts of Tatawali to fail Anmol from filling her medical application form, Anmol does fill her form with the help of Rishi. Tatawali does a Tandav dance in anger. Government employees come to Rishi’s house for the family members count and question arises of Anmol’s relation to the family. Tension escalates when Tatawali lies about Anmol being the servant and the officers coming to know the truth.

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    E30 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    15 December 2023 | 19 min

    Anmol tells the government employees that she is the daughter-in-law of the house and Rishi's wife. After the government employees leave, angry Tatawali tries to kill Anmol by strangulating her but Rishi comes and saves Anmol. Rishi makes it clear to his family that he doesn’t consider Anmol as his wife but, his responsibility till she becomes a doctor.

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    E31 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    18 December 2023 | 20 min

    Rishi’s grandmother asks Anmol to leave the house and stay separately with Rishi to avoid the conflict happening in the house. Tatawali gets very angry and scolds Dadi ruthlessly. Dwarf Bunty tells Tatawali that he fell in love with Anmol when he had kidnapped her during the Chhath Puja. Tatawali plans to get Anmol married to this dwarf Bunty.

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    E32 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    19 December 2023 | 21 min

    Tatawali makes Surili add an intoxicating substance to Anmol’s juice, due to which she starts feeling dizzy. Tatawali is forcefully getting Anmol married to Bunty the dwarf in her intoxicated state, but Rishi comes at the right time and stops Anmol from getting married to Bunty bauna.

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    E33 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    20 December 2023 | 20 min

    Rishi comes in time, stops Anmol's wedding with Bunty and fights him away. Rishi takes care of Anmol, till she finally comes in her senses and feels sad knowing what had happened. Bunty, the dwarf forcefully enters the house and starts calling Anmol as his wife and threatens everyone that if Anmol does not go with him, he will commit suicide and blame them for it. Anmol makes Bunty understand that, whatever he is doing is wrong and makes him, her brother.

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    E34 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    21 December 2023 | 22 min

    Anmol asks money from Rishi’s family, Tatawali refuses initially, but knowing the money is for Rishi’s grandfather's death anniversary, everyone has to agree. Anmol makes all the arrangements, seeing which Rishi’s grandmother becomes emotional, but Tatawali is angry that Anmol has got all beggars to her house. Anmol comes to her house with Rishi, her family thinks they have come for pag phera, but Rishi clears that they have come to collect Anmol’s documents.

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    E35 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    22 December 2023 | 22 min

    Jugni gets very angry seeing Rishi and Anmol together at Anmol’s house, thinking they have come for the pag phera ceremony. She releases a snake in the house, which bites Rishi. Anmol sucks all the poison from Rishi's leg and saves his life. After sucking all the poison, Rishi gets saved but Anmol gets unconscious, and all are worried for Anmol’s health.

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    E36 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    25 December 2023 | 22 min

    Anmol is unconscious due to sucking snake poison from Rishi’s leg. Doctor comes and gives Anmol an injection, threat on Anmol’s life, if the doctor executed Tatawali’s plan of killing Anmol. Anmol recovers. Tatawali angry at the doctor. Monkey Man creates havoc at Rishi’s house, cuts Surili’s hair.

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    E37 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    26 December 2023 | 22 min

    There is fear of Baalkatuwa in the entire village and Rishi leaves the house on the lookout along with the villagers. Baalkatuwa comes to Rishi’s house again and cuts all the hair of Surili, making her bald. Anmol and Rishi come to fight the Baalkatuwa, as he was attacking Tatawali. Anmol and Rishi traps the Baalkatuwa, but later, Tatawali and Surili trick Anmol and ask the Baalkatuwa to attack Anmol.

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    E38 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    27 December 2023 | 22 min

    Baalkatuwa picks up Anmol, ties her to a tree and sets her on fire. Rishi finds out that his father Prasadi took the disguise of Baalkatuwa and set Anmol on fire. Rishi in panic goes to look for Anmol. Rishi is glad to know the real Baalkatuwa had actually saved Anmol from the fire. Rishi throws a surprise birthday party for Anmol due to which Tatawali gets very angry and creates a ruckus.

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    E39 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    28 December 2023 | 22 min

    Tatawali insults Anmol and Aarti on the occasion of Anmol’s surprise birthday celebration. Rishi helps Anmol in cleaning the house. Prasadi gets angry seeing Rishi cleaning the house and calls out to Tatawali. Tatawali starts slapping Anmol knowing what Rishi is doing for Anmol. Rishi pleads Tatawali to stop, but she doesn’t and he too starts beating his head on the wall, hurting himself, seeing which Tatawali has to stop.

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    E40 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    29 December 2023 | 22 min

    Anmol proposes Rishi, which makes him very angry and tells her that he only sees Anmol as a friend and nothing else. Rishi insults Anmol and says that she can never become the mother of his children nor can he ever love her. Hearing this, Tatawali is very happy. Tatawali decides to throw Anmol out of the house and asks her to do the wedding phere ritual in reverse.

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    E41 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    01 January 2024 | 21 min

    On Tatawali’s orders, Anmol and Rishi are performing the reverse ritual of their wedding. Just before they complete the 7th phera, a football falls into the havankund and the ritual is left incomplete. A young boy comes to take his football and disrespects everyone. Pandit ji asks to perform the ritual again but Tatawali refuses and throws Anmol out of the house. Seeing Anmol come home all of a sudden, her family is very shocked.

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    E42 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    02 January 2024 | 21 min

    After Anmol leaves Rishi’s house, Surili has to do all the household work, she gets angry and complains to Tatawali. Anmol decides to leave her parent’s home and join the circus. As Anmol reaches the circus gates, an unknown girl comes and introduces herself as Sonia. She begs Anmol to stay with Rishi for a very big reason. As Anmol comes to Rishi’s house all are shocked. Sonia and her son Adi too come to Rishi’s house and she announces that Adi is Rishi’s son.

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    E43 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    03 January 2024 | 21 min

    Sonia announces to Rishi's family that Adi is Rishi's son and is a result of one night spent together, a mistake made by them 8 years ago. Rishi asks Anmol the reason behind getting Sonia to his house, but Anmol is unable to answer, because Sonia made Anmol take promise not to reveal the truth and when the time is right, she will do so. Prasadi gets Adi's DNA test done, which reveals that Adi is infact Rishi's child.

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    E44 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    04 January 2024 | 21 min

    Entire family including Rishi is shocked when Prasadi announces Rishi is Adi’s father as per the DNA reports. Sonia is nowhere to be found in the house, and Tatawali gets angry at Anmol for getting her home and Adi is crying for his mother. Anmol finds a note left by Sonia at the house gate where she has given Adi’s responsibility to Anmol and warning the family of calling the police if they illtreat Anmol. Anmol decides to stay in Rishi’s house for Adi and makes it very clear to his family.

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    E45 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    05 January 2024 | 21 min

    Adi asks Anmol to dance with Rishi for him to agree to attend the hawan. Tatawali refuses to let Anmol sit in the hawan, as Adi’s mother and pushes her aside with force. Anmol stands for herself for the sake of Adi and replies that, she will call the police. Later Adi disappears from the house, due to which Anmol gets very worried.

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    E46 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    08 January 2024 | 21 min

    Tatawali accuses Anmol of kidnapping Adi and throws her out of the house. Tatawali makes Rishi also believe the same. Rishi calls the police and asks them to arrest Anmol for kidnapping Adi. Anmol tricks the police and runs out of the jail. We reveal Tatawali and Surili are behind kidnapping Adi and Tatawali releases a wild animal to attack Adi.

  • img
    E47 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    09 January 2024 | 21 min

    Anmol saves Adi from the wild wolf and seeing Anmol's love towards Adi the Inspector feels she did not kidnap Adi. Rishi concerned goes to pick Anmol and Adi from the jail, as Prasadi frees him from his locked room. Adi’s foot slips and he falls into the well. Rishi and family panic, Anmol comes in time and saves him.

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    E48 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    10 January 2024 | 21 min

    Rishi saves Anmol from drowning in the well. Neighbors poke Rishi saying he is falling in love with Anmol. Rishi gets angry and agrees with Tatawali to marry a girl of her choice. Hearing this, Anmol decides to leave the house. Rishi wants her to pursue her dream to become a doctor, even after leaving his house.

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    E49 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    11 January 2024 | 21 min

    Anmol is about to leave the house when she remembers all the happy moments spent with Rishi in the house. She gets emotional and does not want to leave now. Rishi asks, when he will be getting married to another girl, then why would she still want to stay? Anmol replies that she will be Rishi’s friend and help him get married to the new girl herself.

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    E50 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    12 January 2024 | 21 min

    Tatawali mixes a medicine in Adi's milk for him to fall asleep for the time when the guests are coming to see Rishi. Adi puts the milk in the tea instead. Anmol serves the same tea to Tatawali, Prasadi and Surili. Adi’s football accidentally falls on the tea and it drops. A rat drinks the tea and dies. Tatawali blames Anmol for trying to poison them. Anmol puts the blame back at Tatawali, saying she must have put the medicine in Adi’s milk.

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    E51 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    15 January 2024 | 21 min

    Tatawali making Anmol dress like a servant, wants her to remove the mangalsutra as well, but Anmol refuses saying that Rishi is her husband and is alive, once Rishi gets married to the other girl, she will remove it. Adi is unable to bear Tatawali’s torture on Anmol, and he hits Tatawali with his football, due to which she gets very angry and is about to punish him, when Anmol comes in between. On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, Anmol is making all the arrangements for the guests coming to see Rishi for marriage.

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    E52 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    16 January 2024 | 21 min

    Tatawali makes Surili put glass powder on the kite’s threads. Rishi sees Sonakshi and likes her at the first sight. Anmol is introduced to Sonakshi’s family as the servant and Adi as her son. Rishi and Sonakshi are sent to the terrace to spent some alone time. Rishi is teaching Sonakshi to fly the kite, when Anmol to save Sonakshi from the glass powder thread, moves ahead and cuts her throat with it instead. Rishi worried for Anmol’s life, and Sonakshi is shocked Rishi’s concern for a servant.

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    E53 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    17 January 2024 | 21 min

    Seeing Rishi worried for Anmol, Sonakshi asks Rishi about his relation with her. Tatawali replies, Rishi shows concern for everyone, even if it is an animal. Adi's visa has expired, and government officers come to take Adi away to deport him back to Canada, but Anmol comes in the way. Anmol says that Rishi is Adi's father, so Adi has every right to live with them in India. But Rishi denies and says that he has no relation with Adi.

  • img
    E54 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    18 January 2024 | 22 min

    Seeing Anmol’s condition, Rishi stops the government officers to take Adi with them. Rishi confesses his love to Sonakshi, Anmol is pained hearing this. Neelam tells Anmol to talk to Rishi, that he should not marry again. Tatawali overhears Neelam and informs Prasadi and Rishi about Neelam’s intentions. Anmol goes to the house temple to pray and is insulted by Surili for doing so.

  • img
    E55 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    19 January 2024 | 21 min

    Anmol is restricted from praying in Rishi’s house temple, Rishi also supports his family this time. Tatawali forces Anmol to make turmeric paste for Rishi and Sonakshi’s haldi ceremony. Anmol unwillingly does so, working the entire night. Haldi ceremony starts the next day. Tatawali is worried that, Anmol’s uncle Kaptaan might do something to stop Rishi and Sonakshi’s wedding ceremonies, when he finds out about the same.

  • img
    E56 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    22 January 2024 | 21 min

    Neelam doesn’t want to attend Rishi’s wedding with Sonakshi, but Anmol convinces her to attend. On Tatawali’s orders, Anmol helps Rishi get dressed for his wedding. Anmol is shattered from inside while doing so. Wedding ceremonies start and Jugni comes and stops the wedding midway.

  • img
    E57 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    23 January 2024 | 21 min

    Jugni interrupts Rishi’s marriage with Sonakshi and tries to stop the wedding. The Inspector tells Rishi that it is illegal to marry second time, when he already has a wife. Sonakshi and her family are shocked. Jugni announces Anmol to be Rishi’s first wife. Anmol gives proof that they have filed for divorce. Rishi’s wedding with Sonakshi happens and Neelam tells Chirag that Anmol is still Rishi’s wife as the receipt which Anmol showed was fake.

  • img
    E58 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    24 January 2024 | 21 min

    Tatawali announces to do a ceremony where Rishi has to feed Sonakshi an Indian sweet with his mouth. Anmol is getting affected by seeing Rishi enjoying feeding the sweet to Sonakshi with his mouth. As Sonakshi takes a bite, her lips cut and bleeds because of a glass piece which was in the sweet. Tatawali and Surili accuse Anmol for planting the glass piece in the sweet, which Anmol denies.

  • img
    E59 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    25 January 2024 | 21 min

    Seeing Anmol in the room, on her first night after marriage, Sonakshi creates a hug fuss and asks Anmol to get out. Sonakshi hears Rishi’s grandmother saying, they have to wake up early for the after marriage pooja. Sonakshi takes a sleeping medicine and sleeps, so that she does not have to wake up for puja early in the morning. Tatawali punishes Anmol for interfering in Rishi and Sonakshi’s life, and asks her to stay outside the house and guard it for the whole night, in the freezing cold temperature.

  • img
    E60 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    26 January 2024 | 21 min

    Rishi worried as Sonakshi is not waking up for the puja, when the entire family is waiting for them to join. Anmol tries to wake her up, but in vain. Finally Tatawali throws water on her to wake her up. During the puja, Sonakshi leaves the aarti plate as it’s hot and Anmol comes and holds it and Rishi and Anmol do the aarti together. Anmol informs Sonakshi that she has to cook something as a marriage ritual, when Sonakshi tells her that she cannot cook.

  • img
    E61 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    29 January 2024 | 21 min

    Neelam adds salt to the kheer made by Sonakshi so that no one likes Sonakshi in the house. knowing Neelam added Salt in kheer Tatawali raises her hand against her. grandmother gets to know that Sonakshi is thinking of leaving the house with Rishi & wants to separate him from this house.

  • img
    E62 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    30 January 2024 | 21 min

    Anmol tries to make Sonakshi understand that whatever she is doing is wrong because Rishi is the only boy of the house and you are thinking of separating him. Sonakshi puts a condition in front of Anmol that she has to become bad in everyone's eyes to which Anmol agrees & as per Sonakshi’s condition Anmol turns herself into completely a new bad form that All the family members are surprised to see the change in Anmol's behavior.

  • img
    E63 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    31 January 2024 | 21 min

    Anmol comes home in a very modern avatar and behaves rudely with Rishi and everyone in the house. Anmol tells Neelam that Sonakshi has threatened her to behave in such a way with the family, so that she won’t take Rishi away from the family. Tatawali and Surili tie Anmol and try to burn her. Rishi hears Anmol screaming, gets scared and rushes to save her from burning in the fire.

  • img
    E64 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    01 February 2024 | 21 min

    Surili mixes jimson weed in some spice, so when Anmol adds it to the milk she prepares for herself, she will be harmed. Sonakshi snatches Anmol’s milk glass and gives it to Rishi. Rishi drinks the milk and gets unconscious. Rishi is in a very critical state, but Anmol save his life. Tatawali blames Anmol for Rishi’s condition, but Anmol proves with evidence that she had not mixed jimson weed in the milk, but it was all Surili’s doing.

  • img
    E65 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    02 February 2024 | 21 min

    Rishi tells Tatawali that he wants to leave their house and live separately with Sonakshi, Tatawali is shocked. Anmol asks Rishi, if he leaves, how will he study and take care of his needs as Sonakshi is not capable. Rishi stays back and Sonakshi is upset. Sonakshi's jewelry goes missing, and she accuses Anmol of stealing the jewelry. All search Anmol’s room where they find Sonakshi’s missing jewelry.

  • img
    E66 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    05 February 2024 | 21 min

    Tatawali and Surili deceitfully keep Sonakshi's jewelry in Anmol's room and accuse Anmol of the theft. Tatawali and Surili wrap Anmol in a sack and throw her in a pond where a crocodile attacks Anmol and bites her legs. The sound of Anmol's scream reaches the ears of Shanti Devi who immediately runs towards the pond and saves Anmol.

  • img
    E67 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    06 February 2024 | 21 min

    Shanti Devi gets Anmol back to Rishi’s house. Shanti Devi questions Rishi about Anmol's status in his life. Sonakshi says that Anmol has been divorced from Rishi. Neelam reveals to all that, Anmol and Rishi were never legally divorced, hence Anmol is still Rishi's wife. Shanti Devi and Tatawali have a big confrontation, where it is decided that there will be a competition between Anmol and Sonakshi to prove who is the better wife for Rishi.

  • img
    E68 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    07 February 2024 | 21 min

    Shanti Devi gives three tests to Anmol and Sonakshi. In the first test, Shanti Devi asks both of them to go to Durga Maata temple and garland her statue, but not by walking. They have to lie down and roll till the steps and then climb the stairs on their knees. Tatawali and Surili create many obstacles in Anmol’s way and Sonakshi wins the first round.

  • img
    E69 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    08 February 2024 | 21 min

    Shanti Devi orders Sonakshi and Anmol to keep Nirjal fast for the whole day and tells them that the one who will be successful in this test will stay with Rishi. Tatawali and Surili create obstacles for Anmol to succeed in the test of Shanti Devi.

  • img
    E70 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    09 February 2024 | 21 min

    Due to severe injury, Rishi goes into coma and Anmol pleads for her husband's life in front of God. Anmol faints while praying in front of God and at that very moment some thieves enter the house to steal. The thieves were carrying Neelam away but then Rishi and Anmol came together and save Neelam from them.

  • img
    E71 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    12 February 2024 | 22 min

    Sonakshi forces Rishi to leave the house, but Rishi refuses to do so and when Rishi tries to make her understand she gets angry. Sonakshi tells the family that Rishi’s and her kitchen will be separate from now and orders Anmol to build a wall in the kitchen to make the separation.

  • img
    E72 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    13 February 2024 | 21 min

    Sonakshi drinks the soup made by Anmol and finds it very spicy. Sonakshi mixes more chilli powder in the soup and is about to make Anmol drink it, when Neelam confesses that she put the chilli powder in her soup. Sonakshi still punishes Anmol by putting bucket full of chilli powder water on Anmol. Rishi feels Anmol’s pain and applies ice to her wounds.

  • img
    E73 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    14 February 2024 | 21 min

    Sonakshi asks Anmol to misbehave with Rishi’s family or threatens to file a complaint against Rishi for demanding dowry. Tatawali and Surili stick glue on the cooker handle and Sonakshi plants a bomb in the cooker. Anmol's hands get stuck to the cooker and she calls out to Rishi to save her. Rishi realizes there is a bomb in the cooker and quickly throws the cooker out after releasing Anmol hands from it.

  • img
    E74 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    15 February 2024 | 21 min

    Sonakshi gets very angry, seeing Rishi talking to Anmol and creates a ruckus in the house. Sonakshi falsely accuses Rishi's grandmother of raising hand on her. Tatawali asks Dadi to leave the house and tells her to go to the ashram, as she does not want to accept Sonakshi as her daughter-in-law. Dadi was about to leave when Anmol pleads her and gets her back in the house.

  • img
    E75 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    16 February 2024 | 21 min

    Sonakshi invites her friend's home and orders Anmol to take good care of them. Sonakshi keeps ordering dishes over dishes and Anmol without complaining makes the dishes and serves them. Tatawali and Surili ruin the samosas made by Anmol for Sonakshi’s friends by adding mud to it. Sonakshi tries to raise her hand on Anmol, but Anmol takes a stand for herself. Rishi’s grandmother has a heart attack when Tatawali shouts at her. Rishi and Anmol try to revive her.

  • img
    E76 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    19 February 2024 | 21 min

    Ankush wants Sonakshi to apologize to Anmol, but she refuses as she considers Anmol as her maid. Seeing the deep friendship bond happening between Anmol and Ankush, Rishi is feeling jealous. Going against Tatawali’s wishes, Ankush calls Anmol for the puja. Tatawali gets very angry and sets Anmol's saree on fire.

  • img
    E77 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    20 February 2024 | 21 min

    Tatawali decides to get Neelam and Ankush married. Neelam is about to eat a heavy dose of pills when Anmol stops her. Neelam confesses to Anmol that she loves Chirag, Anmol is very happy. Rishi is upset about making the wrong choice marrying Sonakshi, drinks alcohol and climbs the well in the backyard. Anmol worried for Rishi, is looking around to find him.

  • img
    E78 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    21 February 2024 | 21 min

    In an intoxicated state, Rishi was about to commit suicide by jumping into the well, but Anmol and saves him. Rishi is feeling jealous seeing Ankush with Anmol together. Ankush has fallen in love with Anmol and is thinking of proposing her.

  • img
    E79 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    22 February 2024 | 21 min

    Ankush proposes Anmol. Anmol gets very angry and slaps him. Sonakshi points a finger at Anmol's character, falsely blaming to have Ankush led on, and puts black soil on her face. Ankush tells Rishi that he will marry Anmol and asks Rishi to stay away from her.

  • img
    E80 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    23 February 2024 | 21 min

    Anmol gets call from a lady from an unknown number, warning her about harming Rishi. Anmol saves Rishi from the ceiling fan falling on him. Anmol is worried about this woman’s calls about hurting Rishi again, when she again receives the call from her, and this time Rishi meets with an accident. Anmol takes care of Rishi’s wounds. Tatawali drops hot daal on Sonakshi and blames Anmol for it. Sonakshi drags Anmol out and is about to punish her for it.

  • img
    E81 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    26 February 2024 | 22 min

    Sonakshi is about to punish Anmol by pouring hot daal on her, when Ankush warns her not to do so, as he will capture Sonakshi doing so on a video and give it to the police. Tatawali suggests Ankush to marry Anmol. Ankush is about to fill Anmol’s maang with sindoor, when Rishi stops him at the last minute.

  • img
    E82 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    27 February 2024 | 22 min

    Anmol agrees to marry Ankush as he has threatened her that if she does not marry him, he will kill Rishi. Rishi is not happy with Anmol’s decision. Rishi informs Anmol’s dad about Anmol marrying Ankush and asks him to talk her out of this decision.

  • img
    E83 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    28 February 2024 | 21 min

    Rishi is not happy seeing Ankush applying mehendi on Anmol’s hands in their mehendi ceremony. Anmol also upset seeing Ankush’s name on her hands. Rishi’s grandmother comes and halts the mehendi ceremony. Rishi is upset, comes home drunk and in front of everyone says that he is in love with Anmol.

  • img
    E84 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    29 February 2024 | 21 min

    Neelam and Dadi are trying to make Anmol understand not to go ahead with the wedding with Ankush, because Rishi loves her. Rishi also confesses the same in his drunk state. Ankush creates ruckus after seeing Rishi in Anmol's room and asks Rishi to leave. Dadi asks Rishi to stop Anmol’s wedding with Ankush. Tatawali overhears and shouts at Dadi.

  • img
    E85 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    01 March 2024 | 21 min

    Anmol and Ankush marriage is taking place. Rishi is not able to see Anmol with Ankush and in a drunk state he confesses his love to Anmol. Rishi and Ankush fight over Anmol. The wedding is cancelled as Anmol reveals the reason why she agreed to marry Ankush. Rishi orders everyone in the house to treat Anmol with kindness.

  • img
    E86 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    04 March 2024 | 21 min

    Tatawali orders Sonakshi to cook food. Sonakshi mixes acid in Anmol's sweets, but Tatawali sees Sonakshi mixing acid in the sweet at the right time and changes the acid one with the right one. Tatawali gets Anmol kidnapped so that she cannot sit for the exam.

  • img
    E87 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    05 March 2024 | 21 min

    Tatawali get Anmol kidnapped so that she could not attend the medical exam. Rishi on the other side is worried about Anmol because she didn’t reach the exam center yet. later, Somehow Anmol saves her life from the goons and reaches at the exam center but Anmol's admit card is lost somewhere.

  • img
    E88 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    06 March 2024 | 21 min

    Rishi gets angry at Tatawali, accusing her of kidnapping Anmol. Tatawali blames Sonakshi for kidnapping Anmol and saves herself in front of Rishi. Rishi refuses to go on honeymoon with Sonakshi which makes Sonakshi very angry.

  • img
    E89 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    07 March 2024 | 21 min

    Rishi, Anmol and Pinky's results are about to come due to which everyone is looking very nervous. Pinky fails in the exam due to which Jugni taunts her a lot. Chirag tells everyone that Anmol passed the exam but on the other hand, everyone is waiting for Rishi’s result.

  • img
    E90 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    08 March 2024 | 21 min

    The news of Anmol's success spreads throughout Dhanbad due to which reporters come to interview her. Anmol thanks Rishi in the interview which makes Rishi very happy, but Tatawali is unable to see Anmol's progress, so she plots against Anmol along with Jugni.

  • img
    E91 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    11 March 2024 | 21 min

    Tatawali, Surili and Jugni join hands with each other to hatch a conspiracy against Anmol. Anmol returns home to take care of Rishi, seeing whom Tatawali gets angry and asks her to leave. Tatawali listens to Neelam and Chirag's conversation. And the whole family comes to know Chirag & Neelam's affair & the drama starts.

  • img
    E92 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    12 March 2024 | 20 min

    Anmol gets worried after receiving a notice from the police station and when she arrives at police station then she comes to know that she has been accused of cheating. Tatawali refuses to Neelam and Chirag's wedding and says until Charges against of Anmol not cleared, she won't let this marriage happen.

  • img
    E93 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    13 March 2024 | 22 min

    Anmol receives a notice from the court that she will not be able to take admission in any college now, after hearing this Tatawali breaks Chirag and Neelam's marriage. After hearing Tatawali's decision, Neelam points the gun at herself and says if her & Chirag's marriage won't happen then she will commit suicide.

  • img
    E94 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    15 March 2024 | 21 min

    As the auspicious time for Chirag and Neelam's wedding passes, Chirag arrives and reveals he's already married. Neelam attempts suicide, but Rishi intervenes and saves her. Enraged, Rishi shoots Anmol for nearly losing his sister.

  • img
    E95 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    18 March 2024 | 21 min

    Anmol’s family rushes her to the hospital, but the doctor refuses to operate because it is a police case and the doctor demands to inform the police first. After a lot of pleading, the doctor agrees to operate on Anmol, but the blood group that Anmol needs for transfusion is out of stock. From the hospital register, Triloki finds out that Rishi's blood group is the same as Anmol's, so Triloki and Santoshi beg Rishi for his daughter's life.

  • img
    E96 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    19 March 2024 | 21 min

    Tatawali and Surili come to the hospital in the disguise of a doctor to kill Anmol, but Rishi stops them from doing so because he wants to punish Anmol for her actions at his pace. Anmol returns to Rishi’s home where Rishi asks her to walk on the thorns. Chirag is continuously calling Neelam; she gets irritated and tells Rishi. Rishi goes and beats Chirag.

  • img
    E97 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    20 March 2024 | 21 min

    Anmol apologizes to Neelam for her brother Chirag's mistake, but Neelam does not forgive Anmol and asks her to leave. Sonakshi provokes Rishi to insult Anmol as her family did to Neelam. So, Rishi forces Anmol to dance in front of random strangers, wearing dance costumes. Anmol feels very insulted, she doesn’t want to but follows Rishi’s orders in the end, unwillingly.

  • img
    E98 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    21 March 2024 | 19 min

    Rishi's grandmother warns against mistreating Anmol; Sonakshi's manipulation persists. Rishi compels Anmol to steal, while his grandmother discreetly aids with jewelry.

  • img
    E99 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    22 March 2024 | 19 min

    Rishi asks Anmol to invite her parents for Holi, hearing which Tatawali gets shocked. Rishi tells everyone that he doesn't want to let his enemies know that he is still in pain, so he is calling them. Anmol is feeling lonely on Holi because Rishi did not puts color her.

  • img
    E100 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    26 March 2024 | 22 min

    Under the influence of alcohol, Rishi unjustly paints Anmol black, claiming she deserves it. Seizing the opportunity, Sonakshi moves closer to Rishi. Neelam refuses Anmol's food.

  • img
    E101 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    26 March 2024 | 21 min

    Police arrest Chirag on Rishi's complaint. Tatawali assaults Chirag, but Anmol intervenes. An investigation ensues regarding Anmol's exam result. Sonakshi falls ill; the doctor reveals her pregnancy.

  • img
    E102 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    27 March 2024 | 21 min

    Sonakshi's reluctance to become a mother angers the family, but Rishi stands by her decision, admitting he's not ready to be a father. Sonakshi seeks an abortion secretly, but Anmol intervenes, halting her plans.

  • img
    E103 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    28 March 2024 | 18 min

    Sonakshi accuses Anmol, forcing self-punishment. She plots Anmol's demise by leaking gas in the kitchen, aiming for an explosion during cooking.

  • img
    E104 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    29 March 2024 | 18 min

    Sonakshi accuses Anmol of gas cylinder sabotage, causing an explosion. Tatawali confronts Anmol's motives. Anmol seeks truth about Sonakshi's secretive meetings.

  • img
    E105 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    01 April 2024 | 21 min

    Anmol interrogates Moksh about Sonakshi, enraging her. Anmol tries to flee, recording secretly. Sonakshi catches her, deletes the video, and Moksh detains Anmol.

  • img
    E106 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    02 April 2024 | 21 min

    Anmol saves herself from Moksh but faces Tatawali's accusations due to Sonakshi's trap. Tatawali plans to harm Anmol, but Rishi steps in, acknowledging her responsibility for Anmol in the house.

  • img
    E107 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    03 April 2024 | 21 min

    Sonakshi places a snake in Anmol's room, which bites her. In a desperate bid to save Anmol, Rishi heroically absorbs the poison, falling unconscious as a result. Anmol's unwavering faith summons divine intervention, and Goddess Maa, in the form of Jaya, miraculously saves Rishi's life.

  • img
    E108 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    04 April 2024 | 21 min

    Shanti Devi brings Anmol home. She questions Rishi's commitment to Anmol. Sonakshi claims Anmol divorced Rishi, but Neelam reveals otherwise. Anmol is still Rishi's wife. Shanti Devi and Tatawali confront each other, leading to a competition to settle matters.

  • img
    E109 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    05 April 2024 | 21 min

    Jaya unveils her goddess form to Anmol and urges her to keep it confidential. When Taatwali and Surili try to harm Jaya, Anmol reveals her true identity, leading Jaya to appear in her divine form before disappearing.

  • img
    E110 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    08 April 2024 | 21 min

    Moksh disguises himself as Mohan and returns home with Neelam, discussing their marriage with Taatwali. Anmol exposes Moksh's deception, but Neelam defends him, insisting on marrying Mohan.

  • img
    E111 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    10 April 2024 | 21 min

    The family is ready for Neelam and Mohan's wedding, but Anmol opposes it knowing the truth about Moksh and Sonakshi. Despite Anmol's efforts, nobody believes her, and Sonakshi warns her to stay out of their affairs.

  • img
    E112 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    11 April 2024 | 22 min

    Moksh gains Tatawali and Prasadi's approval to marry into the family. Tatawali and Sonakshi attempt to obstruct Anmol's flag-making, but she perseveres.

  • img
    E113 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    12 April 2024 | 21 min

    Anmol finds a newspaper about Moksh and intends to share it, but Sonakshi accuses her of meeting her lover every night, causing a distraction.

  • img
    E114 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    15 April 2024 | 21 min

    Anmol hides Moksh's phone after being thrown out by Tatawali on Babaji's advice, prompting Santoshi's plea to let her stay, adding tension to the family dynamics.

  • img
    E115 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    16 April 2024 | 22 min

    Anmol retrieves Moksh's unlocked phone, discovers his incriminating pictures with Sonakshi, and plans to use them as evidence.

  • img
    E116 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    17 April 2024 | 21 min

    Anmol exposes Moksh's deceit to everyone, prompting Neelam to slap him. With the police present, they reveal Moksh's fraudulent activities to the family.

  • img
    E117 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    18 April 2024 | 21 min

    Sonakshi's miscarriage leads her to blame Anmol, who retaliates by exposing the truth: the child was Moksh's, not Rishi's, unveiling a hidden deception.

  • img
    E118 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    19 April 2024 | 21 min

    Anmol and Rishi rejoice as they receive another shot at the exam. Tatawali's scheme to distract Anmol with cooking backfires when she inadvertently traps herself instead.

  • img
    E119 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    22 April 2024 | 22 min

    Anmol ranks first in the medical exam, and Rishi second. Tatawali refuses to fund Anmol's education, prompting Rishi to threaten self-harm unless she relents.

  • img
    E120 - Beti Hamari Anmol
    23 April 2024 | 22 min

    Surili steals jewelry to fund Rishi's education, while Anmol and Rishi achieve their dream of becoming doctors, earning praise from Tatwali.



Release Date

27 November 2023




Yash Sinha


Pratham Kunwar, Kapil Soni, Juhi Aslam, Rani Chatterjee, Sudheer Kumar, Ashraf Karim, Shielly Shukla