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Ye Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

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This podcast is to celebrate good old days of Indian Cinema and Doordarshan era.

  • Iconic Villains of Hindi Cinema
    23 min 39 sec

    Back in those days till early 2000, we used to have a full time character of a Villain in Hindi cinema. Some of the actors who played villain were so good that they have overshadowed the main cast. Below are some of the iconic villains which we discussed in this episode Ajit Lion Amjad Khan as Gabbar Singh Kulbhushan Kharbanda Shakaal Amrish Puri Mogambo / Chuniya Mama/ Pasha Ashutosh Rana Sangharsh / Dushman Kiran Kumar – Lotiya PathaanGulshan Grover – Kesariya Vilayati / chhappan tikli Host Garima Khurasia Speaker – Ahwaan Padhee Arun Kumar Kalra Avijit Das PattnaikSajeev Sarthi Shubhra Thakur    

  • Guns, Ghosts and Garmi : The rise and fall of Ram Gopal Verma
    25 min 49 sec

    In this episode of Ye un dinon ki baat hai we have discussed RamGopal Vermas cinema journey. In 90s RGV has given some classic hit movies to Hindi Cinema in all the major genre, crime, horror, romance, underworld. Some of his best movies are Siva, Satya, Rangeela, Bhoot, Kaun, Company, Darna mana hai. Host Garima Khurasia Speaker Panel: Ahwaan Padhee Sajeev Saarthi Arun Kumar Kalra  

  • An Era of multi- stars movies
    27 min 34 sec

    India’s first multistar movie was Waqt which was made under B. R. Chopra Baner in the year 1965. Then filmmaker’s like Yash Chopra, Subhash Ghai, Rajiv Rai and Manmohan Desai started the trend of multistarer movies in 80s and 90s. In this episode we have discussed some of the best multistars movies of that era. Host Garima Khurasia Speakers Sajeev Saarthi Tapan Pattani Ahwaan Padhee Mayank Jaitley Arun Kumar Kalra

  • Horror Universe of Ramsay Brothers
    28 min 51 sec

    You are not an horror movie fan if you don’t know Ramsay Brothers. In this episode of Ye un dinon ki baat hai we have discussed about kings of horror genre. This episode was recorded in Mentza app with live listeners. Host Garima Khurasia Speaker Panel Ahwaan Padhee Prakash Dadlani Tapan Pattani

  • Iconic Negative Roles - Female
    18 min 54 sec

    In this episode of Ye un dinon ki baat hai we have discussed some amazing female actresses who were bold, beautiful and nailed their role as Vamp/ Villain/ negative character. Host Garima Khurasia Speaker Ahwaan PadheeAvijit Das Pattnaik Himanshu Joshi Arun Kumar Kalra 

  • Female Superstars
    18 min 24 sec

    In this episodes of Ye un dinon ki baat hai we have discussed female classic beautiful actresses of Hindi Cinema. From Devika Rani to Madhuala, Meena Kumari to Sridevi we have seen some amazing performances by actresses however they didnt get their  due credit.  This episode is to celebrate these classic beauties and their journey. Host Garima KhurasiaSpeakers Sajeev Saarthi Ahwaan Padhee  

  • The Standout Filmmaker of 80s - Mahesh Bhatt
    24 min 6 sec

    Mahesh Bhatt has started an era of mature cinema in 80s and given some amazing movies. We have discussed his direction and story telling style in this episode. Host Garima Khurasia Speaker Panel Sougat Dash Mohapatra Richa Sharma Ahwaan Padhee Prakash Dadlani

  • An Accidental Hero
    5 min 7 sec

    This is the story of a Lab assistant Kumudlal and how out of no where his 60 years long Cinema journey started.

  • The rise of “Shahrukh Khan”
    24 min 37 sec

    How a Delhi boy from a humble background became the biggest star of India. This episode is dedicated to Shahrukh Khan and his best work in Hindi Cinema. Host Garima Khurasia Speaker Panel Ahwaan Padhee Sajeev Saarthi Himanshu Joshi

  • Bollywood & The evolution of Comedy
    24 min 51 sec

  • Rajkumar Santoshi's Commercial Cinema
    18 min 18 sec

    In this episode of Ye un dinon ki baat hai we have discussed Rajkumar Santoshis commercial action movies. Santoshi has different direction style where he is expert in presenting real social issues in such a way that audience can easily connect with the movie. He has given some amazing action movies and a cult classic comedy movie Andaz apna apna.Host Garima Khurasia Speaker Sajeev Saarthi. 

  • Subhash Ghai - Showman of Bollywood
    24 min 50 sec

    Proclaimed as Showman for his larger than life movies. Subhash Ghai has given back to back blockbuster movies in 80s and 90s. In this episode we have discussed his best work and unique way of direction. Host Garima Khurasia Speaker Panel Tapan Pattani Manish Mehrotra Dr Akhtar Ali Sayyad




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