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Who's Your Mommy?

U/A 16+ • Comedy • Society & Culture • Kids & Family

Whos Your Mommy is an irreverent podcast where author, adwoman and mother Vedashree KhambeteSharma chats with other mothers about the goosebumpinducing ups and nauseacausing downs of that rollercoaster ride called motherhood.

  • Ep. 00: Motherhood = Con Job
    1 min 22 sec

    Welcome to an allnew show that dissects motherhood like never before Hosted by author, adwoman and mother Vedashree KhambeteSharma, this show takes an irreverent look at why motherhood is not a bed of roses like the ad agencies would have you...

  • Ep. 09: Admitted for stress
    24 min 50 sec

    You think youre doing fine as a parent. Until you have to get your kid into a good school. In this weeks episode, Meeti and Veda talk about their wildly different experiences with school admissions and offer other floundering parents hope well,...

  • Ep. 07: Journey To The Centre of Your Sanity
    16 min 45 sec

    You cant take a holiday from being a mom. Not even when youre on holiday. In this weeks episode, Veda rants about being on mom duty during vacations and Ketki tells her how to chill the f out and enjoy the trip like a normal person. Talk to Veda...

  • Ep. 06: But Why?
    23 min 42 sec

    Kids are curious, moms get it. You know what else we get Questions. Lots of them. This week, Swati, Ketki and Veda discuss the strange read disturbing questions theyve been asked by their kids and creative answers to the questions that flummox...

  • Ep. 08: Device time: T FOR TOTALLY, V FOR VEXING
    31 min 49 sec

    Tears, tantrums and TV time it all goes together for parents. This week, Rohan, Debkanya and Veda discuss parenting in the age of devices and discover frustratingly enough that you actually do have to be the change you want to see in your living...

  • Ep. 10: The B Word: Breastfeeding
    28 min 44 sec

    The first ever duty you have as a new mother is feeding your baby. But sometimes thats easier than done. In this weeks season finale episode, Veda and Ketki discuss how breastfeeding doesnt always come naturally and the alternatives and help you...

  • Ep. 01: Eat This, Or Else!
    26 min 5 sec

    Baby books give us all kinds of advice on what, how and when kids should eat. Problem is, the kids havent got the memo. In this episode Veda, Swati and Susha discuss the herculean task of feeding fussy eaters, the tricks they shamelessly use to feed...

  • Ep. 02: Hey I Just Met You, And This Is Crazy…
    18 min 17 sec

    New mothers are at the receiving end of lots of advice, some welcomed, some unasked for. In this episode, Shruti and Veda discuss how random strangers feel totally entitled to give moms advice and judgment, all free of cost and ways to tell them to...

  • Ep. 03: Sleepless in Mommyland
    24 min 58 sec

    They say once the baby starts sleeping through the night, so can the mother. In this weeks episode, Veda and Swati discuss other lies like this, talk about sleep training and recount their experiences with their new friend, insomnia. Talk to Veda on...

    23 min 41 sec

    Being a mother changes everything. Starting with your figure. This week, Susha and Veda discuss getting used to the Mom Bod, how it kicks your selfesteem in tender places and what exactly fashion designers have against new mothers. Talk to Veda on...

  • Ep. 05: Guilty, M'Lord
    24 min 5 sec

    Every mother is guilty of one thing: feeling guilty. On this episode, Ketki and Veda talk about why mothers feel so guilty all the time, how irrational it is and ways to free yourself from the guilt trap. Talk to Veda on Twitter theotherveda....


Comedy, Society & Culture, Kids & Family