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Woice is the official podcast of Ankur Warikoo, where he talks about entrepreneurship, startups, careers and personal growth. Warikoo has been creating video content for the past 4 years across all social media platforms and has a following of 1.7Mn people.Through Woice, he brings his decade long experience as an entrepreneur, as the founder of, as a public speaker and as an active student of life, risk and failure. 

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  • Should you become an entrepreneur?
    8 min 52 sec

    Should you or shouldnt you become an entrepreneur

  • What's the value of your time?
    5 min 38 sec

    Whats the value of your time

  • Hope is a good thing
    14 min 32 sec

    What is hope Hope comes to us in various forms. Maybe it is the shining star in that night of despair. Or a small paragraph of a book. We all have our share of bad times where we nearly gave up. In desperate times hope helps us to get out of that hollow pit.In this episode, I will share my story about such times. I hope this episode can give the hope to keep going on.

  • A note to every twenty-year-old
    11 min 39 sec

    We all have things we wanted to tell our younger self a wish to write a note to our past... tell them about what to do, warn them about things to avoid, and protect ourselves from regrets later in life.This episode is that special note to everyone in their 20s. It is a note I wish I could give to my twentyyearold self.

  • Mistakes I made in my 20’s
    14 min 13 sec

    We never really set out to make mistakes intentionally. We reflect upon our previous actions and determine whether they were mistakes or not. And we learn from them to grow. In this episode, I am sharing a few mistakes I think I made in my younger years. Looking back to my 20’s, I am glad that I went through those mistakes.

  • How May I Help You?
    12 min 48 sec

    How do we ask for help Most of us arent aware that we need help or what it is that we need help with.In this episode, Ill talk to you about the mistakes people make while seeking help which I have observed from a very grateful vantage point. I hope this episode helps and guides you through such mistakes.

  • Why Do We Lack Motivation?
    8 min 12 sec

    The one word that I have read quite often in my emails is ‘motivation’. What is motivation We procrastinate and we give up when we dont have motivation. But why do we lack motivation In this episode Ill explain what might be the reason for this lack of motivation

  • Mistakes I Made In My Relationships
    11 min 7 sec

    Our relationships with others form a very important and meaningful part of our lives. And as I reflect upon my life, I realized that I have made several mistakes in my relationships.So in this episode I am leaving you with some of my thoughts and lessons that I have learned from my mistakes.

  • I Was Jobless At 30
    11 min 51 sec

    Sometimes there comes a point in our life when we hit our rock bottom, feel worthless and meaningless. We find ourselves lost without any direction or idea.In this episode I will tell you about the time when I felt worthless a story about the time when I was jobless at 30.

  • Giving Ourselves Space To Try
    13 min 32 sec

    In this episode I reflect on five decisions I made in my life. I didnt know if they would work out or not, but I gave myself the space to try.

  • What If You Have A Job But Hate It?
    9 min 24 sec

    One of the most frequently shared topics I get in emails and messages is dealing with a job that you hate. You need it for your financial stability, but you cant stand it. How do you navigate this situation

  • This Doesn't Make You Cool
    9 min 12 sec

    This episode is about judgement. Just because someone has a job where they work 9 to 5 for a salary does not make them less ambitious, capable or cool. People often categorise and generalise things to simplify things that are more complicated. Heres how people do this with those that work a corporate job and dont belong to the startup community.

  • I Keep Comparing Myself
    13 min 28 sec

    In the emails I get everyday, one topic is predominant: comparison. Usually from people aged 1824 comparing where they are in life with other peoples success. Is this a recent phenomenon or something thats always existed What does this comparison do to us How do we think of this in a way that pushes us to move forward and better ourselves

  • Your Parents Did their Best
    10 min 45 sec

    Theres a regularly occurring theme in conversations I have and that is relationships with parents. Particularly in Indian culture, parents are regarded as close to God. Its a widely held belief that they cannot be wrong. This ingrained ideology is incorrect. Today, I would like to talk about why.

  • The Art of Cold Emailing
    13 min 28 sec

    Im going to take you all the way back to the year 2003. I was a student in the US in the third semester of my masters program. My professor set an assignment that he was convinced that no one would be able to solve. Heres how I solved this seemingly impossible problem with an email.

  • I Was Lost At 24
    12 min 25 sec

    For the longest time, I wanted to be a space scientist. Enrolled in a PhD program in the US, I was well on my way to achieving this at 22, I realised that this was not what I wanted. The pressure of expectation was weighing down on me. At 23 I was unhappy with what I was doing and I had no idea what I wanted. Today, I want share something with those who might feel the same way.

  • The Wrong Kind of Relationship
    11 min 10 sec

    Every single interaction we have in world has an impact on us. Im often asked what differentiates a good relationship from a bad one. For better or worse, our relationship with our parents has a huge effect on us. In our culture we are accustomed to revering our parents. Sometimes we forget that they are people too and can be wrong.

  • My Meditation Journey
    12 min 36 sec

    I wanted to talk about meditation and dispel some myths. The biggest one of these is that meditation allows you to control your emotions. After practicing and reading a lot about meditation, I recognise that this is wrong.

  • How To Get Rich Before 30
    10 min 15 sec

    I do a weekly AMA or ask me anything on Instagram and one of the questions I was asked was how to get rich before 30. In this episode, I give you three ways to actually become wealthy before the age of 30.

  • Dont Scratch Your Own Itch
    10 min 2 sec

    We often hear the phrase scratch your own itch. Its often heard in entrepreneurial circles, and means that If you have a have problem, you think a product or company could solve, then you should start it yourself. In this episode, I tell you how this phrase is actually harmful.

  • What is true motivation?
    6 min 11 sec

    What is true motivation

  • Making Tough Decisions in Life
    7 min 1 sec

    This episode is all about making a difficult choice in life.

  • Who will YOU be?
    6 min 21 sec

    Who will YOU be

  • How To Learn From Failed Relationships
    10 min 16 sec

    We mend, we break, we are hurt and we fail. What is a failed relationship We look for something to blame, to justify our pain to something beyond our control. What if the blame isnt on something external but it is internal And if thats true, how do we learn from itIn this episode I am sharing a conversation I had with one of my followers on social media. This episode will tell you how every failed circumstance is an opportunity to learn and understand ourselves.

  • Your Enemy Is You
    8 min 15 sec

    Do we put ourselves down before anyone else Its a common problem I see regularly in emails and other communication I receive. Where does selfrespect come inIn this episode, Ill tell you about how you become your worst enemy. And how the way you address someone defines how you look at yourself.

  • What if you never die?
    9 min 57 sec

    We have been taught to live life as if we’d die tomorrow. But What would be your answer if you knew youd never die How would you live thenIn this episode I will ask you this question: what if you never die How would you live a meaningful life

  • My Morning Routine
    12 min 17 sec

    In this episode, I share my morning routine which sets me up for my day. I also share why it’s important to have a morning routine and not letting the control of it go to the external world.Listen in and find out the importance of cultivating this habit.

  • My Goal In Life
    8 min 9 sec

    Life goals are what we want to accomplish in our lifetime. They are more than just a ‘need for survival’. We strive to fulfil our life goals for as long as we live, it gives us hope and keeps us going through tough times.In this episode, I am thrilled to tell you about the story of my life goal and why it became so. 

  • 39 Life Lessons
    13 min 35 sec

    When I turned 39 in 2019, I wrote a Twitter thread entitled Things that I learned about life by living life. This episode is an audio version of that Twitter thread.

  • Mistakes I made in my 20s
    20 min 27 sec

    I was embarrassed at who I was, yet couldn’t be happier for the journey and where it was taking me.

  • Don't get comfortable
    6 min 49 sec

    Here is what I feel is wrong with getting comfortable.

  • Being Self-Aware
    8 min 26 sec

    One of the hardest things you can do, is spend time with yourself. This was selfrealisation borne out of a conversation with my cofounder at Nearbuy, Ravi. The whole thought was triggered by a recent conversation with an author who asked, Why are some entrepreneurs more resilient than othersThis, and more on my latest episode.

  • Doing things your own way
    9 min 10 sec

    Are you searching for those ‘how to achieve’ stepbystep guides What is a life prescription to you A list of rules pointed out by someone that are important to follow to achieve your goals But why not have a prescription unique to you a list you made for yourself by taking on all the unknown challenges, experiences you have built for the future that you dream ofIn this episode you’ll understand the importance of a selfattained list to get moving towards your goal.

  • Is Something Truly Better Than Nothing?
    7 min 9 sec

    Do you often find yourself clinging to something even though it drains you and you keep on convincing yourself that it will get better if you just ignored it altogether Is it worth the heavy price of lying to yourselfIn this episode, I will tell you why I think it is wrong and why nothing is better than something.

  • What Is Being Consistent?
    8 min 58 sec

    What does it mean to be in a state of consistency Is it forcing yourself out of bed every morning to pursue something continuously If your answer to this question is a yes then, well my take on this subject is quite different.In this episode, I give you a natural point of view towards being consistent and tell you how to continue to be in such a state.

  • Confused In Life?
    12 min 32 sec

    Are you confused about what you should be doing in life Confused about your actions, your steps and whether you are heading in the right directionIn this episode, I will try to help you understand the origin of confusion in decision making, why we feel this way and share two mental models I use to help me with my decisions.Listen on

  • Is Multitasking Really Bad?
    12 min 47 sec

    What is multitasking Is it more productive to do many things at the same time Is it good to take up different tasks all at onceIn this episode, Ill try to break down the meaning of multitasking, what it means to me and also share an effective way to multitask.

  • 6 Pack Abs At 33
    17 min 25 sec

    In this episode I share with you my fitness journey. For the first 32 years of my life, I abused my body, not with substances, but with food. Heres how I stopped procrastinating and achieved my fitness goals.

  • How College Failed Us
    9 min 25 sec

    The other day I was addressing the incoming batch of students at a university in India. I spoke about the things they should watch out for, but I also told them how college failed us all. Its a message I would like to share with you in this episode.




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