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Lets talk investing in businesses with The Viewpoint. Whats the ecosystem like How do investors evaluate businesses What are things that entrepreneurs need to keep in mind when they set up and when they pitch investorsEvery episode will see some of the bestknown names from the world of investing join IPVs management team to discuss this and much more. For more details visit our website:

  • New Age Investing: Mukul Singhal | Tej Kapoor | Manu Rikhye
    1 hr 10 min 46 sec

    The highly anticipated The ViewPoints first episode: New Age Investing, featuring our esteemed panelists Mukul Singhal, Tej Kapoor, and Manu Rikhye is now streaming​ They join IPVs Vinay Bansal and Ankur Mittal for an indepth conversation. The discussion delves deep into the world of investing and provides valuable insights into the latest trends and strategies in this exciting field. ​Gain valuable insights into the future of investing and hear from experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Dont miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the game.For more details visit our website: