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The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast

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Conversations about human potential, selfawareness and purpose. Chase meaning, begin here. Sumedh Bilgi is an independent cricket producer and a mental health speaker.

  • #1 Dr Abhijit Nadkarni | The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast
    50 min 52 sec

    On EPISODE 1 of the podcast, we chat with substance use, abuse addictions specialist, Dr Abhijit Nadkarni.Dr Nadkarni has worked in an attempt to understand and solve addiction for decades and explains the key factors behind age old and new forms of substance and behavioral addiction.On this show we discuss:1Alcohol addiction 2Indiaaposs situation with drugs3Social media addiction4How to stop drinking alcohol extensivelyDrop us a review subscribe to us if you found value New episodes, every Thursday 9 AM

  • #6 - Dr Chaitanya Sridhar | The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast
    53 min 55 sec

    Support Aane All About Nature Of Elephants Chaitanya Sridhar talks to us on this episode of The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast about elephants, energy fields, learning to be present from dogs and Anima Mundi among moreSUBSCRIBE

  • #4 Swami Purnachaitanya | The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast
    1 hr 23 min 40 sec

    MEDITATE WITH US ON THE SHOW Swamijiaposs 7minute mini meditation 53:43 Swami Purnachaitanyaaposs latest book: episode 4, Swamiji and I chat about his life story, about meeting his Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, we do a mini meditation together and discuss why people struggle to meditate and why they should make it an everyday part of life.Born in the Netherlands, to a Dutch father and an Indian mother, now Swami Purnachaitnya ji was always drawn to the spiritual side of life. While he continued his spiritual practices in the innocence of his teens, he always wished for a master to show him the way and then for him to teach the world, what he thinks are the tools to live a happy life meditation and yoga and he has done exactly that over the last 15 years, while being a key member of the Art Of Living Foundation.A privilege to have him on the show.Drop us a review, subscribe and share.

  • #3 Shayamal Vallabhjee | The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast
    42 min 11 sec

    Shayamal is a monk, a highperformance coach, a writer an entrepreneur.He sits down virtually with Sumedhh to talk about:  1What is a balanced life2The prerequisites to pursue stillness and meditation.3Making intention our north star.4Let go of your identity, do not hold on to anything in life. Drop us a review subscribe to us, wherever you get your podcasts.Support the podcast: 

  • #5 - Savitha Nanjappa | The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast
    51 min 2 sec

    Weaposre back with a quick rebrand and a more sustainable approach :  And weaposre joined by Savitha Nanjappa on the fifth episode of this podcast where we look at entrepreneurship for a macro and micro lens, helping you choose better.  Book yourself the super services of Success With Savitha:  You can check out Savithaaposs work here:   RATE US PUHLEAZE 

  • #2 Miriam Sequeira | The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast
    37 min 4 sec

    Support us to continue creating these episodes: BIG SHADOW that LURKS and THREATENS our everyday can be worked with.Yes, you heard that right.On today’s podcast we are joined by Mental Health Professional, Miriam Sequeira, who talks about how we feel intimidated by the anxiety in our everyday lives and want to get rid of it – but the truth is, while anxiety might continue to show up in various settings, changing our perspective about it and accepting that it is a part of our lives, helps us live happier lives. We discussed:1The need to change our perception about anxiety.2The allornothing attitude of the millennial generation the perils of it.3We listed down stress patterns that people face in todayaposs times.4 And spoke about anxiety relief mechanisms.  SUBSCRIBE TO US, DROP US A REVIEW and SHARE

  • #12 - Ruzbeh Bharucha | The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast
    1 hr 8 min 3 sec

    A devotee of Sai Baba of Shirdi, Ruzbeh N. Bharucha in one of the most influential spiritual writers in our times. He is the author of fourteen books, including the bestselling The Fakir trilogy, which has been translated into several languages. Formerly a journalist, he is also a documentary filmmaker with multiple awards next to his name.In this chat, Ruzbeh and I chat the intention in our prayer, modern lives of no control and living beyond our means and living in surrender.You can now follow  me on Instagram:

  • #11- Shubhang Saurav | The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast
    1 hr 11 min 20 sec

    Buy Shubhangaposs book: episode is dedicated to the late Kevin Conroy who was the voice of the animated Batman series for a long time. Rest in peace, legend.Iaposm joined by writer and social media executive, Shubhang Saurav on this edition of The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast to chat Marvel Universe and DC Universeaposs Mental Health POVs.Follow on Instagram: us on Apple Podcasts: Podcasts:

  • #10 - Saurabh Bothra | The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast
    1 hr 19 min 49 sec

    Saurabh Bothra is a yoga teacher, practitioner and an ardent follower of The Art of Living of foundation.You can join Habuildaposs daily classes by dialing on this number: 91 8600087862Follow on Instagram:

  • Clips: 10-Minute Guided Meditation with Swami Punrnachaitanya | Sumedh Bilgi Podcast
    15 min 4 sec

    Swami Purnachaitanya of The Art Of Living Foundation graced us with a 10minute guided meditation on the podcast.A truly remarkable moment for us on The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast.Follow on Instagram: us on Apple Podcasts: Podcasts:

  • #8 - Chhavi Sahal | The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast
    1 hr 26 min 51 sec

    Access Chhavi Sahalaposs work as a sleep coach here: Sahal is Indiaaposs first sleep coach.She combines a practice of Yoga and professional sleep coach training to help people sleep better.Hit the bell icon to meet some of Indiaaposs changemakers.

  • #9 - Dr Marcus Ranney | The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast
    40 min 57 sec

    Dr Marcus Ranney is a longevity scientist and the founder of The Human Edge, a data led venture bringing the science of performance and longevity.On this episode Dr Marcus and I chat about:1 Living a Long AND healthy life2 Cellular Intelligence 3 The 5 factors of good health4 What can we do to optimize our bodyCheck out Dr Marcus here: Edge: on Instagram:

  • #7 - Archit Puri | The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast
    1 hr 1 min 49 sec

    Archit Puri is the host of Indiaaposs no1 food podcast Naan Curry and is an avid Nutrition Student.  He joins us on The Sumedh Bilgi Podcast to talk to us about: 1 Indian food 2 Our food habits and their pros and cons 3 How to live a healthy lifestyle with the help of our foods 4 Food can contribute to our Mental Health   Follow Archit: hustlingglutton  Follow me: sumedhbilgi




Education, Society & Culture, Health & Fitness