The Millennial Athlete

The Millennial Athlete

Author: IVM Podcasts

On ‘The Millennial Athlete’, pro badminton players and Co-hosts Tanvi Lad and Shlok Ramchandran , explore the secrets that distinguish Champions from great athletes, from the perspective of two millennialsListen to conversations with Top sportspersons across different sports and gain an insight into their beliefs on training, nutrition, match mindset and so much more After all success is a marathon and not a sprintTune into the new episodes every Monday, starting from 26th October 2020

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41 Episodes
  1. Ep.00: Introduction To The Millennial Athlete
    • 01:17
  2. Ep.01: Love All, Play!!
    • 39:39
  3. Ep.02: Breaking Barriers With Nikhat Zareen
    • 44:15
  4. Ep.03: Sport 2.0
    • 35:08
  5. Ep.04: Miles To Go Before We Sleep: India, A Sporting Nation?
    • 56:12
  6. Ep.05: Smashing Transitions With Anup Sridhar
    • 56:28
  7. Ep.06: Teach, Encourage, Guide, Inspire! Ft. DK & Abhishek Nayar: Pa....
    • 45:01
  8. Ep.07: Teach, Encourage, Guide, Inspire! Ft. DK & Abhishek Nayar: Pa....
    • 42:39
  9. Ep.08: The Rise Of Chirag Shetty
    • 55:10
  10. Ep.09: #SquashGoals Ft. Saurav Ghosal And Dipika Pallikal
    • 01:03:51
  11. Ep.10: #TheSmallWonder Doing Great Things! Ft. Dipa Karmakar
    • 01:00:08
  12. Ep.11: Gen X Going On Gen Y Ft. Paddlers Sharath Kamal And Sathiyan ....
    • 01:07:45
  13. Ep.12: Round 11 Ft. The King Of Clay
    • 29:45
  14. Ep.13: Making The ‘Laps’ Count Ft. Srihari Nataraj
    • 35:10
  15. Ep.14: Age Is Just A Number Ft. Hans Kristian Vittinghus
    • 46:35
  16. Ep.15: Badminton Is Back! Ft Thailand Open 2021
    • 43:25
  17. Ep.16: Pause, Reflect.. Reset Ft. HS Prannoy
    • 41:50
  18. Ep.17: Love Aaj Kal Ft. Shreevats & Payal Goswami
    • 42:39
  19. Ep.18: Power Play (quite Literally!) Ft. Satwik Rankireddy
    • 41:04
  20. Ep.19: The Calm Assassin Ft. Rajiv Ouseph
    • 42:33
  21. Ep.20: Round 19 Ft. An Ode To India’s Incredible Sportswomen
    • 37:31
  22. Ep.21: Extra Innings Ft. Snehal Pradhan
    • 44:37
  23. Ep.22: Never Say Never Ft. Pramod Bhagat And Sukant Kadam
    • 01:04:50
  24. Ep.23: Recap: All England Championships 2021
    • 43:04
  25. Ep.24: Good Things Come To Those Who Sweat Ft. Swetha Subbiah
    • 46:34
  26. Ep.25: Trust The Process Ft. Kidambi ‘iceman’ Srikanth
    • 41:02
  27. Ep.26: Mind Captain Ft. Shree Advani
    • 48:37
  28. Ep.27: Students Of The Game, Always.
    • 36:10
  29. Ep.28: Is The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?
    • 32:58
  30. Ep.29: Who Makes The Cut As A Millennial Champ? Ft Abhijeet Kulkarni
    • 47:41
  31. Ep.30: Who Makes The Cut As A Millennial Champ? Ft Abhijeet Kulkarni....
    • 39:12
  32. Ep.31: Comfort Zone What? Ft. Sarita Chauray
    • 29:37
  33. Ep.32: The Roland Garros Special
    • 36:54
  34. Ep.34: Sports Unlimited
    • 36:04
  35. Ep.33: Roland Garros: As It Happened! Ft. Sachika Balvani
    • 39:53
  36. Ep.35: World Sports Journalists Day Special Ft. Harit Joshi
    • 51:25
  37. Ep.36: Sunday Sporting Ft. Zenia D'Cunha #Wimbledon #EuroCup #IndvsE....
    • 49:26
  38. Ep.37: #Tokyo2021 Special Ft. All Things Badminton
    • 53:51
  39. Ep.38: Olympic Fever 1.0
    • 29:29
  40. Ep.39: Have We ‘bridged’ The Gap With World Sport? Or Not Quite?....
    • 42:09
  41. Tokyo2021, Over And Out - What Next?
    • 36:35

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