The Longest Constitution with Priya Mirza

The Longest Constitution with Priya Mirza ...

Author: IVM Podcasts

What did those three hundred men and a handful of women who drafted our Constitution want India to be? How far or close are we to achieving that radical vision of liberty, equality and freedom. These ideas sound great but what does it really mean to us, as we go about living our lives?This podcast is about people and the constitution. And that to achieve the Constitutional vision of freedom, equality and dignity, doesnt come without a fight. In each episode, we look at how the Constitution has transformed lives. This show is not about just leaders and prime ministers, but husbands and wives, feminists and forest dwellers, dissidents and lawyers. It has been up to Indians to fight, debate, argue and achieve these visions.And yet, we have a long way to go. The making of a nation is always a work in progress. Join the journey of the nation. This is one show everyone needs to listen to Every week, The Longest Constitution, gives a small peek into what the ideals and provisions of our constitution mean. From taxes to language, to food to sanitary napkins, to reservations to religious freedoms. This show looks at the machinery of the constitution and ‘we the people’.

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40 Episodes
  1. Season1 Announcement
    • 01:39
  2. WomenVs Men: A Women's Day Special
    • 12:26
  3. S01Ep. 01: Adultery Laws And The Constitution
    • 11:08
  4. AWoman's Right To Abortion?
    • 12:12
  5. S01Ep 02. How Queer Friendly Is Our Constitution?
    • 11:05
  6. AConstitution For Children?
    • 10:00
  7. What’sObscene About Obscenity?
    • 10:25
  8. Let’sBe Explicit About Explicit Material
    • 10:53
  9. DomesticViolence And The Constitution
    • 11:07
  10. ForcedTo Live Together?
    • 10:44
  11. TheRight To Prostitute?
    • 10:23
  12. BarredFrom Dancing?
    • 11:19
  13. IsThe Word Divorce In Our Constitution?
    • 11:04
  14. ReligiousPersonal Laws And The Constitution?
    • 11:13
  15. WhatMakes The Special Marriage Act So Special?
    • 10:45
  16. SameSex Love And The Constitution
    • 10:54
  17. WhatIs A Person?
    • 11:08
  18. TheThird Gender And Constitution Of India
    • 11:53
  19. IndiaFighting Casteism: Ambedkar Jayanti Special
    • 13:24
  20. EqualPay For Equal Work?
    • 12:44
  21. Season2 Trailer
    • 02:29
  22. CasteAnd Access To Work
    • 11:15
  23. WhatIs A Workplace?
    • 10:33
  24. ConstitutionAnd Gender Inequality At Work
    • 11:51
  25. EntitlementAnd Reservations At The Workplace
    • 11:17
  26. UntouchabilityAt The Workplace
    • 09:42
  27. TheMandal Commission
    • 11:34
  28. AnImportant Judgement On Reservations- The Indra Sawhney Case
    • 11:00
  29. TheRights Of The Disabled
    • 10:37
  30. WhereIs Ambedkar's India? Republic Day Special
    • 11:02
  31. MenstruationAnd Disability At Work
    • 11:57
  32. PregnancyAnd Disability At Workplace
    • 11:46
  33. WhatIs The Worth Of Your Labour?
    • 12:15
  34. JavedAkhtar And The Copyright Law
    • 12:25
  35. AWoman On A Harley-Davidson
    • 12:04
  36. RegulatingYour 'Spirit': Alcohol And Intoxicants
    • 12:48
  37. CowSlaughter And Livelihood?
    • 12:34
  38. The'Immunity' Of Parliament Members
    • 12:46
  39. FreedomOf Speech Vs Legislative Privileges
    • 12:34
  40. MPsAnd The Office Of Profit
    • 13:15

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