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The Everyday Guide with Shailja Saraswati

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Mindfulness Trainer Motivational Speaker Content Expert Lyricist WriterShailja Saraswati is a certified mindfulness trainer and has trained over 450 people in 3 countries and as a consultant, organized and assisted Leadership training and empowerment workshops for over 500 people at corporations like Discovery Networks, WHO, LG, Airtel, Wipro. As a psychology student, she always had a deep interest in the mind and human behavior. She has studies fields like meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, ayurvedic diet and alternative healing.Professionally, she has been part of the jury at Cannes Entertainment Festival 2016, been part of the advisory board member for Content Marketing Summit APAC 2017, jury member of Womennovator 2020 and jury member, Womanhood 2021 contest Imwoman.Network NGO. She has over 18 years of senior leadership experience in Digital, Media Television industries across India, Singapore and London.Her podcast brings her learnings and experiences to help you understand and cope better with all that’s going on around you.You can also watch her videos on her YouTube channel.

  • Energy Currency: 2.5 hrs 150 min 9k seconds
    8 min 23 sec

    We have so many distractions these days that take away from your personal time. Your time is very precious, so to have a clarity and a plan to action will make your day. In this episode, Im sharing some techniques to help you manage your day and to channel your energy. Investing 9k seconds every morning to schedule your day. Can make a huge difference in your life. Remember, mornings should always be positive no matter how yesterday went.

  • Stay Rooted- Stay Strong
    4 min 16 sec

    We are stronger when connected to our roots. The values and strength we gain in childhood from our family always stays with us. Sometimes, life changes the path and turns things upside down. When we have strength from our inner core, these situations just become phases in our life. In those times, the most helpful thing for us is to stay grounded and rooted. It will help us in emerge stronger than before. 

  • I Am OK Syndrome
    13 min 41 sec

    How many times, have we been asked this question, how are youHow many times our answer has been, “I am fine, thank you”How many times, have we felt, it is a lie as deep inside, we feel the opposite, as we utter those prerehearsed and socially accepted wordsFor long, health was all about physical wellbeing. It was believed, if a person is physically fit, then all other aspects of life can be managed. Until studies proved health management, a more holistic approach towards managing body and mind dynamics.So, what is the big deal about mindmatterThis episode delves deeper into this topic and its impact on our overall wellbeing, what tools we can use to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • Certainty amidst uncertainty
    8 min 27 sec

    Major events can seriously impact life. Don’t play the victim invest in yourself and find ways to get out of a tumultuous period. It’s tough, but looking inward and finding a new path can help you overcome the challenges within.Remember, life is uncertain and you need to forge a path ahead no matter what.

  • The Sunflower Effect
    12 min 20 sec

    Have you ever heard this phrase Remember even when alone, that the divine is everywhere.We human beings often thinks we are not dependent on anyone but the truth is we are all dependent and interconnected with each other. The universe, the energies, the nature and the spirituality which is beyond anything.The episode Sunflower Effect is the best way to illustrate the interdependence of forces around us, to know we are not alone, have hope faith and to be grateful and hold gratitude towards everything. Remember, Just as the sunrises every morning, there is a new fresh chance to make best out of it.

  • Mindful Habits
    7 min 43 sec

    Mindfulness is the practice of living in the present moment and awareness. But, how do we inculcate this habit in ourselves Mindfulness is all about being aware of our own self and environment around us. Begin by checking in with your own feelings and health.We often lack prioritizing ourselves first. Be it mental or physical health which leads us to a bad state of being. We must know our full potential and work towards it for growth, surrounding ourselves with good energy, expanding our circle to gain more knowledge.Go ahead with the activities you love, maintain a ToDo list and make sure you check mark every task. Because once the creativity starts from within, theres no going back.Well, this episode will surely give you the directions to the right path for mindfulness.

  • Mindful Habits 2.0
    5 min 5 sec

    It is said that If we do everything mindfully with a sense of what is happening around us, then we are actually living meditative life. We dont appreciate our life as much we should. Because, The art of life is to live in the present moment. But our wandering mind always keeps thinking about whats next. Its time to appreciate to pause, relax and live more in the moment than in our to do lists. In this episode, Ill leave you with this thought and hope this makes difference in your life.

  • Mandala Effect
    6 min 33 sec

    Life has many phases. Creation transformation or destruction are like two sides of a coin. Everything comes with an expiry date. Through mindfulness we can easily be a witness to this journey.Creation, Sustenance, Destruction Transformation are all interconnected. The ending of our childhood is the beginning of adulthood and its ending is the beginning of middle age This episode digs in the different energies which universe has given us. Our Childhood, Adulthood and Middle age with the beautiful explaination of Mandala art. Mandala art is very meditative and helps to flow through transformation, creativity without any effort. This theory has made huge impact in my life. I hope this will opens a new dimension in your life as well.

  • दिल की बातें
    5 min 59 sec

    आज में अपनी बातें आपको तीन किस्सो में सुनाती हूँ।१ ज़िन्दगी को आप जिस नज़र से देखते हैं उसी नज़र से ज़िन्दगी भी आपको देखती हैं अगर हम दुसरो का भला सोचेंगे, वही हमारे साथ भी होगा।२ हमे समय को अपना दोस्त बनाकर उसके साथ चलना चाहिए, समय जो है वो चलता रहता है। अगर हम वक़्त के साथ नही बड़े, तो कई मौके हमारे हाथ से निकल जायेंगे। ३ प्रकृति को बड़ने से रोका नहीं जा सकता। भले ही हमे जिंदगी में बदलाव नहीं चाहिए पर वह होगा ही। चाहे वह हमारे अंदर की मानव प्रकृति हि क्यों ना हो।

  • Mindful Living
    8 min 20 sec

    Mindful living is about practicing being here and now and in the moment. It is not always possible to go for retreats or to sit for long hours to meditate, especially if you are just starting your mindfulness journey. For beginners these mindful morning to night hacks and rituals can be a good starting point to bring the mind to peace and equanimity.The first step is to understand what is mindfulness: It is about choosing to pay attention to the present moment in a nonjudgmental way. This will sharpen the intellect, clear the perception and improve the quality of decision making skills.  This episode will introduce you to the hacks and importance of mindful living and the reasons why you should be practicing it...

  • Ek Kahani: Chandni Ka Parlor
    6 min 5 sec

    Have you heard this quote Paper has more patience than People.Its because we often interrupt and start sharing our own stories experiences. Being able to listen effectively means youre able to better understand the other persons perspective. And when you give your attention to the people expressing their thoughts and feeling that are important to them, those people then see you as someone who cares about their wellbeing. This way they develop trust and feel peace in your company. Can we normalize just listening while someone is pouring their hearts out All we need is someone who will just listen to us without judging, comparing and sharing their own relatable story.In todays kahani, hear how chandni becomes a listener, a friend, a therapist to one who needed her.

  • Mind Tricks
    7 min 35 sec

    We tend to see people and situations in our lives the way we want to see them. This is based on our own experiences. The truth is that we allow these situations affect us, the problem is not with the external world or other people, but within ourselves. In this episode, Ill be sharing some insights into how we can we can take ourselves out of the everyday situations that make us feel perturbed or defensive. 

  • Open Letter to my Younger Self
    7 min 53 sec

    If you ever get a chance to meet your younger self. What would be the advice you want to giveAs we are living in the fast paced world, my advice would be to appreciate life, live every moment learn to embrace all the good things around. In case youre not feeling happy its okay, because happiness isnt a destination but a long life journey. The process might be slow but the results will be worth the wait. Look for joy around you and all these chakras around help us to improve our well being and enable us to live life as our best.And to live at best we all need a companion in life. Our fallback, our go to person whom we can trust. A positive person next to us will impact and cherish our life beautifully. So choose your fallback wisely.

  • Real Reason Why We Burnout
    8 min 47 sec

    The reason for the burnout we experience is our desire for validation from others. When you tend to expect appreciation from others, thats where the internal struggle grows and your productivity declines. It leads to physical and emotional exhaustion. Try to prioritize yourself and remove the source of stress from your life. When you take care of yourself, youre in a healthy environment and your productivity will flourish. You can also take a step back to resolve this problem. Give yourself a work free, stress free weekend away from gadgets. Have a good week. 

  • From Suffering To Healing
    8 min 15 sec

    As per the great sage Ashtravakra, any disease affects our aura and chakras and mind before it seeps into our body at a cellular level. Physical and mental distress can be tackled in the early stages of stress through mindfulness techniques. However without a check of self awareness these emotions and feeling can seep into our deeper cellular and prana body and affect us over a period of time and also take a long time to cleanse out of our system. In this episode through life insight, I will share how any pain which has become chronic has originated in our mental makeup first and this very realisation can bring a change in the way we live and tackle life

  • The Dark Night of the Soul
    7 min 39 sec

    Our life has many different phases. Sometimes, dark nights are triggered by crisis and the results are emptiness and deep spiritual calling.Once you detach yourself from those psychological concepts and drama and employ techniques such as mediation to help connect with true yourself, you will see yourself evolving.  Phases will come and go, but life is made of much more than these. We all are connected by the universes energy which helps us to grow and move forward.  Remember, there is no growth without pain and no light without the dark.

  • Monk’s Life: 24 inches width, 76 inches length
    7 min 14 sec

    Last year, the whole world was going through a hard time. When the only option was to stay home, the global pandemic made us realize the small joys and we decided to let our gratitude take over the fear of virus. We decided to cherish the small things, to care about health over money, and most importantly, to be more grateful everyday for everything. My way of being mindful during those times was to have a centered mind, doing yoga on my 24×76 mat. That yoga mat became my zone of positivity, the space for my mental health and helped me stay strong each day. Remember to count your blessings, that you have a meal to eat, a house to live in and a healthy family beside you.

  • World Mental Health Day
    4 min 50 sec

    Most of the time, we feel uncomfortable when were alone. We often associate being alone with being unloved. We fear being alone, but why is thatWe never spend as much time with ourselves, never acknowledge our own thoughts so the thought of being alone leads to anxiety and pressure.Well, once you realize that the key is having the right mindset: one of self love. The relationship you have with yourself is important. Working on yourself, healing from the past, and keeping yourself physically and mentally healthy.It is important to know that sometimes isolation is about teaching you to be selfsufficient, to be there for yourself no matter what. Often, your internal dialogue is the game changer for better or for worse. It can motivate as well as demotivate you.On this World Mental Health Day, remember that taking care of your mental health is one of the most important parts of selfcare. Practice being comfortable in your own company and be present with your thoughts.Love, appreciate, encourage, and accept yourself unconditionally.

  • Meditation Tips For Beginners
    10 min 53 sec

    Is your mind racing Throughout the day apart from 68 hours of sleep. How much time do you allow your mind to slow down The simple and fast way to reduce stress, to balance your emotional overall health is start doing meditation. Meditation can help you go deep within you and experience a sense of higher awareness. If our mind is peaceful and equanimous, then we are channelized positively and improves quality of life.In this episode, Im sharing anecdotes which will surely help your journey in mediation.

  • Sports Culture and Mental Health
    5 min 24 sec

    Sports and Bollywood are two passion points in India. We celebrate together when our teams win and experience collective euphoria. And then one winner from billion shines and the hero workship begins. However, do we support our players in their lows too Do we support them through their training What about the ones who dont get a medal back home. How do we support them to keep the hope ignited. The toll this can take on mental health of sportsman is beyond comprehension. Learn to say goodbye before you harm your mental health. This is the lesson we learnt from this Olympics. As Simone Biles said “We have to protect our mind and our body rather than just go out there and do what the world wants us to do. In this episode, I want to leave you with the thought That its okay to be not okay. Because when we are equanimous within, it will reflect in our environment too. Positivity reflects and attracts Positivity. 

  • The Secret To Happiness
    6 min 26 sec

    What is happiness We always look for happiness in people, things and situations around us. However, truly blessed are those who realise happiness is here and now and not to be postponed and pinned for a special day or event. Yes, we can be happy nowIt starts with quietening the mind and noticing the little things which can make you happy. The measure of happiness is when you cherish little things life bestows on you and a sense of gratitude is felt. We might take somethings for granted but with awareness a new dimension will open and then sunrise sunset, beautiful morning dew drops all will make you happy just like that. Happiness is a state of mind and not an end goal.

  • Tips for Self Mastery 2
    7 min 43 sec

    Selfmastery is the ability to selfcontrol and build an attitude to tackle life through mindfulness. These tools can be acquired through observation and practice. In my life I have mostly learnt these tools through observing life and penning down my thoughts. Which off late I have started sharing in my podcast and YouTube channel.   In this episode I will share some more tips for self mastery: 1. Reverse engineering of life milestones to achieve our dreams  2. Not to Minimise existence and giving 100 to tasks. 3. Channelize energies in a productive way in response to blockages in life. I hope you carry the learning from this episode into your life as well. Enjoy.

  • Ek Kahani: Life Purpose
    10 min 8 sec

    What is the purpose of life Does life need a goal post or can be enjoyed as a journey. So the question arises does life need a purpose We all have read quotes like Life is all about the moments, but our mind is always oscillating in the past or future rather than staying in the present. When we are singularly focused on the destination, we lose sight of how beautiful the journey can be. We forget to stop and smell the roses. We forget to feel the air and be present to the moment. In this episode, I share my observations through moments and stories .I want to leave you with this thought: we should live in the present moment, because theres no other life than this very moment.

  • Pandemic Diaries- Part 1
    16 min 28 sec

    Covid has been difficult on many levels the Uncertainty of the economy, Isolation, Working from home, The challenge to keep ourselves motivated and focused during lockdown. But on the top remains Keeping ourselves and our loved one safe from this pandemic. But, theres some positivity too in this tough phase too. We got the time to take pause and make most out of it, The best quality time to spend with family, to be able to recognize small things that really matters. We all have accepted this as New Normal . This virus may have destroyed our routine life and turned it upsidedown but if we see this from another angle. The world needed this change, The earth was begging for this change for a very long time. This is the time we just need to be there for each other, to be grateful what we have today and show gratitude towards each other. Remember, this too shall pass.

  • Ikigai Insights- Part 2
    5 min 54 sec

    The Ikigai is a long term, challenging process. Everyday we evolve and learn something new. As we are living in this technology world. Thinking about this I realized how our everyday life and a way of living has changed within few years. Even during the bus or train ride, its now difficult to see people with books in their hands. We all are stuck in gadgets infront of us. Do you know,  some tourist organizations are advertising more and more about digital detox holidays. Why cant we detach ourselves from mobiles When was the last time you kept this technology and gadget world aside and gave yourself a quality time Lets start a practice this weekend, let the sun rays and birds chirping be your alarm, spend some time with nature to reboot, reenergize and connect with yourself. Just ask yourself what is worth living for you May be you are already living your Ikigai. And if not try to think about it. Have a good week everyone.

  • Mind Tricks 2: From Chaos to Silence
    6 min 30 sec

    Everyday cant be the same, and especially in COVID times, where everyone is trying to make sense of everything going on, its okay to have low moments. Let your low moments or  breaking points be the catalyst of change and make you strong and you will emerge more powerful. From your darkest phase, you will learn the most in life. Give yourself some time to befriend those feelings of sadness and anxiety. Allow yourself to feel them and move past them. My technique of meditation, breathing exercises bring me back to the center. It really helped me.Get enough sleep, give yourself break, understand your limits. Remember, you will always make it through.

  • Pause, Rewind, Reset.
    14 min 17 sec

    It is very easy to get consumed by fear, loneliness, hopelessness, stress, anxiety and worries. It is imperative at such times to lean back on our personal purpose, which keeps our mental and emotional hygiene in a healthy place.For everyone, the approach to this might be different. For me, over the last two decades, I have been practicing breathing techniques combined with meditation, yoga, an ayurvedic way of life and alternative therapies. I have made these into a habit and have done them regularly without any major breaks. This has helped relieve stress, prevent burnout, and help start the day with more energy, joy and purpose.So just relax and pause and reset your life – there is an opportunity to transform yourselves for a better future.

  • Tips For Self Mastery
    8 min 28 sec

    Did you know for every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness.Mind is a powerful tool and can make or break us. And if not used correctly can destruct our life.  So how does one control these every changing sea of thoughts feelings and emotions  Either we can get caught up in the mind web and get anxious and worried. Or through  mindfulness techniques become centered in the present moment and transcend the negative thoughts with ease.In this episode, Im sharing some tips which will help you conquer negative thought process and use tips to live happy and centered life.

  • Unstoppable Women
    8 min 10 sec

    To live a life beyond identities and labels, is to live a life of purpose and happiness. To all the incredible women who are listening, never doubt your self worth and steer away from limiting beliefs and concepts. Know you are capable and deserve every chance and opportunity to achieve your dreams. This episode is to remind each one of you to take out some time for yourself, do self care, find your anchor, Treat yourself good and see the magic unfold in the way the world responds to you.I salute every Unstoppable Woman out there who has stood tall, faced all weathers and carved a niche in this increasingly noisy world. Such woman live by own example and walk the talk.

  • एक कहानी शैलजा के साथ: बचपन
    5 min 51 sec

    बचपन के दिन किसी भी व्यक्ति के जीवन के बड़े महत्वपूर्ण दिन होते हैं । बचपन में सभी व्यक्ति चिंतामुक्त जीवन जीते हैं । खेलने उछलनेकूदने, खानेपीने में बड़ा आनंद आता है ।लेकिन बड़े होते ही हमारे अंदर का बच्चा कहा गायब हो जाता हैं वह मासूमियत, नादानियां, यह सारी चीज़े एक दौर की तरह बचपन के साथ ही चली जाती है। अगर अब भी अपने अंदर के बच्चे को जीवित करना चाहते हो, तो ध्यान एकाग्र करके कोशिश की जा सकती है। आज की कहानी इसी बचपने के नाम।

  • एक कहानी शैलजा के साथ: अंदरूनी शक्ति
    2 min 56 sec

    खुद से बातें करते हो खुद की बातें सुनते हो जिंदगी मे ऐसे कई पल आते है जब हमे लगता है, हम दूसरो से कम है। खुद की काबिलियत पर शक होने लगता है। अगर हम अपनी तुलना किसी और से करेगे तो खुद की कीमत कम ही करेगे।  एक बात हमेशा याद रखे, हम अनमोल है। किसी से कम नही। बस अपने अंदर की आवाज़ सुनो रास्ता खुद निकल आएगा। खुद पर आत्मविश्वास होना ज़रूरी है। तो बताओ खुद से बातें करते हो खुद की बातें सुनते हो

  • Tips For Self Mastery 3
    7 min 53 sec

    Self mastery requires having a vision of your future self. The key to mastering anything is practice the more you practice, the more proficient you become.In this episode, I share some tips from my learnings and observations on how to be a master of yourself.1: Decoding Genius To nurture talent in others requires finding yourself first.This means understanding and identifying what each team player can contribute towards reaching your goal.2 Self Defense Through proper selfdefense for the mind, the “nothought” state of mind can be transferred into the mindbody relationship, which can be combined with the overall awareness of one’s environment oneself.3 Inner Engineering  Once our thoughts and ideas are well organized, We can clearly see things that are working in our favour.I hope this episode helps you incorporate these practices into your daily life.

  • Ikigai Insights- Part 1
    8 min 31 sec

    Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of your life The reason to jump out of your bed every morning As we are glorifying our busy life, we tend to forget to live for ourselves. Dont forget, sometime hustle can be overrated. All you have is now, remember to soak it in. This Japanese term Ikigai will surely change your perspective, the direction in your life and the flow state of your mind. It is a pleasure and delight process to be in a creative flow completely immersed in life. Once you notice what tasks you do in a state of flow, try to make changes in your life to focus on the things that have more meaning to you. Following your passion is a simple way to your Ikigai. I hope after listening to this episode, you will ask yourself a question. What is my Ikigai

  • Ayurvedic Technique : Nadi Pariksha
    6 min 9 sec

    Nadi Parishka is an ancient Ayurvedic technique for diagnosing a persons physical and mental health. Through this method, a personalised wellness regime can be established that includes various aspects of life diet, lifestyle, yoga and meditation. Its interesting that you can get to know your inner world through your wrist. Ayurveda is a natural way to cure illnesses and bring balance to our body. However, this depends on the vibrations in our body. Stay positive, good vibes are important for health. 

  • Diwali Greetings
    7 min 58 sec

    Wishing a very Happy Diwali to Everyone. These festivals are a reminder for us that the good times will always be in our path. The last two years have been tough for all of us with the new normal. But arent we grateful that we survived the virus and realized the importance of family and health. This diwali lets celebrate the sheer positivity and solidarity in these difficult times. Wishing more peace for this world and for your inner being. Be happy with more wisdom, energy and  mindfulness. May this auspicious festival bring happiness, joy and success in your life, may the delicious diwali deserts add sweetness to your life. 

  • Everyday is Celebration
    7 min 52 sec

    Why do we limit our celebration to only special days. Why dont we celebrate everyday, every moment The festivals comes with joy and happiness around. So why do we reserve our celebration only for festive days. So whenever you feel low, remember those moments of festivals which made you happy once. Recreate that moment, lit up those scented candles switch on those fairy lights like you did in diwali. Celebrate every moment, be mindful and do activities you love. 

  • Ek Kahani: Esha
    5 min 55 sec

    Childhood is the most important part of our lives. It has a huge impact on our adult life. Our early days decide what the next step for us will be. They either make or break us. The values and belief systems we grew up with go long way with us. Though the lessons learned in childhood are powerful, they dont have to limit us. The other way is to realize and accept our issues, analyze them and then choose the right path. In this episode, hear Eshas story. How her childhood impacts her life and how she overcomes her depression. Meditation is like a calm sea in this chaotic world. We feel at peace within once we hear the sound of waves. Once you start taking some time for yourself, you will find inner peace like Esha found hers in meditation. She left the battle of depression she was facing behind. To everyone listening this episode, put yourself first over everything and prioritise your mental health.




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