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Health, wellness, sexuality and more... Dr. Cuterus and friends are here to answer these queries and much moreJoin the good doctor as she and some of her doctor friends tackle issues ranging from the impact of pornography on our brains to skin issues to sexual wellness. And theres some more learnings for you that will make you also go... BehtareenSo tune in, follow and remember to tell your friends about the coolest health podcast out there. New episodes drop every Wednesday.You can also follow Dr Cuterus on Instagram for more.

  • How our brain reacts to porn ft. Dr. Sid Warrier
    39 min 40 sec

    In this very first episode of the podcast, we have Dr Sid Warrier sit down with our host, Dr. Tanaya, to break down the impact of pornography on our brains.

  • A Sports Doctor's Joint of View ft. Dr. Manan Vora
    27 min 14 sec

    Our amazing bodies are held in place by the skeletal system. It gives our body its shape, protects the organs, and even help in movement. Every move you make, every bone you break, every step you take, every single day, the skeletal system is at the back doing its job. To talk about the beauty of it all we have Dr. Manan Vora join us on the Dr. Cuterus Podcast. He is a Orthopaedic Surgeon Sports Med Doctor. Bonus Material Search Youtube for Haddi Raja Doordarshan

  • An OB/GYN walked into a podcast ft. Dr. Deepti Pinto aka @drwombastic
    30 min 4 sec

    Are you sexually active Have you or your partner ever being asked this question by a doctor Ever wondered if the question was really necessary. Turns out, it wasPlease welcome, Dr Deepti Pinto to the podcast. A brand new episode of the Dr. Cuterus Podcast that takes you behind the scene into an OB/GYNs work. 

  • The Dr Cuterus Podcast is here!
    1 min 27 sec

    Were here Well, almost. Today were here to tell you what our show is all about and remind you to follow or subscribe so you dont miss some riveting and fun conversations with doctors. So go and smash that subscribe button now

  • A Dermatologist gets under your skin ft. Dr Agni Kumar Bose
    29 min 14 sec

    Does masturbation cause pimples This is the first question that our host, Dr. Tanaya Narendra, asked Dr. Agni Kumar Bose. Why Because, as Dr. Agni puts is, it is one of the panhumanity stories. Something that has stood the test of time. It is funny that we know so little about the largest organ in our body, the skin. The soft, squiggly, attimes dry, attimes oily wrapper that covers us from head to toe. We hope you have fun listening to this episode. Hopefully as much as we had in recording it. Pss. Do you think Dr. Tanaya should watch the movie Welcome If yeah, tell her that  

  • Mental Health: A cuterus-ly awkward conversation! ft Divija Bhasin
    27 min 46 sec

    What is the difference between a psychiatrist, a counsellor, and a therapist If you are feeling anxious, which one should you go to Is there a hierarchy between the three These can be tough questions for some. Mental Health practitioners are helping us shed the stigma around these awkward conversations, and yet there is a long way ahead. Divija Bhasin aka awkwardgoat joins Dr Tanaya in this latest episode to share her experiences of being a counselling psychologist. What sticks out from the conversation is that be it your ghamedil or kamarkadard, they can all have an impact on your mental health. Side note Have you liked/followed this podcast yet No Please do. It helps us reach out to you directly the next time an episode drops. Promise. 

  • The science of semen ft. Dr Prateek Makwana
    27 min 20 sec

    Sperm cells are like astronauts, says Dr Prateek Makwana. If that makes you wonder what is going on in this podcast, we implore you to listen in. Our bodies are amazing. Just the amount of science and logic and pure chemistry happening backstage is more confounding than any Oscarwinning multiverse hopping movie feat. Michelle Yeoh. So sharam ke parda uthao and take a deep look inside the scrotum as we give you answers to the questions that you never knew even existed. P.S. If you want a TLDR of the episode Stop smoking Not kidding




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