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Stories of Vir: The Robot Boy

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Vir: The Robot Boy is a story of a humanoid robot that has humanlike qualities with robot gadgets that believe in helping others and keeping the evil powers away from everyone. 

  • Andher Nagri
    11 min 52 sec

    Vir’s friend Imli’s elder sister is getting married but there is no electricity in Fursat Ganj. Imli’s mother is worried  as the entire wedding will be ruined. Even the electricity office has said, it will take 2 days to find out what is wrong . Vir assures her that he will solve the problemHowever no one knows how hs can do something even the engineers cannot.  Vir imaginatively uses his robotic powers and manages to the join broken wires and brings the electricity back just before the baraat comes in.

  • Picnic
    11 min 43 sec

    Vir is out on a school picnic at a resort. The first batch of students has just started going to the other side of the valley in a cable car as Vir waits his turn. However halfway through the cable car stops due to some technical fault. The weather is really bad so even a helicopter cannot come to save them.  The Students are stuck and are panicking.  Vir using his robotic powers, and  hanging on to the cable goes towards the stuck cable car. However he is even half way there, when the evil Mad Max sends a robot in shape of a vulture to catch Vir. Vir now has to fight the vulture as well as saves everyone, even as he successfully manages to keep his powers secret.

  • Udney Waley Pankh - Part 1
    11 min 30 sec

    Vir meets a little boy Munnu, who is very sad as he wants to visit his sick grandmother but is unable to as his father is not getting leave. Vir promises to help him by getting him wings so he can fly on his own. He asks Sajni the Jinn to help but Sajni, blunders and ends up giving wings to Vir and his donkey Chulbul instead and that too real wings. Vir now decides to make the wings by himself. However it is not easy as 2 enemies are on his case First is Bunty, his neighbor who is constantly suspicious of Veer’s super powers, and is spying on him and second is Mad Max the failed inventor who is hell bent on acquiring the Humanoid robot Vir that Dr.  Prem Sahay had invented – Mad Max has sent his goons to look out for any unusual happenings, as that would help them to find Vir in action  How will Vir  send Munnu to his Granny with the two on his tail and yet keep his secret is the question.

  • Bandar Shahar Ke Andar
    12 min 32 sec

    A Lot of Monkeys have come into Fursat Ganj, where they are troubling the citizens, stealing things, creating havoc. Infact One monkey has taken the jewelry box of Mrs.Chadha, Bunty‘s mother.  Vir promises Mrs. Chadha that he will get it back for her. He goes to the Monkey’s den, but the Monkey King refuses to part with it as he like it. He commands his monkeys brigade to attack Vir. A long fight ensues, where Vir’s skill is put to test – how to defeat the monkeys without hitting them even once. But he wins the day by tiring them out so much that they are forced to surrender.

  • Trouble In Plane
    12 min 52 sec

    Bunty and Imli’s family are coming back from a holiday but the aircraft is not able to land as the front wheel isn’t opening up. The news spreads on the ground. Vir, using the walkietalkie set which is part of his hand communicates with the pilot and instructs him to come as low as he can and then go back up. The pilot is confused but having no option does as Vir has told him to. As he comes down, Vir comes out of his hiding on the runway, jumps and using his magnetic powers sticks onto the plane. He then crawls to the front wheel and rectifies the jam. The Pilot can now land happily. Everyone wants to know how the problem got solved, but no one knows. As Vir mingles with the crowd Imli’s eyes catch Vir’s and she guesses it was him.

  • Horse Race
    12 min 20 sec

    Mr. Sinha’s horse and Mr. Chadha’s horse are all set to take part in a horse race where the first prize is five lakh rupees. Bunty comes galloping on his horse Tiger and collides into Mr. Sinha’s horse thus injuring him. Unable to now participate in the race, Mr. Sinha is sad as he had really wanted the money to repair his house before the rains. Bunty laughs tells him that even if his horse was not injured he couldn’t have won the race as no one defeats Tiger. Vir retorts that even his donkey Chulbul, can defeat Tiger. Peeved, Bunty‘s father says that he will give five lakh to Mr. Sinha if Chulbul wins. In spite of all the hurdles and Bunty cheating, Vir using his powers makes Chulbul the donkey wins. 

  • Chalak Chor
    15 min 3 sec

    The school Principal has announced that there is a thief in the school who is stealing things from the teacher’s lockers and taking away phones, money etc. He requests the students to help find the thief so they do not have to go to the police. Vir takes up the challenge and Bunty, not to be left behind, says he too will catch the thief. Both go about their plans. Bunty sets up a series of booby traps but unfortunately for him, thanks to Sajni’s antics, he keeps falling into his own traps and is soon covered in paint and flour etc. Just then Vir, suddenly sees through the walls with his robotic xray eyes and spots someone opening a teachers locker He runs to catch him but the thief escapes on a mo’bike. After a wild chase Vir somehow manages to catch him. The thief is none other a man of MadMax disguised as a peon of the school. However now the man has seen the special powers that Vir has For once, it is up to Sajni to save the day and  make him forget what he saw

  • Udney Waley Pankh - Part 2
    12 min 33 sec

    Despite the 2 spies Bunty and Mad –Max’s men, Vir, with his robotic powers, somehow manages to make those flying wings. He fixes the paddles like wings on Chulbul and takes him to the top of Qutub Minar to test the flying. Mad Max’s henchman, Timbaktoo  comes to witness this unusual phenomenon. Chulbul however is scared and refuses to fly. Vir then ropes in Sajni for help. But in the struggle, Chulbul hits Sajni, making him forget what he is doing . Chulbul slips and is, hanging precariously onto the ledge. A brick falls off and unwittingly, sets off a series of events that create complete mayhem and chaos in the market place, forcing Timbaktoo to run for his life too  Finally, Vir manages to reach  the top of Qutub Minar and flies Munnu safely to his grandmother.




Fiction, Kids & Family