Sadhguru - Yogi, Mystic, Visionary.....

Sadhguru - Yogi, Mystic, Visionary.....

We all want to understand the deeper meaning of life and find answers regarding love, relations, money, health, career etc. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev brings deep wisdom to all matters of life through his trademark wit and humor. Watch him respond to queries not just from his followers but also from well-known personalities including movie stars, union ministers and business leaders.

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35 Episodes
  1. WhyDo Couples Fall Out Of Love After Some Time?
    • 07:15
  2. Namaskar- Yoga For All
    • 02:59
  3. PinealGland: A Pleasure Far Bigger Than Sex - Sadhguru
    • 18:35
  4. TheImportance Of Death Rituals (Shradh) | Sadhguru
    • 09:37
  5. IntermittentFasting – Do It The Right Way
    • 09:10
  6. FocusingIn One Direction | Sadhguru
    • 06:36
  7. FightingYour Own Thoughts | Sadhguru
    • 03:56
  8. RaiseYourself Before You Raise Your Kids
    • 12:07
  9. MakeYourself A Solution, Not A Problem - IIT Delhi Students With Sadhguru,....
    • 04:25
  10. TheSimplest Way To A Healthy Life
    • 09:55
  11. HowTo Overcome Fear?
    • 01:47
  12. StopDigging Into The Past
    • 07:58
  13. Sadhguru- Stop Being Dead Serious About Life
    • 07:10
  14. InnerEngineering - Finding The Source Of Your Happiness
    • 04:48
  15. DoThis One Thing To Live Blissfully
    • 04:18
  16. Sadhguru:The Key To Success Pay Attention!
    • 10:58
  17. TroubledBy Fear? Just Change Your Channel! - Sadhguru
    • 04:18
  18. TakeCharge Of Your Mind And Emotions - Sadhguru
    • 04:43
  19. WhyGood People Won’t Get Anywhere | Sadhguru
    • 07:10
  20. LetThe Feminine Flow
    • 02:20
  21. NightOwl Or Early Bird: Which Is Better?
    • 10:31
  22. WhenDoes The Soul Enter The Body? - Prasoon Joshi Asks Sadhguru
    • 05:11
  23. StopLimiting Life's Possibility | Sadhguru
    • 13:53
  24. HowDo I Find My Soulmate?
    • 07:20
  25. WhatSeparates Leaders From Managers -​ ​Sadhguru At Wharton
    • 03:33
  26. ShambhaviMahamudra, A True Miracle - Sadhguru
    • 04:53
  27. SadhguruOn Marriage – Choosing Consciously
    • 04:31
  28. ArnabGoswami With Sadhguru - In Conversation With The Mystic @New Delhi 20....
    • 02:02:17
  29. WhatIs The Purpose Of Life? - Sadhguru
    • 13:04
  30. WereWe Really Created By God? - Sadhguru
    • 11:53
  31. WhyAm I Stressed? - Sadhguru On Stress
    • 07:02
  32. HowTo Deal With Relationships - Sadhguru
    • 10:48
  33. HowTo Control Anger - Sadhguru
    • 04:26
  34. 5Tips To Naturally Cleanse Your Body At Home – Sadhguru
    • 10:24
  35. RapidFire Round – Karan Johar With Sadhguru
    • 20:11

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Sadhguru - Yogi, Mystic, Visionary

We all want to understand the deeper meaning of life and find answers regarding love, relations, money, health, career etc. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev brings deep wisdom to all matters of life through his trademark wit and humor. Watch him respond to queries not just from his followers but also from well-known personalities including movie stars, union ministers and business leaders.

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