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Ramayan se Pahle | रामायण से पहले

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In this Podcast we are going to listen to the stories that have shaped the great epic Ramayan. The lineage of Paulastya, his ancestry, and his penance made the son of a revered sage into the darkest villain of the Hindu epics. The story of Ravan and Kumbhkaran and their conquests, the boons, and the curses everything that made the gatekeepers of Vishnu their arch nemesis.

  • Episode 3- राक्षसों का साम्राज्य | kingdom of demons
    6 min 26 sec

    After getting the city of Lanka which was as beautiful as Indra's Amaravati, the pride of the three sons of Sukesh started touching the sky. These three brothers, who had already made themselves very strong with the boon of Lord Brahma, were now considering themselves to be no less than Indra, being the masters of an excellent city like Lanka.

  • Episode 9 - Ravan and Kuber War | रावण और कुबेर युद्ध
    10 min 4 sec

    In the previous episode, we learned how Kuber, on the advice of his father, Rishi Vishrava, surrendered the kingdom of Lanka to his Step-brother Ravan and himself established a new kingdom at Alkapuri, near Mount Kailash. Tired of Ravana's cruelty, Kuber sent one of his messengers to Lanka. In this episode of 'Ramayana Se Pahle' podcast, we will know what Lankanaresh Dashanan did after listening to Kuber's message.

  • Episode 13 - Attack on Ayodhya | अयोध्या पर आक्रमण
    7 min 29 sec

    In the previous episode of the podcast, we heard how Ravana subdued King Marut's kingdom in Lanka. After conquering the kingdom of King Marut without any bloodshed, Ravana's arrogance increased further and he planned to subdue the entire earth. What happened when Ravana attacked Ayodhya and how this war predicted Ravana's annihilation, we will know in today's episode of the podcast Ramayan se Pahle.

  • Episode 17 - Rambha's Curse and Attack on Heaven | रम्भा का शाप और स्वर्ग पर आक्रमण
    8 min 24 sec

    In the previous episode, we learned how Meghnad pleased Bhagwan Shankar and obtained many divine weapons and an illusion called Tamasi from him. And how by marrying his sister Kumbhinasi to the Rakshas Raj Madhu, Ravana gained a powerful friend who could support him in the war. In today's part, we will know how the campaign started by Ravana to defeat the four Digpals, reached Devraj Indra. Apart from this, we will also know about the curse due to which Ravana could not touch Maata Sita even after kidnapping her.

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    1 min 30 sec

  • Episode 1- राक्षसों की उत्पत्ति | Origin of Rakshasas
    6 min 5 sec

    Listen to the story of Ravanas maternal ancestors, from Heti to Sumali. Also find out how Mahadev and Devi Paravati play an important role here.

  • Episode 4 - The fall of the demon empire |राक्षस साम्राज्य का पतन
    7 min 29 sec

    A few days had passed since the deities went to Vishnu. Sukesh had died and his eldest son Malyavan had ascended the throne of Lanka. When he learned that the gods and sages had conspired to kill him and his descendants with the help of Lord Vishnu, Mallyawan was furious.


    To know the complete story tune into this episode. 

  • Episode 6 - Birth of Dashanan and meeting with Kuber( दशानन का जन्म और कुबेर से भेट)
    9 min 31 sec

    After living in Patal for many years, Malyavan and Sumali were now remembering their old days spent in Lanka. The allure and opulence of Lanka was attracting him again and again. In such a situation, one day Sumali could not live and without caring for his life, he thought of coming once to see his beloved city of Lanka.

    What will happen next? tune into this episode to know the complete story. 

  • Episode 10 - Mahadev and Ravan | महादेव और रावण
    11 min 41 sec

    In the previous episode of the podcast, we heard how after destroying the army of Yakshas, Ravana defeated Kuber and forced him to flee. After the defeat of Kuber, Dashanan also snatched away the “Pushpak Vimana” given to Kuber by Brahmaji as a symbol of his victory and sitting on it, started moving in the sky with great pride. While traveling through the sky, Ravana's sight fell on Mount Kailash, more beautiful than heaven, then what happened next, we will know in today's episode of the podcast before Ramayana.

  • Episode 14 - Ravana-Yamraj War | रावण-यमराज युद्ध
    7 min 39 sec

    In the previous episode of the podcast, we learned how Devarshi Narad instigated Lankapati Ravana to fight Yamraj. He believed that apart from Mrityu himself, no one was capable of stopping the wicked Dashanan, hence Naradji was inculcating in his mind that after the attack on Yampuri, the destruction of Lankapati was inevitable! But what happened after all, let us know what happened when Ravana attacked Yamalok!

  • Episode 16 - Meghnad's Yagya | मेघनाद का यज्ञ
    7 min 35 sec

    In the previous episode of the series “Ramayan se Pahle”, we learned how Ravana along with his demonic army, Nagas and Nivatakavacha demons attacked the Varun Lok and defeated his sons and while returning from there to Lanka, he forcefully abducted many girls. Brought them with him to Lanka. Now we will know - what happened when Ravana came back to Lanka and faced his sister Surpanakha after killing his brother-in-law Vidyutjihva.

  • Diwali Special Episode
    6 min 35 sec

    इस एपिसोड में हम जानेंगे कि दीवाली के त्योहार के दौरान हम जो भी रीति और रस्में मनाते हैं उनके पीछे क्या पौराणिक महत्व है।

  • Episode 2- लंका नगरी | The City of Lanka
    5 min 32 sec

    In this episode we will know how the golden city of Lanka was constructed and how did it come under the rule of Rakshasas.

  • Episode 5 - Vaishravan Kuber | वैश्रवण कुबेर
    8 min 37 sec

    In our last episode, we learned how Malyavan and Sumali along with their sons and other remaining demons fled and hid in Patal Lok after Mali was killed by Lord Vishnu in the Devsur battle between Sukesh's sons and Devraj Indra. 

    In today's episode, we will know who became the master of the golden city of Lanka after Sukesh's sons ran away from Lanka.

  • Episode 7 - Dashanan's penance and Rule over Lanka | दशानन की तपस्या और लंका अधिकार
    7 min 28 sec

    In the sixth episode, we learned how after meeting his step-brother Kuber, his mother Kaikesi instilled in Dasgriva the idea of becoming even more glorious than him. What Dasgriva did for him and how he established his dominance over Lanka, we will know in this episode of ‘Ramayana se Pahle’ podcast.

  • Episode 8 - Ravan's Marriage | रावण का विवाह
    7 min 28 sec

    Till now we have learned how the Rakshas empire started and how Sumali's grandson Dasgriva removed his step brother Kuber from the throne of Lanka and re-established Rakshas rule there. What did Lanka King Dashanan do after establishing his dominance over Lanka, we will know in this episode of 'Ramayan se Pahle' podcast.

  • Episode 11 - Vedvati's Curse | वेदवती का शाप
    6 min 59 sec

    In the previous episode of the podcast, we heard how after atoning for the insult of Mahadev, after receiving blessings from him, Ravana's ego increased further and he started considering himself greater than Indra. In today's episode, we will learn about an important character who initiated the great battle of Ramayana. The story of a sadhvi whose flame of insult burnt Ravana's lineage. After all, who was this Sadhvi and how was her connection with Ramayana, let us know in today's episode of the podcast 'Ramayana se pahle'.

  • Episode 12 - King Marut's Yagya | राजा मरुत का यज्ञ
    8 min 59 sec

    In the previous episode of the podcast, we heard how Ravana had to face the curse of that ascetic due to his attempt to forcibly abduct Vedavati. But Ravana, intoxicated with the pride of his power, did not feel any remorse due to his curse and got busy in establishing his dominance over Trilok. With this objective in mind, he attacked the yagya of King Marut. We will know what happened in that Yagya in today's episode of the podcast Ramayan se Pahle.

  • Episode 15 - Ravan and Varun Dev's Sons | रावण और वरुण देव के पुत्र
    7 min 48 sec

    In the previous episode of the podcast, we learned how Ravana, instigated by Devarshi Narad, attacked Yamlok and fought with Yamraj. This war, which lasted for several days, finally ended after the mediation of Brahma Ji. Now, after defeating Kuber and Yama, the king of Lanka, who had vowed to defeat the four Lokpals, set out towards the abyss to fight with the third Lokpal Varun Dev. Let us know what happened when Ravana had the audacity to attack Varun Dev's world.




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