Postcards From Nowhere

Postcards From Nowhere

Author: IVM Podcasts

Postcards from Nowhere is a travel podcast that takes you on journeys exploring culture, history, food and people in the form of stories. With over a decade of travel stories in his kitty, Utsav Mamoria narrates the stories of the strange, obscure and fascinating things about the world, often interspersed with practical tips and deep realizations, which would shape the way you travel. Tune in to the new episode every Thursday.

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52 Episodes
  1. Ep.00: Introduction To Postcards From Nowhere
    • 01:34
  2. Ep.01: What Is Slow Travel
    • 07:16
  3. Ep.02: Jijivisha
    • 08:14
  4. Ep.03: Curating Your Travel
    • 07:12
  5. Ep.04: Solo Travel- Is It For You?
    • 08:48
  6. Ep.05: Art Doesn’t Have To Be Boring
    • 07:15
  7. Ep.06: Kalaripayattu
    • 07:07
  8. Ep.07: Couchsurfing And Humanity
    • 05:59
  9. Ep.08: Chinese Tourists And Empathy
    • 08:33
  10. Ep.09: Shifting Your Gaze
    • 07:10
  11. Ep.10:Bury Your Cynicism
    • 08:39
  12. Ep.11: Happiness Vs. Satisfaction
    • 06:19
  13. Ep.12: Monk And Mental Knots
    • 07:06
  14. Ep.13: Beauty Of Uzbekistan & The Geometry Box
    • 06:25
  15. Ep.14: Melons Of Samarkand
    • 06:38
  16. Ep.15: Vincent Van Gogh And Uzbekistan
    • 07:13
  17. Ep.16: Secrets Of Doors
    • 06:29
  18. Ep.17: Train Journeys And Humanity - Part 1
    • 07:34
  19. Ep.18: Train Journeys And Humanity - Part 2
    • 06:14
  20. Ep.19: World's Most Popular Snack
    • 07:27
  21. Ep20: Dark Truth About Indian Food
    • 06:14
  22. Ep.21: Caste, Class & Glass
    • 06:15
  23. Ep.22: The Story Of Two Bengals
    • 08:55
  24. Ep.23: The Beloved Udupi Joint
    • 08:03
  25. Ep.24: Chai: Colonising The Colonisers
    • 08:03
  26. Ep.25: India's Widow Cuisine
    • 07:35
  27. Ep.26: Cuisine You've Never Tasted
    • 06:56
  28. Ep.27: World's Most Visited Necropolis
    • 07:53
  29. Ep.28: The Impossible Dome
    • 06:48
  30. Ep.29: Sunlight - Europe Vs Asia
    • 08:27
  31. Ep.30: The Last Of The Good Times?
    • 08:04
  32. Ep.31: Entire World In A Room
    • 07:43
  33. Ep.32: Walking: An Act Of Resistance
    • 06:52
  34. Ep.33: Finding Our Kollektivschuld
    • 06:54
  35. Ep.34: Citrus, Science And The Sicilan Mafia
    • 08:19
  36. Ep.35: Naples, Grit And Hemingway
    • 08:35
  37. Ep.36: The War That Never Ended
    • 08:34
  38. Ep.37: Galileo, The Divider And Memory
    • 07:46
  39. Ep.38: Amalfi, Cairns And Pilgrimage
    • 08:19
  40. Ep.39: Icebergs, Relativity And Revenge
    • 08:10
  41. Ep.40: The Secret Museum Of China
    • 08:32
  42. Ep.41: The China Marriage Market
    • 08:45
  43. Ep.42: The Ghost Cities
    • 08:04
  44. Ep.43: The Ant Tribe
    • 08:46
  45. Ep.44: The Evil Cult China Bans
    • 07:48
  46. Ep.45: The Revolution Is A Dinner Party
    • 08:18
  47. Ep.46: Miànzi And Girlfriend For Rent
    • 08:08
  48. Ep.47: The Mistress Dispellers
    • 08:35
  49. Ep.48: Gastronationalism - Romancing Potatoes
    • 09:00
  50. Ep.49: The China Chilli Love Affair
    • 08:47
  51. Ep.50: Why We Travel Feat. Utsav, Ayushi And Rytasha
    • 50:36
  52. Ep.51: North Sikkim - The Trip That Wasn't?
    • 08:40

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