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Panchatantra for Grown-ups | पंचतंत्र Hindi Funny Stories

U/A 7+ • Comedy • Fiction

Reimagining childrens stories for grownups. Take the content in good spirits and enjoy the podcast :  The content is clean and does not have any offensive language.  Panchtantra for Adults पंचतंत्र Hindi Funny Stories Comedy Podcast Comedy Show Not a Standup Comedy 

  • S1 E1 Inception Baba
    1 min 58 sec

    Story of Inception Baba and his crazy dream.

  • S1 E2 Blue Fox
    2 min 50 sec

    Story of how a hungry fox became the king of the jungle, and what happened thereafter. 

  • S1 E3 Bakarbaaz Kachua
    2 min 45 sec

    Story of tortoise who talked a lot, his two gullible friends, and a Khunkaar Shikari




Comedy, Fiction