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Onmanoramas awardwinning podcast News BrakeAn Explainer Podcast hosted by Haritha Benjamin gives you an indepth analysis of the current news topics in a clutter free manner. Follow us to understand news beyond the headlines.

  • What will happen to the students who came from Ukraine? | News Brake Episode – 13
    5 min 40 sec

    Ukraine has been a popular destination for Indians to study medicine. For a six year MBBS course, Indians pay around 35,000 dollars which is roughly 27 lakh rupees. Whereas the same at a private medical college in India will cost 1 crore rupees or even higher if they enroll under the management quota.

  • NSE, a 'Himalayan Yogi' and the fall of Chitra Ramkrishna | News Brake Episode -12
    9 min 44 sec

    Investigation by the Securities and Exchange Board of India have shown that former NSE MD and CEO Chitra Ramkrishna had been sharing confidential details with an unknown person.

  • News Brake Episode – 5: How safe are the COVID-19 vaccines?
    4 min 14 sec

    In this era of breaking news flashing all over, at News Brake we want to take a pause and present the news to you from all angles. Hence, we apply brakes on the busy lane and take a look at how Covaxin and Covishield vaccines will be made available and its safety concerns.Producer: Ajish Jimmy GeorgeEdits: Alex Pappachan

  • News Brake Episode – 2: Death, sexual abuse of Walayar sisters
    9 min 15 sec

    In this era of breaking news flashing all over, at News Brake we want to take a pause and present the news to you from all angles. Hence, we apply brakes on the busy lane and bring to you in our second episode the details about an alleged sexual abuse and subsequent murders of two young girls.The gruesome deaths of the two girls in Walayar and the shoddy investigation that led to acquittal of the accused have shaken the conscience of Kerala society.

  • Heatwaves & Rains: All about India's erratic climatic patterns | News Brake Ep 23
    9 min 39 sec

    Heatwaves in the North and heavy rainfall ahead of advancing monsoon in the South has thrown India into a cauldron of weather extremes. Weather scientist Dr S Abhilash joins this weeks News Brake  to look at the tempest called climate change brewing in the country.

  • Are women safe in film industry? All about Hema Commission | News Brake Episode 21
    13 min 8 sec

    The 2017 sexual assault against a popular Malayalam actor, the recent MeToo allegations against actorproducer Vijay Babu etc show that Mollywood is not the sanctum sanctorum associations like AMMA and FEFKA portray it to be. The Hema Commission report on the issues faced by women in Malayalam Film Industry was submitted to the Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in December 2019, but it still hasnt seen the light of day.

  • Society, movies or peers: Who is to blame for crimes by jilted lovers, stalkers?
    10 min 25 sec

    Crimes committed by a lover either out of revenge for being dumped, or to realise unrequited love, are now being classified as jilted lover syndrome.

  • How tokenisation will keep your data secure for online transactions | Ep 35
    8 min 40 sec

    Online players will have to delete any credit and debit card data stored on their platforms by September 30. News Brake examines how the new token system works during an online transaction.

  • All about anti-rabies vaccine and its efficacy | Ep 34
    16 min 28 sec

    Dr. Aravindan KP, the Medical Director of Micro Health Laboratories, Kozhikode and Dr. Presoon Kuruvilla, Consultant Physician at Caritas Hospital join News Brake discussion on rising number of rabies cases in Kerala and the efficacy of the vaccine.

  • Burnout, quiet quitting and GenZ- an Indian perspective | News Brake Ep 33
    13 min 29 sec

    A new phrase has captured the fancy of working netizens in the past few weeks – quiet quitting. Lets listen to what professionals from India have to say on the matter.

  • The rising greenback and the volatile Rupee | News Brake Ep 31
    4 min 49 sec

    What are the primary reasons for the depreciation of the Indian Rupee Listen to the latest episode of News Brake to find out.

  • How UPI transactions will be charged from April 1 | Ep 59
    6 min 26 sec

    Interchange fee on UPI transactions

  • News Brake Episode - 8: What is Omicron and why should we care?
    4 min 41 sec

    The scientific community is worried that Omicron could fuel an outbreak in several countries and cripple health systems once again.

  • Is Indian Constitution anti-working class? All about Saji Cheriyan controversy | News Brake Ep 29
    9 min 3 sec

    Are the basic principles outlined by the Indian Constitution being protected today Former MP and constitutional expert Sebastian Paul speaks to Onmanorama about the latest controversy courted by former Kerala Minister Saji Cheriyan. 

  • Of Vava Suresh and the right way to rescue snakes | News Brake Episode -10
    8 min 2 sec

    At News Brake we want to apply brakes on the busy lane of breaking news and present the news to you in a more useful and detailed manner.

  • Tale of two nuns: Strange coincidences of Abhaya and Kuravilangad nun trials | News Brake Ep 9
    14 min 46 sec

    The Sister Abhaya murder case and the alleged abuse of a nun of the Missionaries of Jesus congregation have many things in common. Onmanorama producer Ajish Jimmy George tries to find out what they are. Tune in

  • News Brake Episode – 6: Why Kerala is a hub of gold smuggling?
    10 min 43 sec

    In this era of breaking news flashing all over, at News Brake we want to take a pause and present the news to you from all angles.A year after the gold smuggling through diplomatic channel was busted at Trivandrum International Airport, we look at why the yellow metal continues to charm the smugglers.Producer: Ajish Jimmy GeorgeEdits: Alex Pappachan

  • News Brake Episode – 3: Ayodhya verdict explained
    7 min 41 sec

    In this era of breaking news flashing all over, at News Brake we want to take a pause and present the news to you from all angles. Hence, we apply brakes on the busy lane and explain the Supreme Courts Ayodhya verdict in our third episode.On November 9, the Supreme Court cleared the way for the construction of a Ram Temple at Ayodhya. It ordered that a temple should be built in the place where a mosque stood till 1992 and was razed by Sangh Parivar mob. The verdict was unanimous. All five judges agreed to it. The court also directed the Centre to allot a 5acre plot for building a mosque at another location.

  • Why hybrid work places are India Inc's new favourite | News Brake p 37
    9 min 12 sec

    When COVID19 and the pandemicinduced protocols eased their firm grip on individuals and their lifestyles, businesses were left scrambling to piece together a flexible workplace. The hybrid work culture is a compromised model of work to incorporate the benefits of both worlds. 

  • What led to PFI's ban in India? | News Brake Ep 36
    7 min 17 sec

    The Central government has banned the Popular Front of India and eight of its affiliated outfits under the anti terror law Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. Lets look at its implications.

  • Agnipath Scheme: The Good, Bad & Ugly | News Brake Ep 27
    13 min 24 sec

    The protestors against the Agnipath scheme have cited two reasons for their agitation: job security and pension. In todays episode, we have with us Colonel S Dinny retd and former Air Force Pilot Vishnu Unnithan to provide clarity on the new recruitment scheme.

  • The 'Technoking of Tesla' descends on Twitter | News Brake Episode 20
    17 min 42 sec

    The worlds richest man bought the worlds most popular social media tool, sending both the real and virtual world into a frenzy. Listen to the latest episode of News Brake and find out all about the hottest deal on Earth right now, the Twitter Takeover.

  • How the Pakistan economy played a role in the fall of Imran Khan
    9 min 9 sec

    Soaring inflation, devaluation of currency, massive external debt and corruption Pakistan economy is mired in chaos. Economic crisis is a key reason for the fall of Imran Khan as Pak PM and the rise of Shehbaz Sharif to helm of the country.

  • Why the Sri Lankan economy is struggling to stay afloat | News Brake Episode 16
    7 min 3 sec

    Sri Lanka is struggling to tide over the massive shortage of essential items brought about by an unprecedented economic crisis.

  • SilverLine: Concept, expectations and issues | News Brake Episode - 14
    9 min 23 sec

    Silverline is a semi highspeed railway project, proposed by the Pinarayi Vijayanled left government, which will connect Thiruvananthapuram in the south to Kasaragod in the north in under four hours. Intrigued Find out all about the ambitious project in this episode of News Brake.

  • Why is there a conflict in Ukraine and what is its impact on India | News Brake Episode – 11
    8 min 35 sec

    Russian forces launched a fullscale invasion of Ukraine that opened with air and missile strikes on a massive scale after days of diplomatic efforts by many leaders to prevent a war. You know how we deal with news in News Brake, so lets take a look at the past and understand whats happening now.Source of images used for creating cover illustration:Photo of Volodymyr Zelensky: Reuters/Stephanie Lecocq/PoolPhoto of Vladimir Putin: AFP

  • News Brake Episode -7: What's all the buzz about Mullaperiyar dam?
    8 min 43 sec

    Social media is once again rife with concerns over the 126yearold Mullaperiyar dam. In this episode lets get know the issue better.Producer: Ajish Jimmy GeorgeEdits: Alex Pappachan

  • News Brake Episode – 1: Why Maradu flats are being razed
    6 min 56 sec

    In this era of breaking news flashing all over, at News Brake we want to take a pause and present the news to you from all angles.Hence, we apply brakes on the busy lane and bring to you in our first episode the issue of Maradu flats.

  • News Brake Episode - 4: Farm Bills explained
    6 min 51 sec

    Farmers have been protesting against these bills, alleging that the legislations will dismantle the existing system and leave them to the mercy of corporate interests.Whereas, the central government claims that these legislations will liberalise the farm markets and raise the farmers income.Edits: Alex PappachanProducer: Ajish Jimmy George

  • Maharashtra Fiasco & the Toothless Anti-defection law | News Brake Ep 28
    7 min 8 sec

    What is the point of an antidefection law if it cannot prevent horsetrading or warrant a stable government What is the point of an antidefection law if it allows MLAs to switch sides and get elected  after disqualification

  • The Right to Protest in the Land of Black & Bulldozers | News Brake Ep 26
    8 min 36 sec

    The very essence of democracy is the right to have an alternate opinion. The right to peacefully protest, subject to restrictions, is an essential part of the fundamental right to free speech and the right to assemble. But the bulldozer politics in UP, police action against agitators in black in Kerala show that governments are becoming less and less tolerant towards protests.

  • From investment banker to British PM: All about Rishi Sunak | Ep 40
    8 min 35 sec

    Rishi Sunak is on course to enter 10 Downing Street to become the youngest and first Indianorigin British prime minister. Heres all you need to know about the investment bankerturnedpolitician.

  • Menstrual hygiene: Why 50% Indian women still use cloth | Ep 39
    16 min 24 sec

    An analysis of the National Family Health Survey NFHS for 201921 by IndiaStat has revealed some surprising statistics 50 of women aged between 15 and 24 years still use cloth for menstrual protection. Onmanorama catches up with Dr Winny, the Senior Consultant at Baby Memorial Hospital Kozhikode and a few of its women journalists to know how menstrual hygiene has evolved in India in the recent past.

  • Elanthoor Double Human Sacrifice: Can Kerala's proposed anti-superstition bill fight black magic? | News Brake Ep - 38
    15 min 48 sec

    In this Episode, Deepa Soman discusses the various aspects of the Elanthoor double human sacrifice case, how Kerala has been trying to fashion a legal process to tackle black magic and superstitions and more with colleagues Ayyappan R and G Ragesh. 

  • Is the Jahangirpuri demolition legally tenable?
    9 min 13 sec

    Demolishing encroachments is nothing out of the ordinary in a densely populated country like India. What was out of the ordinary was the stealthy, hurried manner in which the Jahangirpuri demolition was done, just days after a communal clash in the same area.

  • To speak or not to speak: All about the Hindi language controversy | News Brake Episode 18
    11 min 58 sec

    Language is the new hot topic in town and politicians, celebrities and twitterati are going berserk about the issue. News Brake takes a look at the controversy, its history and the direction in which it is headed.

  • Kovalam-Bekal Waterway: A feasible dream buried under SilverLine? | News Brake Episode - 15
    4 min 22 sec

    Even as the Kerala government is chugging ahead with the highly ambitious SilverLine project, another lessexpensive but equallyambitious project the proposed KovalamBekal waterway is huffing and puffing like a snailpaced steamboat. Find out more about this waterway project on this episode of News Brake.

  • The Silicon Valley Bank fallout & the global domino effect | Ep 57
    35 min 42 sec

    Silicon Valley Bank collapse

  • How women suffer gross injustice under Muslim inheritance law – A Women's Day Special | Ep 56
    36 min 47 sec

    Muslim inheritance law

  • How Nitish Kumar stayed ahead of the game in Bihar | News Brake Ep 32
    4 min 41 sec

    Nitish Kumar was sworn in Bihar Chief Minister for the eighth time on Wednesday, proving once again that he is a master of the art of changing governments.

  • Who is Draupadi Murmu? | News Brake Ep 30
    5 min 55 sec

    Draupadi Murmu is slated to become the first ever tribal President of India. And heres all you need to know about her.

  • Prophet Muhammad row & India's diplomatic woes | News Brake Ep 25
    6 min 52 sec

    Communal tensions aside, Indias trade allies from the Far West to the Middle East are furious about the controversial remarks about Prophet Muhammad made by Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal.

  • Of Transgender Politics, Reservation & Change | News Brake Ep 24
    6 min 14 sec

    Transwomen Nadira Mehrin and Laya Maria Jaison were chosen as All India Students Federations AISF vice president and DYFI State Committee member respectively last month. Onmanorama journalist Deepa Soman, who interviewed the duo, speaks to NewsBrake about their journey and challenges.

  • Congress, Chintan Shivir & Change | News Brake Ep 22
    8 min 19 sec

    Will the Congress party be able to reinvent itself, reconnect to the masses and emerge as a formidable challenge to the incumbent ruling party In this episode of News Brake, we discuss the recent brainstorming session of the party in Udaipur Chintan Shivir.




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