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Marketing Connect

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Powered By EPIC ON. We get up close and personal to some of the most celebrated marketers in the country. We understand from them the method and the madness behind how they look at marketing as a discipline and what it takes to succeed as a marketer in this day and age. In the first season of Marketing Connect Podcast, we speak to marketers from businesses ranging from real estate to fashion to content to food to retail, and a lot more These marketers manage some of the largest brands in the country today

  • Ep 1. Sanjay Mehta, Mirum
    1 hr 12 min 49 sec

    In the very first episode of the Marketing Connect podcast, we speak to Sanjay Mehta, the cofounder, and jointCEO at Mirum India, one of the largest digital agencies in the country. Listen in as Sanjay talks about his journey as an entrepreneur and his thesis on how the business of marketing ought to be

  • Ep 2. Srinivas Adapa, Burger King
    39 min 26 sec

    In this episode of Marketing Connect, we make Srinivas Adapa of Burger King sell a dietconscious host some burgers fries for a meal Oh, did we tell you that the host is on a nocarbs, nooil diet Find out what did Srini do the selling

  • Ep 8. Rahul Mishra, Shemaroo Entertainment
    1 hr 21 min 57 sec

    In this episode, we speak with Rahul Mishra of Shemaroo Entertainment about how his team is revitalizing a decadesold brand And how they are expanding the business into a seemingly unrelated category like food

  • Ep 11. Jasleen Kaur Gumber, Benetton Group
    47 min 39 sec

    In this episode, we talk to Jasleen Kaur Gumber from the Benetton Group about what it takes to market to the most elusive bunch of audiences ever youth

  • Ep 2. Anupam Gurani, Lead
    1 hr 2 min 7 sec

    In this episode, we talk with Anupam Gurani, CMO, Lead. In his 17 years of extensive professional experience, he has worked with companies from FMCG to tech to the education industry. He talks about the importance of brand and how rebranding Lead School has led to expanding its impact in transforming Indian schools.

  • Ep 1. Rohit Kaul, HCL
    59 min 37 sec

    S02E01 We have Rohit Kaul of HCL who talks to us about the importance behavioural sciences hold in the marketing domain and how one can venture into this discipline.

  • Ep 4. Divya Rao, Sony.
    39 min 47 sec

    Divya Roa has spent more than 20 years at Sony Electronics in India. We talk to her to understand what has kept her going steady at the consumer electronics giant for all these years when almost everyone around us seems to be jumping the gun at the drop of the hat

  • Ep 5. Ritesh Ghosal, Croma
    47 min 59 sec

    Our guest host, Ketan Mohile, speaks with Ritesh Ghosal of Croma about what does it mean to be a marketer in 2020. And how the business of omnichannel retail would get impacted as a result of the COVID19 crisis.Ritesh leaves us with a storeload of insights. And with a magic mantra to look up to, as we get settled in a new normal

  • Ep 9. Prasun Kumar,
    1 hr 16 min 14 sec

    On this episode, we speak to Prasun Kumar about what it takes to market a business like where customers look for information and content online and then go visit the physical spaces to complete their journey

  • Ep 12. Vivek Sharma, Pidilite
    1 hr 10 min 8 sec

    In the first seasons finale, we speak with one of the most accomplished marketers in the country Vivek Sharma of Pidilite. Vivek talks to us about his career spanning more than 30 years and his experience at both the agency and the clientside

  • Ep 4. Sandy Mallik, PTC
    43 min 51 sec

    In this episode, we venture into the world of AR/VR with Sandy Mallik, who heads Marketing for PTC in the UK and Nordic region. Here, he busts typical myths about AR/VR technology, how it can be implemented in the postcovid world and why one must opt for technology marketing as a career.

  • Ep 5. Piali Dasgupta, Columbia Pacific Communities
    52 min 34 sec

    In this episode, we talk with Piali Dasgupta, Senior Vice President Marketing, Columbia Pacific Communities, where she talks about her professional journey to being a successful marketer. She, apart from explaining how things work at Columbia Pacific, also explains why a fullfledged marketing/business degree is not required to flourish in this field.

  • Ep 3. Arvind RP, McDonald’s
    1 hr 5 min 3 sec

    In this episode of Marketing Connect, Arvind RP of McDonald’s India talks about whipping happiness, burgers, smiles, safety, and a lot more

  • Ep 6. Ruchika Varma, Future Generali
    1 hr 4 min 24 sec

    In what our editors voted as the most fun conversation on Marketing Connect, we speak to Ruchika Varma about what does it to take create marketing campaigns that work. And that too when you are all of three months old into the system. And the entire country is under a strict lockdownListen in

  • Ep 7. Manav Sethi
    38 min 38 sec

    Manav Sethi, formerly of Eros talks about his journey as an intrapreneur, entrepreneur and marketer and how hes always stayed ahead of the curve.When this episode was recorded, Manav was with Eros. He has since moved to Octro.

  • Ep 10. Prachi Mohapatra, FBB
    1 hr 30 min 57 sec

    In this episode, we sit down with Prachi Mohapatra of FBB as she spills the beans on how FBB the fashion arm of the ubiquitous Future Group literally created a new category, purely on the back of a great marketing campaign

  • Ep 3. Tanveer Khan, BIC Cello
    1 hr 2 min 35 sec

    In this episode, we talk with Tanveer Khan, Director Marketing, BIC, where he shares interesting anecdotes from his professional journey – from a fresh marketing graduate to leading a marketing function. He also guides young graduates and marketing professionals to focus more on learning and skill development rather than chasing designations.