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Wo Kaun Thi with Isha Bhatia Sanan

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Listen to stories about women who dared to dream. In a unique audio book format Isha narrates some emotional stories of women achievers who have changed this world forever. Each episode is a touching story of an incredible woman who gathered the guts to do something for the first time. 

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  • One who drove the world’s first ever car | Bertha Benz
    16 min 55 sec

    Back in 1888 in Germany, Bertha Benz did something totally epic. Berthas husband, Karl Benz, had built the worlds first car. But he never managed to take it out. So, without telling her husband, Bertha took his invention, the Benz PatentMotorwagen, on a wild road trip. Along with her two sons, she set out for her mother’s place. This journey made history and shaped the future of automobiles.

  • Wo Kaun Thi - Trailer

    Listen to stories about women who dared to dream. In a unique audio book format Isha narrates some emotional stories of women achievers who have changed this world forever. Each episode is a touching story of an incredible woman who gathered the guts to do something for the first time. 

  • One who changed the fashion world | Coco Chanel 
    19 min 34 sec

    Her iconic creations, like the little black dress, the Chanel suit, and the timeless Chanel No. 5 perfume, became symbols of everlasting elegance and sophistication. By defying conventions, Coco Chanel liberated women from the constraints of corsets, introducing comfortable yet effortlessly chic clothing. Her remarkable legacy continues to shape the fashion industry. 

  • One who was lynched in 17th century for being a scholar | Hypatia 
    18 min 43 sec

    This is the story of Hypatia, a brilliant woman who lived in ancient Greece during the 5th century. She was brutally killed because she was a lone woman in a mans world, excelling in the fields of science, mathematics, and philosophy. This tale may be 1600 years old, but it feels just as relevant today. 

  • One whose diary was published in 70 languages | Anne Frank 
    19 min 18 sec

    Do you ever wonder how much a 14yearold truly comprehends about the world If you delve into Anne Franks diary and explore its contents, youll be astounded by her profound understanding of emotions and the complexities of life. Despite being at an age where boys and girls are often disregarded as naive, Anne Frank had a remarkable grasp on these aspects. This is the captivating tale of a Jewish girl who, during the Nazi era, found herself compelled to conceal with her family. 

  • One who dared to become India's first female teacher | Savitribai Phule 
    17 min 19 sec

    Since childhood, we have witnessed women predominantly in the roles of teachers and nurses. As a result, these professions have often been seen as exclusively for women. However, this wasnt always the case. A hundred years ago in India, when Savitribai Phule dared to become the first female teacher, she was thrown out of her house.  This is the story of a woman who empowered girls and taught them to carve their own path in the Indian society. 

  • One who became famous for painting her own pain | Frida Kahlo 
    17 min 10 sec

    At just six years old, she was struck by polio. At eighteen, she met with a devastating car accident. Her spine fractured in multiple places, shoulders displaced, collarbone, ribs, and pelvis shattered. After marriage, she experienced recurring miscarriages. Then, at fortythree, she had to undergo a leg amputation due to gangrene. Yet, Frida Kahlo stayed strong and depicted all her pain in her powerful paintings. 

  • One who wrote the world' first ever computer programme | Ada Lovelace 
    14 min 56 sec

    Theres a common notion that boys are better than girls in math and computer programming. Because of this, when people buy gifts for girls, they often dont consider things like computers, video games, or robots. But did you know that the worlds first computer programmer was a girl Ada Lovelace wrote computer programs a hundred years before computers became popular. 

  • One who gave Montessori education system to the world | Maria Montessori 
    17 min 9 sec

    Youve probably heard the term Montessori used in relation to schools. But do you know what it really means How do Montessori schools stand apart from others Where did this term originate from Today, lets travel to Italy to uncover the answers and get to know the remarkable woman behind it all. 

  • One who was killed for her revolutionary ideas | Rosa Luxemburg  
    15 min 4 sec

    She was a Marxist, but she didnt agree with Lenins ideology. She openly opposed Lenin, but never let any disrespect come towards him. She was born in Poland, studied in Switzerland, worked as a journalist in Germany, and was known as a revolutionary figure all over the world. Today, we delve into the story of Rosa Luxemburg. 

  • One who hoisted the Indian flag on foreign soil for the first time | Bhikaji Cama 
    13 min 33 sec

    Lets go back to the year 1907, forty years before India achieved independence. In an era when it was challenging to raise the Indian flag within the country, a brave Parsi woman took the initiative to unfurl the flag on foreign soil. This is the story of Madame Bhikaji Cama, who fearlessly hoisted the Indian flag for the first time during an international conference held in the city of Stuttgart, Germany. 

  • One who received the Nobel prize twice | Marie Curie 
    23 min 15 sec

    She had to wait for eight long years to get admission to the university. She didnt have a proper laboratory to conduct experiments with dangerous chemicals. She explained the world about radioactivity. However, she fearlessly tested radioactive chemicals with her bare hands. This is the story of that woman who received the Nobel Prize twice, in two different fields: physics and chemistry. 

  • One who came to be known as the lady with the lamp | Florence Nightingale 
    14 min 41 sec

    To bring joy to her parents, she agreed to the engagement, but after seven years, she ended it for her own happiness. While valuing the honor of her family, she kept her dreams hidden, but when she mustered the courage to pursue them, she earned immense respect in her country and the world over. Todays story is about Florence Nightingale, the first nurse in the world. 

  • One who inspired women to become nurses | Florence Nightingale 
    17 min 7 sec

    Ever wondered why most nurses are women Nursing, a profession commonly associated with women, was not originally designed for them. They took it upon themselves, just like Florence Nightingale did. While she is often remembered as the lady with the lamp or the worlds first professional nurse, her contributions go far beyond that. Thanks to Nightingales efforts, Indian nurses are now recognized worldwide. 

  • One who married two of her brothers | Cleopatra 
    19 min 26 sec

    You might have heard that Cleopatra bathed in milk and honey and spent all day in front of the mirror. What if I told you that none of this is true Cleopatra was a highly educated woman. She had excellent knowledge of religions, economics, politics, history, and law. She ruled ancient Egypt for more than two decades, first with her father, then with her brother, and later with her son. 

  • One who ruled Britain for 70 years | Queen Elizabeth II 
    14 min 57 sec

    Once upon a time, there was a princess named Elizabeth, who fell in love with a Prince named Philip. But heres the catch: Philip had some German connections, and that didnt sit well with Elizabeths family. But guess what Love doesnt care about family drama. Elizabeth and Philip stayed tight, defying the odds, and believing in their love conquering all. Heres a reallife fairy tale. Take a listen.  

  • One who disappeared mysteriously in the air | Amelia Earhart  
    20 min 24 sec

    She was the worlds first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She wanted to set record after record, driven by her desire for achievement. It was on her final flight, however, that things took a tragic turn. Her plane crashed, and neither the wreckage nor Amelias body were ever found. For the past 85 years, researchers worldwide have been trying to uncover the truth of what happened to her.








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