S02 E09: Mental Health & Kids Pt 2: Teenagers & High School

S02 E09: Mental Health & Kids Pt 2: Teenagers & High S ...

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As a parent, you should let your child deal with the consequences of academics and pay more attention to their emotions. This week, Zain and Avanti are joined by educator, Gaya Lobo Gajiwala to talk about the mental health of teenagers high school kids. In this conversation, Gaya explains that kids should focus more on starting a given task rather than waiting and trying to perfect it. She also talks about how the cliche of getting out of your comfort zone to feel better isnt always the most viable option. Tune in. You can follow the Marbles Lost Found Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/marbleslostandfound/ Note: The Marbles Lost Found team strongly recommends seeking professional mental health treatment to anyone who feels they might need it. You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: https://ivm.today/android or iOS: https://ivm.today/ios, or any other podcast app. Check out our website at http://www.ivmpodcasts.com/

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