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Make You Happen

U/A 13+ • Education • Society & Culture • Religion & Spirituality

Sanjay Desai is an Author, Serial Tech Entrepreneur, Emergent Human Design Coach and the Founder of ConsciousLeap. An exCiti banker turned entrepreneur, Sanjay is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and a Chartered Accountant. His 30 year career spans Banking, Technology, Analytics and now, ConsciousLeap a Life Skills learning platform. Sanjay has incubated many startups since 2000. Notably, he has cofounded Aurionpro with a 500cr in turnover and Kairoleaf Analytics. Built on the mission to help people chart their unique path to greater personal fulfilment, through self awareness, ConsciousLeap’s elearning products are designed to selfempower a global audience through online multimedia technology. Triggered from his own personal life experiences, Sanjay was inspired to explore a path to personal fulfillment that could bridge the chasm between materialism and spirituality. In an increasingly VUCA driven world he sensed an imperative need to address the issues of managing hurdles, and sustaining motivation, drive and wellbeing, in the path to achieve success. This led to the foundation of the Make YOU Happen MYH Framework that is now delivered through India’s leading Life Skills coaches, powered through ConsciousLeap’s learning platform offerings. Through this podcast, Sanjay brings to you the learning from his experiences as he weaves together self awareness, personal fulfillment and material success, to help you understand How to ‘Make YOU Happen’.

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  • Are we programmed through our subconscious tendencies?
    17 min 13 sec

    Routine challenges, emotional reactions, residual memories easily lead us to laments, despair, and unwittingly trigger subconscious tendencies such as blame game or alpha behaviour advancing further vicious conditions. Is there any escape from such self sabotaging subconscious cycles, as we manifest our dreams Tune In to find out.

  • How our risk appetite and hurdle management become our hidden saboteurs?
    14 min 27 sec

    In this episode, Sanjay says, we take risks for entrepreneurship, but do we ever assess our risk appetite Does culture influence our risk taking ability He also shares how our journey engenders tendencies that cling to us as pressures, undermining our performance. Can we recreate a system to experience fulfilment in action Listen to find out.

  • Meeting my Life Master in a Himalayan Cave
    12 min 49 sec

    Sanjay Desai shares his story on how he was transformed from a city dweller to a spiritual believer when he met his life and spiritual coach, MA, in a completely unexpected place a Himalayan cave.

  • How do we keep building on shifting sands?
    17 min 29 sec

    Calling out on professional challenges through Failure, Cocreating in a changing world and Big shifts Sanjay talks about the external setbacks he faced as he progressed through his entrepreneurial journey and how they shaped his internal growth.  Moving away from the structured corporate life and managing inherent entrepreneurship challenges taught him to bounce back in the face of change. How does he manage to stay consistent in the face of external challenges How does one build on shifting sands Know more in this episode.  

  • Do we create our own reality?
    13 min

    Sanjay shares his delightful transformation from a conformist to an inquiring experiencer in life. His spiritual guide, Ma initially gave him a hard truth to accept we manifest our own intent. Discover how he experimented with the power of will and intent and the impact it has on real life in this insightful second episode.

  • A single step with purpose, a giant leap for me
    15 min 36 sec

    To experiment the power of will and intention, Sanjay stepped out of his comfort zone of working at a coveted mnc job and took the entrepreneurial plunge. He shares his rollercoaster entrepreneurial journey over 14 years and the lessons learnt along the way. Does he get closure with the bigger question that set him out on this journey Do we really possess the power to create our own reality Lets find out.

  • How can we embrace our inner hero archetype?
    15 min 28 sec

    Growing up, we have all had our hero figures to look up to whether in real life or through storytelling. If theres one common thread that stands out for our hero archetypes it is the grit and determination to stay the path to their purpose. How do we emulate this hero energy through the different facets of our lives How do we manage the unspoken personal challengesTune in to know more.




Education, Society & Culture, Religion & Spirituality