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LastRow Club

U/A 13+ • Education • Health & Fitness

Listen to LastRow Club episodes to learn how to sit back, relax, and enjoy this lifes journey by focusing more on your inner world rather than the external world. From solo or interactive sessions, each episode aims to empower and guide people with actionable strategies and tips for personal growth. If you are struggling with poor results, stress, worry, guilt or even a lowvibrating negative energy, tune in to get inspired to live this beautiful life with full of happiness and highvibrational energy

  • You’ll be sorry if you miss this step to your massive personal success
    22 min 10 sec

  • Here's what you need to know before working on your personal goals
    40 min 35 sec

  • You are so special & unique Brand!
    34 min 6 sec

  • Candid chat with my Spiritual & Wellness Guru Dr Rajesh Guruji from SSY
    1 hr 5 min 15 sec

  • Do you know what’s your 'Emotional Why’?
    29 min 13 sec

  • How a 'progressive mindset' helped me grow from slums of Mumbai to businesses in Dubai & Mumbai!
    26 min 35 sec

  • Why you need to invest in personal growth learning
    26 min 34 sec

  • Living in Mindfulness
    23 min 48 sec

  • Don't miss this podcast if you are an engineering professional!
    43 min 16 sec

  • Focus plays crucial role in moving you closer towards your success
    22 min 32 sec

  • Is your cup empty?
    20 min 5 sec

  • Don't burn your life's progress with no mentor or a coach
    25 min 57 sec

  • Invest your Time wisely!
    27 min 34 sec

  • Journey of LastRow Club's Branding
    16 min 1 sec




Education, Health & Fitness