Khooni : The Crimes of India

Khooni : The Crimes of India

Author: KhooniCast

Presenting Khooni -The Crimes of India Podcast, where every week two Indian girls, try to navigate the murky waters of true crime in their country. Join us as we narrate, bemoan and sometimes only sometimes we promise joke about the sordid but riveting details of each case. Whether you are a true crime aficionado, budding sleuth, secret deviant, or just looking for something interesting to jazz up your boring commute or jog, this podcast has a little something for all of you

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53 Episodes
  1. India'sYoungest Serial Killer (So Far)
    • 13:46
  2. 1.The Tandoor Murder
    • 36:04
  3. 2.Cyanide Mallika
    • 33:58
  4. Review: Black Warrant - Confessions Of A Tihar Jailer
    • 19:12
  5. 3.The Murder Of Graham Staines
    • 34:29
  6. ThugBehram
    • 18:44
  7. 4.Charles Sobhraj Part 1 : Saigon To Bombay
    • 50:58
  8. TheAgra Double Murder
    • 24:04
  9. 5.Charles Sobhraj Part 2 : Delhi To Geneva With A Long Layover In Bangk....
    • 57:53
  10. TheAlavandar Murder Case
    • 20:17
  11. 6.Charles Sobhraj Part 3 : Paris To India To Nepal
    • 01:02:32
  12. MurderOn Malabar Hill
    • 21:17
  13. 7.The Dandupalya Gang
    • 33:35
  14. TheCurry Killer
    • 22:28
  15. 8.Dera Sacha Sauda And Gurmeet Ram Rahim: Baba Of Bling - Part 1
    • 01:02:47
  16. 9.Dera Sacha Sauda And Gurmeet Ram Rahim : Part 2
    • 01:03:49
  17. 10.The Meow Meow Queen : Baby Patankar
    • 49:18
  18. Warangal'sWell Of Death
    • 19:46
  19. 11.The Sheena Bora Murder
    • 01:11:02
  20. TheMiryalguda Murder
    • 22:32
  21. 12.The Jessica Lal Murder Case
    • 45:28
  22. TheLynching Of Pehlu Khan
    • 23:21
  23. 13.The Vyapam Scam
    • 59:51
  24. DarbaraSingh : The Baby Killer
    • 25:03
  25. 14.Umesh Reddy : Serial Rapist And Murderer | Appeal For Justice In Th....
    • 42:08
  26. UdayanDas : The Whiny Baby Man Child Killer
    • 45:56
  27. 15.The Nithari Kaand
    • 56:35
  28. Troilokya: Calcutta's Earliest Known Serial Killer
    • 25:47
  29. 16.Thangjam Manorama
    • 42:59
  30. BeerMan Murders
    • 21:09
  31. 17.Vikas Dubey Encounter
    • 54:21
  32. TiktokMurders
    • 23:05
  33. 18.Raman Raghav - Part 1
    • 39:06
  34. KankalBari (House Of Skeletons)
    • 23:11
  35. 19.Raman Raghav - Part 2
    • 43:27
  36. 20.Murder By Plague : The Amarendra Pandey Murder Case
    • 43:50
  37. 21.Veerappan (Part Un) : The Origins
    • 51:12
  38. 22.Veerappan (Part Deux) : The Tale Of Two Kidnappings
    • 57:30
  39. *BonusContent* *Collab With Bharatiya Junta Podcast* True Crime In Ram Rajya
    • 01:44:58
  40. 23.Veerappan (Part Trois) : Operation Cocoon And Everything Else
    • 01:21:20
  41. 24.The Noida Double Murder - Part 1
    • 01:03:42
  42. 25.Noida Double Murder Part 2
    • 01:09:57
  43. 26.The Noida Double Murder - Part 3
    • 01:00:34
  44. TheHathras Incident
    • 11:54
  45. 27.The Joshi Abhyankar Murders
    • 32:25
  46. 28.Marichjhapi Massacre
    • 48:33
  47. 29.The Hangings At Burari
    • 34:36
  48. 30.**Special Unscheduled Episode**- Sandeep Kaur The Bombshell Bandit
    • 48:43
  49. **SpecialEpisode** - Gudiya
    • 36:56
  50. Asaram- Part 1
    • 54:45
  51. Asaram- Part 2
    • 54:11
  52. NightmareIn Paradise - The Scarlett Keeling Murder -Part 1
    • 35:34
  53. NightmareIn Paradise - The Scarlett Keeling Murder -Part 2
    • 47:27

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