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Kastur: In Gandhi’s Shadow, His Guiding Light – Part 1

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Mahatma Gandhi’s life is well documented but not as much effort has been devoted to the woman who influenced him the most – his wife, Kastur, or Kasturba as she came to be known. She was an extraordinary woman, who gave up her traditional life to take on great hardship and sacrifice to support her husband. She’s often a mere footnote in history but she was a huge factor in all of Gandhi’s work and had a larger impact on the Freedom Struggle than most believe. The objective of this series, ‘Kastur: In Gandhi’s Shadow, His Guiding Light’, is to know the woman who was Gandhi’s greatest constant and harshest critic. Where did she come from What was she like What was it like to live and grow up with Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi And what was her contribution to India’s freedom All Indians Matter speaks to Tushar Gandhi, great grandson of the Mahatma, an author, a peace activist and someone who’s striving to keep Gandhi relevant in today’s India. Tushar is also writing a book on Kasturba called ‘Kastur Ni Diary’.




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