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Inner Sense With Kavita

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Inner Sense with Kavita is a podcast by Kavita Satwalekar where she helps you make sense of your inner world. By combining her background in Psychology and Organizational Development with over 20 years of global experience in Coaching and Mentoring, Kavita brings a unique perspective to help you lead from within.Being aware of your values and beliefs is the first step towards understanding why you behave and react in certain ways. Understanding yourself from the inside out provides you with a unique perspective, increasing selfconfidence, selfesteem and selfrespect. This in turn contributes to your mental and emotional wellbeing.Listen, like and subscribe to her podcast to discover facets of your inner world, which will enable you to respond better to your outer world.

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  • Are you Listening to the Person in the Mirror?
    11 min 2 sec

    Breakthroughs come when we have the time and space to see the wood for the trees. The more time we make to reflect and pay attention to our words, our thoughts and our actions, the better we understand ourselves and our needs. Once we understand and address our needs, we are better able to help the people around us.In this episode, I talk through the WHY and the HOW of listening to the person you see in the mirror. I hope my words encourage you to listen to yourself so you know how to best help that person in the mirror.

  • How do I continue to stay positive?
    13 min 23 sec

    Albeit for safety, we have all been locked up in our homes for the better part of the last 18 months. As social beings, our way of life has been interrupted and this prolonged pandemic has taken a toll on our mental wellbeing. In this episode, I start by sharing my thoughts around our need to make a conscious effort to stay positive and then talk about some tips and tricks that can help us do just that. Here’s hoping that this episode jogs your thinking so you can bring back some positivity into your life.

  • Interruptions, Are They Welcome?
    10 min 29 sec

    Being interrupted by external and internal stimuli has become a way of life for most of us. Consciously paying attention to your interruptions will automatically make you more aware of them and that’s the first step towards regaining control of your time.In this episode, I share my thoughts around typical and atypical types of interruptions. Once we figure out what kinds of interruptions interfere with our day, we can consciously make a plan to address them. A little bit of planning goes a long way in controlling interruptions.I hope this episode helps you identify and address your interruptions, so you can better help yourself moving forward.

  • What to expect from this show?
    1 min 2 sec

  • Why is it so hard to say No?
    13 min 59 sec

    Living life consciously is a huge step. One that most of us avoid taking in our lifetime. By asking ourselves WHY we do something, we learn more about our inner worlds and the untold rules that guide us. In this episode, I attempt to help you think about the word NO, specifically the emotions it brings up for you when you need to use it. Then I help you flip that around so you’re able to use it in a way that benefits you personally and also benefits those around you.

  • What are your Obstacles ?
    11 min 37 sec

    Whether they are external or internal, obstacles prevent us from moving forward. While external obstacles are tangible and can be dealt with in a systematic way, internal obstacles are often the ones that prevent us from accomplishing our personal goals.   In this episode, I share some ideas on how you can identify and shine light on your internal obstacles, so you know how to best address them. I hope my thoughts encourage you to understand your personal internal obstacles, so you can tackle them and continue to thrive. Reach out to me at with thoughts about this episode.

  • Are you your own BFF?
    13 min 45 sec

    As social beings, we are very familiar with the concept of a best friend. But, have you ever considered being your own best friend In this episode, I help you think about what you need to do to move towards being your own best friend so you can jump in and protect yourself from external and internal thought processes that limit your growth. 

  • Do you know your weak link?
    10 min 23 sec

    We sabotage ourselves through our weak links.  In this episode, I challenge you to identify, accept and challenge your weak links, whether they are behaviors or people so you can create the right environment for personal growth.

  • Myth of Work-life Balance
    12 min 9 sec

    Work and life go handinhand. The more we focus on understanding how we relate to our work, the better we understand how to best create a balance in our lives that is perfect for us. This balance is different for everyone. In this episode, I attempt to debunk a few myths around worklife balance that I have lived though, in different phases of my career. I hope my experience propels you forward so you can consciously identify your perfect daytoday and in turn, lifebalance.




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