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We are two friends following F1 for years now. Starting 2021 we are bringing our thoughts about each race to yall. We are not afraid to speak our minds and bring some honesty to the sport we love. Listen in and be a part of all the events during the race weekend that got us excited and annoyed.We publish an episode after every Race weekend. So stay tuned

  • 2022 Saudi Arabian GP w/ Shayan Roy
    57 min 5 sec

    The 2022 Saudi Arabian GP was a bombastic race 😉 Just the 2nd race in this season and we had another amazing race with some fantastic close wheel to wheel racing. This battle between Charles and Max is going to entertain us through this year...

  • 2022 Bahrain GP
    40 min 39 sec

    F1 is back for its 2022 season With new regulations, the pecking order of the field has been turned around on its head. What an exciting race weekend we have witnessed at Bahrain. In this Episode we discuss: Forza Ferrari 🐎 Red Bull falls on...

  • Livery Bites Pt.3
    34 min 10 sec

    We return with another bite where we cover the liveries for remaining teams. We continue our discussion of liveries and aero packages revealed by teams so far. In this episode we discuss the following teams: Ferrari Mercedes Alpine Williams  ...

  • Livery Bites Pt.1
    7 min 13 sec

    While we wait for the 2022 F1 season to begin, we start this short miniseries during the offseason called bites. Here we continue our banter about the new cars reveals as the happen.  Join us at Socials: Twitter: Instagram: Tiktok:

  • Fireside Chat w/ Advait Deodhar
    58 min 40 sec

    Welcome to another addition to our miniseries called Fireside Chat where we bring in guests and talk about the world of motorsports. Join us as we welcome the new 3rd host of the show who is just coming off a strong season in the of EuroNASCAR and...

  • 2021 Qatar GP Race Discussion
    48 min 59 sec

    Another Hamilton Domination at the Qatar GP As we enter the last stage of the season, the championship has gotten a lot closer. Hamilton and Mercedes seem to have gotten a renewed enthusiasm to fight back and claw their way into the championship. The...

  • 2021 Turkish GP Race Discussion
    42 min 4 sec

    The Istanbul Park has yet again delivered a rainy 2021 Turkish GP And what a race we have had, with Bottas’s commanding win and one of the strongest results for Red Bull who were running their special livery to honor their partnership with Honda....

  • 2021 Russian GP Race Discussion
    41 min 39 sec

    Russian GP held at Sochi Autodrom is usually one of the dullest races, and boy were we surprised With 3 different people leading the race in different parts of the race, and rain completely putting the grid on its head, it gave us one of the best...

  • 2021 Italian GP Race Discussions
    41 min 51 sec

    After Super Max thumping loudly in the Zandvoort stands we arrive at Monza for the 2021 Italian GP Monza featured the 2nd Sprint Race of the Season. While Mercedes were considered the favorites on this track, the race results proved otherwise. We got...

  • 2021 Dutch GP Race Discussion
    45 min 52 sec

    We return after a nice long summer break, which was extended due to the Belgian rain which gave us an extra nonrace weekend. The 2021 Dutch GP was highly anticipated due to its newly introduced banking on turns 3 and 14. The Dutch GP delivered and...

  • 2021 Hungarian GP Race Discussion
    46 min 18 sec

    What an anticlimax for the so called heated battle between Max and Lewis. Another race and another crash between Merc and Red bull. What a crazy race this has been with the grid completely mixed up. What a drive by Ocon and Vettel and who other than...

  • 2021 French GP Race Discussion
    46 min 1 sec

    Visit us at   Who would had thunk that the most nail biting race which had no DNFs or any shenanigans would be French GP In this episode we discuss: French GP Entertaining o.O The prey have become the hunters The McLaren Duo drives together...

  • 2021 Spanish GP Race Discussion
    37 min 9 sec

    As the battle for the championship heats up, we had another good race at Circuit de BarcelonaCatalunya which held the 2021 Spanish GP. This race was a battle of strategies and Mercedes came out at the top.Visit us at f1fanfiction.comIn this episode...

  • 2021 Portuguese GP Race Discussion
    48 min 36 sec

    Coming off a great start to the 2021 Season of F1, we come to this undulating track of the Algarve International Circuit which hosted the 2021 Portuguese GP. Though not living up to the high standards set by the first two races, this was nonetheless...

  • 2021 Imola GP Race Discussion
    52 min 14 sec

    After another banger of a race at the historic track of Imola, we share our thoughts about the race. In this episode we startSafety CarEveryone SbinallaMcLaren Team OrdersLando NorrisPenalities GalorePoor RicciardoBottas Vs RusselBlessed Lewis...

  • 2021 F1 Bahrain GP - Race weekend discussions
    54 min 49 sec

    The first RACE episode is here The much awaited 2021 season is off and FanF1ction is here to share our thoughts. We go over some controversial moments and talk about the nailbiter that this was and how FIA plays party poopers.Topics included in this...

  • Pilot Episode: Reracing through F1 calendar 2020
    1 hr 1 min 47 sec

    In this very first episode, we talk through the constructors championship table for the F1 calendar year 2020. We talk about our memories, opinions on the unusual year that 2020 was or wasnt.Topics included in this podcast:Hopes from the Year...

  • 2023 Australian GP
    36 min 26 sec

    Welcome to F1 Demolition Derby edition here at Australian GP With 3 Red Flags, 1 Safety Car and 1 VSC, FIA decided to throw the kitchen sink at the audience, but were you entertained We saw a surprise comeback by Mercedes, yet another heartbreak for Ferrari, more sheer dominance by Red Bull and only 12 cars finishing the race In this Episode:Australian GP Celebrates Red Flag DayThe demolition derby 💥Why do Haas cars break so easilyThe French revolution ::strikes:: again. ✊FIA creates a dangerous situation, makes shocked face after.Why was Russell’s ass on fire 🔥Rename T9 to Perez ChicaneHulk Charles 💪DRS GaloreAkash Rants away 😤Visit us at F1fanfiction.comJoin F1 Fanfiction at our Socials:Instagram: f1fanfictionTiktok: f1fanfictionTwitter: f1fanfictionMusicIntro: Howling Sting Gunnar OlsenOutro: Your Intro by Audionautix

  • 2023 Bahrain GP
    31 min 44 sec

    Join us as us as we break down the first race of the 2023 F1 season in Bahrain, where Max Verstappen showed everyone who’s boss and Fernando Alonso proved that age is just a number. While it was a boring race for the most part, Alonso came to the rescue and gave us some good action.In this episode we discuss:A man parks his car on the side of the road. Aston Martin becomes the new RBR C teamMercedes still having a bad time 🥲The Aston Martin circle jerk “Yes Bye Bye” – Old Man Alonso 👋Ferrari fans attend Group TherapyGasly makes up for past sinsChrome crashes McLaren 💥McLaren is the new WilliamsOur Mildly Wild predictionsVisit us at F1fanfiction.comJoin F1 Fanfiction at our Socials:Instagram: f1fanfictionTiktok: f1fanfictionTwitter: f1fanfictionMusicIntro: Howling Sting Gunnar OlsenOutro: Your Intro by Audionautix

  • Formula E experience @ Hyderabad ePrix
    38 min 35 sec

    Welcome to a brandnew episode of F1 Fanfiction, where we delve into the world of Formula E and the recent Hyderabad ePrix. This was the first FIA grade event held in India after the exit of F1 from India. The Hyderabad ePrix took place on the streets of the city, which provided a unique challenge for the drivers. The track was technical and demanding, making it a real test of skill and agility for the competitors.In this episode Akash delves into his experience of meeting the Team Principle of Jaguar TCS Racing, making himself comfortable at the lounge and gaining access to pits Unfortunately, the weekend was a double DNF for Jaguar TCS Racing however they bagged 3 pts for a pole position. We bring you our insights into attending a Formula E race event and some behindthescenes scoopsVisit us at F1fanfiction.comJoin F1 Fanfiction at our Socials:Instagram: f1fanfictionTiktok: f1fanfictionTwitter: f1fanfictionMusicIntro: Howling Sting Gunnar OlsenOutro: Your Intro by Audionautix

  • 2022 Mexican GP
    39 min 39 sec

    Fiesta de la Siesta, the mexican slumber party is what we like to call the 2022 Mexican GP. While this was a total snoozefest with almost no action, there was still always this hint of tension in the air with strategies.  In this episode we...

  • 2022 Belgian GP w/ Dyanne Haagsman
    55 min 36 sec

    We return to Spa Francochamps after 2 years for the 2022 Belgium GP, yes we do not count last year as a race. Another race and Charles is still shit out of luck, while max was in complete beast mode and walking to his victory. Absolutely stunning...

  • Baku GP Paddock Club Experience w/ Viraj Ghelani & Arjun Srivastava
    1 hr 9 min 20 sec

    ⚠️ अगर आप यह पढ़ सकते है तो आपको हिंदी अति है ये एपिसोड हिंदी में है.⚠️ You might be surprised to see another episode back to back. This episode...

  • 2022 Miami GP
    45 min 12 sec

    The maiden Miami GP which is the 2nd race in the US was not the most exciting race of the season yet delivered some great racing. Verstappen came out and Charles fell short but Ferrari came out with a 23 from it so not too bad for them. There was a...

  • 2022 Australian GP
    45 min 48 sec

    We return to the Australian GP after a long 2 years wait. The 2022 Australian GP was the 3rd race in the season, and it seems to be clear that Charles and Ferrari are in it for the championship. Flawless performance by Charles while Max’s car noped...

  • Fireside Chat w/ Mark Sutton
    1 hr 22 min 33 sec

    Lets start the Season 2 of F1 Fanfiction with a banger We present to you a very interesting Fireside chat that we can with none other than the world renowed F1 photographer Mark Sutton Mark has had an illustrous career of 20 years as a F1...

  • 2021 Season Review
    59 min 56 sec

    As the 2021 Season of F1 has ended, we want to officially close out Season 1 of F1 Fanfiction with our Review of 2021 Season of F1. Thank you everyone for your support through our maiden season of F1FanFiction. Your constant love and support and our...

  • 2021 Abu Dhabi GP Race Discussion
    53 min 7 sec

    The 2021 Abu Dhabi GP seemed like a very anticlimactic finale to an epic season, turned out to be the most controversy filled race in the season FIA took matters in their own hands to make up rules on the spot and pissed of many F1 fans. Though...

  • 2021 Saudi Arabian GP Race Discussion
    43 min 22 sec

    The 2021 Saudi Arabian GP was everything that F1 shouldnt be. With several race restarts, Red Flags, Penalties, and manufactured excitement by FIA, it left a bad taste in everyones mouths. This track was one of the most dangerous tracks we have...

  • 2021 Brazilian GP Race Discussion
    47 min 57 sec

    The 2021 Brazilian GP gave us one of Hamiltons most dominant performances. While having to overtake the entire field twice due to DSQ in Qualification due to his DRS opening just 0.2mm wider than the regulation and 5 place grid penalty received due...

  • 2021 USA GP Race Discussion
    39 min 9 sec

    We are back for the USA GP to COTA after a gap last year and what a race did we witness This is literally history in the making, it’s the Clash of the Titans With about 400,000 people in attendance during this weekend, Max and Lewis put up a show...

  • Fireside Chat w/ Aditya Patel
    54 min 35 sec

    Welcome to another addition to our miniseries called Fireside Chat where we bring in guests and talk about the world of motorsports. Today we have none other than Aditya Patel who is an Indian racing driver who has had much success in Blancpain GT...

  • Fireside Chat w/ Cold Brew Money - Economics of F1
    59 min 38 sec

    Meet our friends at at our latest episode of our mini series called Fireside Chat. We discuss about the economics of F1 and try and understand how money makes this sport go. Visit us at   In this episode we discuss: Cah is King Constructors...

  • F101 - The Basics of F1
    47 min 30 sec

    This is a special episode which is meant to serve as a primer for any new F1 fan to get up to speed with the sport and understand its intricacies and have fun while doing it. We go over the following of F1 SeasonFormat of F1 WeekendFinances in...

  • 2023 Saudi Arabian GP w/ Shayan Roy
    46 min 33 sec

    We have a return guest in this episode none other than Shayan Roy We tried to do something special this episode as this was the first episode we recorded inperson. But of course, as it was our first go, we had some technical difficulties. So please bear with us as we did not meet the mark with the audio quality, but we hope we make up for it by making you laugh. So, join us as we discuss about the 2023 Saudi Arabian GPIn this episode we discuss:The Aston Martin conspiracyBeating a dead horse yet again 😵Old man does not give a fuckVER PER ALO the new HAM VER BOTAdrian Newey’s wind tunnel eyes 👀Will Perez beat MaxThe Pink Place 🥵Piastri pulls of a reverse AlbonBottas first from last 🥇Akash broke DC The nonexistent chicane ⛔ Visit us at f1fanfiction.comFollow our guest Shayan Roy at his socials:Instagram: shayanroy Twitter: shayanroy Join F1 Fanfiction at our Socials:Twitter: f1fanfictionInstagram: f1fanfictionTiktok: f1fanfictionMusic:Intro: Howling Sting Gunnar OlsenOutro: Your Intro by Audionautix

  • 2022 Brazilian GP w/ Katherine
    41 min 41 sec

    And we are back at Interlagos for the 2022 Brazilian GP. I like to call this the most interesting boring race of the season. With so much drama that just put the entire KDrama industry out of buisness. In this episode we discuss: Ricciardo’s...

  • 2022 Japanese GP w/ Kieren Brodnik
    53 min 35 sec

    We return to Suzuka International Circuit after 3 years and the rain gods had decided that we will have a very wet race. After a lot of waiting, we saw an exciting 45 min sprint which gave us the 2022 World Champion, Max Verstappen In this Epiosde we...

  • 2022 Singapore GP
    38 min 35 sec

    The Singpore GP was the perfect culmunation of drama, emotions, heartbreaks, and triumph. We return to marina bay after a 2 year gap and boy did it deliver with not only an amazing race but a nailbiting qualification session as well.  Perez came...

  • 2022 Italian GP
    39 min 51 sec

    Max and Red Bull continue their campaign of domination at Monza, the temple of speed at 2022 Italian GP. No matter what Ferrari did, the hard pill to swallow is that Max was just unstoppable at Monza.  This race was also the debut of Nyck de...

  • Fireside Chat w/ Juju Noda and Hideki Noda
    30 min 51 sec

    First and foremost, we want to thank all our listeners for sticking with us for 50 episodes Yes, you heard that right this is our 50th Episode and we want to gift something special to you We have an incredibly special guest today with us, none other...

  • Fireside Chat w/ Akshay Gupta
    1 hr 5 min 12 sec

    Akshay Gupta is a racing car driver turned entrepreneur. Akshay has spent his early years trying to become a racing driver and participating in several different racing formats. He became an entrepreneur to support his racing career and soon...

  • 2022 Hungarian GP w/ Roberto Baldea
    50 min 56 sec

    The 2022 Hungarian GP was yet again abysmal for Ferrari and Max came out on the top from P10 with a spin as well The Ferrari camp is just not able to get their act together this season. While Ferrari completely bottled it Mercedes was able to...

  • 2022 Austrian GP w/ Craig Scarborough
    1 hr 4 min 11 sec

    This episode is a special one because we have a celebrity on the show. Craig Scarborough aka ScarbsTech is in the house. Craig Scarboroughis an institution of technical knowledge in F1. He hosts the F1s official Tech Talk show on F1TV and has been...

  • 2022 British GP
    40 min 39 sec

    The 2022 British GP seems to have produced the best race of the season so far This was one of the most exciting races we have had in a while. The close racing, a horrible accident, lots of drama, Ferrari being Ferrari, made this a nailbiting race...

  • 2022 Monaco GP w/ Aditya Bhat
    55 min 31 sec

    The 2022 Monaco GP again raises the question whether Monaco really should remain on the calendar. Well as Monaco GPs go this was probably one of the most exciting Monaco GPs in recent history. Ferrari yet again pulling off a debacle of a strategy...

  • Livery Bites Pt.2
    29 min 39 sec

    As promised here we are with our first bite where we cover all the liveries covered till the time of recording. We go over the liveries and the unique aero of each car relvealed thus far.  In this episode we discuss the following teams: Haas Red...

  • 2021 Mexican GP Race Discussion
    42 min 28 sec

    The 2021 Mexican GP delivered us a fiesta with the entirety of Mexico cheering on Perez as he became the first Mexican to get onto the podium at Mexican GP. With Max extending his lead in the driver’s championship and Red Bull catching up with...

  • Fireside Chat w/ Sneha Sharma
    44 min 43 sec

    Join us as we welcome our very special guest, Sneha Sharma Sneha is an Indian racing driver who competes in F4 National Racing Championship, while kicking ass on the track she is also a Pilot with IndiGo Airlines Without disclosing much about our...

  • 2021 British GP Race Discussion
    50 min 42 sec

    The 2021 British GP gave us a lot to discuss about Max had a horrible 51G crash Hamilton who caused the crash went ahead to win the race even with a 10 Second time penalty If the Championship battle was heating up earlier, we think it just went...

  • 2021 Austrian GP Race Discussion
    48 min 3 sec

    Austria has brought out total annihilation by Redbull showing that there is probably an incoming Redbull domination era Well, only time will tell. Meanwhile, in this episode, we talk about some controversies raising subjectiveness on those issues and...

  • 2021 Azerbaijan GP Race Discussion
    34 min 59 sec

    Visit us at f1fanfiction.comWell done Baku Yet another amazing race at Azerbaijan GPIn this episode we discuss:Pirelli Tire debacleMax writes a strongly worded letterRedemption time for the RejectedF1 gets some PERVET GASRed Bull finally has the...

  • 2021 Monaco GP Race Discussion
    35 min 25 sec

    Visit us at f1fanfiction.comIn this episode we discuss:Were we back in 2006 Ferrari Qualification controversySmooth Operator Carlos SainzOut of all luck Valtteri BottasMercedes cannot handle pressureLewis Hamilton, the cribbing and complaining...

  • F1reside Chat
    47 min 23 sec

    In this Episode we have a special surprise. This episode is dedicated to banter and discussing controversies and events around F1. We discuss the following topics in this episode:F1 getting some NonFungible Token actionControversies surrounding Saudi...

  • Pre-Season Testing and 2021 Predictions
    42 min 44 sec

    In this episode, we talk discuss about PreSeason testing that was held on March 1214 in Bahrain at The Bahrain International Circuit and share our predictions for F1 2021 Season.Topics included in this episode:What is PreSeason TestingDay...

  • F1 2021 Livery reveals
    40 min 42 sec

    In this episode Akash and Sarang discuss all the exciting livery reveals by all Formula 1 teams for 2021 Season. We give our opinions and ratings for each teams livery for their 2021 contender.Topics included in this episode:Tribute to the Legend,...

  • 2023 F1 Liveries and Testing w/ Desiree and Virginia (@formula1_twins)
    42 min 22 sec

    IT IS RACE WEEK 🏎️Welcome to F1 Fanfiction, where we have a special episode featuring two amazing guests, Desiree and Virginia, who run the popular formula1twins Instagram account. In this episode, we will be discussing the liveries and aero designs of all the F1 teams for the 2023 season and sharing our thoughts and opinions.Our guests, Desiree and Virginia, share their unique experience of attending a livery launch for Alpine.Together with our guests, we will be taking an indepth look at livery and aero design that stood out, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses, and sharing our thoughts of each design.So, whether youre a diehard F1 fan or just love talking about liveries and aero designs, you wont want to miss this episode.Visit us at F1fanfiction.comFollow Desiree and Virginia on their Socials:Instagram: formula1twinsJoin F1 Fanfiction at our Socials:Instagram: f1fanfictionTiktok: f1fanfictionTwitter: f1fanfictionMusicIntro: Howling Sting Gunnar OlsenOutro: Your Intro by Audionautix 

  • Fireside Chat w/ Shameem
    43 min 5 sec

    We are back after a long much needed break And boy we missed each and every one of you We are back with the first episode of 2023 with a Fireside chat with Shameem Fahath, where he shared his passion and expertise in motorsports photography.Shameem offers a behindthescenes look at the world of motorsports photography and the challenges that come with capturing the adrenalinefueled moments of highspeed racing. He discussed his favorite tracks, the gear he uses, and the importance of preparation and timing when capturing the perfect shot. He also offers advice for aspiring motorsports photographers.The conversation was exciting, educational, and provided a glimpse into the world of motorsports photography. Shameems passion for his craft and his wealth of knowledge made for a thrilling listen that left us with a new appreciation for the art of motorsports photography.Check out this photo clicked by Shameem which we discussed in the episode: us at F1fanfiction.comFollow Shameem Fahath on his socials:Instagram: shameemfahathJoin F1 Fanfiction at our Socials:Instagram: f1fanfictionTiktok: f1fanfictionTwitter: f1fanfictionMusic:Intro: Howling Sting Gunnar OlsenOutro: Your Intro by Audionautix

  • 2022 Abu Dhabi GP
    42 min 48 sec

    This was a finale not about any championships but basically a celebration of Sebastian Vettel, a man who is loved across the paddoc and is probably the most wholesome person on the grid. With this race we conclude an era of F1 In this episode we...

  • 2022 United States GP w/ Connor (Haas of Cards)
    58 min 28 sec

    We return to Circuit of the Americas the 2nd race in the US on the F1 calendar. We saw another dominant performance from the Max camp where Red Bull clenched the World Constructors Championship after 8 long years From Flying cars to messed up pit...

  • 2022 Dutch GP
    34 min 7 sec

    We return to the land of orange army for the 2022 Dutch GP. Yet another win for Max Verstappen, and yet another clown show by the prancing horse. The Mercedes camp is back and giving a tough time to the Red Bulls. Listen to the full episode for our...

  • 2022 French GP
    39 min 5 sec

    The 2022 French GP was another great race at the Paul Ricard Circuit. Ferrari handed off the tradition of messing up to their drivers this race and Max is handed yet another victory. Mercedes got the best result so far with a 23 Listen to the full...

  • 2022 Canadian GP
    46 min 13 sec

    We return to the Canadian GP after a 2 year gap due to COVID and it did not disappoint us While it was not the most exciting race at the lead, there was just enough action to keep you hooked. Max walked to his victory and yet again increased his lead...

  • 2022 Azerbaijan GP
    41 min 55 sec

    The 2022 Azerbaijan GP which is held at the capital city of baku is another street track in the F1 Calendar. This track has mostly generated some great races, but we got one of the most boring snooze fests in 2022. Max and Perez got a 12 for Red Bull...

  • 2022 Spanish GP
    46 min 28 sec

    The 2022 Spanish GP was possibly the best Spanish GP we have had in the recent history. With RBR gainging a massive lead over Ferrari, they overtook them in both the WDC and the WCC. With some bad luck for Charles and some great strategy calls by the...

  • 2022 Imola GP
    42 min 58 sec

    We are back with the first sprint race of this season, again at Imola The 2022 Imola GP was yet another banger and just like last year included several spins and crashes. We witnessed the 2021 WDC lap the 7 time World Chamipion not once but twice...




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