Dr Saab (English)

Dr Saab (English)

There are times when we wish for a doctor whom we could ask anything without any embarrassment. We wish to share, confess, seek help or solaceWell, here is Dr. Saab to answer your questions so you can live your best and a healthy life. You can whatsapp your questions to 91 7045548825 or vist our website and leave your Questions Feedbacks here https://dr-saab.in/ When it comes to general health care for the entire family, you need to visit a family physician. Family doctors generally treat patients of all ages and specialize in family medicine or family practice. Meet Dr.Asrani  Dr.Saab who has been a primary healthcare provider for over 40 years. There are several family medicine subspecialties such as adolescent medicine, geriatric medicine, hospice and palliative medicine, pain medicine, sleep medicine, and sports medicine. Dr.Asrani has been a strong advocate of digital consulting, medicine, Health Stress Management training and also acting as a Corporate healthcare advisor. Hes an MBBS and has also been certified by the National Board in Family medicine. The Dr.Saab podcast aims to disseminate knowledge and empower the common man with the right direction when it comes to taking  up medical advise. Dr.Saab also helps dispel several myths around healthcare.

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