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Writers, directors and producers take us through the process of writing, directing and making the film sharing some exclusive insights into various scenes and the reason behind making it in that way.Baradwaj Rangan is a National Awardwinning film critic. He has authored Conversations with Mani Ratnam and Dispatches From the Wall Corner. His longform story on Vikram was featured in The Caravan Book of Profiles, as one of their “twelve definitive profiles.” He has written screenplays and works for theatre.

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  • 1: Live: SaNa Listens to a Situation, Makes The BGM | Santhosh Narayanan
    22 min 56 sec

    Santhosh Narayanan talks about his composing style, how he makes a basic tune that is then developed and handed out to the players. He plays a BGM piece from Pariyerum Perumal first on the piano, and then the final output as played by the whole orchestra. He discusses contributors like Pradeep and Sean Roldan. Finally, he listens to a situation given by Baradwaj Rangan imagine you are a robot and you are falling for a human girl and livecomposes a BGM score.

  • 2: "I repeatedly told Atlee we need more of Vijay dancing." | One Film One Facet | Mersal
    29 min 7 sec

    Hema Rukmani, the producer of Mersal, explains what a producer does. How the company Thenandal Studios Limited makes decisions about which films to produce. How Mersal, the Vijay blockbuster directed by Atlee and with music by AR Rahman, came about. She speaks about her involvement in the various stages of making the film, and about the controversies that came about. About the pluses and minuses of making a megamovie like Mersal versus making several smaller films for the same amount of money. About what it takes to keep a studio running for over four decades. About the studios shift from small films to big productions like Kaatru Veliyidai, Mersal and the upcoming Sanghamitra. Finally, she talks about the lessons learned from Mersal.

  • "All departments came together in the exorcism scene" | Milind Rau | One Film One Facet | Gruham
    29 min 31 sec

    Milind Rau, the director of Aval, Gruham, The House Next Door talks about the craft involved in directing a horror film. How he alternated between letting the various departments do their own thing and micromanaging it all. He explains what he did in the areas of colour, sound design, background score, cinematography and editing and how these and other departments came together in the preinterval exorcism sequence. He talks about this scene in detail. He tells how he tried to secondguess the viewer in terms of the scares. And about the classic horror films The Exorcist, The Omen, Ringu he used as a reference point, and also paid homage to.

  • "Those who know me refer to me as Jessie." | One Film One Facet | Gautham Menon
    35 min 25 sec

    Gautham Vasudev Menon, the director of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa takes us through his process of writing the film. Sharing some exclusive insights into various scenes and why he choose to write/film it in that way. He additionally explains his specific choices in the areas of colour, sound design, background score, cinematography and editing.

  • In Enai Noki Payum Thota, I've really pushed the use of voice-overs | Gautham Vasudev Menon
    42 min 32 sec

    Gautham Vasudev Menon discusses the writing of Yennai Arindhaal, starring Ajith, and talks about his love for cop stories including Kaakha Kaakha, starring Suriya, and Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu, starring Kamal Haasan. He says the three films the three characters are a continuum. He talks about how Ajith never asked him to tweak the script to make it more heroic. He reveals that Anushkas role wasnt originally something he wanted. He talks about why he opted out of Dasavatharam.He talks about collaborating with Shridhar Raghavan and Thiagarajan Kumararaja, during the writing process. He talks about the Moondru Mugam influence. He talks about voiceovers. He talks about the dead wives/lovers in his films. He talks about his inability to write bad fathers. He discusses his love for journeys also in Vaaranam Aayiram. He talks about not going beyond the first draft. And he speaks about Harris Jayaraj, Thamarai, and the Unkannenna Venum Sollu song.

  • Arun Prabu Purushothaman Interview With Baradwaj Rangan | Vaazhl | Sivakarthikeyan | Deep Focus
    57 min 1 sec

    Director ArunPrabuPurushothaman talks to Baradwaj Rangan about his recent movie Vaazhl, his experiences while making the film, why Sivakarthikeyan was not able to understand his narration and more.

  • Nelson Dilipkumar Interview With Baradwaj Rangan | Doctor | Kolamavu Kokila | Beast | Deep Focus
    56 min 17 sec

    NelsonDilipkumar in this interview with Baradwaj Rangan breaks down several scenes from Doctor, shares his process of writing KolamavuKokila, about his upcoming film Beast and many more

  • Director Rohith VS Interview | Kala | Deep Focus | Tovino Thomas | Lal | Baradwaj Rangan
    1 hr 17 min 6 sec

    Kala directorRohithVS takes us through his process of making the film and also sharing his insights into various scenes. He also explains his specific choices in the areas of cinematography, sound design and colour.

  • Karthik Subbaraj Interview With Subs | Deep Focus | Jagame Thandhiram | Baradwaj Rangan | Dhanush
    1 hr 17 min 6 sec

    KarthikSubbaraj talks in detail about the world of JagameThandhiram. He talks about the cuts he had to make, the criticism about the film, heroism, and how Dhanush reacted to playing a largely negative character. SanthoshNarayananAishwaryaLekshmi

  • Mahesh Narayanan Interview | Malik | Deep Focus | Fahadh Faasil | Baradwaj Rangan | Joju | Nimisha
    1 hr 15 min 9 sec

    MaheshNarayanan, the editor and director of the recent Amazon Prime movie Malik, takes us through his process of making the film. Sharing some exclusive insights into various scenes, challenges while writing the film and more. FahadhFaasil

  • Pa. Ranjith Interview With Baradwaj Rangan | Sarpatta Parambarai | Arya | Pasupathy | Deep Focus
    1 hr 33 min 16 sec

    PaRanjith talks in detail about the craft of SarpattaParambarai, takes us through his process of making the film. Sharing some exclusive insights into the characters, challenges while writing the film and more .

  • The Fascinating 4DSRL Sound of 2.0 | Resul Pookutty Interview | Baradwaj Rangan
    34 min 49 sec

    Resul Pookutty explains the fascinating new technology he invented for 2.0, 4DSRL, and the effort that went in to creating a new dimension of sound.

  • Jeethu Joseph Interview With Baradawaj Rangan | Deep Focus : The Writing Of Drishyam 2 | Mohanlal
    51 min 44 sec

    Director JeethuJoseph​ talks about how he wrote the years most anticipated sequel Drishyam2​, the character of Mohanlal​ and others, and whether Georgekuttys movie will ever get made.

  • Selvaraghavan Interview | Deep Focus: The Philosophies Of Nenjam Marappathillai | SJ Suryah | Yuvan
    36 min 43 sec

    In this episode of DeepFocus​ Baradwaj Rangan talks to Director Selvaraghavan​ on the philosophy behind the Horror Film NenjamMarappathillai​ Starring SJSuryah​ Regina​ Nanditha​ yuvanshankarraja​

  • Leena Manimekalai Interview With Baradwaj Rangan | Deep Focus | Maadathy
    47 min 21 sec

    Director LeenaManimekalai talks to Baradwaj Rangan about her recent OTT release Maadathy, the research that went into the film about a community that is the Dalits among the Dalits, how sexual violence is normalised, why she wanted to show male nudity and wanted to have raw and natural languages that were spoken among the community.

  • Vijay Interview With Baradwaj Rangan | Thalaivii | Kangana Ranaut | Arvind Swami | Deep Focus
    42 min 44 sec

    Vijay in this interview with Baradwaj Rangan talks extensively about Thalaivii. He goes in to detail about its writing process, about how he Collaborated with KVVijayendraPrasad and MadhanKarky. He also shared some insights in to the research that happened for the film and also about what inspired him to do this film in the first place and many more




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