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Cut To - A podcast on World Cinema

U/A 13+ • TV & Film

Just 2 guys tripping over cinema from across the world. Get movie suggestions, find out some interesting trivia and just listen to them ramble about a new movie every episode.

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  • Ep 68: Everything everywhere all at once - America
    38 min

    Available in Theaters. An immigrant mothers life is upended when her husband from a parallel universe comes seeking her assistance in defeating a threat to humanity across universes. Vivek and Viru discuss this scifi action dramedy with Monish Moorthy.

  • Ep 67: The happiest girl in the world - Romania
    22 min 59 sec

    Available on Mubi. The luck of a quiet teenage girl from a poor family takes a dramatic turn for the better when she wins a luxury car. Will she be able to show off her new car to her friends or will her father sell it off so that they can use the money for the family Listen to Viru and Vivek discuss this film as they dive into their personal experience in advertising.

  • Ep 64: Breaded Life - Nigeria
    25 min 59 sec

    Available on Netflix, Breaded Life is a fun magical tale about a rich brat whose life changes one da when the entire world forgets about him and he now has to fend for himself in the ghetto. Aided by a breadseller, he learns how to survive, finds true love and infact thrive. Will his family ever remember him again and what is the mystery behind his world changing one fine day. Viru discusses with Srijith Nambiar

  • Ep 62: 3 Iron - South Korea
    23 min 47 sec

    When a serial squatter meets a woman who is being abused by her husband, starts an unlikely romance thats filled with silence and weird sequences that are open to interpretation. Srijit and Viru dive into this beautiful world and try to find meaning in the wonderful weirdness of this film.

  • Ep 54: June - India
    26 min 1 sec

    A marathi movie about depression, self harm and redemption. When a woman from Pune moves to a small society in Aurangabad, she becomes friends with a young man. Both are fighting demons of the past, but the lean on each others shoulders and find a way to heal.

  • Ep 53: The Life Ahead - Italy
    22 min 7 sec

    When a holocaust survivor gives shelter to an orphan boy from Senegal, an unlikely relationship blossoms. With both of them suffering their own demons, will they find peace in each others company Adapted from a classic novel The life before us, this modern interpretation of this eternal tale has solid performances from the newbie kid and the legendary Sophia Loren. We discuss its highs and lows.

  • Ep 48: Mubi Shorts Special
    27 min 27 sec

    We discuss a collection of short films available on Mubi, focussing on 3 of them specifically Bunny by Megha Ramaswamy, Bastard by Kirsten Dunst and The Skywalk is gone by Mingliang Tsai. From the artistic, to the hardhitting, to the absurd, we talk about various aspects of short film making that makes this format either a treat to watch or unbearable to sit through.

  • Ep 60: Lommbock - Germany
    30 min 3 sec

    Available on Netflix A successful lawyer goes back to his hometown in Germany after 15 years to get some official documents for his impending wedding. He meets up with his best friend Kai and they get back to their dope smoking ways,. creating one hilarious situation after another. I discuss this stoner comedy with Srijith who steps in for Vivek once again.

  • Ep 59: The Hand of God - Italy
    50 min 45 sec

    A semiautobiographical tale by Academy Award winning director Paolo Sorrentino, where he tells the tale of an awkward teenager Fabieto, as he battles heartbreak, personal loss and tries to find a purpose in his life. Peppered with colourful characters and memorable moments, this movie is Sorrentinos loving tribute to his past.

  • Ep 57: Rose Island - Italy
    21 min 11 sec

    Available on Netflix. This is a true story of a brilliant engineer who created his own country off the shore of Italy. Branded an anarchist, he built a platform in open seas, declared it as a country, opened up citizenships and even ran bars/hotels on it for the thousands who visited Rose Island for fun. But he ticked off the Italian government, who eventually took it down. We discuss Netflixs take on this amazing story.

  • Ep 56: Maelstrom - Canada
    23 min 20 sec

    Available on : Mubi Denis Villeneuve weaves a story full of twists and turns as you watch a girls life go into a tailspin. Will she redeem herself or will she fall prey to the inner turmoil. Part thriller, part romance, this film is a heady mix of genres headlined by a talking fish that is about to die.

  • Ep 55: Atlantics - Senegal
    32 min 33 sec

    A supernatural drama from Senegal that won the 2nd biggest prize at the Cannes Film Festival, is a mysterious tale of a ship full of construction workers who return to their hometown after their ship capsizes in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, but not in their physical form. A young police officer starts investigating the case, when one of the illfated construction workers is seen at the scene of a crime, as he goes after the woman who is supposed to be the accuseds lover. We discuss this film with special guest Srijith Nambiar Numbyaar

  • Ep 50: Celebrating the Half Century - A special chat
    50 min 7 sec

    We have reached a big milestone in our journey and hence we took a pause and looked back at everything we have achieved, the movies we have seen along the way, the friends who helped us out, the special guests on our episodes, the most memorable moments and much more.

  • Ep 69: The Call - South Korea
    23 min 1 sec

    Available on NETFLIX A super natural thriller with a cat and mouse game between 2 characters 20 years apart but connected by a magical phone. When a girl moves back to her home, she starts getting a mysterious call from a girl who used to stay in the same home 20 years ago. Things turn dangerous when the girl from the past turns out to be a serial killer and controls the destiny of the girl in the present. Listen in to find out more about this film.

  • Ep 65: A girl walks home alone at night - Iran
    49 min 2 sec

    Available on Prime. This is a spagetti western vampire horror which is also a love story based in this fictional Iranian town called Bad City, where a chador wearing Vampire slateboards around at night and kills men who are victimising women. Viru discusses this film with Yatin and Monish.

  • Ep 61: Fast & Feel Love - Thailand
    46 min 1 sec

    Available on Netflix, this is a coming of age romantic sports drama When a sports stacking world champions girlfriend abandons him, he has to finally grow up and figure out what it means to be an adult. Will he eventually figure things out Or will his troubles get the best of him i discuss this fun film with Yatin and Monish in the absence of Vivek

  • Ep 58: Gulabjaam - India
    34 min 13 sec

    Available on Zee5, this Marathi film is about a guy who goes to Pune to learn how to cook authentic Maharashtrian Veg food. He meets this reclusive cook who has magic in her hands and sets out to become her pupil. She reluctantly agrees to teach him but tries her best to drive him away. A friendship develops along the way, as the guy gets to know about the tragic past of this lady, and tries to help her get back on her feet. Viru discusses this film with Srijith Nambiar in the absence of Vivek, and also gets a special message from Yatin Godse.

  • Ep 52: Zombivli - India
    30 min 47 sec

    A mysterious illness suddenly starts converting residents of Dombivli into Zombies. An engineer, his pregnant wife, their maid, a local goon and an intrepid reporter start investigating this mystery while trying to save themselves from being Zombified. Is a local businessmans greed turning the water in Dombivli into Zombiefying fluid Listen in, to find out

  • Ep 51: Worst person in the world - Norway
    23 min 47 sec

    A coming of age film of a woman who is in a constant existential crisis, be it about her career or her relationships. We watch her journey in the form of chapters, as she constantly struggles with the status quo and always seeks more. We discuss this beautiful, poignant, poetic film that completes Joachim Triers Oslo trilogy.

  • Ep 49: Annette - France
    22 min 37 sec

    A deliciously dark and whimsical musical by auteur Leos Carax, which showcases the whirlwind romance of a stand up comedian and an opera singer. But things go downhill, as their careers go in 2 separate directions and leads to a disastrous conclusion.

  • Ep 63: Gargi - India
    1 hr 4 min 39 sec

    Available on Sony Liv, this tamil film is about a school teacher whos father gets accused of having raped a 9 year old child. Though her world turns upside down, she decides to prove the innocence of her father. Will she be able to prove it or will she be proven wrong Viru discusses this serious film with 2 friends Sidhart Sarathi and Meenakshi Negi

  • Ep 1: Another Round - Denmark
    24 min 37 sec

  • Ep 2: Minari - United States of America
    20 min 22 sec

  • Ep 3: Bacurau - Brazil
    13 min 56 sec

  • Ep4: And Tomorrow the Entire World - Germany
    15 min 39 sec

  • Ep5: Where Is The Friend's Home? - Iran
    18 min 38 sec

  • Ep6 : Paprika - Japan
    26 min

  • Ep 7: Malik - India
    25 min 2 sec

  • Ep 8: Air Conditioner - Angola
    17 min 45 sec

  • Ep9: Time to hunt - South Korea
    18 min 59 sec

  • Ep 10: Sarpatta Parambarai - India
    17 min 44 sec

  • Ep11: The Courier - United Kingdom
    14 min 50 sec

  • Ep 12: Blood Red Sky - Germany
    19 min 11 sec

  • Ep 13: BookMyShow Thriller Pack - France, Holland and Iceland
    23 min 30 sec

  • Ep 14: Picasso - India
    30 min 21 sec

  • Ep 15: The Platform - Spain
    17 min 13 sec

  • Ep 16: The night comes for us - Indonesia
    18 min 24 sec

  • Ep 17: Anbe Sivam
    16 min 52 sec

  • Ep 18: Tel Aviv on fire - Israel
    14 min 32 sec

  • Ep 19: Special Chat - Ailin Zaninovich - Argentina
    24 min 53 sec

  • Ep 20: Plan 9 from outer space - USA
    17 min 30 sec

  • Ep 21: Heroic Losers - Argentina
    23 min 20 sec

  • Ep 22: Wild Tales - Argentina
    14 min 41 sec

  • Ep 23: The Umbrellas of Cherbough - France
    15 min 8 sec

  • Ep 24: Chumbak - India
    15 min 59 sec

  • Ep 25: In the Heights - USA
    17 min 15 sec

  • Ep 26: About Love - India
    23 min 1 sec

    A documentary where you get an inside look at 3 generations of the Phadke residence, as the director explores the meaning of love and companionship. Directed by Archana Phadke, this powerful documentary or personal diary is now available on Mubi to watch

  • Ep 27: The Trip - Norway
    16 min 54 sec

    A nordic horror comedy on Netflix that features a couple who wants to end their marriage by killing their better half. Noomi Rapace and Aksel Hennie showcase a range of emotions as they head out to a secluded cabin on a trip with diabolical plans of their. But 3 escaped convicts enter their cabin and upend their plans of killing each other. Will they survive the ordeal Will they kill each other Watch the movie to find out.

  • Ep 28: The Bar - Spain
    12 min 59 sec

    8 strangers get stuck in a bar on an ordinary day. With no clue why the streets have gone completely empty or what is going to be their fate, it becomes a fight for survival. A deadly virus maybe on the loose and the government seems to be trying to bury this news along with the people in the bar. Will they survive Will they kill each other Watch this Spanish comedy thriller made by Alex de la Iglesia on Netflix to find out.

  • Ep 29: Special Chat - Swanand Kirkire
    43 min 2 sec

    A candid chat with 3 time National Award winner Swanand Kirkire, as he speaks to us about Sandeep Modi’s sweet little Marathi gem Chumbak, how he got into the character and how the National Award he got for his performance, Akshay Kumar’s involvement and the film’s release on OTT platform like Sony LIV has given it new life. He also spoke to us at length about how he got into the character of Prasanna, the team’s involvement and his most challenging scene. Apart from the film, he told us about the Credit de do yaar campaign run by 15 top lyricists in the country including him, Varun Grover, Neelesh Mishra and others, how NFTs could help along with Policy changes, and how he was deeply affected by Archana Phadke’s About Love on Mubi.

  • Ep 30 : Baden Baden - France
    18 min 5 sec

    A fly on the wall account of the life of a 20 something year old woman in Strasbourg. Watch her aimless yet fascinating life as she navigates through various relationships. Available on Mubi, this is one movie you cannot afford to miss.

  • Ep 31: The Tunnel - Norway
    18 min 8 sec

    A disaster film set in the icy expanse of Norway, where on the day of a snow blizzard, a tanker explodes within a 10 km long tunnel. This creates a deadly situation within the tunnel as the people in other vehicles stuck behind the explosion scamper to get out of the tunnel. A firemans daughter is amongst the people in danger. Will he be able to rescue her before its too late Watch it on Amazon Prime Video to find out.

  • Ep 32: Vikram Vedha - India
    39 min 15 sec

    Based on a popular indian mythological take Vikram Betaal, Vikram Vedha follows the story of an encounter specialist played by R Madhavan, who crosses paths with a gangster played by Vijay Sethupathi. Vedha keeps coming into the life of Vikram and tells him tales that slowly unravel the mystery behind the death of Vedhas brother. Available in tamil on Youtube and in hindi dubbed version on Hotstar

  • Ep 33: Jacky in the kingdom of women - France
    17 min 21 sec

    Societal norms turned on their head, as women take on the roles of men and vice versa, where men are the subjugated ones and are living just to please their women. Its the story of Jacky, who loves the dictators daughter and all he wants to do is be his dummy wife. Will he be successful in his attempt or will he be thwarted by his evil uncle and cousins. Watch this reverse Cinderella Story on Mubi to find out.

  • Ep 34: Churuli - India
    22 min 46 sec

    Lijo Jose Pellisserys new mysterious film on Sony LIV, where a couple of undercover cops go to a village to catch a notorious thief, but get entangled in a web of deception. Will they be able to catch the thief Will they be caught within the labyrinth of this deep forest What is the mystery of this village full of delinquents. Listen to find out.

  • Ep 35: Salt of this sea - Palestine
    18 min 22 sec

    When a Palestinian American goes back to discover her roots, she feels frustrated by the caged life she has to live at the hands of Israeli administration. She teams up with a couple of young Palestinians to rebel against the system, reclaim the money she is rightfully owned by a bank and for once escapes the perpetual prison their life has become. We discuss this semiautobiographical, though slightly pessimistic take on the politics of that region.

  • Ep 36: Special Chat - Rajat Barmecha
    56 min 59 sec

    We spoke to Rajat Barmecha of Udaan fame, and his obsession about the iconic film by Sean Penn Into the Wild. Listen in to find out how this film impacted his life, how it inspired him to backpack across the world. Hear about his adventures, the people he met and much more. If you are a movie lover, you will be amazed at his level of craze for a movie. Go ahead. Listen in.

  • Ep 37: Wadjda -Saudi Arabia
    13 min 53 sec

    A little girl dreams of riding a cycle, which is against the norms as girls and women are not supposed to be either seen or ride cycles in Saudi Arabia. But she defies convention and enters a religious competition for a chance to win a prize money that will enable her to fulfill her dream. Will she be able to do it Or will society crush her dreams Watch this film on Netflix to find out

  • Ep 38: Titane - France
    21 min 58 sec

    This Palme dOr winner is about a girl who gets into an accident and is fitted with a titanium plate in her head. Strangely, she develops a fetish for cars. She grows up to be a dancer in the exploitative world of car shows, but isnt the pretty prey she appears to be. But when she disguises herself as the son of a fire brigade captain, things become extremely complex. She finally, gets the unconditional care she always wanted but is trapped in a hypermasculine world of fireman. Will she get caught or will she escape Watch this movie on Mubi to find out. Else, you can just listen in.

  • Ep 39: Gundala - Indonesia
    9 min 23 sec

    When a kid gets struck by lightning he gets superpowers which he doesnt realise he has until he grows older and has to fight off a bunch of goons. A superhero origins tale which is the first film from the ambitious Bhumilangit Cinematic Universe.Its a story of the rise of a superhero who prevents a corrupt industrialist from poisoning the next generation. Watch it on Amazon Prime or listen in to find out more

  • Ep 40: I lost my body - France
    15 min 26 sec

    A dismembered hand makes its way to its body, as we see flashbacks of a boy called Noufel who has lost his parents and is making his way through this cruel world. Will the hand make its way to the body Will Noufel finally find some peace, as his world collides with Gabriels Watch this fantastic Cannes award winning animated film on Netflix.

  • Ep 41: Nigerian Prince - Nigeria
    17 min 58 sec

    A 2nd generation Nigerian American is sent back to Nigeria by his mother to experience the culture of his country of origin. When he finds out that he has been duped by his mother and he is going to stay there for a year, he decides to take the help of his scamster cousin to find his way back to the US.

  • Ep 42: Nollywood Special - Nigeria
    47 min 48 sec

    We dive into the world of Nollywood films with aficionado Srijith Nambiar as we discuss three famous films a thriller Ojukokoro, a romcom Isoken and a comedy Chief Daddy. So sit back and listen to us tell you all about the 2nd biggest film industry in terms of volume of films released. And all of these are available on Netflix

  • Ep 43: Lamb - Iceland
    19 min 4 sec

    An unnatural birth at their farm leads a grieving couple onto a perilous path. A slow burn folk horror film that relies on its weird premise and icy cold atmosphere to send a chill down your spine. Does it work We find out

  • Ep 44: Unknown Origins - Spain
    40 min 57 sec

    A recently transferred detective, teams up with a comic book geek to solve a spate of murders inspired by the origin stories of superheroes Will they be able to catch the supervillain or will they fall prey to him Will a superhero rise to save the day We talk about this superhero origin comedy available on Netflix. And to discuss it all, we have a special guest Chirag Sharma.

  • Ep 45: Chris the Swiss - Germany
    17 min 12 sec

    A documentary where the director investigates the mysterious death of her cousin a war journalist. She backtracks his steps to erstwhile Yugoslavia, to talk to his colleagues and really find out how/ why he was killed. With an imaginative mix of animation, historical footage and her own footage, the director gives an extremely vivid look into her cousins life and ultimate assassination. Available on Mubi

  • Ep 46: Laurence Anyways - Canada
    17 min 31 sec

    A journey of a man trying to find his identity and transitioning into a woman i.e. her true self. Will her loved ones be able to cope with this transition This film is a beautiful deep dive into the trans world and how difficult it was for a transexual person in the 90s, and what impact it had on the people who loved them dearly. Available on mubi

  • Ep 47: Taipei Suicide Story - Taiwan
    15 min 56 sec

    Available on Mubi, this high concept short film, is about a Hotel where people can check in to kill themselves. The hotel provides the necessary equipment for the same and even takes care of the body postmortem. When the night staff realises that a girl has been there for a week, rather than the permitted 1 night, a conversation starts between the girl and the hotel manager. Will the manager be able to change the girls mind Will he be able to give her the hope she needs to live on Thats what the film is all about.




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