Case 104

Case 104

An intense and thrilling audio series, CASE 104 is an action-packed crime show that goes behind the scenes to expose some of the most hideous crimes, and how the police solves or stops a crime from being committed. Each episode will have you on the edge with its nail-biting plot and forceful performances.

40 Episodes
  1. Ep1 Part 1 - Jail Ki Sultanat Ke Sultan
    • 10:47
  2. Ep1 Part 2 - Jail Ki Sultanat Ke Sultan
    • 09:11
  3. Ep1 Part 3 - Jail Ki Sultanat Ke Sultan
    • 09:28
  4. Ep1 Part 4 - Jail Ki Sultanat Ke Sultan
    • 09:00
  5. Ep1 Part 5 - Jail Ki Sultanat Ke Sultan
    • 12:27
  6. Ep2 Part 1 - Ek Liquor King Ki Dardnaak Anth
    • 12:43
  7. Ep2 Part 2 - Ek Liquor King Ki Dardnaak Anth
    • 12:32
  8. Ep2 Part 3 - Ek Liquor King Ki Dardnaak Anth
    • 10:56
  9. Ep2 Part 4 - Ek Liquor King Ki Dardnaak Anth
    • 09:38
  10. Ep2 Part 5 - Ek Liquor King Ki Dardnaak Anth
    • 09:36
  11. Ep3 Part 1 - Kritika Sharma Suicide Case
    • 10:18
  12. Ep3 Part 2 - Kritika Sharma Suicide Case
    • 11:39
  13. Ep3 Part 3 - Kritika Sharma Suicide Case
    • 12:01
  14. Ep3 Part 4 - Kritika Sharma Suicide Case
    • 11:32
  15. Ep3 Part 5 - Kritika Sharma Suicide Case
    • 10:50
  16. Ep4 Part 1 - Love, Sex Aur Dhoka
    • 10:03
  17. Ep4 Part 2 - Love, Sex Aur Dhoka
    • 09:38
  18. Ep4 Part 3 - Love, Sex Aur Dhoka
    • 10:39
  19. Ep4 Part 4 - Love, Sex Aur Dhoka
    • 11:31
  20. Ep4 Part 5 - Love, Sex Aur Dhoka
    • 11:00
  21. Ep5 Part 1 - Mumbai Terror Attack
    • 09:17
  22. Ep5 Part 2 - Mumbai Terror Attack
    • 10:25
  23. Ep5 Part 3 - Mumbai Terror Attack
    • 10:01
  24. Ep5 Part 4 - Mumbai Terror Attack
    • 10:04
  25. Ep5 Part 5 - Mumbai Terror Attack
    • 10:00
  26. Ep6 Part 1 - Narpischach
    • 09:33
  27. Ep6 Part 2 - Narpischach
    • 10:42
  28. Ep6 Part 3 - Narpischach
    • 09:23
  29. Ep6 Part 4 - Narpischach
    • 10:02
  30. Ep6 Part 5 - Narpischach
    • 10:51
  31. Ep7 Part 1 - Shaila Ek Paheli
    • 12:35
  32. Ep7 Part 2 - Shaila Ek Paheli
    • 10:45
  33. Ep7 Part 3 - Shaila Ek Paheli
    • 13:58
  34. Ep7 Part 4 - Shaila Ek Paheli
    • 12:14
  35. Ep7 Part 5 - Shaila Ek Paheli
    • 14:18
  36. Ep8 Part 1 - Siyasat Aur Sex Ke Bhanvar Mein Rajasthan
    • 11:19
  37. Ep8 Part 2 - Siyasat Aur Sex Ke Bhanvar Mein Rajasthan
    • 09:52
  38. Ep8 Part 3 - Siyasat Aur Sex Ke Bhanvar Mein Rajasthan
    • 11:13
  39. Ep8 Part 4 - Siyasat Aur Sex Ke Bhanvar Mein Rajasthan
    • 09:01
  40. Ep8 Part 5 - Siyasat Aur Sex Ke Bhanvar Mein Rajasthan
    • 09:32

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