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This podcast is specially curated for Chartered Accountants and CA students.The journey of becoming a CA is undoubtedly one of the most difficult ones. As a CA student, one must choose whether to join a small firm or a Big 4 for articleship. Then, managing that along with the studies is an arduous task. How to study for exams and how to revise in the last few months before the exam are common things that everyone would like to know. We will talk about that.It is easy to say that ‘Failure is the part of Success’. But we know that it is not that easy to accept it. So how one should cope with failure during a CA course How to be really really positive in that phase That is also something this podcast will try to address.When you become CA, you know that life after CA is more complicated. You like certain things, you hate some work, you want to learn newer things, but you are not getting job in the field of your choice. Does it sound familiar It is because, we all go through it. But we don’t understand where and how to approach this dilemma of life. RightWe will take care of that. At least, through podcast, I will try to introduce to as many people as possible, who can become your new mentors.In short, what this podcast will be all about – Everything that happens before, during and after CASo are you with me in this journey I will meet you every Thursday.The podcast will be available on YouTube as well as all leading podcasting apps.Follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and my blog.If you like what I am doing, you can support me by buying me a cup of coffee or a heavy lunch here.   

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  • Ep. 0 Introduction
    3 min 18 sec

    Introducing a podcast for CAs and CA students

  • Ep. 1 How CAs Can Build Their Personal Brand? ft. CA Parinita Adukia
    51 min 1 sec

    How can CAs build a personal brand What aspects Chartered Accountants lack What problems CA students are facing right now What are the main things CAs should focus while building their own brand

  • Ep. 2 Can CAs be Content Writers? ft. CA Disha Daswani
    35 min 34 sec

    A Chartered Accountant becoming a content writer. Whats the journey like




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