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BIG Marathi Bioscope with Subodh Bhave

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Subodh Bhave is an Indian Actor, producer, writer and has delivered amazing Marathi movies. Now that he made his debut on Radio with 92.7 BIG FM, here is the series of podcasts where he talks about all the behind the scenes and unheard stories about his movies.

  • Mhamdu Khatik aka Ashok Saraf is mobbed! Why?! | BIG Marathi Bioscope with Subodh Bhave | Eps. 01
    6 min 13 sec

    Abhishek, a pen name chosen by renowned Marathi and Hindi Superstar Sachin Pilgaonkar was chosen as a way to keep his real name out of being criticised. Find out about the interesting story on this podcast, as well as another interesting story of Marathi superstar and comedian Ashok Saraf.

  • Bollywood's Marathi Cine Connection | BIG Marathi Bioscope with Subodh Bhave | Eps. 02
    6 min 58 sec

    Ramesh Dev, Dilip Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Pran and many more have had a memorable role in Marathi Cinema. What are these memories And Why have they had such a lasting impression on times today 

  • A Prank makes Laxmikant Berde a Comedian | BIG Marathi Bioscope with Subodh Bhave Eps. 03
    4 min 45 sec

    Laxmikant Berde had a good appetite for Comedy in both Hindi and Marathi cinema. Laxmikant engaged in a lot of pranks with industry veterans, but one such prank turned out to be twisted enough for him to fall into it himself. Listen to this interesting story on this podcast with Actor Subodh Bhave as an RJ.

  • Heartthrob Rekha Embaresses Actor Sachin Khedekar | BIG Marathi Bioscope with Subodh Bhave Eps. 04
    4 min 30 sec

    Marathi industry Veteran Sachin Khedekar has his fan boy moment. It was interestingly the most beautiful Rekha. Why was Sachin Khedekar caught offguard Tune in to this interesting episode to find out.

  • Bollywood to Marathi Cinema | BIG Marathi Bioscope with Subodh Bhave Eps. 05
    5 min 17 sec

    One Famous Actor takes the jump from bollywood into Marathi Cinema. It was a big struggle inspite of being so successful in Hindi Cinema. Shreyas Talpade as many wouldnt know, has had a start in Marathi industry too. How Find out in this podcast.




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