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Advertising is Dead: It's all Business with Varun Duggirala

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Advertising is dead It’s all business now. The world of business startups is in constant motion and evolution, from digital disruption to brand communication. And while the fundamentals stay the same, there is a need to unravel where we are, how we got here, and most importantly, where we’re headed not just as a business ecosystem but also as professionals focused on our careers. Join me, Varun Duggirala, for your weekly dose of insights, perspectives and understanding of where the world of startups, brands, media and business is headed.

  • Then & Now of Podcasting & Advertising ft. Amit & Kavita (Part 1)
    30 min 57 sec

    Varun, Amit, Kavita discuss the then and now of Podcasting and Advertising from 2019 to 2022

  • Your Phone is Your Production Studio ft. Nicola Mendelsohn
    24 min 52 sec

    Varun Duggirala is joined by Nicola Mendelsohn, VP, Global Business at Meta.

  • Personal Branding & the Communications Landscape with Karthik Srinivasan
    51 min 53 sec

    In this episode of Advertising Is Dead, Karthik Srinivasan joins Varun Duggirala to discuss the communications space.

  • HDFC Investverse E1: Preparing to be Unprepared ft. Varun Duggirala
    16 min 42 sec

    Anupam Varun discuss Varun’s learning as an entrepreneur on managing finances, creating contingency funds and so much more.

  • Blending Fitness & Tech with Ketan Mavinkurve
    39 min 1 sec

    In this episode of Advertising Is Dead, Varun is joined by Ketan Mavinkurve, CEO Founder of Alpha Coach, a fitness app.

  • Twitter Trends Report 2022 with Rishabh Sharma
    42 min 36 sec

    In this episode of Advertising Is Dead, Varun is joined by Rishabh Sharma, Head TwitterNext India. They discuss the latest India Twitter Trends report.

  • Minu Margeret on the Importance of Community Building for a Brand
    40 min 18 sec

    Minu Margaret and discusses her journey of building a communitycentric brand. Being a young entrepreneur, she also talks about the challenges strategies that she applies with respect to her business content.

  • D2C Deep-Dive ft. Arjun Vaidya, Founder - Dr. Vaidya's
    35 min 26 sec

    In this episode of Advertising Is Dead, Varun is joined by Arjun Vaidya, Founder, Dr. Vaidyas. He talks to us about building Dr. Vaidyas, trial and error with various strategies and approaches and in the process understanding the consumer.

  • Abhishek Patil on Problem-Solving Brand Growth through Community
    52 min 2 sec

    On this episode of Advertising is Dead, Varun is joined by Abhishek Patil, Founder of GrowthX. He talks about how he built a community of individuals in charge of solving growth problems across domains.

  • Then & Now of Podcasting & Advertising ft. Amit & Kavita (Part 2)
    38 min 11 sec

    In this episode, Varun is joined by Amit Kavita of IVM Podcasts to revise the 4 years of running this podcast, and 8 years of running the company that produces the show along with many others.

  • Kaushik Mukherjee on The Journey & Evolution of SUGAR
    36 min 28 sec

    In this episode of Advertising Is Dead, Varun is joined by Kaushik Mukherjee, CoFounder COO of SUGAR.

  • Destigmatising Absorbent Hygiene Products For Elder Care ft. Kartik Johari
    37 min 32 sec

    In this episode, they talk about opportunities in the absorbent market space, the challenges of branding a product like Friends, stories from market research, Mental diet, and much more.

  • Crossover Episode: AiD X Think Fast: Founder to Founder ft. Suchita Salwan
    1 hr 3 min 12 sec

    This episode of Advertising Is Dead is a crossover with Think Fast and we have Varun Duggirala joined by Suchita Salwan, CoFounder of LBB.

  • Enabling Creators through Community & Spaces with Azaan Feroz Sait
    37 min 27 sec

    In this episode of Advertising Is Dead, Varun talks to Azaan Feroz Sait Founder Chief Happiness Officer, The Hub, Bengaluru.

  • Anurakt Jain on Building a Capital Platform that enables Growth for Businesses
    44 min 37 sec

    Varun is joined by Anurakt Jain, the cofounder of KlubWorks who takes us on his entrepreneurial journey his approach to revenuebased finance, startups venture capital.

  • Shephali Bhatt on the Evolution of the Creator Economy
    1 hr 2 min 28 sec

    Varun Duggirala is joined by Shephali Bhatt, Senior Assistant Editor, Live Mint to discuss the booming industry of content creation how it impacts us.




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