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Paisa Vaisa with Anupam Gupta

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Paisa Vaisa is Indias leading podcast on personal finance with 1m downloads, 130 hours of content and conversations, 150 guests, and 300 episodes. Since 2017, Paisa Vaisa has interviewed experts across the spectrum of personal finance covering diverse topics such as mutual funds, stocks, housing, loans, education, crypto, and much more. Listen in now to make smarter decisions with your money

  • Ep.00: Introducing Paisa Vaisa

    Paisa Vaisa is a show that will clear all your personal finance doubts from mutual funds to loans to SIPs. In every episode, our host Anupam Gupta Chartered Accountant, Consultant takes on one listener question.

  • Understanding Investor Behavioral Quirks with Kotak MF
    50 min 23 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam Gupta talks to Harish Krishnan Senior Fund Manager Equity at Kotak Mutual Fund. They discuss investor behavioral quirks and what influences investor decision making. They talk about the rising investment in Cryptocurrency and how herding and narratives have become a major part of investment market. Delving into the emotional and psychological aspects of market investment, Anupam and Harish talk about stock market, SIP trends, financialization of savings and good investments habits on this episode of PaisaVaisa.

  • Improving Your Credit Score with CRIF
    19 min 37 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam talks to Sanjeet Dawar, Managing Director at CRIF High Mark. They talk about the How India Lends Report which discusses the retail, microfinance and commercial lending market and the impact of Covid on the same. Discussing credit score improvement methods, Sanjeet talks about the importance of managing credit card usage, having a good credit mix and tracking your credit report.  This and much more on the latest episode of PaisaVaisa

  • Bonus: Host Insights | CRIF | A Club Paisa Vaisa Exclusive
    3 min 42 sec

  • Let's Talk Market with Capital Mind
    42 min 33 sec

    Another special episode on PaisaVaisa, as Anupam talks to Deepak Shenoy of Capital Minds for the 6th time on the show. Together they discuss the journey of Capital Minds, their PMS scheme, upcoming mutual funds and the growth philosophy of the company. In his all engaging and articulate style, Deepak shares his expert Insight on Indian Markets, Mutual Funds, Interest rates and all things investing. Finally, Deepak shares his key insights for investors who are just starting off their journey. This and much more on this episode of Paisa Vaisa

  • Advisor Perspectives 6 | Discussing Financial Freedom with Dilzer Consultants
    32 min 28 sec

  • Advisor Perspectives 7 | Make Kids Money Smart with GYR Financial Planners
    32 min 30 sec

    On the last episode of Advisor Perspectives Series, Anupam sits with Rohit Shah of GYR Financial Planners. They talk about to make kids money smart and better equipped with financial understanding from an early age.

  • Discussing Wealth Management Key Trends with Julius Baer India
    37 min 42 sec

    This week on the PaisaVaisa Podcast, Anupam Gupta is joined by Ashish Gumashta, Managing Director CEO Julius Baer India where they discuss the outlook for the equity market, whats happening in wealth management in India and much more

  • Discussing Neo Banking Ecosystem in India with Jupiter
    26 min 17 sec

    On this episode on PaisaVaisa, Anupam Gupta talks to Jitendra Gupta Founder CEO of Jupiter. Together they discuss how Jupiter reached 1 million users in a year and the overall development of neo banking sector in India.

  • Empowering the Policyholder with Ditto Insurance
    52 min 14 sec

    Anupam Gupta talks to Shrehith Karkera, cofounder of Ditto Insurance and Finshots. They discuss how Ditto Insurance has successfully filled in the gaps in the online insurance sector by making the insured more aware of their policies.

  • Understanding Group Health Insurance with Plum
    41 min 29 sec

    Abhishek explains Group Health Insurance and how the same is essential for the employers to adopt for their organizations. They further discuss how Plum is streamlining and smoothening the process of Group Health Insurance.

  • Advisor Perspectives Part 3: Financial Planning for Women and Families
    44 min 27 sec

    In this Indepth conversation, Vishal and Shalini discuss the importance of goals, the need for taking risks, and aiming towards all round growth. Understanding your investments, financial planning for women, and much more on this episode of Paisa Vaisa

  • Exploring Fixed Income Investments with Grip Invest
    34 min 28 sec

    On this episode of Paisa Vaisa, Anupam talks to Nikhil Aggarwal of Grip Invest. Talking about the importance of a diverse investment portfolio, they discuss fixed investment opportunities in todays market. Discussing the concept of IRR in comparison to CAGR, they talk about Securitized Debt Investment SDI, Lease Financing, and much more on this episode of PaisaVaisa

  • Tavaga's Robo-Advisory for Smart Investing
    34 min 13 sec

    In this episode, Anupam sits down with Nitin Mathur, Cofounder of Tavaga, to discuss the latest trends in roboadvisory and investment management. They delve into the differences between active and passive investing and explore the pros and cons of each approach. They also take a look at the role of financial influencers in shaping investment decisions and the impact they can have on the market. Nitin shares Tavaga’s popular products and how you can start your own financial journey with Tavaga. This and much more on this episode of PaisaVaisa

  • Navigating Financial Success with Your Advisor ft. House of Alpha
    47 min 36 sec

    On this episode of Paisa Vaisa Podcast, Anupam sits with Harish Menon and Bhuvanaa Shreeram, Cofounders at House of Alpha. They discuss goalbased financial planning, navigating financial planning specifically tailored for women, empowering them to take charge of their financial future. This episode explores the key elements of building a strong clientadvisor relationship and selecting the right financial advisor to guide you on your financial journey. Market Outlook, investment advice, state of stocks, equit, debt more on this episode of Paisa Vaisa

  • Stock Market Trends and Equity Outlook with Angel One
    30 min 21 sec

    This week on the PaisaVaisa Podcast, Anupam Gupta is in conversation with Prabhakar Tiwari, Chief Growth Officer at Angel One where they discuss the stockbroking trends, the outlook for the equity market and much more

  • Debunking the Life and Health Insurance Myths with Beshak (Part 2)
    39 min

    This week on the PaisaVaisa Podcast, Anupam Gupta is in conversation with Mahavir Chopra, Founder where they discuss many different aspects of Life and Health Insurance in India.

  • Save Now, Buy Later with Multipl
    27 min 9 sec

  • Announcement: Club Paisa Vaisa
    7 min 12 sec

    Folks PaisaVaisa is going bigger and better than ever before On this episode, Anupam Gupta and Amit Doshi bring to you CLUB PAISA VAISA a premium tier offering for all your loyal fans.

  • New Year Market Analysis with White Oak
    33 min 24 sec

    2023 starts big for PaisaVaisa, as Anupam sits with Prashant and Aashish, Founder and CEO, at White Oak. Prashant and Aashish discuss the journey of India with Money, AIF, PMS, Mutual friends, Capital Markets and other financial properties. Discussing about White Oaks FincoOpco, a unique valuation model, Prashant and Aashish share their predictions for Indian Market in the year to come. Passive vs Active Investing, debtInvesting, advice for new entrepreneurs and much more on this episode of PaisaVaisa

  • Growth of Digital Lending in India with Axio
    42 min 35 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam sits with Sashank Rishyasringa, Cofounder of Axio formerly Capital Float. They talk about BNPL, Digital Loans, and how digital lending has has changed financial solutions with advancements on the technological front. If you are someone new to credit, are are already into your credit journey, this episode is for you

  • Choosing the Right Health Insurance Policy with Ethika (Part 1)
    45 min 32 sec

    This week on the PaisaVaisa Podcast, Anupam Gupta is joined by Susheel Agarwal, Founder Director Ethika Insurance Broking where they discuss how to choose the right health insurance policy, mistakes to avoid and much more

  • Decoding Trend Investing Principles with Marathon Trends
    37 min 43 sec

    This week on the PaisaVaisa Podcast, Host Anupam Gupta is in conversation with Atul Suri, CEO at Marathon Trends Advisory on the concept of trend investing and much more

  • Myth-busting: Active vs Passive Investing with JRL Money
    34 min 26 sec

    This week on the PaisaVaisa Podcast, Anupam Gupta is in conversation with Vijai Mantri, CoFounder Chief Investment Strategist JRL Money where they debunk myths around the whole Active versus Passive debate and much more

  • Becoming More Financially Inclusive with FIA Global
    36 min 9 sec

    Seema shares, how with FIA Global, bank tieups have been established in remote areas of the country, allowing people the benefits of all regular banking services. Joining hands with Public Sector and Grahmin Banks, they have served 50 million customers.

  • Managing Your Portfolio Effectively With Emkay Investments
    27 min 41 sec

    Portfolio management, Risk Profile Management, Stock Market analysis, Inflation, and much more on this episode of Paisa Vaisa, with Emkay Investments Sachin Shah.

  • Post-Pandemic Trends in the Real Estate Market with Knight Frank
    29 min 56 sec

    Join us as Anupam Gupta and Vivek Rathi discuss the increasing importance of real estate, and changing consumer choices in the real estate market post the Corona Virus outbreak.

  • Trading Shares on Zero Brokerage with Mirae Asset
    29 min 3 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam talks to Arun. They discuss Mirae Assets latest platform m.Stock, which enables users to trade in shares with virtually zero brokerage.

  • A Customer Centric Approach to Health Insurance with Star Health Insurance
    34 min 29 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam talks to Dr. S Prakash Managing Director, Star Health Insurance. They delve into the essentiality of health insurance and having a customercentric approach to insurance.

  • Advisor Perspectives Part 1 : The Psychology of Finance with International Money Matters
    40 min 24 sec

    Investment is more than just putting money in assets, its an emotional decision On the first episode of Advisor Perspectives, Anupam Gupta talks to Lovaii Navlakhi, founder CEO of International Money Matters.

  • Decoding the Investment Market with Mahindra Manulife Mutual Fund
    24 min 52 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam talks to Anthony Heredia MD and CEO of Mahinda Manulife Mutual Fund.

  • Advisor Perspectives Part 2: Choosing the Right Financial Advisor
    33 min 5 sec

    On Part 2 of Advisor Perspectives, Anupam talks to Harsh Roongta, a SEBIregulated Financial Advisor at Fee Only Investments Advisors LLP They speak about establishing a deep and personal relationship with the client to develop the right financial plan

  • Discussing P2P Lending with Faircent
    35 min 1 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam Gupta talks to Vinay Mathews Founder and COO, Faircent. They discuss about the legality, regulations, licensing and digitization of P2P Lending under the RBI.

  • Planning a Vacation Budget with Cleartrip
    34 min 50 sec

    How to setup finances for your longdue vacation On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam is joined by Aditya Prahlad from Cleartrip. They dive deep into the idea of travel as an investment and how can one plan their travel budget in the long and short term. All of this and much more along with some smart hacks and tips around planning a budgetfriendly trip Know more about cleartrip at:

  • Real Estate Trend & Expert Advise with K Raheja Corp Homes
    41 min 20 sec

    On this episode of Paisa Vaisa, we dive into the world of real estate with Ramesh Ranganathan, CEO at K Raheja Corp. Anupam and Ramesh explore buyer behavioral patterns in real estate, the rising demand of luxury properties, the residential home sector, and the perennial question of buying versus renting property. Ramesh sheds light on the evolving preferences and motivations that influence buyers in their real estate decisions. Whether youre a potential buyer, a developer or simply curious about the industry, this episode offers valuable insights into the dynamic real estate landscape and the factors that shape it.

  • Market Outlook, Stocks & Mutual funds with Kuvera
    38 min 21 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam is joined by Gaurav Rastogi, the brilliant mind behind Kuvera. They navigate the postCOVID landscape of online investing, discussing the transformative effects on stocks, mutual funds, and interest rate cycles.

  • Comprehensive Guide to Life Insurance with Canara HSBC
    35 min 57 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam sits with Akshay Dhand of Canara HSBC Life Insurance. Join the discussion as they delve into the importance of life insurance, providing valuable insights on securing financial wellbeing. They discuss practical steps to choose a good health cover, ensuring comprehensive protection for you and your loved ones. This episode brings a deeper understanding of form filling and declarations, empowering you to navigate through the process seamlessly. Claims Ratio, Add Ons, ExtraCover and much more on this episode of Paisa Vaisa

  • Understanding the National Pension System (NPS) with HDFC Pension
    47 min 46 sec

    On this episode of Paisa Vaisa Podcast, Anupam sits down with Shriram Iyer, CEO at HDFC Pension Management Company, to navigate National Pension Scheme NPS. They dive deep into understanding the basics of NPS, fund structure and investment options, Tax Benefits associated with NPS and how to optimize savings through strategic tax planning. This and much more on this episode of PaisaVaisa

  • Invest in Bonds with Wint Wealth
    38 min 17 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam sits with Ajinkya Kulkarni, CEO Cofounder of Wint Wealth. Talking about the how Wint Wealth empowers investors, Anupam and Ajinkya talk the differences between Bonds and Debt Mutual Funds . Discussing the latest SEBI regulations concerning online bond investments, Ajinkya shares intriguing perspectives on finfluencers and their impact on financial decisionmaking, opening up a thoughtprovoking discussion on their role in todays financial landscape.This and much more on this episode of Paisa Vaisa

  • Mutual Funds & The Power of Compounding with Baroda BNP
    44 min 3 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam is joined by Suresh Soni, CEO of Baroda BNP Paribas Mutual fund. Dicussing the recent trends in the Mutual fund industry, they talk about the new technologies, developments and improvements in the investment sector and overall all mutual fund penetration in India. Suresh gives his professional insights on how investors can make effective investments through SIPs and get compounding returns. Active vs Passive Investing, outlook on Equity, debt mutual funds and more on this episode of Paisa Vaisa

  • The Future of Digital Banking with Kotak Mahindra Bank
    32 min 51 sec

    Are physical bank branches still relevant Or the future of banking is fully digital On this episode of Paisa Vaisa, Anupam sits with Deepak Sharma of Kotak Mahindra Bank, where they talk about the rise of digital banking and UPI in India. Discussing about the various advantages of Digital Banking, they also touch upon the rising digital banking frauds in India.  From credit card approvals to loans, Deepak shares how digital banking is transforming the way banking services are rendered. This and much more on this episode of PaisaVaisa

  • Advisor Perspectives 5 | Comprehensive Financial Planning with Finvin
    36 min 49 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa and Part 5 of Advisor Perspectives, Anupam and Melvin Managing Partner, Finvin Financial Planners, get to the absolute basics of financial planning. They talk about Melvins distinct RIA model and his Comprehensive Financial Planning service. They further discuss on how to start financial planning mistakes people make while their planning and special tips for a smooth financial journey.

  • Future of Digital Banking in India with Centrum Group
    29 min 8 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam sits with Jaspal Bindra, Executive Chairman of the Centrum Group. They talk about Jaspals highly successful banking career, and his journey into entrepreneurship. They also discuss the success of Private Banking in India, and how technology, UPI and digitization has transformed the banking landscape for the future, in both rural and urban areas. This and much more on this episode of Paisa Vaisa

  • BNPL and Hidden Costs with Dvara Research
    37 min 13 sec

    Dr Ghosh discusses his research insights on increase in credit offerings to the lowincome section in India, and the problems it has created including farmer suicides, along with improving their lives.

  • Buy vs Rent: Decoding Real Estate with CREDAI
    38 min 20 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam meets the real estate giant Boman Irani PresidentElect, CREDAI and Chairman MD at Rustamjee.

  • Improving Motor Insurance with Edelweiss General Insurance
    39 min 45 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam talks to Shanai Ghosh CEO and Executive Director of Edelweiss General Insurance.

  • Data Driven Investing with Investmint
    40 min 18 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam talks to Aakash and Sandeep from Investmint. They talk about how better results in the market can be achieved, with a scientific, datadriven approach.

  • Discussing Emerging Markets with EMQQ Global
    28 min 23 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam sits with Kevin T. Carter Founder and CIO of EMQQ Global. They talk about the Emerging Markets across the globe and what makes India a compelling market for global investment opportunity. Having launched a oneofakind Index The India Internet Commerce Index, Kevin talks ETFs, new age tech stocks, the Indian Market potential and much more on this episode of Paisa Vaisa

  • Making Private Education Affordable with Varthana
    37 min 21 sec

    On this episode of Paisa Vaisa, Anupam sits with Brajesh Mishra, COO Cofounder with Varthana, a nonbanking finance company registered with the RBI. They touch upon the Education disparity in India and how Varthana is helping both the schools and students financially, to build an improved education ecosystem. Discussing Budget Private Schools as the probable solution towards economical education, Brajesh takes us through the process of availing loans for setting up or expanding your own school. This and much more on this episode of Paisa Vaisa

  • Tax Amendments & Debt Mutual Funds with Canara Robeco MF
    34 min 43 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam talks to Avnish Jain of Canara Rebeco Mutual Funds. They discuss the recent tax amendments and how the same have changed the way people invest in Debt Mutual Funds. They further talk about Fixed Deposits vs Debt Mutual Funds and how interest cycles affect the choices. Inflation, outlook on economy, book recommendations and much more on this episode of Paisa Vaisa

  • Fixed Deposits vs Debt Funds with SBI Mutual Fund
    27 min 38 sec

    On this episode of Paisa Vaisa Podcast, Anupam sits with Dinesh Ahuja, Fund Manager at SBI Mutual Fund. They delve into the 2023 Tax Amendments regarding Debt Funds, unraveling the implications and potential opportunities for investors. Comparing Fixed Deposits with Debt Funds, discussing the benefits and drawbacks of each investment option, Dinesh presents his views on global interest rate cycles, economy, and inflation, offering valuable insights into the factors influencing investment decisions. Discussion on RBI’s Retail Direct Platform and much more on this episode of PaisaVaisa.

  • Grow Your Equity Portfolio with Prabhudas Lilladher
    36 min 19 sec

    On this episode of Paisa Vaisa, Anupam is joined by Amisha Vohra of Prabhudas Lilladher. They discuss the evolution of retail investing from the 1990s to 2023, changes in brokerage rates over the past three decades, highlighting the transformative impact of technology and regulations on the industry. Amisha also provides her outlook on the Indian economy, how to grow your equity portfolio and the best sectors and stocks for investing. This and much more on this episode of PaisaVaisa

  • Ways to Improve Your Investment Returns with Bharosa Club
    35 min 21 sec

    On this episode of Paisa Vaisa Podcast, Anupam sits with Sahil Bhargava of Bharosa Club. Bharosa Club is a leading financial platform transforming the investment landscape. Anupam and Sahil delve into improving fund performance, where Bharosa Clubs cuttingedge solutions and intelligent data analytics empower investors to optimize their portfolios and achieve higher returns. They share practical tips to navigate the world of investments with the rightapproach and offers expert investment advice for all listeners. This and much more on this episode of Paisa Vaisa.

  • Business Loans Made Easy with Protium
    47 min 47 sec

    On this episode of Paisa Vaisa Podcast, Anupam hosts Padmanabhan B Yogendra Singh, esteemed partners at Protium. We delve into the world of MSME loans and explore various loan options tailored for businesses.Discover the pioneering work of Protium as they empower MSMEs with innovative financial solutions. From unraveling the core principles of Protium to shedding light on the challenges and opportunities in the MSME loan landscape, this episode has it all. If youre a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, join us for valuable tips and expert advice on leveraging the potential of business loans. Tune in now to Paisa Vaisa and stay ahead in the dynamic world of finance

  • HDFC International: Multi-Currency Solutions for Global Indians
    40 min 11 sec

    On this episode of Paisa Vaisa, Anupam Gupta hosts Sameer Yogishwar, nonexecutive director of HDFC International Life Re Co Ltd. They delve into the world of finance and explore exclusive insights on products tailored for NRIs and Global Indians. Sameer walks us through how these innovative financial products work, empowering our audience to make informed decisions. He shares HDFCs latest offerings and cutting edge financial solutions. Latest trends, tips, and expert advice to navigate the financial landscape, and much more on this episode of PaisaVaisa

  • Global Investing & PMS with Philip Capital
    1 hr 3 min 4 sec

    Thinking about international investing This episode is for you On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam sits with Mihir Shirgaonkar of Philip Capital Group. He talks about the history of Global Markets and the importance of having a US dollar dominated portfolio. He shares Philip Capital’s new schemes under PMS and how customers can utilize the same to their benefit. He further explains the benefits of Global PMS, and how the taxation of the same is different to domestic PMS. This and much more on this episode of PaisaVaisa

  • Understanding Global Investing with Stockal
    40 min 36 sec

    This week on the PaisaVaisa Podcast, Anupam Gupta is joined by two unique guests, Sitashwa Srivastava and Vinay Bharathwaj Cofounders and CoCEOs of Stockal where they discuss how global investing is evolving and much more

  • The Future of Contactless Payments in India with Visa
    21 min 45 sec

    This week on the PaisaVaisa Podcast, Host Anupam Gupta is in conversation with Shailesh Paul – Head, Merchant Sales Acquiring and CyberSource, India and South Asia at Visa where they discuss the future of contactless payments in India and much more

  • Rule-Based Active Investing with NJ Mutual Fund
    28 min 37 sec

    On this episode, Anupam talks to Rajiv Shastri, Director CEO of NJ Mutual Funds. They discuss Direct vs Regular Investing, Active vs Passive Investing in Mutual Funds, and the risks and rewards of each.

  • Improve your Credit Health with FPL Technologies
    42 min 11 sec

    Anurag Sinha, the man behind One Score and One Card is here on PaisaVaisa. On this episode, Anurag shares with Anupam the Indian credit landscape, and the growth of personal credit across the country.

  • Future of Workplace Real Estate with Savills India
    31 min 49 sec

    On this Real Estate special, Anupam talks Real Estate and Future of Workplace with Arvind Nandan of Savills India. Arvind discusses the history of workplace culture, working shifts and how same has paved the way for current times. He throws light on contribution of technology towards digital and hybrid workspaces. Discussing about the rising use of rental and flexspaces, Arvind and Anupam talk about the future of workplace in India, buy vs rent, real estate in metros and other cities and what to expect in the coming years.

  • Choosing the Right Mutual Fund Scheme with Prime Investor
    47 min 2 sec

  • A Unique Asset Allocation Approach with Quantum AMC
    59 min 58 sec

  • HNI Products and Indian Market Outlook with TrustPlutus
    26 min 51 sec

    On this episode of PaisaVaisa, Anupam sits with Sameer Kaul. MD CEO of TrsuPlutus. Talking about the rising trends from Mutual funds to PMS, they discuss the future projections for the wealth industry. Discussing indepth the outlook for the Indian Market, global market advice for startup investing, there is a lot to look out for in this episode of Paisa Vaisa

  • The Future of Indian Capital Market with Nirmal Bang
    45 min 12 sec

    Reminiscing the old days, Anupam Gupta and Rahul Arora of Nirmal Bang talk on the latest episode of PaisaVaisa. Talking about Rahuls long contribution to Financial Media, they discuss about the changing landscape of financial market and the retail broking industry. Further discussing about the economy, the macro and the micro sector, they discuss about the current position and potential future of the Indian Capital Market