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30 Films that changed Telugu cinema

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30 Films that Changed Telugu Cinema talks about the Evolution of Telugu Cinema through 30 Cult Films – from inception to the present. 

  • 30 Films That Changed Telugu Cinema | Missamma
    10 min 36 sec

    Missamma made the audience and film makers believe in family drama with a touch of humour is the super hit formula. This Multi lingual Blockbuster has so much to offer in terms of Screenplay, Music and Taking. 

  • 30 Films That Changed Telugu Cinema | Mayabazar
    10 min 26 sec

    The GOAT of all time, not just in Telugu but Mayabazar is considered as one of the greatest films ever made in India. A Combination of Artists and Technicians like never before. Everything about Mayabazaar is just magic.

  • 30 Films That Changed Telugu Cinema | MutyalaMuggu
    12 min 19 sec

    Telugu culture, Telugu feel is portrayed best by Bapu Mutyala Muggu is one such classic that showcases Ramayana in a powerful way. The characters from this film are remembered even today by Telugu audience

  • 30 Films That Changed Telugu Cinema | Sitara
    12 min 13 sec

    Poetry on screen has begun with this Vamsys Classic. The cult combination of VamyIlayaraja started with this film. This Combo is still one of the greatest of all time in Telugu cinema.

  • 30 Films That Changed Telugu Cinema | Bhakta Prahlada
    11 min 15 sec

    In this Episode, we will get to know about the first ever Telugu talkie film in history, by HM Reddy. All the things behind the screen and the making of history.

  • 30 Films That Changed Telugu Cinema | Malliswari
    10 min 57 sec

    Pathala bhairavi is the first ever Mass blockbuster in Telugu, that made people throng to thatres and celebrate the cinema like never before The Film that Made NTR the mass Super Star, the biggest Folklore Blockbuster.

  • 30 Films That Changed Telugu Cinema | Devadasu
    10 min 26 sec

    Devadas is probably the first Telugu film that encashed the Love story genre. The greatest screen adaption of Sharath’s Novel Devadas. ANR gained cult Romantic Status with the Film, Even Dilip Saab admitted he couldn’t do justice to this Character as much as ANR did.

  • 30 Films That Changed Telugu Cinema | Shankarabharanam
    10 min 56 sec

    The Beginning of an Era filled with music and dance. The Film that made the Telugu audience start showing interest in Dance and Music. Shankarabharanam is an epitome of Good Cinema in Telugu even today.

  • 30 Films That Changed Telugu Cinema | Sagara Sangamam
    15 min 58 sec

    Placed in 100 alltime greatest films in India. Sagara Sangamam is the finest classic from Telugu Film Industry. K Viswanath’s best work till date. Everything about this film is Classic in every way

  • 30 Films That Changed Telugu Cinema | Pushpakavimaanam
    12 min

    A Silent film that speaks This Singeetham Sreenivasa Rao Classic is an experiment like no other film Entertaining for 2 and half hours without a single dialogue and making sense is no ordinary. This black comedy is a must watch for any generation

  • 30 Films That Changed Telugu Cinema | Malapilla
    10 min 41 sec

    This Episode talks about the first ever Big Film that talk about social issues boldly and made much required noise in the British Era.

  • 30 Films That Changed Telugu Cinema | Paatala Bhairavi
    11 min 22 sec

    Malliswari is the first Telugu film that Screened at multiple film festivals at abroad, and also the first ever film to be serialized in a Magazine. Learn how this musical film shaped the Telugu Film Industry.

  • 30 Films That Changed Telugu Cinema | Sudigundaalu
    9 min 51 sec

    Sudigundaalu is an experiment on Telugu Screen that worked. A Lawyer Stands by the Culprits who kill his Son. A Bold Attempt in terms of content and Story, as it speaks about Sexual literature and content available to youth back in those days.

  • 30 Films That Changed Telugu Cinema | DVSK
    8 min 44 sec

    NTR’s Master Class Epic Film, where he not just directed it, also played 3 Important Roles, Dhuryodhana, Karna and Krishna.,along with screenplay writing and producing it. A Cult Hit.

  • 30 Films That Changed Telugu Cinema | Anthuleni Katha
    10 min 35 sec

    The most powerful female characters on indian screen were created by K Balachandar. Anthuleni Katha is the representation of independent,strong, intelligent Indian Woman. At the tender age of 15 years, the way Jayaprada portrayed her role is truly marvellous.




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