Fast -forward

U/A 7+ • Comedy • 2022

Vir and his school friends have gone to an old fort, where lots of old statues are there .Mad max makes on robot who looks like a devil statue with horn and tail etc and Timbaktoon puts that statute there , Timbaktoon comes as guide and scares them by saying this devil statue gets alive at night so be careful . all are scared Mad max idea is to take Vir by surprise ,he can fight robot but when devil wakes up at night Vir will be also taken aback and this surprise attack will defeat vir At night this devil robot comes from fort to destroy Vir, Vir is alert he fights with this devil robot ,he is too strong for Vir , he hits with his tail ,he has laser beams , claws and many weapons up his sleeve but after a very strong fight Vir destroys this danger devil

Cast: Suhas Kadav



Release Date

08 January 2022




Suhas Kadav