Fast -forward

U/A 7+ • Comedy • Adventure • Kids • 2021

Bubbly is cousin of Bunty ,she come to stay with Bunty and she also doubts Vir has some extra super powers . bubbly and Bunty decide to spy on Vir .At night they come to his house but Chulbul and Gintu see them and they scared them by making them feel there is a ghost in this house . next day they follow Vir in market and a bull gets mad on people he is attacking one and all ,first target is Mr Chadha ,bull mauls him badly ,now Vir has to come as robo boy and save others this bubbly and Bunty are shooting , bull pushes a truck ,truck hits a bridge pillar and pillar breaks bridge is tilted people are hanging down ,vir over powers bull and then goes to set bridge right with his powers and he saves every one ,bubbly Bunty have shot everything and they now invite vir dada ji and all neighbors to show Vir ‘s reality They set up a big screen where they want to show the film Mr and Mrs sinha and Bhatia are also present ,when they show the film Gintu does magic and film changes ,it shows Bunty showing red colour scarf to tease bull and bull starts attacking Mr Chadha ,It doesn’t show Vir as robo boy or doing heroics only Mr Chadha being chased by bull , now Mr. Chadha gets up and is chasing Bunty and bubbly they are running vir and friends are smiling

Cast: Suhas Kadav



Release Date

24 July 2021


Comedy, Adventure, Kids


Suhas Kadav