Fast -forward

U/A 7+ • Comedy • Adventure • Kids • 2021

Imli ‘s aunty comes in a panic one day to Dr Prem Sahay while Vir is there, She says that her daughter by mistake went into the haunted house and now the Headless ghost there has turned her daughter into a pigeon. Prem Sahay assures her that there is no such thing as a haunted house. He himself goes in to check but to their surprise, he too doesn’t come back. They do see a pigeon flying out however. By now Bunty has also got to know of the missing daughter. As Vir offers to go and solve the mystery, Bunty not to be outdone by Vir, goes in too. However he soon comes screaming out as he has encountered a headless ghost. How Vir finds out that the ghosts are not ghosts at all but a bunch of crooks using the house for their evil deeds and manages to scare the crook away is the story of this episode.

Cast: Suhas Kadav



Release Date

26 April 2021


Comedy, Adventure, Kids


Suhas Kadav