Fast -forward

U/A 7+ • Comedy • Adventure • Kids • 2021

why he cant dream ,dada ji says it is not possible you are a robot but Gintu says yes you can dream and Gintu does magic and at night vir dreams he is playing with imli chulbul ,they play a prank on Mr Chadha and then he sees imli ‘s village is being attacked by thousands of locusts ,all fields will be destroyed . Next day vir tells his dreams to others but when vir sees same things are happening in reality ,Like prank on Mr Chadha etc he says it means he saw future due to magic of Gintu ,Now vir and imli dada ji all go to Imli ‘s village to save it from locusts .Thousands of locusts come to attack the fields but Vir uses his robotic powers and fights with them and sends them off the village

Cast: Suhas Kadav



Release Date

16 June 2021


Comedy, Adventure, Kids


Suhas Kadav