Fast -forward

U/A 7+ • Comedy • Adventure • Kids • 2021

Mad max sends one Ninja master to catch Vir ,Vir fights with Ninja master and he is defeated he runs away back to mad max ,Mad max gives him lots of weapons this time and ninja master comes again to fight ,this time Gintu and chulbul are outside and Gintu fights with Ninja master Gintu is using all magical tricks and Ninja master is shocked how these all things are possible in a ninja ,such has when Ninja master throws star like weapons to hit Gintu he stops them in air and they all go back and Hit ninja master and Timbaktoon ,like wise Gintu ties ninja master in a rope make of noodle and throws him ,while he is running away Gintu takes a leap of flying kick and follows him in same position for long time ,Ninja master is shocked how anyone can take such a long leap ,vir comes and tells gintu to make everything normal and make them forget what they saw and Gintu does it ,now vir fights with Ninja master and with his robotic speed and skill he is winning but Ninja master has many tricks up his sleeve ,He throws a small smoke bomb which makes vir blind he is not able to see ,now Ninja master attack Vir with sword but Vir fights without vision He only hears the sound of footsteps of Ninja master and counters his attack and finally he wins and Ninja is defeated

Cast: Suhas Kadav



Release Date

08 August 2021


Comedy, Adventure, Kids


Suhas Kadav