Fast -forward

U/A 7+ • Comedy • Adventure • Kids • 2021

Chulbul dreams a world where all donkeys are in suit buit and they are dancing and enjoying life Chulbul asks vir to give him suit and Vir tells him no ,be what you are ,don’t try to become what you are not but Chulbul doesn’t listen ,He feels he will look very smart in suit hat etc and he tricks Gintu to provide him suit and hat ,now chulbul is in suit boot hat etc and goes out in town he dances and impresses people, Vir is telling him to go back home ,he says you are jealous of me since people are liking him.Vir goes back in anger and a circus crew sees Vir ,they kidnap him and take him to circus Chulbul is crying and shouting for help ,Vir realizes chulbul is missing and he with help of Gintu reaches circus .here we have mad comedy where ring master is chasing vir and others and they are doing all sort of circus gimmicks in the chase ,ring master finally gives up and Vir etc bring chulbul back home

Cast: Suhas Kadav



Release Date

25 August 2021


Comedy, Adventure, Kids


Suhas Kadav