The Great Escape

Genre: History | 7 Episodes

Age Description: U/A 7+  PG


Dive into a world of action, drama, determination and courage while reliving the greatest escape stories of our time in an all new mini-series. The Great Escape. The show is based on true events and takes you on a thrilling ride of the most daring escapes from Indian history. Some of the stories covered in the series include Sushmita Banerjees escape from the Taliban in Afghanistan, Dalai Lamas escape from Tibet, the story of a daring jailbreak by the inmates of a jail in Punjab, and Indian prisoner-of-war Nihal Singh and Ram Chander Yadavs escape from the clutches of the Chinese in the Indo-China war. The mini-series even has some comments from the people who made these exhilarating escapes, including the Dalai Lama himself. Each episode takes you to different locations across varied time periods. The stylizations of those eras, mixed with the thrill of escape keeps you hooked till the end.

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All Episodes

E1 Sushmita Banerjee - Escape From Afghanistan
E2 Rezang La
E3 Dalai Lama - Escape To India - 1
E4 Dalai Lama - Escape To India - 2
E5 Chandrapur - Part 1
E6 Chandrapur - Part 2
Special Episode The Dalai Lama's Escape

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