The Great Escape - Season 1

E2 Rezang La

Genre: History | 45:32

Age Description: U/A 7+  PG


While India may have suffered great losses during the Sino-Indian conflict of 1962, the war is also known for one of the significant defences put up by India at the battle of Rezang La. This battle was significant in keeping the Chinese away from of the Chushul airfield and Ladakh. 120 unprepared Indian soldiers fought over 5000 Chinese soldiers. Of the 120 men, 114 were killed including the brave commander Shaitan Singh, 6 were taken as prisoners of war and 1 was sent back by the commander to warn the army about the Chinese invasion. The story of Rezang La is about the brave effort of messenger Ram Chander Yadav who bought news of the attack to the mainland and of Nihal Singh who despite being heavily wounded escaped out of Chinese territory.

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E2 Rezang La
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